Andy Murray - Gilles Muller Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray476--
LuxembourgG Muller660--

Live Comments

  1. - - Talk about a game of two halves. Murray was two points away from going out but, from the second-set tie-break, he was frankly incredible. Next up for the top seed is Marcos Baghdatis. ATP Brisbane drawsheet

  2. - - MURRAY: 4-6 7-6(3) 6-0 GAME SET AND MATCH! Bagel. Wow. Not a great start to this game as Muller DFs, and then a brilliant curling winner on the dive from Murray, classic shot from him to go 30-0 up. And another double fault to give Murray three match points! Muller pulls one back but he's only staving ff the inevitable as the next rally sees the Luxembourger go long. The final set as convincing for Murray as the first was unconvincing.

  3. - - MURRAY: 4-6 7-6(3) 5-0 First blood to Muller here after an entertaining point of volleys and lobs sees the Luzembourger able to smash one away. And second point goes to him too as Murray now is in danger of taking his eye off the ball. Vicious serve through the middle though, 15-30, and he batters a few more in to hold. Could be a third-set bagel here, Muller serving to stay in Brisbane.

  4. - - MURRAY: 4-6 7-6(3) 4-0 BREAK! Muller has collapsed as Murray goes 30-0 up thanks to a good solid return and some rotten serving. Muller angrily smashes it away though, pulling one back, but makes a poor error as he slices one into the net with Murray stranded. Two more break points... Taken as another unforced mistake sees Muller shank a forehand wide from the baseline - well wide too.

  5. - - MURRAY: 4-6 7-6(3) 3-0 Muzzah's got his groove on but blots his copybook by double-faulting at 40-0. He holds nonetheless, with another ace. Whoosh. Drinks are taken...

  6. - - MURRAY: 4-6 7-6(3) 2-0 BREAK! Murray is on fire now, sinking a forehand pass to make it break point at 30-40... First serve is out, and the second is smacked back for Muller to spoon his forehand wide! Break Murray!

  7. - - MURRAY: 4-6 7-6(3) 1-0 Murray starts the final set with a bunch of aces as he holds to love. Clearly bouyed by that tie-break and that frankly incredible shot which brought up the match points.

  8. - - MURRAY: 4-6 7-6(3) SET MURRAY! The next point sees Murray overhit a forehand but it's still three set points... only two now as Muller sinks a vicious return off the line. but a lovely sweeping forehand while off balance leaves Muller for dead and Murray takes the second set.

  9. - - MURRAY: 4-6 6-6(6-3) An incredible point from Murray! Muller had beaten him with a drop, but Murray met it and spun it across the net - Muller again made it, drifting it across the net himself and, with Murray seemingly beaten in the corner, he played it through his legs to leave Muller floundering! Four set points...

  10. - - MURRAY: 4-6 6-6(5-2) The Scot is in charge of this tie-break as he keeps serve and gets another mini-break, 5-2 now.

  11. - - MURRAY: 4-6 6-6(3-1) Via an unsuccessful Muller challenge, Murray zips a mini-break up but the Scot can't return serve and it's 3-1.

  12. - - PS the scoring for ATP Brisbane is not working at the moment. It is a technical bug and something we have no access to. We are told engineers are working on it. The score is 6-4 6-6 to Muller.

  13. - - MURRAY: 4-6 6-6 The point was crucial and Murray took it with a cute drop shot after what seemed like an impossible leaning volley across the net from Muller. Ace to hold and it's a second-set tie-break!

  14. - - MURRAY: 4-6 5-6 Murray pings one clear of Muller after a baseline rally. A similar exchange follows but this time Murray gets it wrong, going a fraction wide. Then a lucky Murray twice uses the net in a point he wins as the second fluke - a power double-hander that almost takes the white off - leaves Muller stranded but lands in. Then Murray nets after some very crisp forehands from Muller. 30-30. This next point is crucial...

  15. - - MURRAY: 4-6 5-6 Muller races 40-0 up as Murray has no answer to his serve and baseline combinations. I've been really impressed by Muller today, great variation in his shot making and some powerful serves - like the one he brings out to hold to love. Murray again serving to stay in the match.

  16. - - MURRAY: 4-6 5-5 Wonderful rally sees Muller level to 15-15 as he flies about with volleys at the net, the backhand on the spin landing beyond Murray. But Murray bites back with some strong serves and he holds to 15.

  17. - - MURRAY: 4-6 4-5 Muller with an ace that Murray almost challenges but decides not to. Mind-games surely. 40-0 now as a brave Muller comes to net and harasses Murray into netting. And an unreturnable serve makes it a love hold and Murray must serve to stay in the match!

  18. - - MURRAY 4-6 4-4: Murray is at his happiest controlling points from deep and he does so, mixing up the angles of his approaches and executions as Muller eventually nets. Then a wicked pass on the move sees Murray hold, having come back from two break points that would have left Muller serving for the match.

  19. - - MURRAY: 4-6 3-4 After a rest and a change of ends the second set restarts. Murray drops the first two points on serve and he's in a spot of bother here but he brings one back with a strong serve. But a double fault follows and two break points! The next return is long, as is the next, two big serves at a crucial time and it's deuce.

  20. - MURRAY: 4-6 3-4 Murray with a failed challenge on a wide return and soon Muller is 30-0 up. His next return, off second serve, skews wide and Muller holds to love with another ace.

  21. - - MURRAY: 4-6 3-3 Rally one sees Muller go a touch wide with a pass attempt. Muller levels but nets the next return and bosses the remainder of the game to hold. New balls...

  22. - - MURRAY: 4-6 2-3 Muller holds to 30 with a nice firm serve that Murray merely touches en route to the barriers.

  23. - - MURRAY: 4-6 2-2 BREAK BACK! And in some style. A sluggish Murray makes a few mistakes to give break point to Muller, but he takes it with an outrageous lob that he only just made sliding in after a crowd-pleasing point of volleys and dives. Murray in real trouble now.

  24. - - MURRAY: 4-6 2-1 Murray nets as he dives in vain to meet the drop shot, Muller's fave today. And Muller holds with a cute pass after Murray's return leaves him out of position. Ball change.

  25. - - MURRAY: 4-6 2-0 An unsuccessful challenge from Muller on his first serve, with Murray sinking the return off his second to take an early lead. Almost a great point by Murray as he corners Muller but the sliced drop shot lands long. Then an ace for 40-15 but Murray glides a ferocious return across Muller to bring it back. Murray levels, barely moving as he smacks some heavy shots with nasty topspin, the last one leaving Muler stranded. Deuce.

  26. - - MURRAY: 4-6 2-0 Murray zips 40-0 up as Muller is unable to do anything with his returns, but he pulls one back off second serve as his return and follow up have just too much power. Then Murray goes long after dictating the point and it's 40-30. Holds with a serve-volley.

  27. - - MURRAY: 4-6 1-0 - BREAK! Advantage Muller now after a strong second serve but Murray responds with an acrobatic two-handed return to make it deuce once more. Then an unforced error from Muller, landing a drop from the net about half a yard wide, and it's break point Murray... First serve wide - just - and the second is battered back by Murray, a stunned Muller only able to fluff his volley long! And a break!

  28. - - MURRAY: 0-0 Muller to serve again and he moves 30-0 up as Murray underhits a forehand, moving awkwardly and feeling the top of his knee. The Briton pulls one back though and levels with a big return. he almost gets break point but is denied by a monster shot from Muller, half-volleying just beyond the stretching Scot just as it seemed he'd beaten him. But deuce now as a riled Muzzah sends Muller to the deck...

  29. - - Well after a solid first nine games where he was barely threatened on serve and tested Muller on his, Murray fell apart and allowed the unfancied Luxembourger to break to love. How will he respond? He was similarly slack yesterday too...

  30. - - MURRAY: 4-6 - SET MULLER! Murray has to yell 'challenge' a few times before his is heeded - his shot was called out, and it was. Waste as it looked a good half yard wide. 0-30. And now three break points as Murray inexplicably slices a simple shot into the net!! And taken as Murray goes long following a decent return! Shocking game under the slightest of pressure, a love break and the set!

  31. - - MURRAY: 4-5 A tough hold for Muller as Murray makes him work off 30-30. But Muller is playing well and, despite a fierce return, controls the final point before a diving Murray spins it long. Murray serving to stay in the set although in truth has not been tested on his serve.

  32. - - MURRAY: 4-4 Muzzah has a stop and chat with the umpire, not sure why. He's annoyed about something and, after netting his next first serve, has another word. Inaudible to me alas. Murray is letting this get to him, I think it may be his knee you know and he's discussing whether he needs treatment. 30-30 now but Murray is not deceived by a heavy deflection Muller's return takes off the net, 40-30. Holds he does as Muller nets his next return.

  33. - - MURRAY: 3-4 ACE! Great response from Muller following that manic point. 193kph. Muller holds as he sends Murray the wrong way with his serve-approach combi, Murray having to try a reverse-flick, which nets.

  34. - - MURRAY: 3-3 Murray sinks a killer return to level at 15-15. An ace follows though - so Murray follows with something approaching his a-game, a wondrous pass with a flat forehand, down the line when all had seemed lost on that point. Then a brilliant return but Muller reads it and fires one wide enough such that Murray can only net. Some brilliant points follow around deuce now as Murray somehow makes Muller's drop to level a second time.

  35. - - MURRAY: 3-3 A super rally delights the Aussie crowd as Muller levels at 15-15, Murray only just failing to get his moving, diving half-volley over. Game Murray though as a double-backhand and two aces flash by Muller in a matter of seconds.

  36. - - MURRAY: 2-3 A love hold for Muller, a really good game as he moved 40-0 up with a delicate drop-shot almost from the baseline. He won it as Murray almost lobbed him with the return, landing just long.

  37. - - MURRAY: 2-2 A vicious Murray ace to kick off this service game, measured at a slick 200kph. Muller can't keep his next two returns in and it's 40-0, but he pulls one back with a cute double-hander wide of Murray, who moved a touch early. An ace to hold, but Muller challenges... overruled, clearly in.

  38. - - MURRAY: 1-2 After one heck of a test by Murray, Muller finally holds as he smacks a volleyed smash away after Murray can only spin his backhand return weakly up in the air. The first sign of Murray's strength from deep.

  39. - - MURRAY: 1-1 After winning the first point, Muller slips behind as Murray exploits his second serve with his trademark cagey baseline tactics. Muller levels with a fine serve but a cracking backhand on the move by Murray gives the Scot break point. Deuce now as Muller booms in a strong serve that Murray can only spoon up for the smash. Valiant from Murray to meet the Muller drop, but he spins it wide. But deuce again as Murray dominates with his forehand and Muller nets...

  40. - - MURRAY: 1-1 The top seed blitzes his way to 40-0 but double-faults. He holds with a savage ace down the middle though.

  41. - - MURRAY: 0-1 Muller wins the first point with a smash after taking control of a baseline rally with a zipping forehand pass that sent Murray scuttling. The first ace follows, but Murray pulls one back as Muller nets. But the match starts with a hold as he serve-volleys well, finishing it off with a cute backhand at the net.

  42. - - HEAD TO HEAD: They have only played the once before, Murray winning their Davis Cup clash last season in straight sets.

  43. - - The pair exchange serves and volleys for a few minutes, Muller having won the toss and elected to serve first.

  44. - - The players will be on court shortly.

  45. - - The winner of this match will face Marcos Baghdatis after he beat Kei Nishikori 6-3 6-4. BRISBANE DRAWSHEET

  46. - - Yesterday the world number four recovered from a set down to beat Mikhail Kukushkin 5-7 6-3 6-2 as he began his Australian Open preparations. MURRAY SURVIVES EARLY SCARE

  47. - - Andy Murray faces Gilles Muller in the second round of his first tournament of the season, the Brisbane International.

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

Gilles Muller

Nationality LUX
Date of Birth 09/05/1983
Height 1.93 m
Weight 92 kg

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