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Elena Baltacha - Peng Shuai Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
ChinaS Peng467--
United KingdomE Baltacha625--

Live Comments

  1. - - BALTACHA 6-4 2-6 5-7 – Peng again holds and battles to a single match point. She hits long though and it goes to deuce. The game swings back and forth endlessly, with neither player able to string a couple of points together. Peng has had so many match points, but good serving has saved Baltacha. It doesn’t this time though as she puts into the net.

  2. - - BALTACHA 6-4 2-6 5-5 – Peng holds her serve and takes the lead in this final set. She moves to within a couple of points of victory, but Baltacha responds to draw level, then serves out to stay in this match.

  3. - - BALTACHA 6-4 2-6 4-4 – BREAK! Baltacha has chances to hold, but she can’t do so and Peng breaks back yet again to level this deciding set.

  4. - - BALTACHA 6-4 2-6 4-2 – Baltacha takes an early lead and volleys superbly from under the net to get to 40-0. A powerful serve and a long return consolidates that earlier break.

  5. - - BALTACHA 6-4 2-6 3-2 – BREAK! Baltacha holds her serve, but it’s a bit of a struggle. She again threatens on the Peng serve and hits a powerful backhand winner down the line to get double break points. She needs only one to break yet again. This next game is huge...

  6. - - BALTACHA 6-4 2-6 1-2 – Baltacha again threatens to break she races into a 0-30 lead, then Peng dumps a dropshot into the net for triple break point...Peng saves the first two, and Baltacha nets an easy forehand to waste the third. A backhand winner down the line gives her another chance, but again she fails to take it. The game goes back and forth, until Peng manages some consistency.

  7. - - BALTACHA 6-4 2-6 1-1 – BREAK! Baltacha breaks in the third set, but Peng replies and breaks straight back to level the scores.

  8. - - BALTACHA - SET - 6-4 2-6 - Peng's not happy. And rightfully so. She gets two horrendous calls against her. First of all, Baltacha's unreturned serve is way out but no call comes. The Chinese player's backhand then cleans the line but is called out. Two points later she is much happier as Baltacha misses a half-volley and we're going into a deciding set.

  9. - - BALTACHA 6-4 2-5 - Peng gives Baltacha the run-around. The Brit is running all over the court trying to keep the ball in play. The 20th seed holds to love and it looks like this set is going to be over very soon. But you never know...

  10. - - BALTACHA 6-4 2-4 - The Brit replies with a very quick service game. She loses the first point with a very, very poor forehand but hits back with four straight points to hold.

  11. - - BALTACHA 6-4 1-4 - The Brit attempts to change it up on Peng's serve by varying her game; she throws in some drop shots and angled slices. Neither work as Peng races to 40-0. Baltacha then reverts back by trying to crush the ball back. It almost pays off as the game goes to 40-30 but Peng holds on to consolidate the break.

  12. - - BALTACHA 6-4 1-2 - Peng makes her second ace of the match but Baltacha is unstoppable on the following point. She overpowers the 20th seed yet again and after making a pin-point forehand she elects to approach the net and drop-volleys to get to 30-30. The Brit narrowly misses with an attempted backhand winner and then hits long to hand the game to the Chinese player.

  13. - - BALTACHA 6-4 1-2 - Baltacha makes a complete mess of her serve as the errors creep back into her game. Three times she hits long and allows Peng to break to 30.

  14. - - BALTACHA 6-4 1-1 -These two seem content to just camp on the baseline and try to out-hit each other. It makes for some very entertaining tennis and a big 'C'MON' can be heard from the Brit as she wraps up the game to 15.

  15. - - BALTACHA 6-4 0-1 - The Brit sends a couple of wayward ground strokes into the net and in between points can be seen talking to herself. It seems to work though because at 40-15 down she sends an unstoppable return at the feet of Peng who can only skew wide. The 20th seed's serve is much better on the following point and she holds the first service game of the second set.

  16. - - BALTACHA - SET - 6-4 -The home favourite powers her way to the opening set with ground strokes that are just currently too good for Peng. Baltacha takes the first three points of the game but two sloppy backhands give her opponent a glimmer of hope. It is soon taken away however, when Baltacha's cross-court forehand proves too hot to handle and Peng sends the return long.

  17. - - BALTACHA 4-4 - Two long rallies in the first two points of the game go either way. Baltacha then sends down a 112mph serve that is unreturned and then half-volleys to go to 40-15. Peng saves a game point when the unseeded Brit finds the net but can't save the second as Baltacha serves her way to a hold.

  18. - - BALTACHA 3-4 -Peng rushes her way through her serve with a very tight game. Two big serves followed by a one-two of her own take her to 40-0 but the Brit approaches the net to smash to stay in the game. However, Baltacha misses a routine forehand on the following point and it's game to the 20th seed.

  19. - - BALTACHA 3-3 - The 27-year old Brit gets off to a fantastic start on her serve as she one-twos her way to 15-0 and then makes a tight backhand pass to take it to 30. She smashes at the net to bring up three game points and Peng hits long to hand Baltacha the game.

  20. - - BALTACHA 2-3 -Baltacha is dominating the rallies out on Court 18 but three unforced errors ensure Peng three game points. She takes the first one with a big ace out wide.

  21. - - ...deuce as Peng makes an unforced error on her forehand and the home favourite holds serve in a close rally.

  22. - - BALTACHA 2-2 - Baltacha foot-faults on her first serve of the game and follows it up with a second serve into the net for a double fault. Peng takes advantage at 0-15 with a crushing return. The Brit then can't control her forehand as she pulls it into the net and faces three break points. The first is saved when Baltacha serves and volleys and puts away a tight volley. She also saves the second with some powerful ground strokes finished off with a cross-court backhand. The Brit gets back to...

  23. - - BALTACHA 1-2 - Peng dominates the first point as she approaches the net to put away a neat drive volley. The Brit levels it back up at 15-15 with some tidy ground strokes but the Chinese player serves well to reach two game points. Baltacha rallies back to deuce but cannot take the advantage as the 20th seed serves her way to 2-1.

  24. - - Baltacha crashes down four huge first serves to which the Chinese player can get nowhere near. We're level at 1-1.

  25. - - Peng holds her first service game to 30 as Baltacha pushes hard to break but can't do so. Peng smashes to which the Brit receives but cannot keep in play.

Elena Baltacha

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 14/08/1983
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Shuai Peng

Nationality CHN
Date of Birth 08/01/1986
Height 1.77 m
Weight 61 kg

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