Rafael Nadal - Juan Mónaco Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal666--
ArgentinaJ Mónaco112--

Live Comments

  1. - - Nadal 6-1 6-1 6-2 - MATCH! Another error as Monaco tries to go down the line. The Spaniard comes to the net and puts away the easy volley following a massive backhand crosscourt. A lightning forehand winner down the line, followed by a volley into the net from Monaco for what is a mightily impressive victory.

  2. - - Nadal 6-1 6-1 5-2 - BREAK! The two are at times playing badminton with each other. Close quarters with lightning reactions from both, this time Monaco coming out on top. Vicious shot down the line from the Argentine, but Nadal whips it to the other side of the court for a winner. No getting back of that one though - a massive winner from Monaco. Nadal this time hits behind the run of Monaco for 30-30. A wayward forehand and break point...very nearly the match as once more a Monaco error.

  3. - - Nadal 6-1 6-1 4-2 - Nadal hits back across Monaco, who had shifted to go the other way. The line judge calls long to the derision of the crowd, but Monaco accepts it was in. Point retakes, but Nadal hits into the net anyway. Monaco with a truly woeful lob, it ends up head height and Nadal has to get lower to hit the smash. Nadal takes the game as he comes into the net, making Monaco hit the pass, which he shonks wide.

  4. - - Nadal 6-1 6-1 3-2 - BREAK! ...just failing to hit the volley over! Nadal breaks with the new most ridiculous point you will ever see! Monaco lobs Nadal, Nadal smashes it back with his body twisting like a salmon. Again Monaco lobs and this time Nadal scampers after it, flipping it back with power with his back to the net. They then exchange shots at the net before Nadal slices crosscourt for the break.

  5. - - Nadal 6-1 6-1 2-2 - A double fault, the second not even close to going in from Monaco. He this time wins the extended rally with solid hitting on the front foot, though in the next rally with the shot there to hit, he puts it long. A really poor return from the Spaniard for 30-30, and another tentative point as his crosscourt forehand is wide, but he hits back for deuce. A ridiculous rally, Nadal getting back EVERYTHING, and Monaco finally comes to the net and dives for the pass...

  6. - - Nadal 6-1 6-1 2-2 - Monaco has the chances to go for it, but he's just hitting too centrally. In the end his forehand goes long. A weak push into the net and Nadal moves to 30-15. A third unforced error in a row for 40-15, and a fourth for the game.

  7. - - Nadal 6-1 6-1 1-2 - Nice play from the Argentinian. Another dropshot - his most effective shot today - and then loops the return over Nadal. The world number two disputes the non-call of serve and the umpire sides with him. Monaco doesn't like it, but he wins the point anyway. Monaco dominates the point and forces Rafa to hit long on the stretch. A big serve into the body and gets two games in a set for the first time.

  8. - - Nadal 6-1 6-1 1-1 - Brilliant play from Monaco as he stays aggressive, driving Nadal out wide and forcing the mistake. Monaco on the run can't get his forehand over the net with Nadal slightly exposed. Again Monaco just misses, though the intent was right. A presentable first serve down the middle is wasted by Monaco, but Nadal returns the favour for deuce. Both players are taking it in turns with mistakes, until Monaco hits a couple in a row and that's finally the hold.

  9. - - Nadal 6-1 6-1 0-1 - Monaco starts well, pulling Rafa into the net, then sending the ball into the open court. He next passes Nadal down the line after again using the drop shot to get Nadal to the net. Nothing you can do about that as Rafa hits with devastating length for the winner. Nadal is furious as his shot teeters on the net cord, but falls Monaco's way. Federer like from Nadal as he hits the drive volley in behind the run of Monaco, but Monaco just about gets the hold.

  10. - - Nadal 6-1 6-1 - SET! A ripped winner as Nadal runs around the ball onto his forehand. Monaco goes for the dropshot, Nadal spots it quickly, but his slice across the net is poor. Unforced error off the Spaniard's forehand, but a touch of genius as Nadal strokes a dropshot crosscourt at a tight angle. That winner was almightily close, the Umpire takes a look and sides with Nadal and that's the set as Monaco hits wide.

  11. - - Nadal 6-1 5-1 - BREAK! Nadal hits a couple of surprising errors to let Monaco into a 30-15 lead. The Spaniard retaliates and forces Monaco into a volley he can't pull off with the ball arcing down towards his feet. Break point...well saves as he switches Nadal left to right and he can only hit into the net. A framer from Monaco and the ball flies somewhere not remotely close to the court. Break point again, and this time no mistake; a forehand missile into the corner.

  12. - - Nadal 6-1 4-1 -Nadal was just born to play on the clay. Monaco can't make any headway against the Spaniard's defensive skills. Unforced errors are now spraying off Monaco's racket and Nadal blasts a winner down the line with the Argentinian rooted to the spot for the game to love.

  13. - - Nadal 6-1 3-1 -BREAK! Monaco punches a forehand winner down the line after Rafa leaves the ball invitingly midcourt. Unbelievable, Nadal slices back two smashes and carries getting back everything Monaco throws at him. Eventually he gets one glimpse of the pass and he fires the backhand down the line. That's the best point Rafa's played in months. Monaco pulls out the dropshot to good effect and it's 30-30. Another wasteful backhand goes long for another break point...another unforced error.

  14. - - Nadal 6-1 2-1 - Rafa is opening his shoulders now, growing in confidence as he rips another big crosscourt forehand. The Spaniard gets lucky when Monaco's shot clips off the net giving him time, but his pass is straight into the net. Another unforced error from the Argentinian, and another, and an ace out wide, and the game.

  15. - - Nadal 6-1 1-1 - For once Nadal whips an easy forehand wide. Another down the line in inches wide and Monaco has a couple of chances to win his first game in eight...and that is the game, the Argentina fans are still in good voice too.

  16. - - Nadal 6-1 1-0 - Another long rally, but Monaco just isn't going for enough and is basically just wasting energy. A perfect shot down the line from Nadal with Monaco stuck in no man's land, but Monaco clips the line for a winner of his own. The Spaniard shanks a forehand miles wide and it's deuce. Nadal comes to the net and puts away the volley and Nadal gets off the line in the second set.

  17. - - Nadal 6-1 - BREAK! The first double fault of the match, but he compensates with a vicious forehand to the corner. A forehand goes long, then he misses a straightforward volley - that's clearly not his strong point - and it's two set points...a wasted backhand into the net, but one more chance...Monaco forehands into the net and that was a breeze for the Spaniard.

  18. - - Nadal 5-1 - A little slip in concentration from Nadal as Monaco races into a 0-30 lead. He pulls one back as he forces Monaco far behind the baseline. A laser-guided forehand into the corner for a winenr and it's 30-30. Monaco is sitting 10 feet behind the baseline now and Nadal has the easy task of hitting the dropshot. A massive forehand from Monaco, he still needs a couple of smashes to put it away, but that is deuce. A wayward forehand, followed by a wayward backhand and that's the game.

  19. - - Nadal 4-1 - BREAK! This match is a bit like a computer game at times. Both players playing brilliantly, but Nadal inevitably coming out on top because he has that bit more. Break point...the double break as Monaco this time off his forehand wing hits into the net.

  20. - - Nadal 3-1 - Monaco's starting to struggle here as he can't get any control on another deep shot from Nadal. The world number two hits a rare return long. Another massive rally ends predictably with Nadal on top. Two break points as the Argentinian hits a poor forehand into the's saved as Monaco forces his opponent too far wide to make the return. And he does the same again to get it back to ace down the middle, but undone by anther poor backhand into the net for deuce...

  21. - - Nadal 3-1 - Five out of five first serves in for Nadal and Monaco hits wide. Rafa hits just long, with Monaco playing fantastic stuff. Monaco chooses the wrong moment to come to the net and Nadal punishes him with the simple pass. Another backhand goes long from the Argentinian. A delightful little dropshot half-volley and that's the game.

  22. - - Nadal 2-1 - BREAK! Monaco punishes the high ball with a flat forehand into the corner. His next is a horrible miss hit though. The Argentinian slips, which he's done a couple of times already. A marathon rally, must of been 30-odd strokes, and Nadal comes out on top. Two break mistake this time as he rips another forehand winner down the line.

  23. - - Nadal 1-1 - Monaco shanks a backhand miles wide. Both players pound the ball into the same corners then Nadal pulls off a lovely disguised drop shot. Again Nadal wins what was a brilliant rally as Monaco does well just to stay in the point. Worrying signs for Monaco as Nadal holds to love with a final vicious forehand out wide.

  24. - - Nadal 0-1 - Yet another chance, yet another miss...and now Monaco has his first chance to take the game. The first ace of the match; flat and out wide, and he does take it.

  25. - - Nadal 0-0 - Monaco starts on serve and he takes the first point as he charges the net and volleys a winner. The Argentinians in the crowd go crazy already! Nadal hits back, but Monaco slams an inside-out forehand into the corner for another winner. The return from Nadal is pushed long by Monaco, then the Spaniard slams a winner down the line. Break point... but Nadal slices into the net. Another chance as the Argentinian slices long on the stretch...but Nadal just misses the pass...

  26. 13:05 - Six-times French Open champion Nadal has only ever lost one best-of-five sets match on clay, against Robin Soderling at Roland Garros in 2009, and Spain have won their last 20 home Davis Cup ties and last 22 on clay.

  27. 13:00 - Argentina, who lost at home to Spain in the 2008 final when their bid for a first title was wrecked by infighting, face a stiff task to upset the favourites, who are playing at home and on their best surface.

  28. 12:55 - Nadal was a callow 18-year-old yet to win any of his 10 grand slam titles when he defeated American number one Andy Roddick on an indoor clay court at Seville's Olympic Stadium to help the Spanish claim the Cup in 2004.

  29. 12:50 - Hello and welcome to Eurosport UK's live game-by-game coverage of the first match in the Davis Cup final between Rafael Nadal and Juan Monaco.

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Juan Mnaco

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 29/03/1984
Height 1.85 m
Weight 81 kg

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