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A Murray776--
ArgentinaJ Chela652--

Live Comments

  1. 6-2 - GAME, SET AND MATCH MURRAY! A superb performance from Murray as he claims his place in the last four with victory over Chela in straight sets. An excellent match, but the Brit was always the fresher looking player. He will face Rafael Nadal on Friday for a spot in the final. Can he do it? At least he is there to try.

  2. 5-2 - DOUBLE BREAK TO MURRAY! Murray ships the first three points of Chela's service game, but the Scotsman makes mincemeat of it from there on in in breaking for a second time in the set. Murray really looking strong as he serves for the match.

  3. 4-2 - A fine service game from Murray as he comes up with a couple of big serves in dropping only one point in the game. The Scot edging towards the last four it would seem.

  4. 3-2 - Chela and Murray continue to trade some piercing blows. No love games for Chela, but he is doing enough to hold the games he really has to hold. Murray one game ahead with a break. The winner of this match will face Rafael Nadal in the last four.

  5. 3-1 - 19 minutes gone of this set and Murray comes up with a love game. That is a bizarre sight in this match. Murray seems to have regained his composure, but Chela now seems to be going for every ball. He is trying to shorten the points with winners.

  6. 2-1 - Chela stays in touch with a hold in the third game. Nothing coming easy for Chela out there, but he slams some stinging shots down the court to claim the game. Murray a break up, but that is nothing in the context of this match.

  7. 2-0 - Chela continues to show some marvellous powers of recovery to haul Murray back to deuce after he led 40-15, but it proves to be a futile gesture as Murray does the necessary to claim the next two points for a 2-0 lead in this set.

  8. 1-0 - BREAK TO MURRAY! Murray breaks at the outset of the third set. Not that breaks mean much in this match. Chela looking a tired and forlorn figure at the moment, but we said that during the second set before the Argentine came up with some terrific hits. Wouldn't like to write off Chela yet.

  9. 7-5 - GAME AND SET TO MURRAY! Finally Murray puts the set to bed. Not exactly convincing, but he gets there in the end with his fifth ace of the match. Murray with 40 unforced errors compared to 28 from Chela, but it is the British man who leads by two sets.

  10. 6-5 - MURRAY BREAKS! Murray quells the crowd support for Chela by breaking again to move one game ahead in what has been a riveting second set. Murray has been broken the past three service games, but he has the chance to put that behind him. He will serve for the set for a third time.

  11. 5-5 - CHELA BREAKS FOR THE SECOND TIME! Would you believe it? Murray broken for the second time in this set. Chela somehow finds something from somewhere to drag this one level at 5-5. Astonishing stuff. Murray needing to find the control he had in the second set. The crowd firmly behind Chela.

  12. 5-4 - Murray inches away from moving 2-0 ahead as he races to the net on 30-40 only to hit the top of the tape. Ball doesn't go over and Murray doesn't win the set as Chela holds with some superb hitting. Chela makes Murray serve for the second set. For a second time.

  13. 5-3 - BREAK TO CHELA! Murray making heavy weather of this. Should really have got the job done and dusted there, but somehow Chela hangs in there to extend his stay of execution after Murray reached set point. On we go in this set as Chela serves to stay in it.

  14. 5-2 - BREAK TO MURRAY! Chela in all sorts of problems again in that game. Murray subjecting him to some agonising rallies before slipping in the drop shot. Exceptional play from the Scot to move two breaks up again. He will serve for the second set.

  15. 4-2 - BREAK BACK TO CHELA! The Argentine changes his shirt and that seems to have the desired effect as he pulls one of the breaks back. Murray pushes the boat out with a second serve that misses. Only his second double fault of the match. Chela needs another break.

  16. 4-1 - DOUBLE BREAK TO MURRAY! The early power of Chela is a distant memory as he throws in another double fault to drop serve. Murray has his man where he wants him and is just doing the necessary. Highly impressive from Murray as he closes in on a meeting with Nadal in the last four.

  17. 3-1 - Murray is only going to beat himself today the way things are going. Playing some delightful stuff out there against Chela as he holds to love. Just what he is looking for as he searches for a 2-0 lead in the match.

  18. 2-1 - Chela looking exceptionally tired, but he does enough to dig out the game to remain one break behind after Murray had several points for a double break. Murray perhaps missed an opportunity there, but he is surely going to claim a victory here. He is looking a lot fresher than his opponent.

  19. 2-0 - Murray somehow manages to claw his way back from 0-40 down to deuce aided by his fourth ace of the match, but a backhand across court hits the net as Chela moves to advantage. Murray will not be denied as he slams a winner down the line before coming to the net to convert a winning volley. More impressive play from Murray at the net seals the game. Chela has converted only two out of 13 break points.

  20. 1-0 - BREAK TO MURRAY! Murray looking well in the mood now. Murray playing like the tactician he is in constructing some wonderful angles. Chela looking a bit disillusioned with life at the moment as he falls a break down early in the second set.

  21. 7-6 - GAME AND FIRST SET MURRAY! Murray really beginning to exhibit his wares in the tie-break. Brings Chela to the net and moves him all over the court with his variety of shots to build up a 5-1 lead in the breaker. Chela comes to the net to nudge a volley over the net to make it 2-5, but Chela is long with a forehand seconds later as Murray brings up four set points. Set never really in doubt as Murray pockets the breaker. Quality recovery from Murray. A 7-2 win in the breaker.

  22. 6-6 - Chela adds a fair bit of pace to a second serve to move 40-30 ahead before Murray mishits a forehand return as the ball flies out of play. Chela stops the losing run and we are heading for a tie-break in this opening set.

  23. 6-5 - Murray facing another couple of break points. Sun and wind or both seem to be causing Murray some consternation. He saves one with a shot that hits the back of the line to back Chela up. The Argentine can't believe that and Murray slips in a drop shot that Chela pops up for Murray to convert a winning volley. Murray then hammers a double-handed backhand down the line to bring up game point. He converts the overhead seconds later and Murray is 6-5 ahead. Murray looking very good.

  24. 5-5 - BREAK TO MURRAY! Murray blows the chance to level at 5-5 as he fails to get low enough on the ball. He empties a forehand into the net before doing likewise seconds later. Set point three for Chela, but a double fault sees the score return to deuce before a lob gives Murray a second break point as Chela fails to convert a shot through his legs from deep. Murray suddenly looking the stronger man as he converts the break to level at 5-5. We are back on serve.

  25. 4-5 - The unforced error count from Murray moves up to 14 as Chela brings up a couple of set points. Murray saves the day with a lovely little couple of shots as a drop shot followed by a shot on the run proves too good for his opponent. An ace gives Murray advantage before we fall back to deuce after a mediocre groundstroke hits the net. Murray composes himself to get out of trouble with more solid serving. Chela will serve for the opening set.

  26. 3-5 - Like most good baseliners, Chela happy to slug it out from deep. Murray claws it back to 40-30 from 40-0, but the Scot dumps a forehand into the net after a long and taxing rally. Disappointing end to that game for Murray, who must serve to stay alive in this set.

  27. 3-4 - Murray trails by the odd game in seven. Drop shots and well-placed serves give him the platform to hold in that game to love. Murray may be a traditionally slow starter this week, but he is well in this match now. Chela with one break, but Murray will look to level matters in this set.

  28. 2-4 - BREAK BACK TO MURRAY! A lot better from Murray there. Playing the right shot at the right time as he moves Chela across court with a shot down the line before swatting away a timely winner seconds later. Murray finally looking like he is warming to the task as Chela can win only one point on his own service game.

  29. 1-4 - DOUBLE BREAK TO CHELA! A very sluggish start from Murray as he hands another couple of break points to the towering Chela, but he thumps a forehand winner away from his opponent to save one before a timely ace rescues the second break point. The court craft of Chela proves good enough in the next couple of points as he breaks for a second time in the match. Murray almost certain to fall a set behind out there.

  30. 1-3 - A 3-1 lead for Chela in this opening set. Murray not coping too well with the conditions. Hit one forehand that looked good, but seem to drift out of play on the wind. Chela continues to look the more adaptable player on clay. Murray already up to 10 unforced errors. Shaky start.

  31. 1-2 - BREAK TO CHELA! Chela needing no invite to smack the ball hard at Murray, who must keep the ball low on this surface. Murray facing two break points. Saves the first one, but can't deal with the second as Chela reads the drop shot to leave Murray floundering in the corner of the court. He can't return the ball and there is the first break of serve.

  32. 1-1 - Not too sure how many problems Murray's ankle is causing him. Moving a bit gingerly at the moment out there. Fails to really sink his teeth into the Chela service game as the man from Argentina sends a thumping overhead down the court to level at 1-1.

  33. 1-0 - If Chela gets any further behind the baseline he will be sitting up in the stands. Murray makes a quick start, but he drops a ball into the net as Chela quickly forces matters to deuce. With Chela at the back of the court, Murray comes to the net to sink a winning volley before Chela fails with the attempt at a drop shot. Murray holds in the opening game of the match. Important hold.

  34. 0-0 - Murray to serve in the opening game of the match.

  35. 15.00 - Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of Andy Murray against Juan Ignacio Chela in the quarter-finals of the French Open.

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

Juan Ignacio Chela

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 30/08/1979
Height 1.9 m
Weight 75 kg

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