Roger Federer - Rafael Nadal Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal6676-
SwitzerlandR Federer7264-

Live Comments

  1. - - Phew! If you are not exhausted after that, clearly you are not human! Nadal now has three days to recover before Sunday's final against either defending champ and world number one Novak Djokovic or fourth seed Andy Murray. Their semi-final is tomorow night

  2. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 4-6 – GAME, SET & MATCH – And this time Nadal does wrap up the match and books a second Australian Open final when Federer sends a forehand just long of the baseline!

  3. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 4-5 40--Ad– Fed sends a backhand into the net to squander it again before Rafa sets up a SECOND MATCH POINT after another great serve ...

  4. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 4-5 Ad-40 – Rafa saves it though with an amazing defensive forehand lob that he lands on the back edge of the baseline, Federer returning it wide. Another great backhand, this time down the line from Fed, and Nadal hits into the net. Break point Fed again ...

  5. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 4-5 Ad-40 – Another brilliant point from both players ends when Nadal’s backhand passing shot drifts just narrowly wide across court. We’re back to deuce before Rafa hits a forehand long to hand Fed a break back point ...

  6. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 4-5 30-40 – A drop volley from Federer, when Nadal is miles behind the baseline and slips slightly sees him get off the mark and although Rafa sneaks in front at 30-15 again he sends a forehand wide down the line to allow Fed to level up at 30-30. A huge first serve that Fed can only return long off the backhand wing hands Nadal a FIRST MATCH POINT ...

  7. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 4-5 - BREAK – And this time Nadal does get the break when Federer sends a cross court backhand just wide into the tramlines. He challenges but it’s a pretty hopeful challenge, both players are on their way back to the chair before hawkeye shows the ball was indeed out. Nadal will serve for the match after the change of ends

  8. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 4-4 –Absolutely relentless from Nadal as he resembles a Duracell bunny around the baseline. Federer on the other hand looks tired as Nadal pushes him around and sets up a break point. Federer saves it by working his way up to the net, running round the ball and coming up with a forehand winner, before another huge forehand down the line sets up a game point. But Nadal keeps going and whips a cross court forehand winner over for another break point ...

  9. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 4-4 –And Fed does get a break point with an off-forehand winner off a shorter ball but he pulls the trigger on another across court forehand, only to send the ball just wide. And consecutive forehand winners from Rafa, both inside-out across court, and he holds

  10. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 4-3 – Nadal only just misses a cross court forehand on the angle, challenged by Fed and overruled. And a stunning cross court forehand drop shot volley from Fed on the next sees him get to 15-30. Fed catches the top of the tape and only just misses the chance of two break points but a backhand winner down the line sees him level at deuce. This is Fed’s moment to prolong this ...

  11. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 4-3 – Federer holds to 15 with a forehand winner down the line to sneak out in front once again. He is potentially just two games away from levelling up this match and yet he still isn’t showing any real energy or emotion. It’s not like him to do much of that anyway, but it would be great to see some from him just now to put some pressure on Nadal

  12. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 3-3 – Rafa holds with another stunning passing shot winner down the line off the forehand wing and Federer looks like he is tinkering on the brink right now. He has a word with the umpire about when the new balls are coming, is pretty dismissive with the way he chucks his towel to the ball kids, which is unlike him, and just looks like he could crumble if things don’t go his way in the next couple of games

  13. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 3-2 – Rafa absolutely crunches a running forehand passing shot winner down the line to bring up two break points. Fed saves the first with a big serve that Nadal can only return long, and also the second by working his way into the net and finding a backhand volley that Nadal can only return wide. A great hold in the end as Fed comes up with a service winner and then a solid rally which ends when Rafa hits into the net

  14. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 2-2 – Another service hold from Nadal, who reverts to the swinging serve out wide to hold and level up again. A bit of a lull in play from both players for a couple of games now as the adrenalin from that third set breaker ebbs away

  15. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 2-1 – 15-30 down and Federer goes for the serve and volley. And it works as he finds a backhand volley before going on to hold, albeit with a bit of a struggle, and sneak out in front once again

  16. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 1-1 – A quick game from Nadal to level up once again as he holds to 15 when Federer fails to get his forehand return back in play

  17. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) 1-0 – Federer races through an opening service hold to kick off this fourth set. No lull in confidence from him this time. Could this be going to five?

  18. - - Hewitt's answer to Courier's question by the way, was that if it was a match for his life it would have to go to five sets, and over five sets he would always pick Rafa. Fair enough reasoning, we reckon. Does anyone have any difference opinion? Let us know in the comment section below

  19. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-7(5) – SET – Nadal finally wraps up the set on his fifth chance, with a great serve and off-forehand that Federer can only return along the floor into the net. Nadal officially in front for the first time in this match now

  20. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-6(5-6) – TIE-BREAK – Nadal’s earns himself five set points but four go begging, one when he only hits halfway up the net and another with a service winner down the centre of the T. One set point remaining ...

  21. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-6(1-5) – TIE-BREAK – Federer thinks he’s made a backhand winner down the line only for it to be called out. Hawkeye shows it was comfortably out, more than it looked actually, and Rafa goes on to take a 5-1 lead at the change of ends when he makes a backhand passing shot down the line with ease

  22. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 6-6 – A forehand into the net followed by a backhand into the net hand Nadal a break point. Fed saves it though with a huge off-forehand winner across court after stepping up into the court and he goes on to hold with a huge serve out wide that Nadal cannot return

  23. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 5-6 – We could be heading for a second tie-break now as Nadal holds once again without any trouble sealing it when Federer unloads on a cross court forehand only for the ball to hit the net and bounce back on to his side of the net

  24. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 5-5 – Federer races out to a 40-0 lead before being pegged back to 40-30 by Nadal. But he holds without being taken to deuce when Rafa puts up a defensive shot and Fed easily puts away a high backhand volley

  25. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 4-5 – Nadal uses the solid serve down the centre of the court to great effect as he holds to 15 to leave himself potentially just one game from the third set. Federer will have to serve to stay in it

  26. - - Jim Courier to Lleyton Hewitt on Channel 7 commentary: Who would you pick to play for your life? Roger or Rafa? Hewitt's answer at the end of the set ...

  27. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 4-4 – BREAK – Ouch! Fed’s fifth double of the match looks like it might cost him as Nadal then earns himself two break back points with a forehand passing shot winner ... but only one is needed as Federer can only return a forehand down the line from Rafa, into the net. Back on serve again!

  28. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 4-3 – BREAK – There’s a yell of “come on” from Federer as he earns a break point and tries to pump himself up. He hits wide across court to waste it but brings up another with a forehand down the line that beats Nadal for pace. Rafa saves it this time with a 193kph ace down the centre of the court and a third when Fed hits another great serve into the net. But Fed breaks eventually with a cross court forehand that Rafa can only hit into the net

  29. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 3-3 – Bizarre point as Rafa somehow makes a couple of incredible gets with his defensive play before Federer gets a little unlucky as a backhand from Nadal catches the top of the tape and bounces up. Fed can’t reach it properly and hits into the crowd. But he recovers to hold on the next point and it’s all square once again

  30. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 2-3 – Another comfortable game for Nadal as he holds once again, albeit only to 15 this time, Federer sending his return long off a solid serve out wide from Rafa

  31. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 2-2 – Much, much better from Federer as he posts a love service hold of his own, with a couple of aces, to steady the ship and get things back on track

  32. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 1-2 – Another love service hold for Nadal slings all the pressure back over the net at Federer at the moment as he continues to struggle against the momentum of the Spaniard

  33. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 1-1 – A shocking double fault from Federer hands Nadal three more break points ... Federer finds an off-forehand winner across court for HIS FIRST POINT SINCE THE FIREWORKS! Rafa hits into the net to squander the second before a forehand winner down the line from Federer saves the third. He fails to take advantage of a first game point but gets a little lucky with a net cord to bring up a second before holding with a drop shot

  34. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 0-1 – A great start to the third set from Nadal as he holds to love with a forehand winner. He’s on fire, especially when you compare that to Federer, who looks oddly flat at the moment

  35. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-6 – SET – Federer’s first double fault of the match has come straight after that break for the fireworks, while a forehand into the net does not help him either as Rafa goes on to earn himself set points. Only one is needed as he drills a return of serve over only for Fed to slap it back into the net. We’re one set apiece now, essentially it’s a three set match from here

  36. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-5 - Nadal consolidates the break well, despite some pressure from Federer at the begining of the game when he takes a point with a high backhand smash. Federer will have to serve to stay in it but now, finally, there will be that delay in play for the Australia Day fireworks

  37. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-4 – BREAK– Absolutely insane cross court forehand passing shot winner from Nadal, who is at least two metres wide of the court when he actually makes contact with the ball. The Spaniard goes on to squander a first break point with a backhand wide down the line after pulling the trigger. But break he does at the second attempt with another outrageous passing shot this time a backhand down the line

  38. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-3 – A little bit of pressure on the Nadal serve is relieve somewhat when Federer runs around the backhand return of serve only to send his inside-out forehand well wide across court. But a forehand long on the next point from the Spaniard hands Fed another break point. He squanders it with a forehand long down the line and Nadal goes on to hold without the loss of another point when Fed again fails to find the court

  39. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 2-2 – A strong service game for Federer as he holds to love, helped when a low forehand down the line from Rafa catches the top of the tape and sits up into the wheelhouse for Federer to dispatch for a cross court winner. We should just about get one more game in before the 10 minute break for the Australia Day fireworks at 9pm

  40. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 1-2 – This time Nadal holds without any drama to sneak ahead in this second set, albeit it only serve, finding a couple of huge forehands in the process

  41. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 1-1 – BREAK – Well, well! Now it is Nadal’s turn to break to love as he finds a couple of huge forehand winners followed by a couple of forehand errors, one wide and one long, from Federer. We’re back on serve

  42. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) 1-0 – BREAK – A huge first game to the second set from Federer as he comes up with a backhand winner down the line, unreturnable winner across court and another huge winner to bring up three set points. And, just like in the first set, Fed does break for the early lead

  43. - - FEDERER 7-6(5) – SET – The first goes begging with a Rafa forehand winner across court while for the second he finds an off-forehand winner across court. The third is on Fed’s own serve, however, and he does wrap up the set at the third attempt with a huge forehand that Nadal can only return long

  44. - - FEDERER 6-6(6-3) – TIE-BREAK – Nadal pegs back another point when Federer stops mid-point to challenge a call only to be proven wrong, albeit by the smallest of margins. But a half-volley drop shot that Nadal simply cannot get to in time sees the world number three earn himself three set points ...

  45. - - FEDERER 6-6(4-2) – TIE-BREAK – Federer races out to a 4-1 lead with an ace, before being pegged back by Nadal when the Spaniard finds a forehand winner down the line

  46. - - FEDERER 6-6 – Federer is left on his knees as he somehow gets to a passing shot from Rafa and dinks it back across court for the cross court forehand. But Rafa gets up there and drills a backhand across court for his next passing shot. And Rafa goes on to hold and force the tie-break

  47. - - FEDERER 6-5 – Federer misses a shocker off a sliced forehand drop shot attempt after just losing his concentration slightly. But it is only a temporary blip as he goes on to hold and take the lead once more. Rafa to serve for the breaker next

  48. - - FEDERER 5-5 – Federer tries to run around his backhand and go for a forehand but he’s not quite quick enough and Nadal secures a love service hold to level up once again

  49. - - FEDERER 5-4 – Federer stops the rot with a hold to love, his last serve being called out but quickly being overruled by the umpire and called an ace. No complaints from Nadal, who will have to serve to stay in this first set after the change of ends

  50. - - FEDERER 4-4 – Federer absolutely skies a backhand, meant for down the line, to help Rafa hold to love and get things well and truly back on level terms

  51. - - FEDERER 4-3 – BREAK – Federer struggles a little bit to find his first serve but pulls one out of the bag when he really needs it, only for Nadal to pull him up to the net and then drills a forehand passing shot across the court for a winner. We are back on serve in this opening set!

  52. - - FEDERER 4-2 – Nadal enjoys his most comfortable service hold of the match so far as he holds with an ace. It’s quick and flowing play from both guys in between points now as they find their rhythm

  53. - - FEDERER 4-1 – Back-t0-back inside out forehand winners across court and right into the corner, see Federer hold to 15 and maintain his early dominance in this match

  54. - - FEDERER 3-1 – Federer pushes Nadal around the baseline, working his way up to the service line only to slice his forehand drop shot attempt into the net. And Nadal goes on to get off the mark with a hold when Federer pulls an angled cross court wide into the tramlines

  55. - - FEDERER 3-0 – Nadal dives to his left to whip a forehand return of serve down the line for a winner to get off the mark against the Federer serve before doing all the hard work on the next point only to send a forehand volley, albeit a low one, into the net. Federer holds to 15 to consolidate the early break

  56. - - FEDERER 2-0 – BREAK – Outstanding point from both players as they cover the whole court, Federer just managing to tip a smash back in the middle before tracking back only to send a cross court forehand wide . Just two points later Fed earns himself a break point with a vicious backhand across court from the service line that Rafa can only put into the net, taking it with an equally vicious backhand across court from the baseline. Wow, he has started fast!

  57. - - FEDERER 1-0 – Federer races through a quick and easy service hold to get this match underway much to the delight of the crowd. They are expecting a cracking match as, let’s be honest, are we all

  58. - - It’s currently about 21 degrees with just a bit of cloud in the sky. There is a bit of a breeze and the more breeze there is, the more it will help Nadal. Shouldn’t make too much of a difference in the early stages of the match though

  59. - - Here we go then, it will be Federer to serve first and get this match underway ...

  60. - - The players are on their way out on to court, Federer first followed by Rafa. There will still be about 15 minutes before they get going though, with Nadal taking his time and then the warm-up etc

  61. - - These two have faced each other an incredible 26 times with Nadal leading by an even more incredible 17 wins to nine. Nine of the last 11 meetings between these last two players have ended in a win for Rafa, although Federer won their most recent meeting at the ATP World Tour Finals at the end of last year

  62. - - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage of the first of the men's semi-finals between world number two Rafael Nadal and world number three Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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