ATP Basel - Final - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer636--
N Djokovic461--

Live Comments

  1. 6-1 - GAME SET AND MATCH! Federer holds with imperious ease, Nole not at the races in this game or indeed this set. After a second-set wobble, the mighty Fed wins in his homeland.

  2. 5-1 - It's a break point to Federer but Nole saves it with a desperate lunge into the net - Fed should put it away but he smashes it into the net himself! Deuce but another break point after a return so sweet the crowd stops to applause. Unforced error from Nole! He challenges but that shot was a good five inches out! 5-1 Federer, another break and he serves for the match!

  3. 4-1 - Comfortable hold for Federer as he turns the screw on Nole.

  4. 3-1 - It's a break for Federer! He really has purred into gear in the final set.

  5. 2-1 - A cracking serve down the middle from Fed that Nole barely reaches. And another! A second love hold.

  6. 1-1 - Djokovic drops a couple of points en route to holding his first service game of the final set.

  7. 1-0 - Federer races 40-0 up and holds the first game of the final set as Nole returns wide. Love service game for the Swiss.

  8. 3-6 - Federer with a break point after some ferocious returns, Nole having gone up initially... Nole looks stunned. But a fierce first serve is only hit into the ground by Fed and it's deuce. Now advantage Nole, set point, after he cranks the serving accuracy up a notch... ACE. Set. 1-1.

  9. 3-5 - Federer holds as Nole spoons his return long. That was an odd game. Federer self-destructed from a position of authority and double-faulted his way to set point down. But he aced his way back and now Nole has to serve for the second set, to level.

  10. - - Federer serves his way into a 40-0 lead before dropping a first serve. Nole responds to the chance with a super return. He does it again, off the first serve this time, and while Fed makes the shot he is sliding to his knees when Nole pings it into the other corner. 40-30. Fed on second serve... Deuce. Double fault. Fed collapsing. And a double fault which Fed challenges... He fails. Two double faults and set point Nole... ACE. Deuce. Advantage Fed after Nole beats the return into the ground...

  11. 2-5 - A booming ace from Djokovic sets up a rally that Federer loses with an unforced error into the net, again. How many so far? Nole holds, Fed serving to stay in the set.

  12. 2-4 - In the end Federer holds with a serve and volley routine. Nole on serve then to put him within reach of the second set.

  13. - - Federer goes two points up by controlling the points after decent first serves but twice the arrears are reduced by some wild shots. Oh but what a point from Nole! A super rally sees both try lobs and Fed meeting Nole's with a powerful backhand into the corner that Nole reads, somehow regaining his balance and powering the winner down the line. Deuce. But a powerful serve from Fed is spooned up in the air and Fed sends his winner down the line after letting it bounce.

  14. 1-4 - Great baseline play from Nole, giving Fed the runaround using all ends of the court. Gah! Another unforced error from Fed, ready to backhand volley it away to level at 30-30 but he nets it. And again, he goes long with a forehand pass down the line. The Serb holds.

  15. 1-3 - Two solid first serves put Fed two points up in this game, but Nole pulls one back with a savage return. Error from Nole though, having made Fed work on his second serve he skews a forehand well wide. But oh deary me. Another unforced error brings it back to 40-30, Fed trying a delicate drop shot that he underhits into the net. Fed holds though as Nole overhits his return on a second serve that frankly he should have given a lot more wellie to.

  16. 0-3 - Nole holds comfortably and appears to have found another gear after dropping the first set. Federer hasn't snapped into action after the break.

  17. 0-2 - Great double-handed shot from Nole, hemmed in the corner and pinging it across court to level at 15-15. The Serb takes the lead in this game and earns two break points after successive unforced errors from Federer. First serve out... The second is risky but stays in, Nole returns and a wild shot from Fed is yards out! Break!

  18. 0-1 - Nole on serve to start the second set and he bosses this game to hold with an ace, without dropping a point.

  19. 6-4 - ACE. 40-30 and set point to Federer... Nole levels with a super return and then an unforced error from Federer, low into the net again, and it's break point Nole! Back to deuce though after a risky shot from Nole lands long. Nole can't connect properly with the next serve, so it's a second set point to Fed... TAKEN! Nole meets the first serve but skews his forehand off the net and wide.

  20. - - Nole wins the first point with some swashbuckling baseline play, returning Fed's array of groundstrokes with power, the third one too powerful for him to reach. Fed levels after Nole's ambitious lob drops just long. Too much for Nole now as he slides into a backhand from deep, putting it low into the net. But Federer crouches too low at the baseline and puts a straightforward groundstroke into the net. 30-30.

  21. 5-4 - Federer with a superb return to go 15-0 up. Nole levels with a first serve that is unreturnable, Fed making contact but skewing it in the air and well wide. Two superb first serves and one that Fed can return but only put a few inches long, Nole holds. Federer serving for the first set then.

  22. 5-3 - Federer blasts his way to hold the game, Nole not at the races. Majestic serving from the Swiss, and Nole has to serve to stay in the first set.

  23. 4-3 - Hold by Djokovic, backhanding a cute volley down the middle with Fed scuttling around after doing well to return a powerful first serve. Good serving from the Serb.

  24. 4-2 - Federer goes to advantage with a deep volleyed winner, and the Swiss completes the hold as Djokovic nets a backhand on the next point.

  25. - - Federer waltzes to 40-0 and tries to finish the game off with his patented between-the-legs shot... but it's just too low, and clips the tape! And the point seems to break the Swiss star's concentration as the game heads to deuce.

  26. 3-2 - Djokovic steadies the ship with an impressive hold characterised by a string of well-placed serves that Federer is forced to merely chip back over the net. Much better stuff from the Serb.

  27. 3-1 - A beautiful backhand by Djokovic is made to look silly as Federer pulls off a stunning backhand drop shot from the back of the court! Federer is really hitting stride now, and it turns into an easy hold.

  28. 2-1 - A trademark forehand by Federer is too fast for Djokovic to give the Swiss a break point - Djokovic saves it but is still on the back foot... and the Swiss pounces to earn the first break of the match.

  29. - - Djokovic slices wide with a forehand to give Federer another glimpse at a break as it gets to 30-30, with the Serb going long under no pressure two points later to take us to deuce.

  30. 1-1 - Djokovic earns a break point as Federer goes wide of the tramlines with a backhand, but Fed saves the game and his serve with two aces followed by a wonderful forehand winner at the net.

  31. - - Federer looks yet to settle into the match here - Djokovic has deuce on Fed's serve as the Swiss starts spraying his serves all over his homeland.

  32. 0-1 - The Swiss hero looks like breaking straight away as unforced errors by the Djoker ease Fed to 15-40, but the Serb pulls it back to deuce with some fine serving before going on to hold as Federer puts successive backhands in the net.

  33. 0-0 - The match gets under way, Djokovic will serve first.

  34. 14:10 - Federer was in immense form in his semi-final against Andy Roddick. Report: Federer dismisses Roddick

  35. 14:05 - The players are coming out into the arena now, with the crowd going bananas for Fed.

  36. 14:00 - Welcome to our LIVE coverage of what should be a mouthwatering final at ATP Basel, with local hero Roger Federer taking on Novak Djokovic.

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 78 kg

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