Marion Bartoli - Francesca Schiavone Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
ItalyF Schiavone66---
FranceM Bartoli33---

Live Comments

  1. - - Absolutely brilliant from the defending champion, who just a couple of weeks ago could barely buy a win let alone think about getting through to the French Open final. But she will defend her title in two days time against sixth seed Li Na of China

  2. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 6-3 - GAME, SET & MATCH - AND SCHIAVONE IS THROUGH TO THE FRENCH OPEN FINAL as she forces Bartoli wide and into the backhand into the bottom of the net as she desperately looks for the cross court recovery.

  3. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 5-3 - A couple of winners from Schiavone followed by a double fault from Bartoli hand the Italian THREE MATCH POINTS ...

  4. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 5-3 - Bartoli denies Schiavone on a first game point when she works her way into the net and drills a forehand volley winner across court. But the slice backhand does the damage once again for Schiavone and Bartoli sends a forehand sailing long to help the Italian hold. Bartoli will have to serve to stay in the match next ...

  5. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 4-3 - BREAK - Schiavone earns herself two break points by pushing Bartoli around the baseline and eventually finding an opening with an off-forehand across court that goes for a winner as Bartoli tries, in vain, to run the ball down. And Schiavone goes on to break on the first of those points as she finds another forehand, this time down the line. The defending champion is potentially just two games away from her first final since Roland Garros this time last year

  6. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 3-3 - Another hold for Schiavone as she looks to keep the pressure firmly on Bartoli's shoulders in his second set

  7. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 2-3 - An oustanding sliced backhand approach shot from Schiavone lands right on the line before she puts a forehand winner into the open court the other side. Bartoli gets the umpire down to check the mark who confirms the ball caught the line but surely she wouldn't have been able to overturn it anyway as Bartoli had already played the ball? But Bartoli goes on to hold from deuce when Schiavone hits a forehand return long of the baseline

  8. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 2-2 - Schiavone is having to work really hard now as Bartoli presses once again, levelling at 30-30, but the Italian goes on to hold when the Frenchwoman hits a forehand long down the line

  9. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 1-2 - BREAK - Bartoli is furios with herself, smacking her thighs with her racquet, as she hits into the net on her way to conceding a break back point (Schiavone bossing the point and hitting an off-forehand winner across court). Bartoli saves it when her backhand catches the top of the tape and dribbles over for the perfect winner. But Schiavone gets a second chance and this time Bartoli cannot control her shot, a backhand drifting just long down the line

  10. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 0-2 - BREAK - Bartoli earns herself a first break point with a double-hander down the line and the Philippe Chatrier court absolutely errupts as Schiavone sends an inside-out forehand wide across court to concede her serve! There's been a subtely shift in momentum in that game and Schiavone looks a little pained by it.

  11. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 0-1 - Barotli does well to hold from 30-30 with a backhand winner and then an ace down the centre of the court that lands plum on the line. That was an important hold for the Frenchwoman as she looks to get back into this clash

  12. - - SCHIAVONE 6-3 - SET - A forehand winner down the line that races away from the court and also Bartoli hands the Italian two set points. She only needs the one though and wraps up the first set when Bartoli hits a backhand long after only just managing to re-adjust to a cross court backhand from Schiavone that catches the top of the tape on the way through

  13. - - SCHIAVONE 5-3 - BREAK - Brutal hitting from Schiavone, with a backhand across court followed by a forehand winner in the opposite direction, puts pressure on the Bartoli serve for the first time. And the Italian earns a break point with a foray into the net and a great backhand volley. Bartoli works hard to save it, eventually finding a backhand winner off the shorter ball but hits into the net to hand the Italian a second chance. And this time she gets it with a huge foerhand return winner

  14. - - SCHIAVONE 4-3 - A great first serve from Schiavone eases the pressure slightly as she gets herself ahead in the game at 30-15 before going on to hold once agian with another forehand winner

  15. - - SCHIAVONE 3-3 - There was no sign of the trainer at the change of ends, so that can't have been what Schiavone was talking to the umpire about! Bartoli comes back out to post another love service hold, that's two out of three held to love so far. She finds a great length forehand (it's hard to tell with Bartoli playing double-handed on both sides but she is actually left-handed) that Schiavone can only return into the net

  16. - - SCHIAVONE 3-2 - Bartoli opens Schiavone's third service game with a huge backhand return of serve winner down the line that comes back at the Italian so quickly that she's barely finished her serving motion. And she also hands the Frenchwoman a second point in the game with a double fault. But Schiavone holds at the second attempt when Bartoli slaps a backhand return into the net.

  17. - - SCHIAVONE 2-2 - Schiavone shows her great personality on the court, gesturing to the crowd playfully as the whistle after she has a word with the umpire. It looks as though maybe she was calling for the trainer as the umpire gets on the radio immediately. Bartoli posts another solid service hold with a forehand winner much to the delight of the home crowd.

  18. - - SCHIAVONE 2-1 - In contrast to the previous game, there does not appear to be any signs of nerves in this semi-final as Schiavone and Bartoli are both hitting through the ball very well. And the Italian goes on to hold once again, getting a game point by exploiting Bartoli's inferior movement and dragging her up to the net, before a forehand winner seals the hold

  19. - - SCHIAVONE 1-1 - A love service game from Bartoli is capped with an ace down the centre of the court, although Schiavone could have got on the scoreboard when she dumped a forehand volley into the net despite having dragged the Frenchwoman well out of position with a decent drop shot

  20. - - SCHIAVONE 1-0 - There's a huge cheer from the French crowd as Bartoli puts her first point on the scoreboard, but it is the only one she manages as Schiavone makes a great start to the match, sneaking in to the net and playing a delightful low forehand winner across court and on to the sideline.

  21. - - These two have faced each other five times before with Schiavone overwhelmingly leading the head-to-heads by four wins to one. Bartoli's one win cam on the hard courts of Dubai in 2009 and they have never met on clay before

  22. - - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from this the second of the women's semi-finals between defending champion Francesca Schiavone and French 11th seed Marion Bartoli

Marion Bartoli

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 02/10/1984
Height 1.7 m
Weight 63 kg

Francesca Schiavone

Nationality ITA
Date of Birth 23/06/1980
Height 1.66 m
Weight 64 kg

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