Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
DENC Wozniacki67---
J Jankovic05---

Live Comments

  1. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 7-5 – GAME, SET & MATCH – Wozniacki works her way up to the net and slams down a vicious shoulder height forehand volley to bring up TWO MATCH POINTS ... She only needs the one though as she wraps up the match when Jankovic sends a forehand just long of the baseline

  2. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 6-5 – BREAK – A poor game from Jankovic as she hands Wozniacki the break back immediately, slapping a forehand down the line into the net (after running round the ball) to hand the Dane the break point, before repeating it on the opposite wing to concede the break. Wozniacki will have a second chance to serve out this match

  3. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 5-5 – BREAK – Despite Jankovic getting a little lucky with a backhand return that literally rolls over the net, Wozniacki earns herself a first match point when the Serb hits a return into the net. It goes begging with a forehand into the net and a backhand wide then hands Jankovic a break point, which she gets when Wozniacki sends a forehand long down the line. It’s all square again

  4. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 5-3 – Jankovic slaps down a double fault after Wozniacki asks for something to be cleared from the back of the court, and it leaves the Dane at 15-30 against. But Jankovic does well to bounce back and holds with a cross court forehand volley winner. Wozniacki will have to serve out this match if she wants it

  5. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 5-3 – Wozniacki saves a first break point with a brave challenge mid-rally that is proven to be right by the smallest margin. Jankovic squanders a second with a forehand wide across court and a third with a forehand wide down the line. Wozniacki then earns herself a game point, getting back a series of shots she had no right to until Jankovic went for the powerhouse winner and missed it, and eventually, Wozniacki goes on to hold. Jankovic will have to serve to stay in it

  6. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 4-3 – There are definitely signs of life from Jankovic and Wozniacki is aware as she lets out a little yell of “come on” when Jankovic hits long to hand the Dane a game point. But Jankovic comes fighting back and eventually holds with a forehand winner. This match is not over yet!

  7. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 4-2 – BREAK – Jankovic get a glimpse of light at 0-30 after a couple of slightly sloppy points from Wozniacki. She fails to take advantage, allowing Wozniacki back to 30-30 with two unforced errors, but then steps it up again coming in for a drive volley forehand winner down the line to earn herself a first break point of the match. Wozniacki saves it but Jankovic breaks at the second attempt with a forehand winner

  8. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 4-1 – BREAK – A double fault does not help Jankovic’s cause as Wozniacki earns herself another two break points. The first goes begging when Jankovic finds a forehand winner but a double on the second gifts the Dane the second break in this set

  9. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 3-1 – Wozniacki holds with another serve that Jankovic fails to return in play. The Serb really has had no read on Wozniacki’s serve so far today, getting nowhere near a break

  10. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 2-1 – BREAK – Another forehand winner from Wozniacki brings up two more break points as she looks to get what could be the decisive break in this second set. But she only needs the one as Jankovic hits into the net

  11. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 1-1 – Another solid service hold from Wozniacki sees her get her second set underway, and keep all the pressure firmly on Jankovic’s shoulders

  12. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 0-1 – Jankovic is clearly furious with herself for dropping that first set with such little fight but she will feel better now that she is off the mark with a hold to 15, and a forehand winner down the line to seal it

  13. - - WOZNIACKI 6-0 – SET – There’s a glimpse of light for Jankovic when she steps inside the line to drill a forehand winner across court that even Wozniacki cannot get too. But its short-lived as Wozniacki quickly holds to seal the set with another solid serve that Jankovic can only return into the net

  14. - - WOZNIACKI 5-0 – BREAK – Jankovic appears to be heading towards a service hold when Wozniacki makes her first unforced error of the night. But the Dane quickly bounces back and breaks for a third straight time with a solid forehand return that Jankovic can only slap into the net. Wozniacki will serve for the first set after the change of ends with just 31 minutes on the clock

  15. - - WOZNIACKI 4-0 – Wozniacki is really beginning to run away with this match now as she holds to 15, racing up to a shorter defensive ball from Jankovic and burying the forehand down the line

  16. - - WOZNIACKI 3-0 – BREAK – Another very tough service game for Jankovic as Wozniacki forces her to deuce before going on to break at the second attempt with a ferocious backhand down the line

  17. - - WOZNIACKI 2-0 – In contrast to Jankovic’s opening service hold, Wozniacki races through a love service hold, sealing it with a backhand winner down the line, albeit well inside, when Jankovic fails to get much on the return

  18. - - WOZNIACKI 1-0 – BREAK – A hugely lengthy game to open up the match, including five deuces and several scrambling points, eventually comes to an end in a break for the current world number one as she finds a huge smash across court. Settle in folks, this is what we are in for all night

  19. - - Coming up now is world number one Caroline Wozniacki against former world number one Jelena Jankovic

Caroline Wozniacki

Nationality DEN
Date of Birth 11/07/1990
Height 1.77 m
Weight 63 kg

Jelena Jankovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 28/02/1985
Height 1.77 m
Weight 59 kg

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