US Open men - Final - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal6566-
N Djokovic4742-

Live Comments

  1. 03:04 - A great reach on the forehand from Nadal ends the match when Djokovic a cross court backhand wide across court


  3. 40-30 - Djokovic comes up with a brilliant drop shot although he is helped massively by the net as the ball catches the top of the tape and lands just an inch over the other side beating even Nadal for pace. But the Spaniard goes on to earn himself a first CHAMPIONSHIP POINT with a forehand passing shot winner that just catches the outside of the baseline (confirmed by Djokovic's hawkete challenge) ..

  4. 5-2 - Djokovic holds from 30-30 with another beauty of a backhand stop volley that Nadal does not even try to chase down. That's a confidence building hold for Djokovic and will see him go out on a high note if Nadal manages to serve out this championship. Which he will attempt to do after the chance of ends

  5. 5-1 - Djokovic is handed a break back point but he squanders it with a forehand long of the baseline and he even goes on to save a game point with a gorgeous forehand stop volley that goes for the perfect drop shot. But a magnificent backhand passing shot winner from Nadal on the run and crouched down low sets up another game point and this time he takes it when Djokovic sends a return wide across court. Djokovic will serve to stay in this match

  6. 4-1 - BREAK! A huge double fault from Djokovic, the second serve catching the top of the tape and bouncing well long. The Serb saves the first with some length hitting that Nadal can only return long. But Nadal does grab the second one when another tired-looking forehand from Djokovic goes straight into the net

  7. 3-1 - Nadal races through another service holds, slamming down another ace - that's his eighth of the match. This could be over very quickly from now if he keeps serving like that

  8. 2-1 - BREAK! Djokovic is again forced to save break points - the first of which he does save with another ferocious forehand down the line that Nadal can only return into the net. But a Djokovic forehand catches the top of the tape on the second and that carries the ball long handing Nadal the break. That could be it.

  9. 1-1 - Nadal races through a service hold to keep all the pressure on Djokovic. He came back from two sets to one down against Federer in the semis remember, but can he do it two matches in a row?

  10. 0-1 - Nadal senses blood in the water now as he opens the fourth set with a perfectly judged lob that neats Djokovic completely. And he goes on to earn himself a break point when the Serb sends a backhand long. But Djokovic saves it with an unreturnable serve out wide before going on to hold with back-to-back forehand winners

  11. 6-4 - SET! Djokovic is hitting freely again now as he gets himself out to a 15-30 lead by targetting Nadal's backhand and enoying the results when the shot breaks down. A fantastic unreturnable serve out wide sees the Spaniard level up at 30-30, an ace out wide on the next point brings up a first set point. And another cracking serve, once again out wide, seals the set for Nadal. Unbelievable from the Spaniard

  12. 5-4 - Much, much better from Djokovic (maybe as he's let the pressure of the set go thinking it's already lost to him). He holds with ease to sling all the pressure back over the net at Nadal, who will serve to go two sets to one up after the change of ends

  13. 5-3 - More terrific serving from Nadal as he comes up with an unreturnable out wide to earn himself a game point. Although, a double fault on the very next point does ruin it slightly but he quickly recovers with another cracking serve and that seals the hold that leaves Djokovic serving to stay in this third set

  14. 4-3 - A double fault from Djokovic hands Nadal a fourth chance to break and once again the Serb comes up with a last-ditch off-forehand winner slung across court almost dismissively. Nadal squanders a fifth chance with a backhand long down the line and eventually Djokovic goes on to hold when a cross court Nadal backhand ends up in the net

  15. 40-40 - A tired looking forehand from Djokovic into the net to hand Nadal two more break points. But out of nowhere Djokovic comes up with a blistering forehand winner down the line to save the first and a low forehand stop volley dinked over the net to save the second. The Serb slaps a forehand into the net to squander his own game point and drifts a backhand long to hand Nadal another break point. Again it goes begging when Rafa's backhand hits the net and bounces back on to his side of the net

  16. 4-2 - Djokovic proves to be fairly solid at the net before Nadal comes up with a cracking forehand passing shot whipped across court. The Serb did have to leap up to the preceding smash but he should have done better with it than he did and Nadal duly dispatches the ball for a winner. And that seals another hold for the Spaniard

  17. 3-2 - Djokovic comes up with a backhand across court but doesn't really move after hitting it and so when Nadal drills a forehand down the line there is little the Serb can do but scramble a forehand long in return. It hands NAdal another break point although again he squanders it with a backhand wide across court. And Djokovic goes on to wrap up a crucial hold when Nadal slaps a forehand into the net

  18. 40-40 - Djokovic is looking pretty tired right now (although not too much can be read into that as he often looks tired and then miraculously finds more energy from somewhere) as he slaps a forehand long to hand Nadal two more break points. The first goes begging with a length backhand volley straight onto the baseline that Nadal can only hit into the net. And the second is also saved with a huge forehand down the line that Nadal returns wide

  19. 3-1 - Wow! Very impressive from Nadal as he races through a love service hold to consolidate that break. He's seems to have taken it badly, losing that second set and harnessing that anger into sheer power right now

  20. 2-1 - BREAK! Nadal flicks a squash shot-esqe running forehand passing shot across court for a winner to bring up three early break points in this set. Djokovic saves the first with an ace and just gets let off the hook on the second when Nadal's forehand catches the top of the net, bounces up and lands back on his side of the net. But Djokovic comes up with an absolute shocker on the third, swivelling his whole body round on a forehand and pulling the ball well wide into the tramlines!

  21. 1-1 - An immense reply from Nadal as he ends a love service hold with a running forehand winner down the line and a yell of "come on". Nadal is not going to be happy that Djokovic has taken a set off him - it's the first one he's lost all tournament!

  22. 0-1 - Just the one blip in Djokovic's latest service game as he slaps down his first double fault of the match. But he was already 30-0 up and if ever you're going to hit a double fault, that's not the worst time to do it. It's a comfortable hold for the Serb as he moves ahaed for the first time in the match

  23. 01:23 - And here is Djokovic during the second set. Who is better, do you reckon?!

  24. 01:22 - Here's Nadal roaring in celebration in the first set

  25. 5-7 - SET! Another fantastic get from Djokovic stretched out wide - on the forehand wing - ends with Nadal dinking a half-volley into the net and the pressures on at 30-30. And even more so when Djokovic steps inside the baseline to drill a backhand down the line with Nadal returning it wide. It brings up set point, which Djokovic quickly turns into just set. The Serb smacks a super return on to the baseline at Nadal's feet, and the Spaniard can only hit back into the net. It was going wide anyway

  26. 5-6 - Djokovic's serve gets him out of trouble once again, coming up with an ace at 15-15 and a decent serve out wide followed by a smash winner across court at 30-30. Djokovic ends up holding with a deft backhand drop shot (after a heavy crosscourt rally) that even the lightening quick Nadal can't get to and for a second time the Spaniard will have to serve to stay in this second set

  27. 5-5 - The two men trade outrageous passing shots; Nadal feeding one down the line off the forehand wing from outside the court before Djokovic stretches out on the backhand wing and loops his over Nadal's and down the line. But that's the only point that Djokovic can take off Nadal's serve and the Spaniard goes on to hold when the Serb sends an over-stretched forehand long of the baseline

  28. 4-5 - Djokovic makes a cracking re-start, with an inside out cross court forehand winner to earn himself a game point. And although Nadal goes on to level at deuce, the Spaniard never quite manages to earn himself a break point and Djokovic goes on to hold with another forehand winner, this time down the line. Nadal will have to serve to stay in this set after the change of ends

  29. 30-30 - Righto, we're ready to get back underway and it will be Novak Djokovic to resume serving at 4-4, 30-30 in the second set

  30. 12:54 - THE PLAYERS ARE BACK ON COURT! Fingers crossed we will get through the remainder of this match now. Before things get back underway though, the players will have to go through their warm-up once again as they've been off court for too long to simply go straight back into it

  31. 12:42 - After yesterday's washout of the final, the USTA defended the lack of a roof on the Arthur Ashe Stadium. I wonder what they'll say if asked the same questions today. Click here to read yesterday's statements

  32. 12:40 - In case you were wondering just how heavy that rain was half an hour ago, here's a photo

  33. 12:39 - The ball kids with towels are out in force although they are being hindered slightly in the job on account of the fact that the giant hairdryers haven't left the court yet. It's all a bit farcical really as the ball kids struggle to hold on to their towels and even lose some. There are towels flying across the court!

  34. 12:28 - By the way, the lawnmower machines have no departed the court and the big fan-type hair-dryers are on. We're positively cracking through the drying methods in New York. Next up, the incredibly sophisticated .... men with towels. They come on last up to dry the lines

  35. 12:24 - Good news! IT'S STOPPED RAINING! The stadium is beginning to fill up again and the court is still being dried by those machines. Still no word on exactly when the players can be expected to return to the court but lets hope it's soon. and we get some more plan in before it starts raining again!

  36. 12:19 - When your simply watching rain fall from the sky, anything is exciting. And so the sight of the squeegee men coming out on to Arthur Ashe takes on more significance than it really should. It's still raining slightly but the squeegee men are quickly followed out by those machines that look a little like ride on lawnmowers but instead dry the court. No idea what they are called. They're doing the job though!

  37. 23:42 - It is absolutely pelting it down in NYC and the latest forecast says that it's expected to stay that way for around about two hours. Arthur Ashe Stadium is deserted, even the camera men have put the covers on and run away to find a space indoors. We could be in for a very long night folks.

  38. 30-30 - This couldn't be more tensly poised in this set as the rain starts to fall in heavy drops. There's no messing about right now, they knew this was coming, and the players walk straight to the chairs before departing the court pretty speedily. Not only is there not a roof over Arthur Ashe but there are no covers either so when the rain does stop, there will still be at least another 20 minute or so delay while the court is dried

  39. 4-4 - Djokovic produces an absolutely cracking forehand return of serve winner to put a bit of pressure on the Nadal serve at 40-30. But he can't come up with anything similar on the next return and the Spaniard holds for his third game in a row. Can Djokovic stop the rot in time to save this set?

  40. 3-4 - BREAK! Djokovic deals brilliantly well with a couple of very low sliced backhands from Nadal but he can do nothing about a double-handed backhand drilled straight down the line and the Spaniard is right back in this set, albeit still a game behind on serve

  41. Ad-40 - Djokovic sends a tricky, low volley into the top of the net whilst trying to go across to the open court with the ball and it hands Nadal a break back point. The Spaniard sends a forehand long of the baseline to squander it but a forehand into the net, again off the forehand wing, from Djokovic hands Nadal a second chance. It goes begging again though as Nadal's backhand hits the tape and bounces back on to his side of the net. A forehand winner across court gets him a third chance ...

  42. 2-4 - The very bad news is that apparently rain is going to hit in about 20 minutes time and a massive thunderstorm is about 50 minutes away. So we could be in for a long night. But can Djokovic close out this set in the meantime

  43. 2-4 - A delightful low forehand stop volley dinked over the net from Nadal helps him out to a 30-15 lead but the Serb riffles a forehand winner down the line to level up once again. Nadal goes on to hold, when Djokovic fires a forehand long of the baseline, two points later

  44. 1-4 - This is a completely different match now as Djokovic drills a forehand winner down the line before also finding an inside out forehand winner across court on his way to the love service hold that consolidates the Serb's break

  45. 1-3 - BREAK! Hmmm, interesting. Nadal slaps don his first double fault of the match to hand Djokovic three break points. But one is all that's needed as the Spaniard runs around the ball before sending a cross court forehand long of the baseline.

  46. 1-2 - Djokovic holds once again to sneak out in front - his once dodgy serve has been much improved this fortnight and so far in this set, the Serb has been landing 71 per cent of his first serve. And he holds once again to 15 to lock Nadal out of another game

  47. 1-1 - Nadal produces his first ace of the match as he looks on course for a love service hold. But Djokovic bounces back first outlasting Nadal on a lengthy rally and then secondly by coming up with a ferocious forehand winner across court. And the Serb levels with a perfectly judged sliced backhand drop shot. But the Spaniard quickly recovers to hold with an absolutely cracking serve that Djokovic can do nothing with

  48. 0-1 - This set is crucial for Djokovic now. Nadal will not lose from two sets to love up. But the Serb makes a great start as he holds for the opening game without any trouble at all, sealing it with a solid forehand that Nadal cannot return in play

  49. 6-4 - SET! Nadal goes short which allows Djokovic to find a forehand winner and briefly put some pressure on the Spaniard at 30-15 but Nadal quickly earns himself two set points by pushing the Serb deep once again and drawing a forehand into the net. And one chance is all that's needed as Djokovic sends a forehand down the line well long

  50. 5-4 - Good serving from Djokovic and he holds to 15. Nadal will have to serve it out. Nadal had a chance at 15-15 but went long with a backhand and Djokovic keeps the rallies short on the next two points with some good serving.

  51. 5-3 - Comfortable hold to love from Nadal. He begins the game with a crushing forehand and then Djokovic fails with an attempted drop. Two unreturnable serves later and the game is in the books for the Spaniard.

  52. 4-3 - Much better from Djokovic as he races through a love service game which he seals with an ace. He's already broken back once of course so this set is far from over for the Serb

  53. 4-2 - Djokovic was absolutely furious with himself after that last game smashing his racquet on the floor and breaking it, which earned him a warning. That won't help his mood any! And nor will the fact that he let a 0-15 lead against Nadal's serve slip as the Spaniard goes on to hold without the loss of further points when Djokovic drills a backhand wide across court

  54. 3-2 - BREAK! Nadal threads a sliced backhand down the line as a passing shot, the ball catching the outside edge of the line and that earns him three more break points. The first goes begging when another backhand down the line from the Spaniard drops wide. Djokovic saves the second with an off-forehand across court, and the third with another lengthy rally that ends with Nadal hitting long. Nadal even saves a fourth with a backhand wide but he gets it at the fifth attempt with a forehand winner

  55. 2-2 - BREAK! There is nothing wrong with Djokovic's movement now. And he earns himself a first break point of the match as he drills an off-forehand winner across court after a long rally. Sure enough the Serb does break back when Nadal drifts a forehand wide down the line. We're all square again now and it's match on.

  56. 2-1 - Phew. Djokovic finds himself 0-30 down and really struggling to get into this match before an ace and an unreturnable get him out of trouble. And a backhand into the net from Nadal hands the Serb a game point which he takes advantage of with another great serve. Much better from the Serb and he is now on the scoreboard at least

  57. 2-0 - Nadal misses a backhand down the line to find himself in a potentially tricky position at 30-30 but he recovers with a forehand winner after a lengthy rally (you have to favour Nadal in those long rallies don't you?) before going on to hold and consolidate his early break

  58. 1-0 - BREAK! An absolutely fantastic first point as both players race around the court before Djokovic somehow finds a reactionary backhand winner across court despite having to change direction pretty sharply as he found the ball going back behind him. But Nadal finds himself with two early break points before going a game up very early on with a backhand passing shot winner down the line. Djokovic is flexing his left ankle early and let's hope its just a bit tender rather than a real problem

  59. 0-0 - Here we go then. Only 24 hours late and the men's US Open final is ready to go. Djokovic won the spin of the coin and will get things underway by serving first

  60. 21:19 - The players are out on court and are just going through the last few minutes of their warm-up so its just a gew minutes now until this match gets underway

  61. 21:18 - The good news today is that the weather is fine. It's not as sweltering as it was early last week but it is sunny and there are shadows on the court. Woop woop, I hear you cry!

  62. 21:17 - Hello and welcome back as we make our second attempt to get this men's US Open final underway

  63. 23:27 - So, the newly scheduled time for the final will be 16:00 local time tomorrow, that is 21:00 UK time and 22:00 CET. So join us again then for, fingers crossed, full LIVE comments on the final!

  64. 22:22 - Ok, folks. The US Open has officially been postponed to Monday as the rain continues to fall in New York. Djokovic will probably be doing a little jog now as it means he has that bit more time to recover.

  65. 22:41 - The latest official updated from tournament organisers is that they are hoping to get on in about one hours time. But looking at the rain falling on the court in the Arthur Ashe Arena, that appears optimistic!

  66. 22:38 - The umbrellas are still up and it's getting to the point where organisers are going to have to start thinking about postponing this match until tomorrow. They have two or three hours left before making that decision but the weather forecast tonight is just for more rain so if they are not on by 8pm New York time (1:00am UK time) its highly likely that they will postpone

  67. 22:16 - Yet more bad news, folks. It is absolutely chucking it down in New York. There is no way the rain is going to clear in time for the re-scheduled 22:30 start let alone give the grounds staff the chance to dry the courts and get them ready got play

  68. 22:10 - For a short profile of the two men's finalists, click here

  69. 21:53 - Djokovic on the other hand has endured a more circuitous route; dropping a set to compatriot and good friend Victor Troicki, before coming past Philipp Petzschner, James Blake, Mardy Fish and Gael Monfils in straight sets on his way to the semi-finals. And then came that epic win against Roger Federer when Djokovic saved two match points before eventually sneaking a win

  70. 21:43 - Whilst we're waiting for these two to get out on court, now would seem to be a good time to have a look back at their tournaments so far. Nadal has not lost a set so far, coming past Teymuraz Gabashvili, Denis Istomin, Gilles Simon, Feliciano Lopez, Fernando Verdasco and Mikhail Youzhny all fairly easily

  71. 21:25 - The bad news is that it's raining. And whilst play was due to get underway in about 20 minutes time, it will now be at least another hour before things actually do kick off in the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

  72. 21:25 - The good news is that this could be a very entertaining match between Nadal and Djokovic, both of whom will no doubt fancy their chances of picking up this title

  73. 21:22 - So, it's the final match of what has been another very entertaining tournament. Do you want the good news of the bad news?

  74. 21:07 - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the men's US Open final between world number one Rafael Nadal and third seed Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

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