Wimbledon men - 3rd Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray666--
FranceG Simon144--

Live Comments

  1. 4-6 - WINNER! The first goes begging when Murray hits a forehand into the net but he quickly makes amends with an ace down the centre of the court that seals his place in the last 16

  2. 0-40 - An ace, a drop shot wide from Simon and a forehand return long from the Frenchman bring up THREE MATCH POINTS FOR THE SCOT ...

  3. 4-5 - BREAK! Simon hands Murray yet another break when he fires a backhand wide across court off a shorter ball. The chance again goes begging for the Brit as he sends a forehand wide. But a neat forehand into the open court after he has pushed Simon wide brings up a second chance in this game. And this time he finally does get it when Simon sends a forehand long of the baseline after a lengthy rally. Murray will serve for the match after the change of ends

  4. 4-4 - Murray drops just the one point on serve once again to level up at 4-4 in this third set. The game is sealed when Simon dumps another forehand return of serve into the net and it is getting towards crunch time in this match now

  5. 20:40 - It's that time of night when the crowd gets a Mexican wave going, after a cheer to welcome Nicolas Mahut to Simon's player box! They're enjoying themselves

  6. 4-3 - Murray earns himself another two break points, a cracking forehand passing shot (helped by a Simon slip) and some more solid groundstrokes that push the Frenchman out of possition and force the error. The first goes begging when Murray hits a forehand long as does the second when he hits into the net. And Simon goes on to hold once again when Murray sends his forehand return of serve into the net

  7. 3-3 - A double fault is Murray's only blip in another decent service game is his first double fault of the match. Not too bad considering they've been playing for an hour and a half

  8. 3-2 - Murray grabs a 0-30 lead against the Simon serve. The Frenchman recovers with an absolute huge forehand (that Murray still nearly gets back over the net) and a shot deep onto the baseline that Murray can only hit long. Murray still earns himself a break point but Simon saves it with another blistering forehand down the line. Simon also saves a second break point with a huge first serve and this time goes on to hold with another big forehand that Murray can only return into the net

  9. 2-2 - Bish. Bash. Bosh. That is literally how simple Murray is making a service hold look tonight as he races through another one with his second and third aces of the set to sling all the pressure back over the net at Simon

  10. 2-1 - Simon yells at himself yet again but this time it has more affect and he goes on to hold to 30 with a forehand winner to keep his nose in front in this third set

  11. 1-1 - A much tougher service game from Murray this time around as he has to hold from deuce. He comes up with an ace when he really needs it though to bring up a game point before going on to hold with another unreturnable serve. And still no break points for Simon in this match

  12. 1-0 - For the first time in this match Simon holds his opening service game of the set, sealing it to 15 when Murray sends a forehand return of his own right into the bottom of the net

  13. 4-6 - SET! Simon unleashes a torrent of abuse directed at himself in between points as he fails to return consecutive serves. And Murray quickly grabs the second set to love with Simon sends another forehand return into the net. That was another impressive love service hold from Murray and a little bark of "yes" leaves his lips as the final ball ends up in the net

  14. 4-5 - Simon holds to love with a great first serve and forehand jumping smash at the net, which must have felt good. And that at least means Simon forces Murray to serve out for a two sets to love lead

  15. 3-5 - Simon is furious as he dumps another inside out forehand return into the net and lets out a yell of frustration. But it doesn't seem to help all that much as he promptly does it again on the next point to help Murray hold to love and leave himself potentially just one game away from the second set

  16. 3-4 - Simon squanders a number of chances to seal the game but eventually he does take it, when Murray hits into the net, to remain just the one break down. Oh, and the set of course!

  17. 2-4 - Another ace from Murray, right down the centre of the court, helps him seal another service hold. Although Murray is only serving at a 58 per cent first serve success rate, he has already banged down six ace and no double faults

  18. 2-3 - Simon holds once again with an angry smash that, although he gets into it, Murray can only return into the net off a foreheand. And the bottom of the net at that. Still he was in mid-air when he hit it and he won't get too worried about missing that one

  19. 1-3 - Back-to-back aces for Murray help him to seal another very comfortable service hold that helps him maintain his one break advantage in this second set

  20. 1-2 - An easy service hold for Simon this time around, which hasn't been said too many times so far this match, and he holds to get off the mark with a forehand inner deep into the corner

  21. 0-2 - Murray fires down his third ace of the match to seal a very easy service hold that consolidates the early break in this second set

  22. 0-1 - BREAK! Murray is all over Simon now as he breaks to love when the Frenchman dumps a fairly tame forehand into the bottom of the net. Just 30 minutes gone and Murray leads Simon by a set and a break

  23. 1-6 - SET! Well, there it is. The first set from Murray pases with the minimum of fuss. He seals it to 15 with a huge first serve and forehand winner. None too shabby. Although the Frenchman is on his way back from a serious injury and is far from his best, that was a very impressive first set from Murray

  24. 1-5 - BREAK! Simon sends a forehand long of the baseline after another very deep backhand return of serve from Murray, and it brings up another break point opportunity for Murray. And the Scot gets it when Simon hits forehand lob long off a drop shot from Murray. The world number four will serve for a very speedy first set

  25. 1-4 - Another quick game goes the way of Murray as he sends a forehand wide cross court that Simon can only hit into the net, despite being right there. Simon has an unorthodox style in that he hits the ball pretty late, which can flummox his opponents as they struggle to tell which way the ball is going

  26. 1-3 - An absolutely fantastic rally to finish the game which sees Simon get up to a short ball (just) and flick a forehand drop shot over the net. Murray gets to it but can't return the ball over the net, which is a shame because Simon slipped and the Scot could have put that ball anywhere in court to win the point

  27. 0-3 - Simon comes up with a blistering inside out forehand cross court return for a winner to get himself to 40-30 but he quickly dumps his next return into the net as Murray goes on to hold. And Simon has already made six unforced errors - that is not going to help him today

  28. 0-2 - BREAK! And Murray continues that good start by racing to 0-40 on the Simon serve. He only needs one chance to convert it, and that's as emphatic a start as he could have wished for on this sunny summer evening.

  29. 0-1 - Murray serves first, and it's a comfortable hold to fifteen. The Brit is looking confident immediately, and the first serves are (almost) all going in.

  30. 18:52 - These two have met each other four times before with Murray winning on three of those occassions. You have to go way back to 2007 to find Simon's solitary win over the Scot although to be fair they haven't met at all since 2008

  31. 18:44 - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from this third round clash between world number four Andy Murray and French 26th seed Gilles Simon

Gilles Simon

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 27/12/1984
Height 1.8 m
Weight 69 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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