Davis Cup - World Group - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Arnaud Clément / Michaël Llodra36676
Nenad Zimonjic / Viktor Troicki67454

Live Comments

  1. 4-6 - GAME! SET! MATCH! France have secured a stunning comeback on the Llodra serve. Llodra didn't let the nerves get the better of him as he won the crucial final point. What a match!

  2. 4-5 - Zimonjic holds under pressure, but France serving for the match. It is Llodra with the honour...

  3. 3-5 - France save two break points after Serbia get themselves to 15-40. Zimonjic hits a poor backhand into the net and Serbia waste the chance to draw level. Instead it's 5-3 to France after a great reflex shot by Llodra seals the game.

  4. 3-4 - Serbia not giving up the fight despite that early break. They're still in it at 3-4.

  5. 2-4 - Another hold for France, who are looking strong now.

  6. 2-3 - Serbia hold routinely.

  7. 1-3 - Llodra puts a volley away through the middle solidly, and France maintain their advantage.

  8. 1-2 - Crucial hold for Serbia after two or three excellent serves by Troicki.

  9. 0-2 - France win their first service game to love to consolidate their break. Quite a statement by the French.

  10. 0-1 - BREAK! France have carried on where they left off at the end of the fourth set. They've already broken the Serbian serve. France looking good for the win.

  11. 5-7 - Arnaud Clément is on fire! After dropping service in the first set and missing some crucial shots in the second he has come out fighting. His smash sets France on the way to a 30-0 lead, before they clinch the set to 15 after a stunning Clement smash seals the set. We are going into a fifth

  12. 5-6 - BREAK! Superb backhand winner by Arnaud Clément down the line makes it 15-30 before Troicki's shot is wide to give France two break points, and Clement lobs brilliantly to break serve at a crucial moment. Is this the turnaround?

  13. 5-5 - Llodra keeps his cool and France keep it level at 5-5. Still going with serve as we approach a nail biting fourth set tie-break...

  14. 5-4 - Zimonjic wins another service game convincingly to love. Llodra must serve to keep France in this game. Mega pressure...

  15. 4-4 - Clement is pegged back to 15-40 but France save both break points. Llodra volleys the winner and France are level.

  16. 4-3 - Troicki holds after Llodra was unable to keep his return within court. France putting pressure on Serbia but a crucial game coming upfor France. Clement to serve...

  17. 3-3 - Serbia miss the opportunity to break after a Zimonjic winner. But France fight back again and Clement bags a volley winner at the net and France stay in this one.

  18. 3-2 - France can't close to some expert serving by Zimonjic, which features two aces. Love service game by the goateed Serb.

  19. 2-2 - Clement, whose serve looked questionable earlier, is damaging the Serbs again. His serve and volley is unstoppable and France draw level.

  20. 2-1 - Games going with serve so far, but only just. France force Deuce after a nervy service game by Troicki goes unpunished.

  21. 1-1 - Michaël Llodra's serve dominates in similar fashion as France hold to draw level.

  22. 1-0 - Zimonjic powers Serbia into an early fourth set lead after two successful Hawkeye calls.

  23. 4-6 - France clinch the third set to love on the Michaël Llodra serve. The French fans are happy again as we go into the fourth set...

  24. 4-5 - Serbia save a set point after Clement snatches at his backhand at 30-40. Nenad Zimonjic smashes down the middle to win after Deuce. France to serve for the third set.

  25. 3-5 - A great reflex volley by Nenad Zimonjic gives Serbia two break points but Clement saves one before Llodra angles a stunning volley acrobatically across court to force Deuce. Three Deuces later, France survive another Serbia resurgence. Serbia serving to stay in the set...

  26. 3-4 - Serbia remaining in the set but France now putting more pressure on the Zimonjic serve. A game win to 30 for Serbia.

  27. 2-4 - Llodra dominates on his own serve to keep France ahead 2-4.

  28. 2-3 - Serbia ease through their service game after France hit three returns into the net. Troicki hits a 199kph ace.

  29. 1-3 - Serbia storm into a 0-30 lead after a Troicki winner but fight back to 30-40. Clement serves an ace and three service winners to ensure France wrap up the game.

  30. 1-2 - Serbia hold to love on the Nenad Zimonjic serve, which proves too hot for France to handle. France look to do the same on the Clement serve...

  31. 0-2 - A strong hold by France on Llodra's serve, featuring a cross-court forehand volley put away by Clement.

  32. 0-1 - BREAK! The commentators curse strikes as Viktor Troicki hits a double fault to hand France two break points. But he leads the fightback to Deuce, before a Clement volley is into the body of Zimonjic, who is unable to return. Advantage France.

  33. 7-3 - SET! And that's the set for Serbia after a punishing volley by Viktor Troicki, the best player on court today. 2-0 up and cruising. A bathroom break is being taken after that dramatic set.

  34. 6-3 - France fight back on the Llodra serve but the same player misses a sitter to hand Serbia three set points.

  35. 5-2 - After the change of side Clement's backhand is wide and Serbia have the momentum here.

  36. 3-2 - Volley winner down the middle by Zimonjic after Clement's backhand gave him a sniff. Serbia a mini-break up.

  37. 2-1 - Clément is long and Serbia go 2-1 in the tie-break. With serve so far.

  38. 6-6 - Viktor Troicki goes down 0-30 on his serve after a lovely angled winner from Clement followed by a double fault. Despite a wonderful one handed backhand winner by Llodra to put France 15-40 up, Serbia fight back to Deuce. An moment of controversy as Serbia protest to the umpire Molina after a French fan shouts out mid-rally, but France break back. Boos and jeers ringing out in the arena as France force a second set tie-break. Drama here.

  39. 6-5 - BREAK! Clement, the only player to be broken today, struggles again on his serve. A couple of great winners by Zimonjic gives Serbia the advantage before Clement double faults to hand Serbia a break point to go up 6-5 with their serve to come.

  40. 5-5 - Nenad Zimonjic double faults against Llodra, handing France the initiative with a single break point. But France spurn the opportunity to level the match and Serbia take the game to Deuce before Clement's forehand goes long. Set point saved. And now Clement is serving...

  41. 4-5 - Clement puts a sitter into the net to hand Serbia a 0-15 lead on the Llodra serve. A Llodra double fault at 30-15 invites further pressure but the French survive three Deuces. France hold, but they are hanging in here a little bit.

  42. 4-4 - Troicki's serve is held to 15 as the Serbian really imposed himself in that game. Could we be heading to a second set tie-break?

  43. 3-4 - Back-to-back love service games for Clement after Troicki returns into the net. Easy as you like, a solid hold by Clement.

  44. 3-3 - This match has taken on a higher intensity in this second set. Nenad Zimonjic put a second serve into the net to make it 15-30 followed by an extraordinary lob by Clement. But a close line call costs the French as Serbia claw it back to Deuce before going on to hold the game. A key game to win for Serbia - that will do their confidence the world of good.

  45. 2-3 - A wonderful rally ends with a misplaced shot down the line by Nenad Zimonjic, handing France a 30-15 lead. But France go on to hold a closely contested game after Deuce. Serbia close to getting that golden second set break.

  46. 2-2 - We're racing through these second set games, with Serbia winning to love after an impressive serve and volley from Viktor Troicki. Llodra to serve for France...

  47. 1-2 - Clement has silenced his doubters (including me) with service to love. The Serbians were never in that game and we're with service in the second set.

  48. 1-1 - A love service game from Nenad Zimonjic and the Serbians are looking strong. Clement, whose serving hasn't been the best so far, serves next for France...

  49. 0-1 - Nenad Zimonjic hits a fantastic winner down the line but it's Serbia's solitary shot of the game. France hold serve to make it 1-0.

  50. 6-3 - SET! Nenad Zimonjic's serve to Llodra is into the Frenchman's body and hits the net, meaning Serbia clinch the first set after Deuce. A couple of cracking points at the net in that final game, but Serbia are ahead.

  51. 5-3 - Arnaud Clément holds serve to 15. That game featured a wonderful cross court backhand by Nenad Zimonjic but France win the game. Serbia have the chance to wrap this set up.

  52. 5-2 - A simple love service game from Viktor Troicki puts the Serbians one game away from winning the opening set. Troicki is yet to lose a point on his serve.

  53. 4-2 - The French make it 4-2 with a routine game win. They have lifted their play but remain a break down as Llodra prepares to receive the Viktor Troicki serve.

  54. 4-1 - Serbia open up a 40-0n lead but two unforced errors by the Serbians allow France a glimmer of hope of breaking back at 40-30, but a powerful smash down the middle by Viktor Troicki makes it 4-1.

  55. 3-1 - BREAK! Serbia are a break up after Clement's serve was returned deep but the Frenchman's backhand was wide. Serbia have the advantage and can open up a three game lead if they hold the next game.

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