Petra Kvitová - Victoria Azarenka Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Czech RepublicP Kvitová746--
BelarusV Azarenka563--

Live Comments

  1. 6-3 - GAME, SET AND MATCH KVITOVA! Two more championship points for Kvitova. She only needs the first one as she thumps a forehand across court that Azarenka can only knock into the net on the volley. A fine match, but Kvitova is a deserving champion. She is a figure of emotion, and cements her place as the best player in Istanbul this week.

  2. 5-3 - The crowd in Istanbul go wild as Kvitova brings up match point on the Azarenka serve, but the Belarusian does not surrender as she follows in the backhand down the line to convert a volley at the net. Kvitova knocks the ball long seconds later as Azarenka reaches game point to close to 5-3. She smacks away a delightful forehand winner to claim the game. Kvitova must serve it out now.

  3. 5-2 - Kvitova really coming up with the goods when it matters. She is pumped up after storming away from Azarenka at 30-30 with a couple of heavy winners. Azarenka had her chances in that game, but can't take the chances. Neither women hitting top form, but Kvitova doing enough to stay on top.

  4. 4-2 - Azarenka with a third double fault but a big first serve seconds later carries the Belarusian 40-15 clear only to make another error in knocking the ball long seconds later as the score reaches 40-30. Azarenka composes herself to sink a volley at the net from a short ball. 4-2 now in favour of Kvitova.

  5. 4-1 - Kvitova again answers the questions asked of her from 15-15 with a couple of searching points that Arazenka can't deal with. The ball landing right on the line, and it has to be that good to repel the attacking instincts of her opponent. Kvitova now two games from the title.

  6. 3-1 - Vital hold for Azarenka. Misfired a couple of times in the past two game and mistimed a couple of strokes, but keeps her composure well to stay within one break of the Belarusian. Does not want to be falling any further behind at this stage. Pressure right back on Kvitova in her service game.

  7. 3-0 - Kvitova produces a game of some class to hold serve to love. Threw in a couple of magnificent winners in that game before Azarenka bundles a ball into the net as the Czech player moves 3-0 ahead in this final set. Has Azarenka got a response? She needs one.

  8. 2-0 - BREAK TO KVITOVA! A fair bit of gamesmanship here. Kvitoa screams when she wins a point while Azarenka screams during the points. Kvitova brings up break point with a stunning return of serve that Azarenka can only knock out of play. Azarenka fires in a fine first serve, but mistimes a forehand badly to drop serve.

  9. 1-0 - Kvitova staves off four break points aided by a third ace before a booming forehand slides away from Azarenka as the Czech player holds serve in the opening game of the third set. This final is wide open. Neither woman giving an inch.

  10. 4-6 - SET TO AZARENKA! A spectacular return from Kvitova helps her level at 30-30, but Kvitova misses the forehand to bring up a break point as Azarenka grabs set point at 40-30. Hits the net with her first serve and continues to scream before thumping a winning forehand down the line. 1-1 in this final.

  11. 4-5 - Azarenka suddenly dominating the rallies, and is hitting the ball harder than the Wimbledon champion at this stage of the match. A great first serve from Kvitova at 30-30 gives the Czech player game point. Another fine serve is enough for Kvitova to snag the game, but Azarenka will serve for the second set to level at 1-1.

  12. 3-5 - Azarenka continues to look composed in this set. Moving well and smacking anything short away with some relish. Pressure really on Kvitova now as she holds to stay alive in this second set.

  13. 3-4 - Kvitova misses a forehand at the net to secure the game, but keeps her composure at deuce to clamber over the winning line and close to within one game of Azarenka, who will serve for a 5-3 lead. Some fine points in that game, including a quite magnificent winning lob by Kvitova.

  14. 2-4 - Azarenka drills a massive forehand beyond Kvitova for a 30-0 lead. Kvitova returns the favour to close to 30-15 with one of her own howitzers. Azarenka sees the net crumple with the ball seconds later as the score reaches 30-30. A magnificent forehand from Kvitova gives her the break point after a quite stunning rally. Azarenka fends off the break with a strong forehand that sets up the winning overhead smash. A fine first serve from Azarenka gives her the game.

  15. 2-3 - BREAK TO AZARENKA! Serve not really holding sway. Pace, power and movement is the key to where this set and where this final is going to end up. Azarenka races to the net to thump away a winner for a 3-2 lead with the break. Kvitova with 24 unforced errors to 17 by Azarenka.

  16. 2-2 - BREAK TO KVITOVA! No sooner is she broken than she breaks back. Kvitova rips through the defence of Azarenka in levelling at 2-2 in this set by dropping only one point. This is sensational stuff in this final. Very unpredictable, but we are back on serve.

  17. 1-2 - BREAK TO AZARENKA! It is suddenly Kvitova's turn to feel the heat in this match as she slams the racket to the deck in frustration after missing a shot at the net. Kvitova has lost seven of the past 10 games as a ball flies long and Azarenka is ahead for the first time in the match.

  18. 1-1 - Good hold by Azarenka in that second game. Really had to cement the hold to keep Kvitova in check. The Belarusian finding some fine angles on both forehand and backhand wings. Better moments for Azarenka. We remain on serve.

  19. 1-0 - Kvitova letting out some huge screams in this match. Kvitova with 16 winners compared to nine by Azarenka. The Czech player trying to regain dominance in this match. Azarenka happy to trade blows with Kvitova, who remains the more powerful player in the rallies.

  20. 7-5 - SET TO KVITOVA! Azarenka saves two more set points, but she begins to falter in the key moments and that proves crucial as Kvitova takes advantage to move ahead in the match. Azarenka long with a forehand from deep in the court as the Czech player draws first blood. Kvitova to serve at the outset of the second set. Difficult to see where we go from here in this match.

  21. 6-5 - Kvitova is leaping around again after getting out of that game with a hold. Needed the hold and gets it. A lovely backhand winner on the run across court is good enough to help Kvitova move ahead by the odd game in eleven with Azarenka forced to serve to force the breaker.

  22. 5-5 - All square now. Azarenka does what is necessary to hold serve. This is gladitorial stuff. Azarenka moving superbly well and hitting the ball with some pace. Kvitova forced to suck it up at the moment. She really needs to steady the ship having lost five straight games.

  23. 5-4 - BREAK TO AZARENKA! And there is it. The double break is no more as Kvitova is broken for the second straight service game to love. The hot streak well and truly over. Games back on serve. Kvitova won the opening five, Azarenka the second four. She serves to draw level, looking a completely different being.

  24. 5-3 - Azarenka saves two break points to win her third straight game. What a change in this match. Looked like Kvitova all the way, but Azarenka is suddenly finding her best form at the right time. Coming up with the big shots, and making Kvitova think about what she is doing.

  25. 5-2 - BREAK TO AZARENKA! Azarenka breaks to deuce to get one of the breaks back. A few errors - the first of the final - from Kvitova gives her opponent the chance to recover ground in his final. Suddenly we have a match on our hands as a great return from Azarenka forces Kvitova to knock a ball long. Azarenka to serve 2-5 behind.

  26. 5-1 - Suddenly the fist is pumping from Azarenka as she bludgeons a backhand across court to hold for the first time in the match. A fine hold to stave off the whitewash and she at least keeps Kvitova honest by forcing her to serve out the set.

  27. 5-0 - A love game from Kvitova with a second ace. Just getting better and better out there for the Czech player, who is ripping through these games like wildfire. Azarenka looking well out of sorts. This final is in danger of ending before it has begun unless Azarenka can get her act together. Kvitova with nine winners compared to three from Azarenka.

  28. 4-0 - BREAK TO AZARENKA! Azarenka is broken for a second time in this match as she wallops a routine forehand out of the court. That is a poor, poor miss. Kvitova just getting the ball back in play and the mistakes are coming from the racket of the Belarusian. The double break now in favour of Kvitova. The Wimbledon champion looking so much in control.

  29. 3-0 - Azarenka in a spot of bother here. She has yet to settle, and Kvitova is just strolling through these games like there is nobody on the other side of the net. Unless Azarenka gets it together quickly, this final could run away from her. Big game coming up with Azarenka to serve.

  30. 2-0 - BREAK TO KVITOVA! Kvitova throws down a couple of booming groundstrokes. Superb stuff from the Czech player, but Azarenka comes up with a backhand winner across court to move to advantage. A double fault sees the score move back to deuce before Kvitova faces a break point after hitting the net from mid-court. Kvitova slams a stunning return beyond Azarenka on the second serve, and suddenly there is a 2-0 lead for Kvitova. Trouble for Azarenka.

  31. 1-0 - First couple of points of the final are shared before Arazenka backs Kvitova up with a groundstroke of some depth and pace. Kvitova can't get the ball back at Azarenka as she moves 30-15 clear. A fine second serve enables Kvitova to level at 30-30. Azarenka then whacks a forehand out of the court as Kvitova moves 40-30 ahead. A big backhand winner is enough for the Czech player to hold in the opening game.

  32. 0-0 - Kvitova to serve in the opening game of the final.

  33. 15.10 - Azarenka is the first Belarusian to reach the WTA Championships singles final; she is the second player to represent Belarus here after Zvereva, who played 6 times (1988, 1990, 1993-95, 1998), reaching the SF in 1995.

  34. 15.05 - Kvitova is the first Czech to reach the final at the WTA Championships since Novotna won the title in 1997, and the fifth overall (Navratilova, Sukova, Mandlikova, Novotna) and is bidding to be the 3rd Czech player to win the WTA Championships title after Navratilova in 1978-79 and Novotna in 1997.

  35. 15.00 - Players on their way out. Kvitova 3-2 up on the head-to-heads with Kvitova winning their last meeting in the Wimbledon semi-final earlier this year - 6-1 3-6 6-2.

  36. 14.55 - Kvitova has won her last three meetings with Azarenka. Azarenka’s last victory vs. Kvitova dates back to 2009. Kvitova will earn $1,750,000 if she wins and $890,000 if she finishes runner-up; Azarenka will earn $1,635,000 if she is runner up. (Each win in round robin stage is worth $115,000)

  37. 14.50 - Our resident tennis analyst Patrick Mouratoglou analyses the final, and how this final might impact upon the changing face of the women's game. "As I write this we are at the semi-final stage of the WTA Championship but whatever happens in the rest of the tournament, Kvitova and Azarenka are without doubt the duo that we will often see in semi-finals and finals of the Grand Slams in the years to come." Patrick Mouratoglou: Kvitova, Azarenka the future of tennis

  38. 14.45 - Read about how the finaliists got there after two tough semi-finals on Saturday afternoon. Kvitova to play Azarenka in final

  39. 14.40 - Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE coverage of the WTA Championships final from Istanbul with the two in-form women of the week meeting. Victoria Azarenka against Petra Kvitova should be quite a final for you.

Petra Kvitová

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 08/03/1990
Height 1.82 m
Weight 70 kg

Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.83 m
Weight 66 kg

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