Rafael Nadal - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal626--
A Murray461--

Live Comments

  1. - - That was probably the best display that we have seen from Murray on clay but in the end Nadal had too much for him and will take on David Ferrer in tomorrow's final

  2. - - NADAL 6-4 2-6 6-1 - GAME, SET & MATCH - Nadal wraps up his place in the final, serving out to love when Murray sends a forehand long of the baseline.

  3. - - NADAL 6-4 2-6 5-1 - BREAK - Six-times defending champion, who is looking to be the first man in the open era to win the same tournament seven times in a row, is now just one game away as he breaks to love to leave himself serving for the match

  4. - - NADAL 6-4 2-6 4-1 - BREAK - Murray at least makes some kind of impression in this deciding set, grabbing his first game to stop the rot, sealing it with a forehand winner down the line. It's still a very long way to come back from the double break down though

  5. - - NADAL 6-4 2-6 4-0 - BREAK - Nadal is well on his way now to the final as he grabs a second break in this final set with Murray getting increasingly annoyed with himself. The Scot is keeping up almost a constant dialogue with himself and it is not a happy one!

  6. - - NADAL 6-4 2-6 3-0 - Nadal races through another game, sealing the hold to love with an ace down the centre of the court. That consolidates the break and now Murray can have treatment for his elbow, but only during the change of ends. He can't have a full injury timeout

  7. - - NADAL 6-4 2-6 2-0 - BREAK - Murray hits a forehand into the top of the tape and, although the ball looks is if it might go over, it ends up bouncing back on this side of the net to hand Nadal a break in this final set. Murray wants treatment on his elbow and goes back to the chair before getting involved in a stroppy exchange with the umpire as he can't have an injury timeout for a pre-existing injury. The highlight? Murray: I'm not stupid. I know what the score is.

  8. - - NADAL 6-4 2-6 1-0 - The world number one eases through the first game of the final set without too much trouble as Murray shows the first signs of that elbow injury - just putting his hand to the elbow, which he had painkilling injections in this morning

  9. - - NADAL 6-4 2-6 - SET - Murray serves out his first set on clay against Nadal, dinking a neat backhand drop shot over the net that Nadal does not even bother to run up to. Incredibly that is the first set that Nadal has dropped in Monte Carlo since the final in 2009 when he faced Novak Djokovic. And the occasion before that that he lost a set? The 2006 final against Federer.

  10. - - NADAL 6-4 2-5 - BREAK - Ouch! After getting that break back Nadal has handed the double advantage straight back to Murray with a double fault at 0-40 down. The Scot will serve for the second set after the change of ends

  11. - - NADAL 6-4 2-4 - BREAK - Nadal grabs one of the breaks back as Murray sends a forehand long of the baseline after a low-key game, understandable given the intensity of the previous few! Murray still has a one-break lead in this second set but that will be encouraging to the Spaniard

  12. - - NADAL 6-4 1-4 - BREAK - Despite squandering two break points, both with shots long of the baseline (one a forehand and one a backhand), Murray extends his lead to a double break with a brilliant backhand drop shot that Nadal can't get to before the second bounce

  13. - - NADAL 6-4 1-3 - Murray yells frustratedly as a change-of-diretion forehand into the net hands Nadal an immediate break back point. The Spaniard squanders it with a cross court backhand passing shot wide. A second chance goes begging as he hits a forehand passing shot long down the line. Nadal goes on to deny Murray on game point with a dying, inch-perfect drop shot before missing a third break point chance and then also a fourth and Murray goes on to hold with a cross court backhand winner

  14. - - NADAL 6-4 1-2 - BREAK - Murray breaks as Nadal runs around the ball on the baseline only to fire his off forehand about a metre long of the baseline. That was never going in and was just a complete mis-judgement by the world number one

  15. - - NADAL 6-4 1-1 - A great drop shot from Nadal is just too much from Murray as he hits his whipped forehand into the top of the net despite doing brilliantly well to get to the ball in the first place. But ignoring that the Scot goes on to hold when Nadal pulls an off forehand wide across court

  16. - - NADAL 6-4 1-0 - A mis-hit from Nadal gives Murray so much time to level up at deuce but in the end the Scot has almost too much time and overhits his forehand, allowing the world number one to hold from 30-15 down and open his account in this second set

  17. - - NADAL 6-4 - SET - Nadal strikes just when it really matters breaking the steal the set when Murray fails to find the court with another forehand.

  18. - - NADAL 5-4 - The world number one gets back in front with another comfortable service game, Murray failing to find the court with a forehand on Nadal's first game point. And the Scot will have to serve to stay in the set after the change of ends

  19. - - NADAL 4-4 - Murray saves a break point with an outstanding forehand after some unusually conservative play from Nadal, but the Spaniard enjoys a second chance just two points later but again Murray saves it with a huge forehand right into the corner of the court. And, after another couple of deuces and almost 15 minutes, Murray goes on to hold when Nadal sends a backhand wide down the line

  20. - - NADAL 4-3 - BREAK - A first double of the day from Nadal hands Murray three break back points. The first goes begging when Murray hits a forehand down the line into the net after a lengthy cross court exchange, as does the second when a backhand half volley on the baseline from the Scot drifts just wide down the line. But Nadal sends his forehand into the tramlines after pulling the trigger too early and we're back on serve

  21. - - NADAL 4-2 - Murray races through a much more comfortable service hold to stop the run of games from the world number one and ensure that this set doesn't turn into a whitewash. Still just the one break of serve remember

  22. - - NADAL 4-1 - Murray pushes the world number one to deuce as he looks to bounce back immediately and get things back on serve but a couple of great, unreturnable serves in succession from Nadal sees him hold to consolidate the break and sneak even further out in front

  23. - - NADAL 3-1 - BREAK - Murray does well to race across the baseline (after a drop shot) to attempt to lob Nadal at the net. But the Scot can't quite get the length and height on the lob and Nadal slams an emphatic forehand down into the open court to earn himself another break point. Murray saves it with some serve and volley before ending with a high backhand winner across court. But Nadal earns himself a second chance with a forehand down the line and this time he does grab the lead

  24. - - NADAL 2-1 - Better from the world number one on serve as he holds for the first time to sneak out in front, drawing Murray up to the net with a backsprinning drop shot that the Scot cannot return in play

  25. - - NADAL 1-1 - BREAK - Nadal drives a double-handed backhand up the line before just getting the ball back as Murray goes back behind him. But the Scot can only drift his backhand wide across court as he attempts to over-stretch Nadal and it'll be two break back points to the Spaniard. He only needs one though as Murray again fails to find the court, this time with a forehand, and we're back on level terms

  26. - - NADAL 0-1 - BREAK - The world number one attempts to run round the ball to find an off-forehand across court but can't quite get his timing right and hits into the net to hand Murray an early break point. And it's almost a carbon copy shot that sees the defending champion conceded his serve in just the first game

  27. 14:33 - The players have gone through their warm-up and are just about ready to get underway with Nadal preparing to serve first ...

  28. 14:23 - In case you missed it earlier the first semi-final was contested between fourth seed David Ferrer and Austrian Jurgen Melzer, with the Spaniard triumphing in straight sets. Click here to read the full report!

  29. 14:20 - Finally the players are on their way out to the court, much to the delight of the crowd, who clearly are desperate to see this second semi-final.

  30. 14:16 - The latest news is that Murray has a problem with his arm although he has come out and had a hit and it going to give the match a go. We're still not exactly sure when that will be though!

  31. 14:06 - There's a delay as Murray receives some treatment behind the scenes. Neither of the players have come out on court yet but it sounds like there will be just another 10 minutes delay and then the players should be coming out

  32. 14:00 - Murray has enjoyed a fine week, snapping his losing streak with wins against Radek Stepanek, Gilles Simon and Federico Gil. Rafael Nadal is a tougher proposition altogether...

  33. 14:00 - Welcome to LIVE coverage of the Monte Carlo Masters semi-final between Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray!

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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