Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
BelarusV Azarenka616--
BelgiumK Clijsters463--

Live Comments

  1. - - So Azarenka is through to the final where she will face the winner of our next match between fourth seed Maria Sharapova and world number two Petra Kvitova

  2. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 3-6 – GAME, SET & MATCH – A shocking double fault, clearly very nervy, squanders the first ... but she gets it at the second attempt when Clijsters sends a cross court backhand wide

  3. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 3-5 0-40 – Clijsters just trying to force the issue as she hits three errors, the last being a backand into the net off a shorter ball, and it is THREE MATCH POINTS TO AZARENKA ...

  4. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 3-5 – BREAK – A shocking game from Clijsters, despite the overwhelming roar of support from the crowd, and she hands Azarenka three more break points with a double fault. She saves the first with an off-forehand winner across court and the second with a cross court drive volley followed by a backhand stop volley winner. But Azarenka does break on the third with smash winner. She will serve for a place in the final ...

  5. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 3-4 – BREAK – Two huge forehands across court draw two forehand replies into the net from Azarenka as Clijsters applies the pressure from 40-0 down on the Belarusian’s serve. And she levels at deuce when Azarenka gets unlucky with a net cord that she’s her backhand drop back on her side of the net. And, after four deuces, Azarenka sends a drive volley wide across court to hand Clijsters a break back point. AND SHE BREAKS BACK when Azarenka hits into the net!

  6. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 2-4 – Clijsters stops the rot with a quick and easy service hold to love when Azarenka sends a forehand long. She needs to find a way back into the Belarusian’s serve and quickly though if she is to stay in this

  7. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 1-4 – A much better service game this time around from Azarenka as she holds to 15 to consolidate the break, pushing Clijsters back behind the baseline again and forcing consecutive errors, one long and one into the net, from the Belgian

  8. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 1-3 – BREAK –Azarenka again climbs all over the Belgian’s second serve to earn herself two more break points. The first goes begging while Clijsters saves the second with a shoulder-height drive off a short ball up at the net. And the Belgian brings the crowd to their feet with a beautiful backhand touch volley winner after a long rally to set up game point but it goes begging and Azarenka gets another break chance when Clijsters hits long. A double hands the game to Azarenka

  9. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 1-2 – BREAK – Azarenka is clearly trying to talk herself into a positive headspace in between every point but three cheap errors and Clijsters has three break back points. The first goes begging despite some awesome defence from Kim, her cross court backhand catching the top of the tape and going wide. And the second is wasted with a backhand long from Clijsters. But she is handed the break on a double fault from Azarenka

  10. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 0-2 – BREAK – This time it’s Clijsters turn to look nervy as she slaps down an error followed by a couple of cracking returns from Azarenka. She has been all over the second serve of Clijsters since the first point but then she finds a huge forehand return off the first serve as well to break to love

  11. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 0-1 – Clijsters looks a little unsure of herself as she hangs back instead of plucking the ball out of the air and it gives Azarenka the chance to take the first point. But Azarenka looks equally nervous as she slaps down a double fault and also as she hands Clijsters an early break point. The Belarusian saves it a huge serve that Clijsters can only return long and goes on to hold after back-to-back netted forehands from Clijsters

  12. - - It's a final set shootout now. Who will hold their nerve the better? Answers on a postcard, please

  13. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 6-1 – SET – Clijsters quickly races out to three set points when Azarenka fails to land her backhand return ... but only one is needed as Clijsters fires a first serve out wide before following it with a backhand winner down the line. We’re going to a third set!

  14. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 5-1 – Clijsters denies Azarenka on game point by pushing her wide with a cross court forehand to open up the court and then firing a backhand winner across in the other direction. The Belarusian earns herself another chance though with a great first serve and sliced backhand drop shot winner and this time she goes on to hold when Clijsters hits a forehand into the net. She will serve for the set next though

  15. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 5-0 – Azarenka has lost it completely now as three straight errors, including an off-forehand wide across court and a forehand into the net hand Clijsters three break points. And a backhand return of serve long on the next point from Azarenka sees the Belgian hold to consolidate the double break. The best thing the Belarusian can do now is try to re-group for the decisive third set

  16. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 4-0 – BREAK – Azarenka follows a double fault with a great first serve and, a few shots later, a forehand drive volley winner to get herself a game point from 30-30 but a low forehand into the net allows Clijsters back to deuce. Azarenka saves a first break point with a big forehand that Clijsters can only return long but the Belgian gets it at the second attempt when Azarenka hits a backhand long

  17. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 3-0 – Azarenka is beginning to look a little rattled as she sends first a forehand down the line long, followed by a shocking miss on a smash with an open court to let Clijsters off the hook and hand her a game point. And it’s a game point she takes full advantage of when an Azarenka sends a backhand just long after a lengthy rally

  18. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 2-0 – BREAK – A brilliant game from Clijsters as she peppers the baseline with a series of ground-strokes drawing consecutive errors from Azarenka and earning herself three break points in the process. Only one is needed though and she gets the early break in this set

  19. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 1-0 – Clijsters draws Azarenka into the net with a defensive backhand on the stretch before whipping a cross court forehand across court winner. And she goes on to hold for the opening game of the second set, much to the crowd’s delight as they try to lift Aussie Kim

  20. - - There is a huge amount riding on this match for Azarenka - a first Grand Slam final and the world number one ranking. Will she get nervous as this match goes on? Clijsters has got to be hoping the answer is yes!

  21. - - CLIJSTERS 4-6 – SET – Azarenka is simply absorbing everything she can on the backhand wing, firing across court for Clijsters to return into the net. And it brings up two more set points ... only one is needed though as Clijsters can only return a huge first serve wide across court off the backhand wing

  22. - - CLIJSTERS 4-5 –Again it goes begging when Azarenka hits long but a double fault from Clijsters quickly hands her a second. Again Azarenka can’t take advantage and hits a forehand long but this time Clijsters saves it with a forehand winner down the line before going on to hold. Azarenka will still have the chance to serve it out after the change of ends though

  23. - - CLIJSTERS 3-5 40-Ad – A slack forehand into the net followed by an off-forehand wide across court after a long, brutal rally and a double fault from Clijsters give Azarenka a look in at deuce. Azarenka denies Clijsters on another game point with a forehand passing shot winner across court, after Kim had opened up the court by running round her backhand and a low backhand into the net hands Vika a first set point.

  24. - - CLIJSTERS 3-5 – A huge game from Azarenka as she holds to leave herself potentially just one game from taking this first set. The Belarusian for the most part is keeping Clijsters pinned back behind the baseline, although Kim stays in one point for way longer than most players would manage doing the splits not once but twice on her way to two stretched forehands

  25. - - CLIJSTERS 3-4 – Clijsters holds once again, with a huge first serve and forehand winner combo, although she remains a break down,

  26. - - CLIJSTERS 2-4 – Azarenka continues her apparent plan to keep the crowd at arms length as she asks the umpire to get them to keep quiet, which prompts a chuckle around Rod Laver Arena. But the Belarusian doesn’t care, bringing up two game points with a cross court forehand winner. Clijsters denies her on the first with a huge cross court backhand winner which she lands right on the sideline, but she holds to 30 when Kim hits a backhand into the net

  27. - - CLIJSTERS 2-3 – As the Red Arrows do their traditional Australia Day flyover, Azarenka’s grunting is completely drowned out by the noise! Not necessarily a good thing though as the Red Arrows are insanely loud themselves and even the usually super-speedy Clijsters takes her time between points. The Belgian does hold to 30 though with a forehand winner whipped across court

  28. - - CLIJSTERS 1-3 – Clijsters immediately sets up two break back points by working Azarenka around the back of the court once more. The Belarusian saves the first with a great first serve and backhand winner combo while the second goes begging when Clijsters sends her forehand return long. Aussie Kim gets a third chance after a defensive forehand into the net from Azarenka but pulls a cross court forehand wide while Azarenka saves a fourth with a backhand winner and she eventually goes on to hold

  29. - - CLIJSTERS 1-2 – BREAK – Clijsters misses a forehand by a long way to hand Azarenka of the first point of the game before going on to miss a backhand wide down the line three points later and hand the Belarusian two break points. The Belgian saves the first with a vicious off-forehand that Azarenka can only roll back into the net. But Azarenka gets it at the second attempt, belting an off-forehand return of serve across court for a winner on the second serve

  30. - - CLIJSTERS 1-1 – Azarenka looks to be cruising towards a love service hold before Clijsters sends a well-disguised backhand drop shot just over the net to snatch a point. But the Belarusian recovers quickly to hold when Clijsters fails to land a forehand return

  31. - - CLIJSTERS 1-0 – A pretty solid start for Clijsters as she gets straight down to her game plan by moving Azarenka around the court and eventually finding the winner by over-stretching the Belarusian. Clijsters is by far the better defender out on court today and that could end up being the decisive factor in this match

  32. - - Clijsters will get the clash underway by serving first ...

  33. - - In reaching this stage, both players have dropped just the one set; Clijsters to Li Na in the fourth round and Azarenka to Agnieszka Radwanska in the quarter-finals

  34. - - The players are out on court; Clijsters in typical straight-forward style, Azarenka with her headphones in, hood up, swaggering out on to court like a boxer walking to the ring

  35. - - These two have faced each other six times before with Clijsters holding a 4-2 lead in their head-to-head record. Only two of those six meetings have gone to three sets and only two of them happened last year, one in Sydney and one in Miami with the two players splitting it at one win apiece

  36. - - After yesterday’s outcast day, it’s another gorgeously sunny day in Melbourne as everyone enjoys a public holiday for Australia Day. Perfect tennis conditions

  37. - - Hello and welcome to the first of the women’s semi-finals between defending champion Kim Clijsters and third seed Victoria Azarenka

Kim Clijsters

Nationality BEL
Date of Birth 08/06/1983
Height 1.74 m
Weight 68 kg

Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.83 m
Weight 66 kg

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