WTA Championships - Final - Women

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
BelgiumK Clijsters656--
DENC Wozniacki373--

Live Comments

  1. 17:52 - Clijsters also won in 2002 and 2003 and becomes just the fifth woman in history to win the season-ending tournament three times, joining Martina Navritilova (who won eight times), Steffi Graf (five) Chris Evert (three) and Monica Seles (three).

  2. 6-3 - WINNER! And this time Clijsters does wrap things up, coming up with a solid second serve down the line that Wozniacki can only return into the net.

  3. Ad-40 - Clijsters wastes the chance with a second double fault in this game alone. Unbelievable. Still she earns a second match point with a huge first serve followed by an off-forehand volley winner

  4. Ad-40 - Could there still be a twist left in this? A couple of fantastic points from Wozniacki, followed by a double from Clijsters, hand the Dane two break back points. The first goes begging as she fails to find the court with a forehand. And the second also goes astray when an off-balance Wozniacki pulls her forehand wide. She earns herself a third chance with a forehand volley winner but a huge serve from Clijsters saves it before she brings up match point on her THIRD overhead ...

  5. 5-3 - Wozniacki absolutely races through a love service hold; firing an angled cross court forehand winner on to the line to force Clijsters to serve out this championship

  6. 5-2 - Consecutive forehands slapped long from Wozniacki, who has been irritated by something said in the crowd, helps Clijsters to a love service hold and the Dane will have to serve to stay in this match once again - after the chance of ends

  7. 4-2 - BREAK! Clijsters hits literally every line on the court as she pushes Wozniacki around and eventually draws the error. And shortly after that the Belgian earns herself two break points. The first goes begging when Clijsters hits a backhand return of serve into the net. But more huge hitting from the Belgian sees her produce a backhand winner across court to seal the break. She is, once again, just two games away from the win now

  8. 3-2 - Service games are whistling by now as Clijsters holds to 15 herself to sneak back out in front. Who will crack first?

  9. 2-2 - The pep talk from her father, during which Wozniacki answered back a couple of times (unusual for her), obviously worked as the Dane races through a love service hold to level up once again and remain on serve

  10. 2-1 - A fantastic service game from Clijsters as she gets her match back on track with a service hold to 15 that leaves Wozniacki looking a little paniced, with her father Piotr set to come on court for a pep talk!

  11. 1-1 - BREAK! An overhead winner down the line from Clijsters earns her an immediate break back point in this third set and, after a short delay whilst Wozniacki deals with a bug on her racquet and a bug on the court, the Belgian does break back with some heavy hitting that eventually proves too much for Wozniacki

  12. 0-1 - BREAK! Wozniacki is leading this match for the first time as Clijsters sends a forehand long of the baseline to hand the Dane the break at the first attempt. Can Clijsters play herself back into form in time to stop this match from getting away from her?

  13. 5-7 - SET! Wozniacki drills a backhand winner straight down the line, just catching the outside of the line, on her way to two set points. Clijsters saves the first by working her way into the net before dinking a cross court backhand volley across court for the winner. But Wozniacki does level the match at the second attempt with some great hitting that eventually sees Clijsters hit long off the forehand wing

  14. 5-6 - BREAK! A poor hawkeye challenge looks like it could cost Wozniacki as she stops mid point to call a ball out when it instead just catches the back of the line. It gives Clijsters a game point but it goes begging as does a second when Wozniacki produces a forehand winner down the line. And a Clijsters forehand drive volley into the net hands Wozniacki a break point. A chance she takes full advantage of with a backhand return of serve deep, which Clijsters can only return long.

  15. 5-5 - An absolutely blistering cross court forehand winner, right onto the sideline, from Wozniacki brings up three game points for the Dane. Clijsters denies her the first with a forehand return that Wozniacki can only send back into the net and the second with a cross court forehand passing shot winner after Wozniacki's approach shot catches the top of the tape. But Wozniacki does hold at the third attempt with a backhand drive volley winner. We're back level once again

  16. 5-4 - Wozniacki is starting a exude confidence now as she races up to the net to fire away an easy forehand winner down the line before another forehand down the line results in Clijsters hitting a backhand wide across court to hand the Dane another break point. Clijsters saves it with a backhand winner across court before holding with a solid first serve and straight forward backhand winner down the line off the short reply. Wozniacki will serve to stay in it after the change of ends

  17. 4-4 - Well, well, well. Wozniacki races through a love service hold to get things fully back on track in this set; sealing the hold with a great first serve which she follows with a forehand winner. What now from Clijsters?

  18. 4-3 - BREAK! Clijsters fires a forehand volley long to hand Wozniacki three break back points. The first goes beggin with a huge serve that the Dane can only return into the net. But Wozniacki does get it at the second attempt; a forehand winner doing the damage across court

  19. 4-2 - Much, much better from Wozniacki as she eases through a service hold to 15 with her fourth ace of the match. She is vaguely keeping the pressure on Clijsters but needs to find a way to break back and get into this set

  20. 4-1 - Clijsters first ace of the match earns her three points to consolidate the break and, although she squanders the first with a backhand wide across court while Wozniacki saves the second with a forehand drive volley winner across court, a backhand winner drilled down the line does see her hold. Clijsters now just two games away from the title

  21. 3-1 - BREAK! Clijsters works her way into the net to put the pressure on Wozniacki's forehand and sure enough it breaks down, the Dane firing her down the line attempt wide to hand her opponent two more break points. She saves the first with a well worked point, moving Clijsters around the baseline before finding a backhand winner down the line. But Clijsters does break at the second attempt when another Wozniacki forehand ends up in the net

  22. 2-1 - Clijsters holds with ease once again, this time to 15, as Wozniacki just puts too much on her cross court backhand and drifts it just wide into the tramlines

  23. 1-1 - Wozniacki gets herself out of a potential spot of bother with her third ace of the match earning her a game point from 30-30 before she seals it with another solid serve that Clijsters cannot return back in court

  24. 1-0 - Clijsters races through a comfortable service hold to love for the opening game of the second set and the pressure is firmly on Wozniacki now as she looks to stop the run of games against her

  25. 6-3 - SET! But a Wozniacki forehand into the net after some great lengthy hitting from Clijsters earns the Belgian a second chance. It goes begging again when Clijsters hits long but she gets a third chance with a backhand passing shot winner down the line off a tame Wozniacki volley. And this time Clijsters does take the set when Wozniacki again fails to deal with the length of the Belgian's ground-strokes and hits long

  26. 40-40 - Wozniacki looks to be cruising towards a solid hold before Clijsters bounces back to level at 30-30 when the Dane hits into the net, and deuce, when the Dane hits long. And, altrhough Wozniacki enjoys a handful of game points she is unable to take advantage, instead allowing Clijsters to bring up set point with a cracking forehand winner. Wozniacki saves it though with a great forehand of her own that Clijsters can only hit long

  27. 5-3 - Clijsters produces a neatly angled forehand winner across court after a lengthy rally to hold to 15 and leave Wozniacki serving to stay in this first set. She's a break down as well remember

  28. 4-3 - Much, much better from Wozniacki as she holds to love when Clijsters sends a forehand return of serve long of the baseline. So the Dane is just about sticking with her opponent, albeit still a break down

  29. 4-2 - Just like earlier in the set, Clijsters consolidates the break. Although this time she does it more easily with a solid hold that leaves Wozniacki staring at a vital hold if she is to stay in this first set. A second break now would leave Clijsters serving for the set

  30. 3-2 - BREAK! This is turning into a real battle of wills now as Clijsters denies Wozniacki on her first game point with increasingly heavy hitting, and also on her second as a Belgian backhand return of serve down the line does the damage. A poor backhand volley from Wozniacki, admittedly low, hands Clijsters a break point but she saves it with a forehand drive volley winner down the line. Clijsters gets a second chance though and breaks again when Wozniacki's forehand goes long down the line

  31. 2-2 - BREAK! Much more positive from Wozniacki as she breaks back. Although the turning point in that game was a tentative move forward from the Dane. But she got lucky when Clijsters hit the ball back to her and Wozniacki then made amends with a forehand volley winner

  32. 2-1 - Wozniacki does well to fire a forehand overhead down the line for a winner despite being on the back foot and being forced to retreat as she played it. And the Dane goes on to hold without too much trouble to get her side of the scoreboard ticking over

  33. 2-0 - A double fault from Clijsters is not a great way to open her first service game and it sets her back from the start as a sloppy forehand error ends up gifting Wozniacki a first break point of her own. Clijsters saves it though with a mid-court half-volley forehand down the line after a lengthy rally. The Belgian also has to save a second break point but does so when Wozniacki's forehand goes astray and Clijsters goes on to hold when the Dane slaps a forehand return long

  34. 1-0 - BREAK! Clijsters produces a running, dipping forehand that Wozniacki cannot return over the net despite getting a racquet to the forehand volley. Again Clijsters fails to take advantage of the break point but she gets a fourth chance when Wozniacki hits a forehand approach shot into the net. And this time Clijsters does break, drawing Wozniacki in the with a drop shot, then lobbing her unsuccessfully, before finally getting enough on her passing shot

  35. 40-40 - Wozniacki is forced to save an early break point after a slightly nervy forehand into the net. She does so when Clijsters hits long off a backhand return but another forehand error, this time long from the Dane, hands Clijsters a second chance. The Belgian wheels out one of her trademark splits slide into a forehand but cannot get the ball over the net which squanders it and Wozniacki finds a backhand passing shot winner down the line. But still she can't finish the game

  36. 0-0 - Ok, here we go then. Wozniacki won the toss and opted to serve first so it will be the world number one to get things underway ...

  37. 15:13 - The warm-up is nearly over after a nifty, brass-band rendition of the Qatari national anthem. It's another muggy evening in Doha with the temperature at 29 degrees and humidity up around 55 per cent

  38. 14:50 - The two ladies produced contrasting performances in the semi-finals yesterday with Wozniacki, for the most part, looking firmly in control and impresive against world number two Vera Zvonareva. Clijsters, on the other hand, struggled to get into her match against Sam Stosur, although in her defence she had been involved in a car crash on her way to the Kalifa Tennis Center that afternoon and she did produce a strong second set after battling through the first

  39. 14:47 - And since then Wozniacki has enjoyed a second season as one of the world's best players before taking over as the world number one earlier this month, although many think the Danish 20-year-old still has a lot to prove

  40. 14:46 - But a lot has changed since then. For starters Clijsters has won a second straight US Open trophy, third if you consider that she didn't play at Flushing Meadows between winning her first title there in 2005 and returning to the WTA Tour in 2009.

  41. 14:44 - These two have faced each other just the once before - the US Open final last year - when, as you all will remember, Clijsters triumphed in straight sets over a nervy Wozniacki playing in her first Grand Slam final

  42. 14:32 - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the final of the WTA Championships in Doha - between world number one Caroline Wozniacki and US Open champion Kim Clijsters

Kim Clijsters

Nationality BEL
Date of Birth 08/06/1983
Height 1.74 m
Weight 68 kg

Caroline Wozniacki

Nationality DEN
Date of Birth 11/07/1990
Height 1.77 m
Weight 63 kg

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