US Open men - Semifinal - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic56567
SwitzerlandR Federer71725

Live Comments

  1. 23:52 - Djokovic looks stunned, and well he might. He's been beaten by Federer at the US Open for the past three years. But now he is into the final and has denied the world number two a seventh consecutive final in New York

  2. 7-5 - AND DJOKOVIC DOES BOOK HIS PLACE IN THE FINAL when Federer's off-forehand drifts wide into the tramlines after a lengthy rally!

  3. Ad-40 - A backhand across court just drifts marginally wide from Djokovic though to hand Federer a break back point. But he saves it with a forehand to a decent length and Federer sends a forehand well long across court. And a forehand into the net from Federer hands Djokovic a first match point ...

  4. 30-30 - Absolutely sumpreme defence from Djokovic ends when Federer eventually finds a forehand winner down the line after running around the ball and the Serb suddenly looks a little tired when he slaps an angled backhand wide across court. Federer helps Djokovic to get off the mark in this game with yet another forehand wide across court and Djokovic levels with a cracking forehand volley after Fed hits a cross court ball straight at the Serb's racquet

  5. 6-5 - BREAK! An absolutely stunning forehand winner across court from Djokovic sees him take the first point of the game and although Federer takes the second, he pulls a forehand well wide across court to leave Djokovic 15-30 up. Federer levels up again but another cross court forehand wide, and this time long, hands Djokovic a break point. A break point that he takes full advantage of when Federer sends another forehand wide into the tramlines. Djokovic will serve for it after the change of ends

  6. 5-5 - Djokovic saves the first with a very gutsy point that culminates in a forehand drive volley across court and a second with a cracking forehand shot down the line after running around the ball. An absolutely blistering cross court off-forehand winner into the corner earns Djokovic a game point and, although Federer saves it, the Serb earns himself a second chance with a forehand passing shot winner down the line. Federer saves it again and Djokovic goes on to hold at the third attempt

  7. 15-40 - Djokovic dumps a tricky smash into the net to hand Federer the first point of the game and, athough he levels up at 15-15 a forehand long leaves Federer just two points away from the win. And then just one as Djokovic drills a backhand wide across court to hand Federer two match points ...

  8. 4-5 - A Federer forehand volley is called long which gives Djokovic a 0-30 lead. But the world number two challenges and the ball is shown to have caught the back of the line. Federer gets out of a potential spot of bother at 30-30 with a cracking first serve that the Serb can only return into the net and Federer goes on to hold when Djokovic hits long. The Serb will have to serve to stay in this match after the change of ends

  9. 4-4 - Djokovic lives dangerously as he gets away with a backhand volley drop shot across court that bounces up only for Federer to bang his forehand return into the bottom of the net. And Djokovic goes on to hold and level up once again

  10. 3-4 - And Federer goes on to hold with an ace down the centre of the court at the fourth attempt. This match could not get much tenser at this stage. Federer is potentially just two games from the final now but we are still on serve in this final set

  11. 40-40 - Federer goes from 40-0 to deuce with a series of ground-stroke errors, culminating with a tame forehand into the net. A length Djokovic backhand is called out before being overruled by umpire Enric Molina and the point is to be replayed. Federer's finds an aceon the replay but fails to take advantage with a backhand into the net, and he squanders a second chance with a forehand into teh net (the easiest shot of the rally) and a third with a backhand volley long

  12. 3-3 - Djokovic in this fifth set has landed 83 per cent of his first serves so far as he holds once again, to 30, with an inside out forehand winner. This set so far is shaping up like one and three rather than two or four. Can Djokovic stay tight this time around rather than losing his way towards the end?

  13. 2-3 - A loose backhand long from Federer is the one blip in an otherwise solid game as the world number two holds once again when Djokovic slaps a backhand long

  14. 2-2 - Djokovic throws a double fault into the mix before earning himself a game point with his fourth ace of the match. And he goes on to hold when Federer sends a forehand long. We're all square once again

  15. 1-2 - Federer gets away with a poor approach shot as Djokovic returns the ball into Fed's wheel-house for a forehand volley winner across court and despite the Serb pushing Federer to deuce, the second seed comes through scrapes through a hold with an ace out wide, his 12th of the match

  16. 1-1 - Djokovic gets a little help from the net as Federer's cross court forehand catches the top of the tape and sits up for the Serb to drill a forehand down the line. That gets the third seed out of a tricky spot at 30-30 and he goes on to hold when Federer hits a backhand wide down the line

  17. 0-1 - Federer holds to 15 for the opening game of the final set, wrong-footing Djokovic on the baseline and forcing the Serb to hit a backhand into the net in the process

  18. 6-2 - SET! Djokovic produces an audacious backhand drop shot off a shoulder height ball, while a foot outside the court, before serving out the set to 30 with a cross court forehand winner. This match will go to a deciding set, the first time these tow will have played a fifth set against each other in their career

  19. 5-2 - Federer squanders the chance to hold to love with a backhand well long of the baseline but he goes on to hold on the next point when Djokovic's forehand return drifts long. The Serb though will serve for the fourth set after the change of ends

  20. 5-1 - Djokovic really gets let off the hook as he hits a poor drop shot from Djokovic into the top of the net and is forced to watch the ball bounce back onto his side of the net and the Serb goes on hold to love when his forehand, that is going well wide, catches the top of the tape and bounces just over the net. And Federe again dumps his forehand into the net to help Djokovic cement his double break lead

  21. 4-1 - BREAK! How many more changes in momentum will this match have? Federer comes up with another couple of sloppy errors to hand Djokovic a 0-30 lead before an inside out forehand wide across court hands the Serb two more break points. The first goes begging when Djokovic sends his backhand passing shot wide across court, as does the second with a backhand return wide in the same direction. Djokovic gets a third chance though and this time he gets it with an unreturnable forehand down the line

  22. 3-1 - Djokovic squanders a first game point by slicing a backhand approach shot into the net but he holds to consolidate his break on the very next attempt with a neat change-up on the serve that sees Federer hits into the net

  23. 2-1 - BREAK! A great return from Djokovic ends with Fed dumping a backhand volley into the net and the Serb uses the opportunity to set up an early break point with some great net play that eventually sees Federer hit long. And Djokovic does break, albeit getting a little lucky when Federer fails to punish him for a fairly tame return, with a backhand passing shot winner riffled across court

  24. 1-1 - Djokovic looks like he is continuing to struggle when he dumps a backhand down the line into the net to concede the first point of the game but three ground-strokes long from Federer and a backhand passing shot winner across court from the Serb see him hold to 15 to get his fourth set account underway and stop halt Federer's building momentum

  25. 0-1 - A very sloppy first two points from Federer leave Djokovic with a very early mini-opportunity at 0-30 up before Federer recovers to hold with an ace and an unreturnable serve out wide

  26. 5-7 - SET! Djokovic had conceded just four points on serve in this set heading into this game and yet consecutive backhand winners down the line from Federer, leave him leading 0-30. And a forehand into the net from the Serb hand Federer three set points. But one is all that's needed as Djokovic sends a forehand long and slightly wide across court with a shake of the head

  27. 5-6 - A routine forehand into the top of the tape from Djokovic prompts the Serb to beat himself over the head with the strings of his racquet. And Federer goes on to hold once again, this time to 30, when a Djokovic backhand return of serve lands long. The pressure is once more on the third seed as he will serve to stay in it for a second time. Can he force the tie-break this time?

  28. 5-5 - Despite two first serves that land nearer the baseline than the service line, Djokovic posts a comfortable service hold to love to level up once again and successfully stay in this third set

  29. 4-5 - Again Djokovic takes the first point against Federer's serve before letting Federer off the hook with a forehand wide down the line. A double fault from the Swiss player lets Djokovic right back into it at 30-30 but he recovers in time to hold with a "come on" when Djokovic fails to find the court with a backhand down the line. The Serb will have to serve to stay in this third set after the change of ends

  30. 4-4 - Djokovic recovers from dropping the first point to get in the game when Federer sends his forehand passing shot wide across court. A second ace from the Serb sees him eke out a lead in the game and he goes on to hold from there when Federer sends a sloppy forehand return long of the baseline

  31. 3-4 - Two mis-hit backhands from Federer, the second of which goes into the net, gifts Djokovic the first point of the game. But the world number two recovers with a tricky smash onto the line and goes on to hold when Djokovic fails to land a forehand passing shot

  32. 3-3 - Another great service hold from Djokovic as he seals a game to 15 with a solid first serve and length forehand combo drawing a forehand error from Federer

  33. 2-3 - Djokovic just misses a backhand passing shot long (confirmed by a hawkeye challenge) and Federer goes on to hold with a forehand winner off a Serbian forehand down the line to sneak in front once again

  34. 2-2 - Djokovic is left rooted to the spot in awe as Federer slings the racquet through his swing to produce a forehand cross court winner, but the Serb recovers to hold from 30-30 to level up once again

  35. 1-2 - Federer holds once again, this time to 15, working his way into the net with some solid ground-strokes before playing a deft off-backhand volley into the open court to seal the game

  36. 1-1 - Djokovic also posts a comfortable service hold to get his third set account underway. The third seed hit just four unforced errors in that second set (and five winners) compared to 10 from Federer. That's got to feel good

  37. 0-1 - Federer holds for the opening game of the third game, with two aces, to stop the rot - that was an important hold for the world number two to take the shine of Djokovic's momentum slightly

  38. 6-1 - Federer takes the first point of the game when Djokovic sends an off-balance forehand about two feet long of the baseline but it fails to unsettle the Serb who earns himself two set points when Federer sends a backhand return wide down the line. And sure enough, one chance is all that's needed, as Federer nets a backhand return to concede his first set of the tournament

  39. 5-1 - BREAK! A forehand return of serve that lands just marginally wide from Djokovic to let Federer off the hook at 15-30 although the second seed slices a backhand approach shot into the net to let Djokovic to level up at deuce. And a cross court forehand into the net off a brilliant return from Djokovic hands the Serb another break point. It's a break point that Djokovic takes full advantage of as Federer nets another forehand and the Serb will serve for this second set

  40. 4-1 - Djokovic appears on course for a love service hold of his own before a forehand into the net allows Federer a point in the game. But the Serb quickly recovers with a forehand winner down the line after pushing the Swiss second seed out wide with his serve and that maintains Djokovic's break advantage in this second set

  41. 3-1 - Much better from Federer as holds to stop the run of games against him. That's the first love game of the match for either player and is sealed with a solid first serve that Djokovic can only net in return

  42. 3-0 - Yes is the answer as Djokovic holds to 15 with a backhand down the line that Federer can only return into the net off the forehand wing. The Serb has taken full advantage now of lull in play from his opponent and could well be on the way to a well-deserved leveller

  43. 2-0 - BREAK! Federer's first serve is not on song today as he was only serving at a 46 per cent success rate in that first set. Having said that when his first serve did go in, he lost just the one point behind it. A third double from Federer and a forehand long from the second seed combine to hand Djokovic an early break point opportunity in this second set and he grabs it with a dipping backhand winner straight at Federer's feet at the net. Can he back it up this time?

  44. 1-0 - A double fault to open the second set is not a good sign that Djokovic will be able to recover his composure and get back into this match. But he does go on to hold after getting a little lucky with a net cord and seeing his cross court backhand drop shot catch the top of the tape and just drop in

  45. 5-7 - SET! Djokovic grabs the first point of the game with a forehand winner before narrowly short of the second when his cross court backhand passing shot drops just wide. A fourth ace from Federer sees him get ahead in the game before an unreturnable brings up two set points. Djokovic saves the first with a cross court backhand return but a forehand drive volley that the Serb can only return into the net seals Federer the first set in 51 minutes

  46. 5-6 - BREAK! A shocking game from Dkokovic hands Federer three more break points as the Serb drlls a backhand wide across court. And one is all that's needed for the former champion as Djokovic drifts a backhand approach shot just long of the baseline. Just to make sure, Federer produces a forehand passing shot winner and he will serve for the set after the change of ends

  47. 5-5 - A 126mph ace gets the game off to a cracking start for Federer and the world number two goes on to hold from 30-30 with a forehand long of the baseline from Djokovic. Tie-break, anyone?

  48. 5-4 - Djokovic comes through another potentially tricky service game as he holds from 30-30 with a heavy first serve that Federer cannot return in court. And the second seed will have to serve to stay in this opening set after the change of ends

  49. 4-4 - Bizarre scenes in the change of ends as the trainer comes out to tend to Djokovic, who promptly dismisses him saying he wasn't called for. Certainly the third seed has shown no signs, other than turning that ankle slightly, of being impeded. And Federer quickly races through a much better service hold to level up as the set marches towards crunch point

  50. 4-3 - BREAK! Ouch. A first double from Djokovic hands Federer an immediate break back point and he's not going to let the opportunity go, especially on a second serve, the world number two eventually plucking the ball out of the air and drilling an off-forehand drive volley winner across court into the corner. We're back on serve

  51. 4-2 - BREAK! Djokovic is looking pretty solid now as he earns himself three break points. The second seed saves the first with an ace but there's controversy on the second when a let is given after the linesjudge behind Djokovic falls over the hoarding. Fed is not happy but wins the replayed point with another ace. But the Serb breaks with a cross court backhand volley that he just dinks over the net

  52. 3-2 - Federer takes the first point of the game, drawing Djokovic into the net with a drop shot before sending a deft backhand winner across court off the Serb's drop shot in return. But Djokovic comes through another tough service hold when a solid forehand onto the baseline that Federer can only return wide

  53. 2-2 - Federer looks set to cruise through a love service hold which is much more like what's expected from him. But a couple of errors hand Djokovic a chance to get back into the net. Still the world number two recovers in enough time, sealing the hold to 30 with a blistering inside out forehand across court and into the corner

  54. 2-1 - Djokovic turns his ankle slightly when he slips but it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem. Federer takes the chance to earn himself a break point though by racing up to the Serb's drop shot and forcing his opponent into going for too much on the lob. The chance is squandered through when Federer hits a forehand into the net and Djokovic goes on to hold once again

  55. 1-1 - Solid stuff from Djokovic now as he earns himself two break points when Federer sends a forehand wide across court. The first goes astray when the Serb slaps a forehand long despite having a second serve to look at while Federer saves the second with a smash winner down the line. And Federer goes on to hold when Djokovic drills an inside out forehand return well wide and long across court

  56. 1-0 - Federer makes a blistering start to the match, dismissively swatting a forehand return of serve across court for a winner, and he goes on to push Djokovic to deuce. But the Serb finds his rhythm in time to set up a game point with the first ace of the day before going on to hold

  57. 0-0 - Righto then, the players are ready to go. Here is the second of the men's semi-finals between Federer and Djokovic and it will be the third seed to get things underway after he won the toss of the coin and opted to serve first

  58. 20:03 - Djokovic has been in great form so far this tournament, including displaying a much-improved serve. In fact he probably hasn't been in this kind of form since he won the Australian Open back in 2008, when he beat Federer in the semi-finals. But Federer, five-times a champion in New York, has also been on great form and is yet to have been really tested in this tournament. For a full look at how these two have progressed this far, click here

  59. 20:01 - These two have met each other a whopping 15 times before with Federer leading the head-to-heads with an overwhelming 10 wins compared to just five from Djokovic. And the stats get only marginally better when you take out their clay court meetings, meaning Federer leads 8-4 in hard-court head-to-heads

  60. 20:00 - These two already know that the winner of this clash will face world number one Nadal in the final on Sunday, as he has just overcome Mikhail Youzhny in straight sets

  61. 19:48 - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from this the second the men's US Open semi-finals between world number two Roger Federer and third seed Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 78 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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