Australian Open men - Quarter-final - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
A Murray7666-
UkraineA Dolgopolov5373-

Live Comments

  1. - - And talking of the two Spaniards, they will be our next match on court but will not get underway for about an hour and a half as they are the night session match on Rod Laver. So go get some breakfast and come back at 8.30am UK time and join us for that clash

  2. - - So Murray has lost his first set of the tournament but he is through to the semi-finals where he will face either world number one Rafael Nadal or Spanish seventh seed David Ferrer. Men's drawsheet

  3. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-7(3) 6-3 - GAME, SET & MATCH - Murray is through to his second straight Australian Open semi-finals as a forehand down the line from Dolgopolov goes wide and long on the Scot's first match point

  4. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-7(3) 5-3 - Dolgopolov holds speedily, finding his first ace of the set in the process (his 16th overall) and Murray will have the chance to serve out the match next

  5. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-7(3) 5-2 - Dolgopolov rushes a mid-court backhand and dumps the ball into the net to hand Murray a game point, which he converts into a hold by pushing the Ukrainian around the court and forcing the forehand wide down the line. Dolgopolov will have to serve to stay in this match after the change of ends

  6. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-7(3) 4-2 - Murray comes up with a half-volley on the baseline that he whips down the line for a winner to level up at deuce before saving a game point with an inch-perfect off-backhand winner across court. But Dolgopolov goes on to hold and keep the pressure firmly on Murray, albeit still a break down

  7. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-7(3) 4-1 - BREAK - Dolgopolov produces what looks to be a stunning return of serve winner although an apology from the Ukrainian suggests it might have been a miss-hit. Still it brings up a break back point and he takes full advantage of it when Murray slaps a backhand long of the baseline. Dolgopolov has one of the breaks back

  8. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-7(3) 4-0 - BREAK - A super return of serve from Murray sets the tone for the rest of the point as the Scot goes on to break for a second straight time with a forehand winner down the line off a much shorter, defensive ball from Dolgopolov

  9. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-7(3) 3-0 - Another love service hold is sealed with an ace down the centre of the court by Murray as he consolidates the break to race out to a 3-0 lead without dropping a point

  10. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-7(3) 2-0 - BREAK - Murray breaks to love, after four straight unforced errors from the Ukrainian, to get off to a flier in this fourth set

  11. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-7(3) 1-0 - Murray makes a solid opening service hold to get this fourth set underway. He is desperately going to want to get this wrapped up here, he's not going to want to let Dolgopolov take this to a fifth set

  12. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-7(3) - SET - A double fault from Murray extends Dolgopolov's lead to 5-2 before a smash into the bottom of the net gifts the Ukrainian four set points. The first goes begging when Dolgopolov sends a routine backhand long but he gets it at the second attempt as Murray this time sends a routine ground-stroke long

  13. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-6 (2-4) - TIE-BREAK - Murray hits a backhand into the net off another blistering forehand from Dolgopolov and it hands the Ukrainian the mini-break lead at the change of ends in this breaker

  14. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 6-6 - Murray gets himself out of a spot of bother at 30-30 with a 209kph serve and a backhand winner down the line and the Scot goes on to hold when Dolgopolov sends a cross court forehand wide into the tramlines. The ball was initially called good but Murray challenged and hawkeye over-ruled the call. And that secures the tie-break in this third set

  15. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 5-6 - Dolgopolov looks to be cruising towards a second straight love service hold before a couple of loose shots hand Murray a break point. The Ukrainian saves it with a backhand winner after opening up the court but a backhand into the net gifts Murray a second chance. Again it goes begging, Murray hitting a forehand into the net. Dolgopolov also saves a third with a great serve and forehand volley combo before going on to hold when Murray sends a forehand long down the line

  16. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 5-5 - Murray dumps an uncomfortable smash into the net to squander his first game point but he goes on to hold next time around with an ace out wide. So just the one point dropped as he holds to level up and keep this set alive

  17. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 4-5 - Dolgopolov is playing much more like he did in the first set again now, as he posts a love game to leave Murray serving to stay in this third set after the change of ends

  18. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 4-4 - Murray gets his set back on track as he holds to level up and stop Dolgopolov's run of games

  19. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 3-4 - A third double fault in the set from Dolgopolov (and fourth overall) hands Murray a point before the Ukrainian comes up with an ace to earn himself a game point. But a forehand long and a backhand into the net help Murray level at deuce before Murray pulls the trigger on a backhand approach shot only to dump the ball in the net. And Dolgopolov goes on to hold and sneak in front in this set for the first time

  20. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 3-3 - BREAK - Wow! Dolgopolov lands a fantastic forehand winner down the line that he plays right from the edge of the tramlines. And that brings up a break point which he takes full advantage of with another stunning forehand that Murray cannot get back in court. We're back on level terms in this set

  21. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 3-2 - Murray takes the first point of the game with a brilliantly drop shot winner that leaves Dolgopolov stranded behind the baseline. But the Ukrainian is ready for the second one, on game point, and comfortably gets up to it before threading a forehand winner down the line to seal another hold

  22. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 3-1 - Since getting his serve going in the first set, Murray has served incredibly well and he posts another hold to 15 with a solid first serve down the centre of the court that Dolgopolov fails to return in court

  23. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 2-1 - Better from Dolgopolov as he posts a love service hold of his own to stick just behind Murray and offer some resistance in what is looking increasingly like being the final set of this clash. The Ukrainian has impressed today, in spirit as well as on the court, he's just come up against someone better

  24. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 2-0 - Murray races through yet another love service hold to consolidate the early break, the Scot in the process finding a cracking smash down the line whilst back-tracking

  25. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 1-0 - BREAK - Great defence from Murray before he fires a forehand passing shot down the line. It doesn't go for a winner but is tricky enough that Dolgopolov can only return it into the net and hand Murray an early break point in this set. And it's a break point that he fails to save, the Ukrainian sending a slightly tired-looking forehand long across court

  26. - - So Murray is firmly in control of this clash now and has one foot tentatively in the semi-finals of the Australian Open. That set was a lot less tense than the first but still if you fancy a breather, why not take a look at all today's action in photo form. To take a lot at an admittedly slightly frenzied photo gallery, all you have to do is click here!

  27. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-3 - SET - Murray drops his first point on serve in this second set when he slices a backhand long to squander a first set point and his second with a double fault to waste a second chance. But the Scot does wrap up the second at the third attempt with a solid forehand that Dolgopolov simply cannot handle and fails to return

  28. - - MURRAY 7-5 5-3 - Dolgopolov produces his best game of the set as he holds for the loss of just the one point, drawing Murray into the net at one point with an inch-perfect backhand drop shot. But Murray will serve for a two sets to love lead next

  29. - - MURRAY 7-5 5-2 - Murray holds to love to leave himself potentially just one game away from the second set. And for the first time, Dolgopolov's head is just being to drop slightly. He will have to serve to stay in this set after the change of ends

  30. - - MURRAY 7-5 4-1 - A slightly strange game from Murray as, despite a fantastic sliced backhand lob that is inch-perfect, he takes his foot off the gas slightly and allows Dolgopolov to hold and stay in touch in this second set

  31. - - MURRAY 7-5 4-1 - Murray posts a straightforward service hold to consolidate the break and he is beginning to look like he has this match under control now. The errors are flowing that bit more frequently from the Dolgopolov racquet and Murray seems to have all the answers

  32. - - MURRAY 7-5 3-1 - BREAK - Dolgopolov throws in a couple of poor points to hand Murray a break point. And it's fabulous from the Scot as he pushes Dolgopolov back behind the baseline before dragging him up to the net on the opposite wing. And, with Dolgopolov pulled totally out of position, a forehand half volley across court from Murray lands in the open court for a winner that seals the break

  33. - - MURRAY 7-5 2-1 - Murray finds just his third ace of the match so far to seal another comfortable service hold to stay in front as one lone member of the crowd starts up a slightly off-key rendition of "Advance Australia Fair"

  34. - - MURRAY 7-5 1-1 - Murray produces a cracking top-spin lob, that Dolgopolov can only smile about, to put the pressure on at 30-30. But the Ukrainian goes on to hold with a whipped forehand cross court winner past Murray, who is clearly heard saying "yep" in appreciation as it whistles past him

  35. - - MURRAY 7-5 1-0 - Murray races through an solid service hold to get his second set underway. The world number five can't afford any let up here now, Dolgopolov has form for bouncing back despite dropping the first set. He was two sets to one down against Tsonga before coming through and dropped a very poor first set 6-1 to Soderling in the last round before going on to win it

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  37. - - Phew. That was really tough set for Murray but he has come through it eventually and flashes a slightly relieved look towards his player box as he retreats back to the chair for the change of ends.

  38. - - MURRAY 7-5 - SET - Dolgopolov misses a forehand down the line, well wide into the tramlines, and it hands Murray a first set point. The Scot wastes it though with a backhand that he slices wide down the line but Dolgopolov gives him a second chance with a backhand spun wide of his own. The Ukrainian saves it with an ace this time but a forehand into the net hands Murray a thitrd chance. Again it goes begging but he finally gets it at the fourth attempt with a backhand winner down the line

  39. - - MURRAY 6-5 - Murray holds with some comfort as Dolgopolov flings a forehand return of serve long of the baseline. That hold ensures this set will end, at worst, on a tie-break for Murray. Dolgopolov will have to serve to stay in it for a second time after the change of ends

  40. - - MURRAY 5-5 - Wow. A very confident love service hold from Dolgopolov as he successfully serves to stay in it. Pressure? What pressure?

  41. - - MURRAY 5-4 - Much better from Murray as he cruises through a love service hold for the loss of just the one point, leaving Dolgopolov with his first real test as he serves to stay in the set after the change of ends

  42. - - MURRAY 4-4 - Murray is having real trouble with Dolgopolov's kick serve out wide and the Ukrainian goes on to hold without any real challenge for the Scot and sling all the pressure back over the net at Murray, who must've thought he pretty much had this set wrapped up at 4-1

  43. - - MURRAY 4-3 - BREAK - Murray doesn't help himself with a couple of double faults handing Dolgopolov two more break back points. And the Ukrainian is growing in confidence now as he peppers the baseline with a series of forehands before whipping an off-forehand across court and smack into the corner for the winner that seals the break. We are back on serve once again

  44. - - MURRAY 4-2 - Dolgopolov saves another break point with an ace before Murray finds a brutal forehand winner down the line. But the Ukrainain withstands the pressure from Murray and goes on to hold when the Scot fails to find the court with a forehand. Much better serving from Dolgopolov

  45. - - MURRAY 4-1 - Much better from Murray on now as his serve is starting to flow. There have been 13 unforced errors from Dolgopolov already, the latest being a forehand long of the baseline that helps Murray hold and this time consolidate his break lead

  46. - - MURRAY 3-1 - BREAK - Murray races through an angry game and breaks without giving Dolgopolov anything to get hold off. That's got to have made him feel better about things. It's a third straight break of serve and Murray re-establishes him advantage

  47. - - MURRAY 2-1 - BREAK - Murray is incredibly frustrated and is left banging away at his racquet when he dumps a backhand into the net to hand Dolgopolov an immediate break back point. And it's a point that the Ukrainian takes full advantage of with a forehand passing shot winner straight down the line

  48. - - MURRAY 2-0 - BREAK - Dolgopolov sends a forehand wildly wide and Murray has two chances to break. The fifth seed can only find the net on the next point but at the second time of asking it's the turn of the Ukrainian to hit the net and Murray breaks!

  49. - - MURRAY 1-0 - Murray, who is bidding to reach the semi-finals for the second straight year, holds out, but not without difficulty. Dolgopolov sends a storming return back down the line for 30-40 before some poor serving from Murray sends the game to deuce. Dog then brings up break point but an awful smash from the Ukrainian spares Muzza's blushes. The Scot goes on to ace on game point to hold - but only just.

  50. - - MURRAY 0-0 - Here we go! Murray to serve first and get things under way on Rod Laver Arena!

  51. - - The players are out on court, warming up. Can't see Billy Connolly yet.

  52. - - Don't forget you can follow an alternative view of the Aussie Open with resident blogger Tramlines. Tramlines on Twitter

  53. - - They are, of course, either Rafael Nadal or his fellow Spaniard David Ferrer, who meet in today's evening session. Men's draw

  54. - - These two players have met each other just once before, on clay in a Davis Cup match in Odessa in 2006. Murray won that one for Great Britain 6-3 6-4 6-3. But both players have losing records against their potential semi-final opponents.

  55. - - You can watch the match on Rod Laver Arena live on the Eurosport Player. Subscribe here.

  56. - - Murray has been in sensational form so far at the Australian Open and is yet to drop a set. But in Dolgopolov he faces a real potential banana skin. The Ukrainian has already put out seeds Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Robin Soderling, and another upset could be in the offing.

  57. - - Welcome to the first of today's big men's quarter-finals, between Britain's fifth seed Andy Murray and surprise package Alexandr Dolgopolov of Ukraine, ranked 46 in the world.

Alexandr Dolgopolov

Nationality UKR
Date of Birth 07/11/1988
Height 1.83 m
Weight 87 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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