Australian Open men - Quarter-final - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer666--
SwitzerlandS Wawrinka133--

Live Comments

  1. - - FEDERER 6-1 6-3 6-3 - GAME, SET AND MATCH! - Federer wins through to his 27th consecutive Grand Slam semi-final as he thrashes his compatriot Wawrinka in straight sets! It's a performance of immense class and conviction from the second seed, and he is through to the final four in Melbourne yet again - what a performance! Federer will next face either Novak Djokovic or Tomas Berdych. Full men's drawsheet

  2. - - FEDERER 6-1 6-3 5-3 - Wawrinka battles hard to salvage some pride with a solid hold, but it is hardly going to stop Federer, who swiftly strides over to collect some balls ready to serve out for the match! Wawrinka has been afforded no opportunity in this match, and he is set to lose it.

  3. - - FEDERER 6-1 6-3 5-2 - It's all too easy for Federer, who leathers two resounding forehands down the line for clean winners, and his serve is utterly unerring as he closes out another very comfortable hold. The world number two is now just a game away from sealing victory!

  4. - - FEDERER 6-1 6-3 4-2 - Wawrinka narrows the deficit with an assured hold to 15, and Federer appears to ease off a touch as he fires two pretty wild forehands long to gift his opponent unforced errors. Federer is focusing on his own service now, and he needs just two more holds to win.

  5. - - FEDERER 6-1 6-3 4-1 - Federer finds a booming serve down the T to move swiftly to 40-15, and Wawrinka goes long with a wasteful forehand to hand his opponent another extremely comfortable service hold. Federer is just two games from sealing a spot in the semi-finals now!

  6. - - FEDERER 6-1 6-3 3-1 - The Melbourne crowd get behind Wawrinka and applaud sympathetically as he holds to get on the board in this third set, and the 19th seed does not offer even a flicker of a wry smile after crunching a forehand down the line to take the game.

  7. - - FEDERER 6-1 6-3 3-0 - Federer consolidates his break of serve with a solid hold to 15, and barring a very tame drop shot which goes horribly wrong, it is another impeccable service game from the Swiss! Wawrinka simply cannot get into this match at all.

  8. - - FEDERER 6-1 6-3 2-0 - BREAK - It's all too easy for Federer, who bludgeons two quite staggering forehand winners to leave Wawrinka utterly forlorn and helpless at the back of the court as he sees his serve comprehensively broken! The second seed is romping through this match!

  9. - - FEDERER 6-1 6-3 1-0 - Federer gets off to an immaculate start in the third set as he holds his serve to 15, and Wawrinka is looking very despondent indeed as he fires two wild forehands long and shrugs his shoulders in frustration. The Fed is cruising on Rod Laver!

  10. - - Have you checked out today's Tramlines blog yet? There may be prettier sights sporting Alice bands, but the face of Claire's Accessories for Men range Alexandr Dolgopolov sure knows how to ruin a seed's party in Melbourne.... Blog: Top 'Dolg' tears it up in Melbourne

  11. - - Did you follow yesterday's play? Top seed Rafael Nadal pummelled Croatia's Marin Cilic into submission with a brutish 6-2 6-4 6-3 victory to reach the Australian Open quarter-finals. Men's round-up: Smooth progress for Nadal

  12. - - FEDERER 6-1 6-3 - SET - It's another convincing and mightily impressive passage of play from Federer, who slams two quite stunning forehands beyond Wawrinka's defences to clinch a second break of serve and take the set in emphatic fashion! The 19th seed looks a broken man already.

  13. - - FEDERER 6-1 5-3 - Federer moves to within a game of the second set with a service hold of supreme confidence, and he consolidates his break of serve in typically assured fashion! Wawrinka attempts desperately to hit back, but he is repelled with ease.

  14. - - FEDERER 6-1 4-3 - BREAK - The number two seed stamps his authority on the match once more, clinching what could prove to be the crucial break of serve in this second set! Wawrinka wavers a fraction with his first delivery, and Federer capitalises clinically to seize control once more.

  15. - - FEDERER 6-1 3-3 - Wawrinka takes Federer to an extended deuce as the 19th seed grows in stature and confidence in this second set! Federer fends off his opponent with a rapid serve outwide, before closing out the game with a heavily-whipped forehand cross court.

  16. - - FEDERER 6-1 2-3 - Wawrinka is battling exceptionally hard to remain in contention in this second set, and he holds serve with a flashing forehand cross court closing the game out as Federer imposes himself on return once more. It's an enthralling set of tennis thus far.

  17. - - FEDERER 6-1 2-2 - Federer is utterly unerring on his serve, and he peppers the line with powerful deliveries as Wawrinka is pegged firmly back in the court. The 19th seed tries desperately to make an impact in the game, but he is not given any cheap points to work with.

  18. - - FEDERER 6-1 1-2 - Wawrinka holds his composure to keep his nose in front at the start of this second set, and the 19th seed powers three belligerent forehands down the line to breach Federer's defences and close out the game. It's much more even after a very one-sided opening set.

  19. - - FEDERER 6-1 1-1 - Federer holds to establish himself in this second set, but it is not plain sailing for the world number two as he is forced to battle very hard, and it is an amazing rally which ends the game, with Wawrinka dinking a drop shot agonisingly short of the net!

  20. - - FEDERER 6-1 0-1 - That's much better from Wawrinka, who rattles in three crisp first serves and follows each up with aggressive play in court as Federer is suddenly forced to work extremely hard for every point. It's a very good start to the second set from Stan!

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  23. - - FEDERER 6-1 - SET - What a blistering set of tennis from Roger Federer, who clinches it with consummate ease, capping an immaculate start with three big first serves. Wawrinka takes his opponent to deuce, but Federer closes the set out with a powerful forehand, and inside half an hour!

  24. - - FEDERER 5-1 - BREAK - This is stunning from Federer, who refuses to let Wawrinka escape from an epic extended deuce in which the 19th seed has to save three break points before finally capitulating under immense pressure! Federer breaks for a second time and is now just one game shy of taking the opening set.

  25. - - FEDERER 4-1 - Federer is relentless as he holds once more to extend his lead and re-assume a three-game cushion. The world number two is playing with complete control as he forces Wawrinka back on the court, pinning his compatriot behind the baseline.

  26. - - FEDERER 3-1 - Finally, Wawrinka gets himself belatedly on the board with a solid hold, and Federer remains ruthless in piling on the pressure, but to no avail on this occasion. Wawrinka finds three good first serves, and that proves to be enough.

  27. - - FEDERER 3-0 - The number two seed holds serve with consummate ease to 15 as he consolidates his early break and does not afford Wawrinka even a glimmer of an opportunity to establish himself in this opening set - Federer is flying!

  28. - - FEDERER 2-0 - BREAK - Federer breaks at the first time of asking, and Wawrinka is caught napping with a sluggish start on serve! Federer bludgeons two stunning forehand winners, and his compatriot has no response - what a start.

  29. - - FEDERER 1-0 - The Swiss star holds comfortably to 15 as he establishes himself at the start of this opening set in assured fashion. Wawrinka can only make two returns in the game, and he makes little impact.

  30. - - The world number two wins the toss and opts to select his side of the court, with Wawrinka asking him to serve.

  31. - - Federer leads the pair's head-to-head record 6-1, with victories in Stockholm, Roland Garros and Madrid last year, and previous wins in Montreal, Dubai and Rotterdam. Wawrinka's solitary win came at the Monte Carlo Masters in 2009.

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  34. - - The two players have had very different journeys to the last eight, and this is how each has progressed: full men's drawsheet

  35. - - You can watch this match LIVE on British Eurosport and Eurosport HD (Sky 410/412, Virgin Media 521), and of course, on the Eurosport Player

  36. - - World number two Roger Federer faces Swiss compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka in their Australian Open quarter-final on Rod Laver Arena.

Stanislas Wawrinka

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 28/03/1985
Height 1.83 m
Weight 81 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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