Tomáš Berdych - Rafael Nadal Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal6766-
Czech RepublicT Berdych7643-

Live Comments

  1. - - So Rafael Nadal will face Roger Federer in the semi-final on Thursday. Excited? We will have all the action here from 8.30am (UK time) so join us again then!

  2. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4 6-3 – GAME, SET & MATCH – Another beautiful, curled running forehand winner down the line from Rafa, followed by a dinked forehand winner across court off a drop shot, and an off-forehand winner across court and Nadal finally has THREE MATCH POINTS ... Fittingly he grabs it with a vicious forehand return of serve that Berdych can do nothing with and NADAL IS THROUGH TO THE SEMI-FINALS!

  3. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4 5-3 – Nadal absolutely unloads on an off-forehand across court that goes for a winner to take him to 30-0 before Berdych lets rip in return with a forehand winner down the line. But Nadal repeats his off-forehand again and goes on to hold, despite a double fault, to leave Berdych serving to stay in the match

  4. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4 4-3 – Rafa absolutely belts a cross court backhand return of serve right onto the sideline on the angle to bring up another break point. Berdych saves it with a service winner down the centre of the court before Nadal repeats his backhand return of serve winner to bring up a second break point. Again Berdych saves it though and he goes on to hold with yet another ace

  5. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4 4-2 – Berdych earns himself two break back points with a forehand winner down the line after running around the ball. Nadal saves the first with a wrong-footing forehand down the line before being left furious when Berdych makes a return, sees his response is going out and then asks (and is allowed) to challenge. Nadal has to make a second serve but justice is done when he saves it and goes on to hold

  6. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4 3-2 – Berdych saves a break point with a great serve down the line, forehand approach shot down the line and forehand cross court volley winner and, despite having to endure Nadal deny him on a number of game points, the Czech goes on to hold when Rafa just narrowly sends a cross court forehand wide. Berdych is clinging on, albeit by his fingertips

  7. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4 3-1 – Nadal holds to 15 to stay ahead in this fourth set and keep all the frustration over on Berdych’s side of the net

  8. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4 2-1 – Better from Berdych on serve as he holds to love, book-ending his game with aces. Can he come up with again thing against the Nadal serve though because the damage could already be done

  9. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4 2-0 – Berdych is beginning to look beaten now as Nadal consolidates the break with a hold to 15. Berdych is still thumping the ball but it just looks as though he is running out of ideas about what to try next

  10. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4 1-0 – BREAK – Not a great start to the set from Berdych as he finds himself 0-30 down. He recovers to 30-30 only to have Nadal set up a break point with a forehand winner. And an outrageous, running forehand passing shot winner from Nadal that goes out into the tramlines before curling back in and which he had to pick up basically off the court, seals the early break for the Spaniard

  11. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4 – SET – Nadal’s sixth ace of the day helps him on his way before Berdych dumps a backhand volley into the net to hand the Spaniard two set points. Only one is needed though as he thumps down an emphatic smash and takes the lead for the first time!

  12. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 5-4 – Berdych misses an absolute shocker of a shoulder-height backhand volley to squander a game point and allow Nadal back to deuce. The Spaniard earns himself a set point but can’t take advantage, instead returning a serve long, and Berdych comes back to hold with a service winner. Nadal will still serve for the set after the change of ends though

  13. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 5-3 – Nadal takes another step towards getting in front, sets-wise, for the first time in this match as he holds to 15 with a couple of forays into the net. Berdych will have to serve to stay in this third set. But we know what happened at the end of the second when he was in this same position

  14. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 4-3 – Berdych gets back on track with his serve, albeit still trailing by a break, with a much more comfortable service hold to 15

  15. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 4-2 – Berdych was pretty upset during the change of ends with umpire Carlos Bernardes about an issue with the balls. Two had gone missing and, although Berdych got the option of getting two more during the game, there was a mis-understanding and he’s clearly not happy. Nadal ignores it all and comes back out to hold with ease when Berdych sends a forehand wide down the line

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  17. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 3-2 – BREAK – A double fault from Berdych costs him the chance to hold and sneak in front for the first time in this set. And another game point goes begging two points later when Berdych sends an off-balance backhand into the net. Nadal earns himself a break point when Berdych hits long and takes full advantage with a dipping backhand return of serve that Berdych can only half-volley back into the net

  18. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 2-2 – Berdych denies Nadal on a first game point with a huge forehand return of serve winner but the Spaniard recovers to go on and hold to deuce with an ace down the centre of the court

  19. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 1-2 – BREAK – Nadal races through a break back to love, picking off Berdych at the net with relish as he drills a backhand passing shot winner down the line. We’re back on serve in this third set

  20. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 0-2 – BREAK – A huge forehand return of serve from Berdych that Rafa can only return back into the net, hand the Czech three early break points in this set. Rafa saves the first with an ace down the centre of the court but he can do nothing about the second when Berdych comes up with another monster forehand across court that Rafa cannot get to

  21. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 0-1 – Berdych does well to put the disappointment of losing that second set behind him, finding a couple of aces as he holds with ease for the opening game of the third set

  22. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 7-6(6) – SET – Despite Berdych doing incredibly well to land a gorgeous forehand volley down the line, Nadal saves the set point when the Czech player sends an easier backhand volley wide. And this time Nadal goes on to earn himself a set point with a couple of huge forehands. AND NADAL DOES LEVEL UP when Berdych sends a forehand long. The Czech challenges but the ball was way out

  23. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 6-6(5-6) – TIE-BREAK – Just like in the first set, Berdych pegs Nadal back (after the Spaniard thinks he’s got a bit of breathing room) with a blistering forehand winner across court. Nadal sneaks out in front again, looking to serve volley but not being required to when Berdych hits into the net. But it is only on serve and it’s Berdych who gets a set point first with consecutive forehand winners, one across court and one down the line

  24. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 6-6(4-2) – TIE-BREAK – Nadal races out to a 4-1 lead before an off-forehand winner across court from Berdych, who went very wide to run around the ball, pegs him back to 4-2 at the change of ends

  25. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 6-6 – Nadal earns himself a set point with a huge forehand winner but Berdych does well to save it, with a huge serve followed by a volley winner, before setting up a game point which Rafa saves with an incredible running forehand passing shot winner down the line. But an ace and a forehand Nadal cannot return help Berdych to the hold. It will be a second set breaker

  26. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 6-5 – Nadal stops the rot with an important hold, mentally as much as on the scoreboard, and holds to sneak in front once again. Berdych will have to serve to stay in it again. We could be set for another breaker here

  27. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 5-5 – Berdych takes full advantage of getting that break back, racing through a love service hold to fully get things back on level terms. Nadal was chatting away during the change of ends, to no-one in particular, about all the points on which he feel he has been wronged so far in this match

  28. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 5-4 –BREAK – Berdych whacks a forehand return of serve followed by an unorthodox, but in this case effective, off forehand volley winner to earn himself two break back points. Berdych thinks he’s got the break back with a forehand down the line only for the ball to be shown out by a hawkeye challenge. But he gets it at the second attempt, again with a volley winner. We’re back on serve in this second set

  29. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 5-3 – Berdych opens with a huge ace, his fastest of the day, straight down the centre of the court before going on to hold without any drama and force Nadal to serve out this second set

  30. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 5-2 – Another very quick and cruisey service hold from Rafa and he is racing towards levelling up this match. Berdych will have to serve to stay in it after the change of ends

  31. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 4-2 – Consecutive aces followed by two big serves that Rafa can’t return in play help Berdych post a love service hold of his own, and that’ll feel huge to the Czech right now

  32. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 4-1 – Nadal is pumped now as he races through a love service hold to consolidate the break. Berdych may not get another chance from here on it, mind you he has been playing very well up until those last two games

  33. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 3-1 – BREAK – Nadal gives himself another talking to when he hits a forehand into the net to miss the opportunity of a break point. But he quickly rights the wrong when he drills a vicious forehand down the line for a winner on the next point. Berdych challenges, wrongly, and he is out of challenges already! And Nadal goes on to break with an off-forehand volley, but poor point from Berdych, he gave the ball right back to Rafa for that winning volley

  34. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 2-1 – Nadal holds once again, with a forehand that Berdych cannot return in play, and we’re staying on serve so far in this second set

  35. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 1-1 – Berdych holds from 30-30 with an ace followed by a great point when he finds a huge first serve followed by a forehand winner down the line off a mid-court ball

  36. - - NADAL 6-7(5) 1-0 – Nadal looks rattled after continuing his disagreement with the umpire during the change of ends and quickly finds himself two break points down. Berdych is a little unlucky on the first as he breaks a string on his return and misses a backhand volley as a result. But Nadal saves the second with an ace before going on to hold after consecutive errors from Berdych

  37. - - NADAL 6-7(5) – SET – A couple of beautiful points from Nadal, the first with a crunching forehand and then smash winner, hand him the mini-break. But a forehand just long across court followed by a huge backhand return of serve winner across court from Berdych see him level up and then earn himself a set point when Nadal fails to stop play and challenge on a ball clearly out from Berdych. Nadal is furious the call didn’t come but he could have stopped. And Berdych does take the set

  38. - - NADAL 6-6(3-3) – TIE-BREAK – There is still nothing to choose between the two players at the change of ends as they are all square with three points apeice

  39. - - NADAL 6-6 – Rafa finds himself 0-40 down when he hits an off-balance forehand into the net. The first goes begging when Berdych runs round the ball only to fire a forehand into the net, while Nadal does brilliantly well on the second with outrageous defence before finding a forehand passing shot winner across court. Nadal saves the third with a huge forehand, gives Berdych a fourth chance with a forehand volley into the net and saves it with another huge off-forehand. And Nadal holds. Tie-break.

  40. - - NADAL 5-6 – A great point from Berdych, defending hard and eventually coming out on top when Nadal hits long, to seal another hold to 15. Nadal will have to serve to stay in it once again after the change of ends, with the chance to force the breaker if he does hold

  41. - - NADAL 5-5 – Easy again for Nadal as he holds to 15 with a comfortable forehand smash winner from right up at the net. Anyone else sense a tie-break brewing?

  42. - - NADAL 4-5 – Berdych holds once again, Nadal first challenging on the final point then changing his mind and cancelling the challenge. The Czech is out in front once again and Nadal will have to serve to stay in this first set after the change of ends

  43. - - NADAL 4-4 – Rafa works his way into the net before finding a cross court forehand winner before an outrageously fast off-forehand into the corner, that Berdych can only return wide down the line, sees the Spaniard hold to love

  44. - - NADAL 3-4 – Berdych holds to love for another easily hold as this set begins to reach crunch point. A big serve out wide followed by an even bigger off-forehand across court back behind the recovering Nadal does the trick on game point

  45. - - NADAL 3-3 – Nadal is struggling when he misses his first serve, having only won one from four so far, as he misses a forehand to gift Berdych a first break point. Berdych misses his return though to squander it before going on to miss a couple of backhands. Nadal holds

  46. - - NADAL 2-3 – Berdych posts another comfortable hold of serve, Nadal’s only point of the game coming when he belts a forehand return of serve winner down the line. That was a bullet. It’s short-lived though as Berdych holds with an ace on the next point

  47. - - NADAL 2-2 – A double fault to open the game is not a great start for Rafa but he quickly bounces back to hold when Berdych first sends a forehand wide down the line before doing exactly the same on the backhand wing, on the next point

  48. - - NADAL 1-2 – Nadal takes control of the point with a series of increasingly aggressive forehands, whipping a winner across court. The ball is called out but Rafa challenges and is proven correct before Berdych hits out to allow the Spaniard back to 30-30. Another forehand long hands Rafa a break point which Berdych saves it with a vicious forehand after running round the ball. Rafa also has a second but again Berdych saves it before going on to hold

  49. - - NADAL 1-1 – Berdych finds a backhand winner for 30-30 but cannot make any more inroads to the Rafa serve as the Spaniard goes on to hold with a forehand winner

  50. - - NADAL 0-1 – Berdych makes a good start to the clash, opening with a hold to 15 when Nadal fails to land a forehand return of serve. The best point from the Czech’s point of view though was the second, with a big serve out wide, a cross court off-forehand and finally a forehand volley across into the open court for a winner

  51. - - Here we go then, Berdych won the toss and opted to serve first ...

  52. - - Don't forget you can watch this match, along with every other quarter-final today, on the Eurosport Player. Subscribe here

  53. - - These two have faced each other 13 times before and it does not make good reading for Berdych, as Nadal has won 10 of those encounters, including victories in their last nine meetings. Even worse, only one of those has seen Berdych take a set off Rafa, in the Miami Masters last year

  54. - - These two players already knows who is potentially waiting for them in the semi-finals, with Roger Federer having dispatched Juan Martin Del Potro the last match during the day this afternoon. Imperious Federer dismisses Del Potro

  55. - - Hello and welcome to the second of the men’s quarter-finals between world number two Rafael Nadal and seventh seeded Czech Tomas Berdych

Tomáš Berdych

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 17/09/1985
Height 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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