Rafael Nadal - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
FranceJ Tsonga746--
SpainR Nadal663--

Live Comments

  1. - - NADAL 3-6 GAME SET AND MATCH! Lovely return from Tsonga's forehand. He wants to break and win doesn't he, or maybe drag it to 11pm so everyone gets their money's worth... A rally ensues from the next serve and Nadal nets. 0-30. And 3 match points as Nadal's shot clips the net and lands long! Taken to love with a wondrous winner across court! Brilliant from Tsonga!!

  2. - - NADAL 3-5 BREAK BACK! The first match point is taken back with a booming serve. And another, Nadal netting the return this time. Deuce. But the next point sees Tsonga slip as he bowed for the half-volley! Break-back point again... Double fault! Nadal breaks back. Deary me Jo, keep it together big man!

  3. - - NADAL 2-5 Tsonga comes to the net straight away as he goes for the kill, backhanding away. 15-0. A mistake though, DF-ing to 15-15. He nets the next serve - come on don't shank it now. Teasing rally won by Nadal at the net, a touch volley comes off for once. 15-30. More drama? The next serve is long... and the next wide! Deary me! Two break points. Is Tsonga really going to bottle it again?

  4. - - NADAL 2-5 BREAK! WHAT A POINT FROM TSONGA! An outrageous selection of volleys from all angles, including a backhand winner to bring it to 30-15. He'll probably lose this game but that was gold. But a nasty return helps the Frenchman to level with a crisp winner. And Nadal goes long and it's another break point! And Tsonga takes it as Nadal nets with an error, deservedly as that earlier point at 30-0 warranted a result.

  5. - - NADAL 2-4 Tsonga is caught out of position but he races back quickly and makes the shot - Nadal then nets. 30-0. But then a brilliant old-time Nadal return into Tsonga's feet. Single-handed backhand on the turn. Niiiice from Nadal. But a cool serve and volley, Nadal can clip it over but Tsonga arrives with a backhand volleyed winner. 40-15 but a mistake from Tsonga into the net when he tried the slice. He holds as he volleys well, racing in so Nadal given nothing to aim for, netting.

  6. - - NADAL 2-3 Vicious double-handed backhand from Tsonga as he leaps into the air. Nadal plays the percentages on the next poin though, working his forehand and bringing 30-15. But Nadal weakly nets, possibly stunned by how Tsonga somehow met his winner out wide. Nadal manages to hold though as his opponent returns long, staying focused under all kinds of pressure from Tsonga.

  7. - - NADAL 1-3 And how does Tsonga follow up that superb break? With a love hold. Best I've seen him play since Wimbledon.

  8. - - NADAL 1-2 BREAK! Tsonga moves 30-0 up after some slack serving from Nadal. He keeps his next return in - just - and is able to force Nadal wide on the run and the Spaniard skews one wide. Three break points now - surely he can take one of these? The first return is long, but the next point sees Nadal net after being chased all over the shop and bullied to the net. Fine game by Tsonga.

  9. - - NADAL 1-1 Wonderful rally that draws both men to net, Nadal thinks he's won it but Tsonga makes the mildest contact - Nadal fluffs the winner though. ACE. 30-15. Delightful serve-volly and backhand smash on the turn. From Tsonga, obviously. Show-off. And another, although Nadal does make it he clips the net and puts it wide. A hold to one, but easy on the eye.

  10. - - NADAL 1-0 Nice tight hold for Nadal to start off the decider. The winner goes through to the semis, by the way.

  11. - - So a third set, to the delight of those who forked out for tickets (although the footballers among the crowd will probably have to be tucked up by 11 to avoid the wrath of their respective coaches). Tsonga has played the better tennis but, right when it mattered, Nadal found another gear while his opponent basically froze. Let's see if Tsonga can regain his nerve...

  12. - - NADAL 6-4 SET! An error from Tsonga now as he pumps a forehand wide! Set point AGAIN to Nadal, the fourth - and these are his first break points of the match by my reckoning... The first serve is wide... And on the next mini-rally Tsonga goes long! Oh dear, he's flaked although thanks in no small part to some late pressure from Nadal, his best tennis in a while.

  13. - - NADAL 5-4 And another angled volley from Tsonga makes it deuce. Well done Tsonga, under huge pressure there. Can he hold from here? Set point again after a superb play from both men, a marvellous shot from Tsonga to somehow flick Nadal's winner back in but Nadal sinks it. This match has taken on a new dimension. Another volleyed smash from Tsonga though and it's deuce. London rises to its feet.

  14. - - NADAL 5-4 Now Tsonga is serving to stay in the set and he slides 15-30 behind, nervous for once on serve. And he inexplicably goes several yards long with a forehand drive that he would have sunk earlier and it's two set points! Nadal really hasn't played well but he's been gifted a route back into the match, willpower and all that. But Tsonga is not dead, smashing a volley away after a hefty forehand met Rafa's great return! One set point...

  15. - - NADAL 5-4 Can Tsonga use the momentum of that brilliant shot to break? 15-30 now as Nadal can't handle the return... ach, off second serve Tsonga is a touch over-excited as he nets from a good spot. 30-30. Tsonga tries an ambitious winner that lands but, but deuce as Nadal fluffs a power-forehand into the net. Nadal has advantage as he gets angry on serve, it was wide but poor Tsonga can't challenge! And Tsonga then returns long. hold.

  16. - - NADAL 4-4 Oh a brilliant shot from Tsonga draws a standing ovation as Nadal changes direction with a winning pass down the line but the Frenchman somehow switches his body, dives across and forehands a winner past a shocked Nadal! Chapeau! That gets its own comment. 15-15.

  17. - - NADAL 4-4 Nadal does really well to respond to some vicious baseline shots from Tsonga, a great array for fore and backhands, but from nowhere Tsonga attacks hard and brings Nadal to net. Super change of pace. And a lovely acute volley across the net, so soft, and Tsonga is 30-0 up. Nadal shows great fight though and now it's 40-30, but Tsonga can hold off second serve as Nadal spoons one long - just. He challenges... nah, it was out.

  18. - - NADAL 4-3 With Tsonga a point up Nadal controls the next rally before sinking a forehand winner. All of Tsonga's shots were in desperation more than any attacking intent so Nadal really would have had to mess things up there. Tsonga mutters to himself in annoyance after Nadal exploits a weak shot for the next point. A challenge now as Nadal's winner is called in - it was. I think JW is out of challenges now... Nadal holds as JW pumps a forehand long from deep.

  19. - - NADAL 3-3 Great return Nadal but Tsonga's next second serve is skewed weakly out by the Spaniard. A booming forehand winner from JW, but Nadal challenges (looked in to me). It was in, on the line. But Nadal bites back though with another swift return, but Tsonga puts in a mighty serve and holds with another ace. At times this is brilliant from Tsonga!

  20. - - STAT ATTACK: Only 11% of Nadal's rally points have been played inside the baseline, with 89% from deep; Tsonga has made 42% from inside. Attacking.

  21. - - NADAL 3-2 The Spaniard holds under serious pressure from a bouyant Tsonga who is asking most of the questions. If he can get this, it would be deserved for Tsonga. Nadal has to regain his composure, making too many errors.

  22. - - NADAL 2-2 Nadal goes long after doing well at the baseline; then Tsonga attacks the net with a cute drop shot volley. Dad liked that one. But Nadal hits back to level, an error from Tsonga too. But a brave volley at the net gives the Frenchman game point, which he takes as Nadal misses.

  23. - - NADAL 2-1 Tsonga dominates the opening point from the baseline as Nadal chucks himself about in vain, netting on the run in the end. But Nadal levels with some aggressive play off his forehand, Tsonga stranded as he pings one into the corner. Tsonga is angry with himself after an error, but an angry Tsonga is still fairly bubbly. Long return next and, after that early wobble, Nadal holds with a killer serve.

  24. - - NADAL 1-1 Tsonga drops one into the net, but still leads 40-30 on serve. Disappointing end to the game as Nadal mis-hits a forehand, much like you or I would: it lands almost directly in front of a confused Spaniard, who thought he'd hit it flush.

  25. - - NADAL 1-0 Nadal needs to start this set well and he does, dropping just one point as he holds with some solid serves. The game-winner, off second serve, comes from a long Tsonga return.

  26. - - NADAL 2-7 SET! Tsonga had so many chances to break in that first set and now it looks like he's carried that form into the tie break. 5-2 up with two serves and the first draws both men to the net, Tsonga volleying away for four set points!! Taken with an ace! Tsonga takes the set and the crowd goes wild!

  27. - - NADAL 2-4 Tsonga clips the net and Nadal seems to have won it as his pinger is put wide by Tsonga - but Nadal misjudges it, diving to make contact and thus lose the point. Then a Tsonga double fault to even the karma and the score at 2-2. But a big winner and a sweet finish from Tsonga gives him a mini-break before they stop for, um, a mini-break. 2-4.

  28. - - NADAL 6-6 Oooh! Just in as Nadal goes 30-0 up, Tsonga's challenge overruled as it clipped the corner. And he holds to love with a close-call of a winner and a Tsonga return into the net. Tiebreak!

  29. - - NADAL 5-6 The first double-fault of the night goes to Tsonga early in this game. Good serve-volley too, Nadal only able to net, and it's 40-15. Tsonga with a poor error, cannonning Nadal's return to Brixton and then some, but he holds with a cool backhand volley at the net.

  30. - - NADAL 5-5 Great first serve from Nadal down the middle - an official review though... No, it clipped the edge. A rapid rally is lost by Tsonga as he overhits exhuberantly. 5-5!

  31. - - NADAL 4-5 The first point goes to Tsonga with a swooping shot from the baseline. Robert Pires looks on, pleased. Va va voom. Van Persie also knocking about I am told. But a mistake from JW as he skews a forehand wide. A super rally from Tsonga next, which he wins as his spinning backhand forces Nadal into the net. Brilliant drop volley in the build-up. Next though Nadal's serve-volley is too much for Tsonga. 30-30. Key game this.

  32. - - There are a load of footballers here tonight, by the way. We spotted Thierry Henry earlier while Arsenal's Andrei Arshavin and Manchester City's Joe Hart are in the crowd for the evening session. Riche.

  33. - - NADAL 4-5 Nice ace from Tsonga to move 30-15 up. A drop-volley combo at the net makes it 40-15 to London's delight. In case you didn't know, Tsonga is hugely popular here, his charming manner and acrobatic style of play make him a favourite for many Britons. He holds, incidentally, Nadal serving to stay in the set.

  34. - - NADAL 4-4 Just long from Tsonga, shame as he really went for that return off second serve, Nadal floundering. Nadal holds with a superb forehand wide, crushing it away with both hands. More like it from Rafa.

  35. - - NADAL 3-4. Tsonga isn't fooled by an angled return and kills the winner. Ace out wide, 30-0. And he holds to love with a forehand winner, as he was reversing too. Tonsga playing the better tennis but even-stevens!

  36. - - NADAL 3-3 A lovely lob from Tsonga after drawing Nadal to the net with a cute drop shot! Tsonga is playing brilliantly and should be a break up by now. As is stands it is 0-30 on Nadal's serve, a half-chance at this stage... An error on a rally he was dictating though, long with his forehand, and it's 15-30. A great rally follows that Nadal wins as he makes a miraculous Tonga flick at the net. Nadal threads a pass through the narrowest gap, game point, holding as Tsonga returns long. Big hold.

  37. - - NADAL 2-3 Tell you what, Tsonga is up for this as he again bombs 40-0 up with his heavy serve; he nets from Nadal's return though and it's 40-15. Only delaying the hold though as Tsonga noncholantly clips a deft drop across the net.

  38. - - NADAL 2-2 Tsonga sends his next return long and it is deuce. That was a big chance. And a crowd-pleasing rally sees Tsonga move quickly to the net, making him easy prey to Nadal's power from deep after an admittedly brilliant volley. And Nadal holds from advantage as Tsonga pings a return into the net. An escape in my view.

  39. - - NADAL 1-2 First blood to Tsonga in this game as he returns with interest; Then he slams a return outside Nadal after a weak serve from the Spaniard. Nadal brings it back to 15-30 as Tsonga's next return gains little momentum and nets. Then Nadal misses a volley at net - after he went to second serve - and Tsonga has two break points! First serve is wide... and the second sees Tsonga go a bit long but not called out - umpire stops play as he saw it long. It was. 30-40. Nice tache too.

  40. - - NADAL 1-2 Tsonga powers his way to 40-0, Nadal unable to get anything on his serves. Finally he can return, and Tsonga is sufficiently surprised that he nets. The Frenchman holds anyway as Nadal's next return flies out.

  41. - - NADAL 1-1 On deuce then and Nadal spins in a swift serve down the middle, backhand return out. And he holds with a flat, vicious winner off Tsonga's controlled return.

  42. - - NADAL 0-1 A very tough start for Tsonga then but he managed to hold on. He also does well to smack a crosscourt forehand away from Nadal, who was on second serve: 40-30. And deuce as Tonsga batters the Nadal backhand on a rally that sees the Frenchman hit it harder and harder into the corner until the world number two finally skew it wide. Good serve Nadal though, Tsonga netting, but a killer return makes it deuce again!

  43. - - NADAL 0-1. Tsonga drops the first point but whips out an ace at 133mph to level. He slips on the next rally but Nada fails to capitalise when he nets, possibly distracted by the clatter of raquet and 200lb man on the hard court. He takes the next point though and, with Tsonga on second serve, goes two break-points up as Tsonga fluffs it low into the net from the baseline. An error for sure. Tsonga pulls one back with a forehand into the corner. And he puts some extra pace on his serve to hold.

  44. - - NADAL 0-0 This match is underway. Tsonga to serve first.

  45. 20:00 - They've been out hitting for a spell and are now readying themselves for the start of this match.

  46. 19:55 - HEAD TO HEAD: It has been a good year for Tsonga, who appears back on track after a few dodgy years and has won two titles so far this season, to Nadal's three. 2011 ATP calendar

  47. 19:50 - HEAD TO HEAD: Unsurprisingly Nadal leads 6-2, but Tsonga has some recent form against the Spaniard - he beat Nadal 6-7(3) 6-4 6-1 at Queen's this season, although soon afterwards lost to the clay master in the Davis Cup semis. ATP Rankings

  48. 19:45 - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of this ATP World Tour Finals round-robin clash between world number two Rafael Nadal and the sixth-ranked Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. This is a must-win match for both men, who were beaten by Roger Federer but dispatched Mardy Fish. They are on court at 8pm, expected to start soon after.

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 17/04/1985
Height 1.88 m
Weight 91 kg

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