Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
DENC Wozniacki626--
FranceM Bartoli163--

Live Comments

  1. - - Thanks for joining our live coverage! We're only half-way through our live coverage, however, as we're moments away from the men's final! Indian Wells final - Novak Djokovic v Rafael Nadal: LIVE

  2. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 6-3 - WOZNIACKI WINS WTA INDIAN WELLS! Wozniacki hits long, forcing deuce, but is given another championship point when Bartoli sends a tired forehand into the net. Another long forehand from Bartoli hands over the championship, and Wozniacki yelps with delight as the two hour and 10 minute clash is finally ended

  3. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 5-3 Wozniacki draws level at 30-30 after an absolutely spectacular point. Bartoli pegs her into the left baseline corner with a super forehand, but Wozniacki somehow digs it out. Bartoli then crashes a drive volley crosscourt, which Wozniacki again gets back over the net somehow, and the Frenchwoman dinks the ball into the net on the half-volley. Incredible defence from the Dane. Bartoli then hits long to hand Wozniacki her first championship point...

  4. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 5-3 - That won't do it for Bartoli though! She's trying too hard to force each point at the moment, and Wozniacki is soaking it up. The Dane picks up a couple of hard-earned points with perfectly timed winners, after some more sensational long rallies. We're approaching to two-hour mark for this match, and Wozniacki is one game away from lifting the trophy!

  5. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 4-3 - Bartoli continues to look shattered, but she keeps digging out excellent shots from the baseline! She storms to 40-15 with a rocket of a forehand, but follows up with a slack one into the net. She goes on to break the next rally with a poor backhand into the net tape for deuce, but saves the game as Wozniacki twice shanks her return over the baseline. There's life in this match yet, but Bartoli only has two more chances to break back into it!

  6. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 4-2 - BREAK! What a response from Bartoli! Stunning. Wozniacki has a game to forget, getting absolutely nothing behind her forehand and even less on the serve, and Bartoli punishes her for it - breaking to 15. She's winning over plenty of fans on Stadium One, this is a seriously gutsy display

  7. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 4-1 - BREAK! Bartoli is really starting to suffer here, thanks to the extraordinary effort she's exerted to keep pace with Wozniacki. The Dane races to 40-0 on Bartoli's serve in no time at all, before the Frenchwoman hits a double fault to surrender the game. The writing might just be on the wall for Bartoli now, she looks absolutely exhausted!

  8. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 3-1 - Another lengthy rally ensues at 30-15, which Wozniacki finally bests with a lovely backhand right onto the baseline. Bartoli shows Wozniacki's second serve no respect on the next point - thundering a backhand crosscourt and out of the Dane's reach - but Wozniacki holds with an equally ferocious backhand pass down the line. Wozniacki edging ever closer to the trophy...

  9. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 2-1 - Bartoli hangs on from deuce, and once again Wozniacki just fails to come up with the goods to play through the Frenchwoman. That's a tremendous, gutsy response from Bartoli

  10. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 2-0 - Bartoli gets a horrible clip off the net chord to hand Wozniacki the opening point on her second service game of the set, before being out-hit at the baseline for 0-30. She then nets a limp forehand into the net to hand Wozniacki three break points, but saves the first with a tremendous forehand right onto the left sideline. Wozniacki pings a long backhand from the baseline for 30-40, and then does exactly the same on the next point to allow Bartoli back to deuce...

  11. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 2-0 - It's far from comfortable out there for Wozniacki, but she just about manages to hold serve from deuce. Bartoli continues to play with real aggression - coming into the net and hammering the ball back over the net - but she's struggling to replicate her blockbuster second-set form

  12. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 1-0 - BREAK! Bartoli gets so much behind her first two serves in the second set, Wozniacki struggles to get into the early points. The errors start to creep in, however, as Wozniacki claws back to 30-all. Another lengthy rally ensues, which Wozniacki breaks uncharacteristically with a wild forehand into the tramlines. After fighting back to deuce, Wozniacki brings up a break point with a vicious backhand pass down the line, which is converted with a stunning lob at the net.

  13. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-6 - SET! Wozniacki stops playing at 15-all, challenging a long forehand from Bartoli. Hawkeye shows the ball landed in, and Wozniacki looks slightly ruffled. She hits out on the net point to hand Bartoli two break points, and the Frenchwoman converts the first with an absolute bullet of a forehand. The final of WTA Indian Wells will come down to just one set, then, and Wozniacki is going to have to find a way back into this match if she's to claim the crown!

  14. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 2-5 - Bartoli approaches the net to slam the ball past Wozniacki and move up to 30-0, before the Dane pings a looping forehand over the right baseline corner to give Bartoli three game points. Bartoli follows up with another ace - her third of the match - to move to within one game of taking the second set!

  15. - - WOZNIACKI: 6-1 2-4 - Wozniacki looks to have found some respite on her way to 40-15, but once again Bartoli refuses to lie down - picking up the next point with some more gritty, aggressivehitting from the baseline. She hits a forehand into the net on the very next point, however, handing over the hold

  16. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 1-4 - Wow, that's pretty emphatic from Bartoli. She hits her second ace of the match on her way to 40-0, after starting to dominate the rallies. Wozniacki responds with an aggressive series of backhands into the baseline corners, before sending a fizzing forehand down the right sideline for 40-15. A poorly-timed double-fault then lifts the Dane to 40-30, and Wozniacki pounces to force deuce. Bartoli steps back on the gas from deuce, pinning Wozniacki to the baseline to hold serve!

  17. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 1-3 - Wozniacki finds herself in trouble again but, at 30-40 down, she digs out a big shot into the right baseline corner to force deuce. Bartoli then nets a crosscourt forehand to give the Dane advantage, before returning long into the green. It's a crucial hold, but Wozniacki is still offering up far too many opportunities to Bartoli

  18. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 0-3 - Super. That's much, much better from Bartoli, who rectifies her error from the opening set by holding serve immediately after breaking. She's hitting the ball cleaner, harder, and with much greater consistency at exactly the same time as Wozniacki seems to have let her foot off he gas a little. She's still only one break clear, but the scoreboard now has three games between Bartoli and Wozniacki!

  19. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 0-2 - BREAK! Bartoli catches Wozniacki off-guard twice with two lovely dropshots for advantage, before coming in to the net to hammer home another high volley and seal the break!

  20. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 0-1 Bartoli goes 15-0 down Wozniacki's serve, before storming into the net and hammering a drive volley into the right baseline corner. She takes the next point with a ferocious retun, but wastes the opportunity to bring up two break points with a wild volley into the tramlines from the net. Bartoli forces deuce, and really makes Woniacki work hard with much more consistent hitting to the baseline. She earns a break point, which Wozniacki saves with an angled backhand...

  21. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 0-1 - Much better from Bartoli. Wozniacki battles to 30-0 on the Frenchwoman's serve, but Bartoli responds - finally landing some big, big serves. She moves up to 40-30 with a huge serve down the line, followed by an even bigger smash at the net, but Wozniacki responds with a long, looping forehand into the left baseline corner to force deuce. Bartoli chucks the kitchen sink at Wozniacki to take the next point, before landing the first ace of the match to finally hold serve!

  22. - - WOZNIACKI 6-1 - SET! Wozniacki looks a dead cert for the first set as she storms to 40-0, but Bartoli refuses to go down without a fight - picking up two points with some lovely forehands of her own right onto the lines. Wozniacki finally wraps up the set at the third time of asking, however, as another Bartoli groundstroke goes awry. The Frenchwoman is trying to take the fight to the world number one, but she just hasn't been accurate enough so far.

  23. - - WOZNIACKI 5-1 - BREAK! Very worrying start to the sixth game for Bartoli, landing one forehand long over the baseline, before watching Wozniacki toy send the ball fizzing out of reach down the left sideline. She then drags a forehand wide into the left tramlines to bring up three break points, but Wozniacki only needs the one - working her way into the net before drilling a backhand volley crosscourt with Bartoli pinned outside the right baseline corner.

  24. - - WOZNIACKI 4-1 - That's much better on serve from Wozniacki, blasting through a service game to 15 with some lovely changes of direction on serve. The world number one has been criticised in the past for a slightly predictable serve, but it served her well enough there - hitting two unreturnables on her way to 40-15, before finishing the game with a sliding serve out wide and thunderous smash at the net. Ominous signs for Bartoli

  25. - - WOZNIACKI 3-1 - BREAK! And, just like that, Wozniacki is right back to her relentless best. Bartoli keeps finding herself drawn into lengthy rallies on serve, but she just can't play through Wozniacki! The Dane keeps pinging the ball back inside the baseline, and Bartoli repeatedly fails to keep the ball in play. Advantage Wozniacki

  26. - - WOZNIACKI 2-1 - BREAK! Where did that come from? Wozniacki wobbles on her second service game, and suddenly can't seem to find the corners! Bartoli breaks back with minimal effort - just keeping in the points as Wozniacki effectively plays herself into trouble with some sloppy shots. The Dane gets a point back at 40-0, but the Frenchwoman seals the break on the next point. Intriguing start in California!

  27. - - WOZNIACKI 2-0 - BREAK! Bartoli saves the first break point with a sliding serve out wide followed by a lovely crosscourt backhand the other way. The next point ends up with another rally, though, and Wozniacki pings another backhand winner into the corner to seal the break. She looks so confident today, Wozniacki.

  28. - - WOZNIACKI 1-0 - Bartoli's serve is going to be so crucial today, but Wozniacki does what Wickmayer couldn't in the semi-final - getting it back with length. The opening two points on Bartoli's serve both end up in lengthy baseline rallies, and both end with the Frenchwoman dropping the ball into the net. Wozniacki then lands an uncharacteristically sloppy groundstroke into the net herself, before a long backhand from Bartoli brings up two break points...

  29. - - WOZNIACKI 1-0 - Wozniacki makes exactly the sort of start you'd expect from the world number one - sweeping the ball from right to left and leaving Bartoli looking slightly ordinary. The Dane finishes a lengthy rally with a lovely, angled backhand inside the right sideline for 40-15, before forcing a backhand drive volley winner down the line to wrap things up.

  30. - - The players are on court, and are moments away from scrapping it out for Indian Wells's $700,000 winner's fund!

  31. - - Don't write off Bartoli just yet though! The Frenchwoman put 10 aces past Yanina Wickmayer in her semi-final, despite battling a stomach bug!

  32. - - Most indicators point to a Wozniacki win today - after the Danish world number one trounced Maria Sharapova in the semi-final!

  33. - - Good evening and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the WTA Indian Wells final between Caroline Wozniacki and Marion Bartoli!

Caroline Wozniacki

Nationality DEN
Date of Birth 11/07/1990
Height 1.77 m
Weight 63 kg

Marion Bartoli

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 02/10/1984
Height 1.7 m
Weight 63 kg

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