Wimbledon men - 3rd Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Querrey66659
BelgiumX Malisse74277

Live Comments

  1. - - Hope you enjoyed the live updates from the Championships - that brings to a close a wonderful week of tennis - and a dry one! On Monday the fourth round games take place, and we'll see you then.

  2. - - If Querrey thought that was tough, he may not like the look of the next round. Andy Murray awaits in the last 16 after the Brit won in straight sets against Gilles Simon.

  3. - - The match started slowly, but it burst into life in the dying sets. Malisse looked out on his feet one more than one occasion, but found the strength to force the game into the dying light. In the final set the momentum went one way and then the other, and it became a three horse race between Querrey, Malisse and the light to settle this encounter.

  4. 7-9 - MATCH! The first volley from Querrey at the net misses by a couple of centimetres then a deep backhand return forces the American to hit long. 0-30 - surely not? The American digs out a 132mph ace - that's useful in the dark - then Malisse misses wide to the right to drag the score back to 30-30. A wonderful touch volley gives Querrey match point, and he puts a forehand into the very corner of the net to seal it!

  5. 7-8 - Malisse gets to 30-0, then breaks a string as he loses the next point. Malisse comes out second best in a 14 stroke rally in darkening conditions, and Querrey rips a forehand down the line to take break point. Malisse mishits the half volley, and Querrey has done it! He'll get another chance to serve it out, surely the last chance before the light goes.

  6. 7-7 - Malisse wrests the initiative with a forehand winner at the net, before Querrey shows his touch is still there with a delicate drop shot. There's just a chance for Malisse at 15-30 when Querrey misses wide, but again the serve gets him back to 30-30. A second serve ace at 127mph is what you might consider brave, and he fires another service winner to level at seven games apiece. And we're carrying on.

  7. - - 177 points to 178 points in Querrey's favour, if you like that kind of stat...

  8. 7-6 - Malisse gets the ball right at Querrey's feet to move to 15-0, then hits a ferocious forehand to double his advantage. A third rasping forehand, crosscourt this time, takes him to game point, and Querrey hits his backhand return long to secure a hold to love.

  9. 6-6 - Querrey begins with an ace, as if unperturbed by any of what has gone before, and then follows it with a backhand volley. Malisse pulls a point back, but another two strong serves are too much for the Belgian to hold back. A quick check with the umpire, and we're carrying on.

  10. - - The cameras pan to the beautiful last moments of sunset.

  11. 6-5 - Malisse has momentum now, and for the first time since the second set Malisse is in front in this match after holding to love!

  12. 5-5 - BREAK! Fantastic start from Malisse, who controls the opening point and finishes with a forehand volley. Querrey's powerful serve gets him straight back to level, and a fabulous lob from the American edges him in front. Malisse drags it back after a long rally, then Querrey goes long to concede a break point! The crowd are behind Malisse and he doesn't disappoint them with a wonderful forehand winner which catches the baseline!

  13. 4-5 - Confident start from Malisse, who moves to 30-0. He moves to game point with fierce groundstrokes that on this occasion are too much for the American, and he holds to love. Ninety seconds to sit down, and Querrey will then stand to serve for the match.

  14. 3-5 - The first two points go the American's way, as does the third when Malisse's return hits the net. An ace down the middle settles it - he's just one game away from the match, and will have at least one chance to serve it out.

  15. - - Eight break points saved in Malisse's last two service games - if Malisse can grab a break Querrey will know he had his chances. And how much more time do we have tonight before the light makes it impossible to continue?

  16. 3-4 - Malisse kicks the ground in exasperation as his forehand goes long and he slides to 15-30 on his serve. He needs something special, but it's Querrey who finds it with a forehand behind Malisse for two break points. The net cord comes to Mallisse's rescue on the first of them, and Querrey finds the net on the second. A big serve propels Malisse to the advantage, and an ace keeps the Belgian hanging in this match, now by the skin of the skin of his teeth.

  17. 2-4 - A game of massive hits - Malisse with a crushing forehand winner to move to 0-30 - Querrey with two aces to get back on terms. A putaway at the net gives Querrey game point, and he seals it with an acute backhand that Malisse cannot keep in court.

  18. - - The advantage is still with Querrey, but Malisse holds on by a the skin of his teeth. Malisse has a few choice words for the umpire as they sit down, but perhaps that hold against all the pressure will galvanise him?

  19. 2-3 - Malisse gets himself level when his backhand volley hits the line and bounces awkwardly. Querrey challenges, but he needn't bother. A tired-looking forehand slaps the net from Malisse, but he bursts back with a serve and volley for 30-30. Querrey drives in a return and charges into the net for break point, but Malisse responds with an ace. Malisse saves another break point, and then another three, the third after an umpire warning for conduct. Malisse saves a 6th time - then holds first time!

  20. 1-3 - Querrey starts more confidently on this service game, and reaches 40-0 with his volleys standing up to Malisse's examination. He wins the next point, and it's the first hold of service in this final set.

  21. 1-2 - BREAK! Forehand winner down the line takes Querrey to 0-30 on the Malisse serve. Querrey's lob misses wide, but Malisse's error surrenders two break points, and once again Querrey has the break. All Malisse's efforts undone again.

  22. 1-1 - BREAK! Still Malisse hits glorious winners like the crosscourt forehand taking him to 0-15 - he follows up with a net cord bouncing his backhand unplayable - 0-30. Pressure from the Belgian yields an error from Querrey, and he has three opportunities to break straight back. Stout defence from Querrey saves the first, a second serve which kicks up beats Malisse for the second, & a backhand into the net takes the scores to deuce. Querrey misses game point, then Malisse twice, but at last he breaks

  23. 0-1 - BREAK! Malisse is first to serve this set, and there are more winners for the Belgian as he races to 30-0. Querrey pulls one back, and then another after a super point which ends with a botched forehand. Querrey goes long on the service return to concede game point, but forces deuce. Querrey runs round a forehand to thump his way to advantage, and a Malisse hits a poor forehand to allow the American the early break!

  24. - - It's that time of evening - the Mexican wave goes around Court One.

  25. - - Malisse cut a sorry figure at the end of the last set. The trainer was on and he looked to be slipping out of contention. He kept going, however, and 2 hours and 38 mintues after they started, we're going to see a deciding fifth set.

  26. 7-5 - BREAK AND SET! Malisse comes out with guns blazing to take the first point, benefiting from a Querrey slip. The American's riposte is an ace, but there's no answering Malisse's crosscourt winner which follows. Half a chance for the Belgian, but an unforced error on the backhand is a waste. No matter - he produces break point with another fantastic forehand crosscourt, and Querrey saves it with a nerveless forehand. He slips as he attempts a winner - break point - and Malisse grabs it!

  27. 6-5 - Querrey rues missing a backhand long when he has a chance for 0-30, but instead the scores are level at 15-15. Malisse flashes a backhand winner from wide to get ahead, then a service winner gives him two game points. Querrey responds with a fabulous crosscourt forehand pass, and then earns a deuce. Malisse takes the advantage with a forehand winner, then challenges when his forehand winner is called out - but out it was. He wins another advantage, and holds his service.

  28. 5-5 - An 'Ay!' and a skip on the spot as Malisse misses a chance on the forehand, and when Querrey reaches a backhand volley at full stretch he builds a 30-0 lead. He sends Malisse running as he moves to three game points, and converts it at the first opportunity.

  29. 5-4 - This time the net cord does not bounce Malisse's way, and he slips behind. He bounces back well with a controlled volley for 15-15. Querrey takes a breath as his backhand goes long, and Malisse follows up with a forehand to earn game points. The American puts his return into the net, and next Querrey will have to serve to stay in the set.

  30. 4-4 - Querrey opens with an ace, and Malisse cannot contain his next serve either. 30-0. A forehand down the line has too much for the Belgian to get his return right, and he concludes as he started, with an ace.

  31. 4-3 - An overcooked backhand gives Malisse the first point, but he launches a perfect one past Malisse at the net to level. A patient backhand exchange goes Querrey's way when Malisse switches to the forehand. Malisse draws level with a service winner down the middle, then Querrey mishits a forehand to give the Belgian game point. The window of opportunity is firmly shut as Malisse holds.

  32. 3-3 - Malisse grins at a superb winner which gets the crowd behind, but Querrey's serve is holding up robustly, and he sweeps to 40-15. He missed by a fraction on his forehand on his first game point, but he wins the second emphatically.

  33. 3-2 - Malisse wins the first point with a fine stroke. There's a bit of fun as Malisse challenges an umpiring correction, only to find that the decision to overturn the original call had been correct. Malisse bows to the umpire (literally) - and the point is replayed. It goes the Belgian's way, and he finishes with another beautiful backhand half-volley to hold to love. The magic knee ointment is working a charm.

  34. 2-2 - Malisse slaps his knee in frustration as he misses out on an 89mph second serve at 15-15. In no time Querrey turns it into 40-15, and Malisse goes long on the next return to hand the game to the American.

  35. 2-1 - Malisse draws applause for an emphatic forehand down the line, then still more for a running forehand pass crosscourt. Another top forehand gives him three game points, and Querrey misses a forehand of his own for a stylish hold from the Belgian.

  36. 1-1 - Malisse looks fresher somehow, chasing down a drop shot and guiding it past a stranded Querrey for 0-15. Querrey builds an advantage but then surrenders it with a backhand down the line and into the net. He aces his way to game point, and duly holds.

  37. 1-0 - Malisse wins the first point of the fourth set, but then serves his first double fault of the match. The net cord bounce goes his way as he takes a 30-15 lead, then conjures an unplayable backhand volley to an aggressive passing attempt from Querrey. The American misses long next, and it's a good hold for the first game.

  38. 2-6 - SET! Querrey coasts to 30-0 with an ace, then moves Malisse around the court to his will before finsihing at the net for three set points. Malisse is powerless to stop him, and the Belgian trudges disappointedly back to his chair.

  39. - - Malisse calls the trainer - he looked like his hamstring was a little sore earlier, but now points to his knee. Some ointment is being rubbed in to the front of his knee. Malisse's movement doesn't seem to have suffered so far.

  40. 2-5 - BREAK! Malisse responds to the pressure by winning the first two points, but Querrey produces a monstrous forehand, and Malisse makes an ungainly error on a forehand volley to give the American hope. Malisse gets game point but cannot convert it, then loses momentum with a foot fault and allows Querrey a break point, which the American seizes with another forehand down the line.

  41. 2-4 - Querrey holds to fifteen and he's looking very comfortable on his own serve, finishing this game with a delicate volley at the net.

  42. 2-3 - BREAK! Trouble on the Malisse serve early as two errors see him slip to 0-30. Querrey pounces on a net cord in his favour to pass the Belgian on his backhand to bring up three break points. A change of racquet for Malisse, and he saves the first point, before Querrey produces a passing when from well behind the baseline.

  43. 2-2 - Malisse is undone by a strange bounce from Querrey's serve when it hits the service line - but he's won a couple of those himself earlier in the match. Malisse then levels with a lob. Querrey takes the next two points, and there's some authority behind that forehand. He finds the net on the next point, before serving his sixth double fault to slip to deuce. A forehand volley gives him advantage, which he seals with an ace.

  44. 2-1 - Malisse grafts his way to 40-15, then hits a good serve to the far corner which the American cannot control and lifts well wide.

  45. 1-1 - Querrey holds as well, levelling immediately.

  46. 1-0 - That's better from Malisse - a comfortable hold to love to take the first game of the set.

  47. - - The umpire has had to order some bananas on to the court in the interval.

  48. 4-6 - SET! A terrific start from Malisse, who follows a low backhand with a passing forehand. Querrey levels with an overhead smash, then claims the next point to move within two of the set. The umpier accidentally calls game a point early, but he may as well have stood by the call - Querrey hits an unreturnable serve and the match is all square.

  49. 4-5 - Malisse begins the game with a delightful forehand crosscourt from the baseline, and moves to 40-0 in no time, sealing the game with a backhand volley which must have travelled all of about half a centimetre over the net.

  50. 3-5 - Querrey opens up with confidence, taking his first two service points and thumping a powerful forehand winner down the line to confirm his two game advantage.

  51. 3-4 - BREAK! The sweat really dripping from Malisse's face as he battles to 40-15, and he soon loses that lead as the fresher-looking Querrey clambers back to deuce. Malisse hits a forehand long to concede break point, and he talks to himself sternly ahead of his next service. It doesn't have the desired effect, and goes long again. That's the first break of the match.

  52. 3-3 - Querrrey comes through another tough service game which goes to deuce once more. He double faults for the fourth time, and his forehand looks ropey on occasions, but at other times, such as game point, it looks like his biggest weapon.

  53. 3-2 - Malisse has to work a little harder in this game as the score moves to 30-30. A forehand winner at the end of a long exchange gives Querrey break point and he pumps his fist, but Malisse denies him. There have been chances for both players, but as yet, neither has managed to convert a single break point.

  54. 2-2 - 15-30 for Malisse as Querrey makes a mess of a forehand down the line. A good serve down the middle brings him back on terms with the Belgian. Querrey labours to deuce and then gives Malisse a huge opportunity at break point, but he denies him with a 133mph ace down the middle. Malisse saves game point with a top forehand, but Querrey gets there at the next opporunity.

  55. 2-1 - Woeful backhand from Querrey gives Malisse the first point, and a tricky bounce on the service line sees Malisse's serve beat Querrey on the backhand once more. The Belgian goes on to secure another sure hold of serve.

  56. 1-1 - Querrey's serve is still holding firm, however, and he gets on the scoreboard in this second set.

  57. 1-0 - Malisse has first service in this second set and Querrey seems to have just dipped a touch after the disappointment of the first set. Malisse takes the first three points, and only a narrow miss on the backhand pass stops it from being a hold to love.

  58. 7-6 - Querrey serves first in the breaker, and the first three points go with serve. Querrey makes a mess of his next two serves, and the Belgian having been on the ropes for much of the set, opens up a double mini-break. They change ends with the Belgian 5-1 up. Malisse cracks a service winner for five set points. Querrey saves his two service points to come back to 6-3, then saves a minibreak with a sensational forehand pass. He cannot repeat it, however, and Malisse wins 7-4 on the forehand.

  59. 6-6 - Malisse opens with a good serve, but he lets Querrey in with a gentle second serve and the American levels. Malisse's forehand crosscourt is enough to edge him in front, and a ponderous rally then goes the Belgian's way for game point, which he duly takes.

  60. 5-6 - Querrey looks the stronger of the two players as we head ever closer to a tiebreak. He doesn't drop a point on his way to another hold of serve.

  61. 5-5 - Malisse has to hold to stay in the set, and he does so well.

  62. 4-5 - At 40-15 down Malisse breaks a string and changes racquets. It doesn't help him win the next point - he sends his forehand too long and Querrey holds.

  63. 4-4 - New (and hopefully better than the last set) balls are taken. Malisse lets Querrey in for a break point, but Querrey misjudges a forehand and takes the score to deuce. A let off for Malisse - and he takes advantage to tie the score up.

  64. 3-4 - It's Malisse's turn to have a look at Querrey's serve at 15-30, but Querrey finds a forehand winner en route to game point, then a backhand down the line to hold once again.

  65. 3-3 - The first two points are shared as Querrey catches the top of the frame with his forehand, but Malisse misses down the line to give the American half a chance at 15-30, but he recovers well to close out his service game and level at 3-3.

  66. 2-3 - And an equally composed service game from Querrey - will that be the pattern of the match?

  67. 2-2 - More assured from Malisse, who holds to fifteen.

  68. 1-2 - Querrey taken to deuce by Malisse as both players try to find their feet in this match. Querrey wrests the advantage and takes the game when Malisse sends a floated backhand long.

  69. - - Curiously in that game Malisse gave three balls from those they are using back to the umpire because there was something the matter with them.

  70. 1-1 - Querrey already putting some pressure on Malisse, who battles to 40-30 from 15-30 down, but Querrey forces deuce and then volleys effortlessly for a break point. Malisse saves it, but Querrey is gifted another chance. Malisse opts to serve and volley and does so successfully for another deuce. Advantage Malisse - which goes begging when he finds the net. A Malisse error gives another break point - saved by a running forehand. Finally the Belgian holds.

  71. 0-1 - It looks like an assured start on the Querrey serve as the American races to 40-0. Malisse pulls a couple of points back, but Querrey has enough to take the game.

  72. - - Querrey to serve first in this match.

  73. - - Awaiting the winner of this match will be the winner of the next game due on Centre Court - Gilles Simon or Andy Murray.

  74. - - These two have met just once on the tour - and it was 11 days ago. At Queen's, Querrey recorded a 6-3 7-5 victory.

  75. - - Querrey is a man on the up, and a danger on the grass. He won at Queen's Club in the warm-up, and the 6'6" world number 21 has already beaten his best ever Wimbledon performance to get this far.

  76. - - Malisse is a dangerous player here - a semi-finalists back in 2002 and a man who has been in the world's top 20. He's down to 63 now, which is his highest ranking for three years. He's seen off Juan Carlos Ferrero in five sets and Julian Reister in four to get here.

  77. - - Hello and welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!'s live updates from Court One, where unseeded Belgian Xavier Malisse meets the 18th seed Sam Querrey of the USA.

Xavier Malisse

Nationality BEL
Date of Birth 19/07/1980
Height 1.85 m
Weight 77 kg

Sam Querrey

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 07/10/1987
Height 1.98 m
Weight 91 kg

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