ATP Toronto - Final - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray77---
SwitzerlandR Federer55---

Live Comments

  1. 5-7 - MATCH! A backhand smash in mid-air from Federer to reach 15-30 - it might just be the shot of the match. He sets himself perfectly to take the next point but inexplicably overhits his forehand. Federer does get his break point, but Murray closes the door with an ace, and fires another to bring up match point! His backhand at the net is just too cheeky, however, and we're back to deuce. Murray gets another advantage, and this time he takes it!

  2. 5-6 - BREAK! Ace to begin for Federer - no! It missed by a whisker and Murray hits a great pass on the second serve - 0-15. More fierce striking from Murray to breach Federer's defence brings up 0-30. Federer slaps a backhand into the net to bring up three break points. Federer saves the first, then the second when Murray misses a groundstroke. But he pumps his fist as he finally breaks Federer and Murray might just have the decisive break!

  3. 5-5 - Good kick serve from Murray to claim the first point, and it's a sign of things to come. Just 75 seconds later he completes a hold to love.

  4. 5-4 - Federer looks assured on his service, rattling through for a hold in five short points. Murray will have to serve to stay in the set.

  5. 4-4 - Murray returns to his level, playing a controlled forehand volley to reach game point and firing a service winner to hold to fifteen as we move into the business end of the second set.

  6. 4-3 - A classy hold from Federer. After the last interval it was Murray who looked sharp, but the Swiss champion's forehand and serve looked imperious in that game.

  7. 3-3 - BREAK! Federer strikes back! The Swiss stole the first point and then profits from Murray's missed volley after an epic rally. All square in the second set.

  8. 22:03 - Dare I say that the sun is shining? Remember, we resume at 30-30 on the Scot's serve - last time around he did a terrific job after the resumption to close out his service game.

  9. 22:00 - Right - the players are back on court. Fingers crossed (and sadly no promises), we'll be able to see this match to a conclusion now.

  10. 21:46 - Things looking a little brighter in Toronto, and work is being done to make the court playable. Meanwhile in Cincinatti the final between Maria Sharapova and Kim Clijsters is also victim of rain - but with the Russian at match point!

  11. 21:25 - The good news? It's stopped raining. The bad news? There was an absolute deluge first. Some considerable work will have to be done to dry the court before we can expect a resumption.

  12. 21:09 - And this time they're going off the court rather than waiting. We'll let you know if the weather takes another turn for the better.

  13. - - Delay number three - how long this one takes remains to be seen. It's an incredibly trying time for the players, but Murray has handled it better so far. The crowd plays Britney Spears this time - is that helping?

  14. - - Only his fourth ace, but it brings Murray back to 15-15. His fifth double fault follows, but he levels at 30-30 with a kicking serve that Federer cannot control. Are those raindrops the players see?

  15. 2-3 - BREAK! And after the interruptions it's Murray who starts more brightly. Careless footwork from the Swiss as he mistimes his forehands and the Scot gets to 0-30. Federer hits an ace but Murray responds with a superb crosscourt forehand to reach 15-40. Federer misses wide - or does he? He challenges the call - but it's definitely out!

  16. 21:02 - We're back in play!

  17. 21:00 - The DJ here opts to play some Basshunter. That's bound to cheer everyone up.

  18. 20:58 - It looks like play will start, but then again maybe not! The players are grinning. This is a frustrating impasse in what has been an intriguing final. The message Graff is getting is that there will be clear skies after this for several hours - but the rain now falls more heavily. Everyone's a little confused - all that's sure is that we're not playing for now.

  19. 20:56 - If I had a graphic to illustrate how light the rain is, I would. It's just enough to keep the players off, but everyone's restless and they're off as more of a precaution because it might rain a bit more heavily in a moment.

  20. - - No... no... no... there are raindrops and Federer is asked by umpire Lars Graff not to begin his service game...

  21. 2-2 - Murray begins as if he's not been off court for a moment. Service winner then ace, and we're level in the second set. Great stuff.

  22. 20:50 - Last couple of practice serves for Murray. Remember, the Scot will resume with a 30-0 lead in the game.

  23. 20:45 - Well, that was quick - the players are back on court! They'll have a five minute warm-up before we get back to the match.

  24. 20:42 - Better news - the court is being dried. No official update on when we might see a resumption, however.

  25. - - Not good news - after waiting for the rain to clear for a few minutes, it has become clear that it won't for the moment. The players are off.

  26. - - The finest meteorologists in Canada seem to have a direct earpiece to umpire Lars Graff - they're staying out for the time being because the rain delay may last just a couple of minutes. They are towelling down the lines. Watch this space...

  27. - - Federer casts a glance at the skies when the score reaches 30-0 to Murray, and yes, spots of rain have started to fall. We have a rain delay here and the umbrellas are up. The players are staying on court for the moment, however.

  28. 2-1 - The Swiss beguiles his way to 30-0 with a drop shot and then repeats the trick to produce game point. A confident forehand seals it.

  29. 1-1 - A mixed bag from Murray, who marries two double faults with two aces. He gets to 40-30, however, and seals it when Federer's backhand catches the net cord and bounces harmlessly wide.

  30. 1-0 - Federer looks to put the disappointment of the first set behind him with some authoritative volleys and in no time he has a 40-0 lead. Murray threatens once or twice, but Federer is on the board.

  31. 5-7 - SET! Federer storms to the net but Murray simply steers a backhand past him. He misjudges a drop shot to make it 15-15. Murray looks to be making a much better job of serving for the set this time around, though, launching forehands at the Swiss until he buckles to game point. And when Federer misses long, Murray finally gets over the line!

  32. 5-6 - BREAK! Murray plays the most extraordinary lob from the net to bring up break point when Federer looked in total control of the point, and Federer, searching for a forehand winner, tries too fine an angle and Murray will have another chance to serve for the set!

  33. - - A brilliant Murray backhand followed by a couple of unforced errors from Federer - it's all it takes for the tide to turn and the Scot to see two break points. Federer saves them both with a service winner and a backhand down the line of the highest order. Murray frustrated as Federer bests him with a drop shot, but the Swiss makes a basic error to the gasps of the crowd. Back to deuce...

  34. 5-5 - BREAK! Magic from Federer to start, reading Murray's put-away and delivering a superb backhand past the stranded Scot! Is it a moment to galvanise the Swiss? Murray misses long to give Federer a 0-30 advantage. It looks like he'll grab the next point, too, but Murray meets the backhand with a a touch volley of the highest quality. The tide looks to be turning but Murray's forehand catches the net cord and that brings up two break points. And another net cord bounce means Murray double faults!

  35. 4-5 - Yet another backhand from Murray flashes by the Swiss, and when Federer nets after a gruelling rally Murray looks to have a chance of sealing the set on the Federer serve. The champion holds firm, however, fighting off the Scot to move to game point and holding after working away with a series of placed forehands.

  36. 3-5 - Federer opts for lots of slice to make Murray inject his own pace into his groundstrokes, and that forces an error for 0-15, but Murray's backhand fires him to the second point, and then takes him to 15-30 with a terrific pass. A third superb backhand, this time down the line, turns up two game points. He takes the second of them to hold, and Federer will have to serve to stay in the set.

  37. 3-4 - Both players seem to have settled into something approaching a rhythm on their service after three early breaks. Federer moves effortlessly to 40-0. In a mirror of the previous game Murray fires a backhand return winner to remind the Swiss of his threat, but Federer closes out the game at the next opportunity.

  38. 2-4 - An excellent game from Murray. He moves to 40-0 with a forehand near the net which wrongfoots his opponent. Federer flashes a backhand winner but it only delays the inevitable as the Murray forehand stays strong.

  39. 2-3 - Two service winners get Federer off to a good start, and Murray makes little impact as his opponent makes his first successive hold in this match.

  40. 1-3 - BREAK! Murray opens with a double fault and then blasts a backhand narrowly as Federer grabs the next point. The Swiss senses an opportunity and fires a forehand that Murray cannot keep in play to bring up three break points, and thumps an overhead to cancel out one of the breaks. The Swiss looks to have arrived.

  41. 0-3 - BREAK! Murray begins with a rocket of a return to take the first point, then Federer misses wide to give Murray a chance at 0-30. A return too deep gets the Swiss on the board, but Murray's powerful backhands bring up two more break points. Federer responds with an ace, but the second time Federer's backhand goes wide.

  42. 0-2 - It's quite possible that Murray will come into the match fresher - he's only dropped a single set en route to the final while Federer has had two almighty scraps to get this far. Murray begins with some confident, powerful serving, closing out a hold to fifteen with a service winner, his third of the game.

  43. 0-1 - BREAK! Federer got away to electric starts in his last two rounds, but Murray is a different proposition. Already there are promising signs that the return is working, and with some resolute defence he brings up two early break points. He only needs one - the Swiss cannot live with the Scot as he blasts away on the backhand!

  44. - - Federer has opted to serve first.

  45. - - Great news - the rain was light enough and it has already passed. The players are back out on court and the start of the match is not far away.

  46. - - And the rain has actually got a little worse now and the players are departing.....

  47. - - The players have just come out to but the umbrellas have just come out too as it has started to drizzle in Toronto.

  48. - - These two have had some great battles in the past. Murray leads the head-to-head 6-5 and interestingly EVERY match they have played has been on a hard court.

  49. - - Roger Federer battled his way into the final of Toronto Masters with a gutsy 6-1 3-6 7-5 win over Novak Djokovic, reclaiming the number two world ranking from the Serb. Federer battles past Djokovic

  50. - - Andy Murray's excellent form continued as he recorded a 6-3 6-4 victory over world number one Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals of the Rogers Cup in Toronto. Murray downs Nadal in straight sets

  51. - - Welcome to our LIVE coverage of this Toronto Masters final between Andy Murray and Roger Federer.

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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