Novak Djokovic - Rafael Nadal Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic56667
SpainR Nadal74275

Live Comments

  1. 7-5 - GAME, SET AND MATCH DJOKOVIC! Djokovic wins the first point before a big serve carries him 30-0 clear. Djokovic is long seconds later. He challenges, but is long. Djokovic seemed set for two match points, but he drops an overhead attempt into the net. Nadal keeps fighting as Djokovic sticks a backhand into the net on the run. A break point, but Djoker saves it with a backhand winner. Nadal is wide seconds later off the top of the net before Djoker converts the forehand to take the title.

  2. 6-5 - BREAK TO DJOKOVIC! Nadal wins the first point with a forehand winner from deep that was simply astonishing, but can't repeat the trick seconds later. Nadal then dumps a backhand wide as Djokovic moves 30-15 ahead on the Nadal serve. 30-30 as the tension builds. Djokovic brings up a break point by winning another epic rally as Nadal clips a forehand into the net. Nadal fends off two break points as Djokovic misses, but Nadal flounders at the vital moment. Djoker one game away now.

  3. 5-5 - Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Djokovic comes up with a superb service game just when he needed it most. Djokovic throws in his second double fault of the match leading 40-0 but puts the game to bed with a thunderous forehand that bounds beyond Nadal. 5-5. Phew! This is something else. And on we go..

  4. 4-5 - A quite stunning rally of 32 strokes. Amazing stuff. Amazing as Nadal wins it. Nadal is long seconds later with a forehand from deep. Nadal comes up with a blinding first serve to move to 40-30 only for Djokovic to whack a return straight past Nadal. Nadal pulls a backhand wide for a break point to Djokovic, but Nadal saves it with a big first serve. Nadal moves to advantage with a great drop shot before seeing it out as Djokovic pulls a return wide. Nadal now leads 5-4. Breathless stuff.

  5. 4-4 - A gruelling rally between these two men, but Djokovic comes up with a fabulously constructed point to convert a winning volley at the net. He levels at 15-15 in this vital service game. Djokovic looks shattered, but he is keeping on top of rallies with some deft shots. Nadal pulls a return wide and we are all square at 4-4. Suddenly Nadal has lost his timing. Back on serve at 4-4 in the fifth.

  6. 3-4 - BREAK TO DJOKOVIC! Nadal pushes a backhand wide for a 40-15. It proves a key moment as Djoker breaks back with a couple of superb shots. The Melbourne crowd are clearly behind Nadal, but Djokovic is hanging in there. He is right back in this match even if he is looking very fatigued.

  7. 2-4 - BREAK TO NADAL! Nadal's defence has been quite unbelievable. Brings up a break point as Djokovic knocks a forehand wide. Djokovic then drops a forehand long as he is broken for the first time since the second set. Quite astonishing recovery by Nadal. He is 4-2 ahead with Nadal swatting every ball away. Has Djokovic got much left in the tank here? Looking a beaten man for the first time in this match.

  8. 2-3 - Nadal starting to win the big points on the rallies. Is Djokovic tiring out there? Another Nadal ace carries the Spaniard 40-0 clear. Djokovic is long seconds later and Nadal moves 3-2 to the good. No breaks of serve, but Djokovic is looking weary in the key moments. Can Nadal force a break? Or will Djokovic steel himself for one final push for the line? All up in the air. This is now the longest final in the 107-year history of the Australian Open.

  9. 2-2 - Nadal cracks a backhand across court that sees Djokovic clip a forehand into the net. Djokovc restores parity with a blistering forehand winner that bound beyond Nadal. Djokovic looking a bit tired, but he rouses himself to move 40-30 clear with a couple of well-placed shots. Nadal dumps a backhand wide, and we are now level at 2-2 in this epic final.

  10. 1-2 - Nadal comes up with a love service game. He is suddenly keeping his cool on serve. Would be a tough man to predict how this is going to end up. Nadal is transformed from the figure of early on as Djokovic sees a return fly well wide of its intended target. A 2-1 lead for Nadal. Games on serve.

  11. 1-1 - The Djokovic camp getting more and more animated as their man levels with a lovely service game. Really cool stuff from the world number one in the face of this Nadal fightback. Drops only one point on that service game.

  12. 0-1 - Nadal has the advantage of serving first in the final set - and takes it to move 1-0 clear. A double fault is followed by an ace from 40-30 as Nadal goes clear. Nadal is up to full speed now. Question marks now over Djokovic's ability to get the job done here.

  13. 6-7 - SET TO NADAL! Djokovic sees a forehand slip inches wide after a stunning rally. Nadal gets the mini-break back to trail 5-4. Some sensational hitting by both men, but Djokovic empties a forehand into the net as the score hits 5-5. Stunning stuff from Nadal again. A big first serve brings up a set point for Nadal as Djokovic pushes a forehand wide. Djokovic wide again seconds later. This is heading for a fifth set after four and a half hours. Nadal takes it 7-5 on the breaker. What a recovery.

  14. 5-3 - Nadal grabs the first mini-break of this breaker as Djokovic sends a forehand spinning long at 2-2. Nadal leads 3-2, but sees the ball crack off the top of the net and fall out of play as Djoker breaks back to 3-3. Nadal knocks one just wide as Djokovic moves 4-3 clear with the mini-break. It becomes 5-3 with another classy winner on the forehand side.

  15. 6-6 - Nadal's fists pumping as Djokovic thrashes a forehand into the net to bring up three game points on serve. A serve out wide is knocked just over the net by Djokovic. Nadal converts the volley at the net with some ease. We are into the breaker to sort out this fourth set.

  16. 6-5 - Djokovic refuses to get flustered by the crowd or Nadal. He sees out another service game from 30-30. Really keeping his cool in the face of Nadal's backlash. A 6-5 lead for the Serbian player. Nadal must serve to force the tie-break. We have been going for 4 hours and 15 minutes. Djokovic with 47 winners compared to 35 by Nadal.

  17. 5-5 - Nadal loses the first point with a forehand that slips long before battling his way back to move 40-15 clear. Nadal leads 40-30, but comes up with a brilliant winner during an epic rally. This is stunning stuff really from Nadal, who somehow manages to clip a ball over the net when all seemed lost. Pressure switches to Djokovic, who serves for a 6-5 lead. Crowd going wild as is Nadal.

  18. 5-4 - Djokovic right back on it - so to speak - as he notches up another love service game. Has been under little or no pressure on serve in this set. Djokovic races along the baseline to send a thumping forehand from deep spinning beyond Nadal, who is back to square one. He serves to stay in this final.

  19. 4-4 - We are ready to go again. Djokovic to serve. This is now an indoor match.

  20. 4-4 - Rain is coming down, and they are going to close the roof. Seven or eight minutes to get this roof closed. A thunderstorm overhead. Ball boys and ball girls on the court with a plethora of towels at the moment.

  21. 4-4 - Nadal looking down the barrel as Djokovic brings up three break points with some ferocious hitting, but the Spaniard finds the antidote to rescue self from a seemingly hopeless situation with a series of spellbinding shots. An ace brings up advantage for Nadal, and a big first serve is emptied into the net by Djokovic. All level at 4-4 now. Crowd going wild, and we hit the fifth hour of this match. Rain is coming down. Djokovic not over the finishing line yet.

  22. 4-3 - A comfortable hold for Djokovic as Nadal's form of the second and third sets returns to haunt him there. Poor game from Nadal just when he needed to discover something a bit more telling. Djokovic two games away from the title, but he needs to find a break.

  23. 3-3 - A huge point at 30-30, but Nadal comes up with the answers as a crushing forehand is emptied into the net by Djokovic. Nadal claims the sixth game to level with a throbbing backhand winner that Djokovic can't reach on the forehand side. Tension really mounting now as Nadal continues to battle hard.

  24. 3-2 - Nadal was doing some fist pumping as the Spaniard moved 30-15 clear, but Djokovic is quick to flatten the mood of the crowd by coming up with a couple of telling serves and forehands. Like he is used to in the Davis Cup, Djokovic was ready to quell Nadal's threat. He leads by the odd game in five in this fourth set, but Nadal has definitely improved in this set.

  25. 2-2 - Nadal refusing to slip quietly into the night as he holds by losing only one point in that game. The shackles seem to have come off Nadal's game. He is moving more freely, and seems to have more energy. The crowd are trying to encourage Nadal to force this to a fifth set. We remain on serve. Key point of the match it would seem.

  26. 2-1 - A love service game from Djokovic just when he needed it. A fabulous service game from Djoker. Looking very good as Nadal is immediately forced to revisit his serve. What can Nadal do here? Vital that he doesn't drop serve now, or this could be curtains.

  27. 1-1 - Excellent stuff from Nadal. Nadal has certainly picked up his pace in this final. He is trying to be more aggressive, but is also making errors going for some big winners under pressure. Nadal knocks a ball as the score hits 30-30, but Djokovic can only knock a return into the net to give Nadal game point. That is snuffed out by Djoker, who sends a crushing return into the feet of the toiling Spaniard. Nadal converts an overhead to bring up advantage. And holds with an ace. One-all in the fourth

  28. 1-0 - Nadal battling for his life at the outset of the fourth set. Pushes the score to deuce on the Djokovic serve before knocking a forehand wide of its intended target. Djokovic pumping his fists as he moves 1-0 ahead in the fourth set. Nadal at last applies some pressure, but his opponent holds.

  29. 6-2 - SET TO DJOKOVIC! Nadal continues to bleed errors as Djokovic continues to damage him. The pressure on the Spaniard continues to build as he falls 30-0 behind on his own service game. Suddenly it is three set points in favour of Djokovic after Nadal tugs a backhand wide of its intended target. Djokovic cracks a venomous forehand beyond his opponent. A 2-1 lead in the match. This final is heading in one direction - and it is not Nadal's.

  30. 5-2 - Another love service game from Djokovic! Just getting better and better it seems the longer this final progresses. Nadal has been reduced to a state of paralysis almost in this match. Not coming near a break at the moment. Djokovic only one game from a 2-1 lead in the match.

  31. 4-2 - Djokovic clobbering the ball away from Nadal like it is a practice session. Nadal fighting for his life as we hit the three-hour mark in a hot and sweaty Melbourne, but Djokovic is keeping his cool. Nadal cracks a forehand winner beyond Nadal to move 30-15 ahead, but Djokovic is just too good as a drop shot brings up a double break point. Nadal somehows gets out of the game with his serve intact as Djokovic wallops a couple of shots wide and long. A 4-2 lead now for Djoker.

  32. 4-1 - Another love service game from Djokovic. Just too good really from the Serbian player in all departments of the game. Defence and attack is leaving Nadal exposed on both sides. Quite stunning stuff at times. What can Nadal come up with out there?

  33. 3-1 - BREAK TO DJOKOVIC! Nadal shaking his head, and skipping in some delight as he moves 30-15 clear, but Djokvoic is on to a sliced backhand by Nadal like it is a feeble effort. Suddenly break point for Djokovic, and the Serbian claims the break after a ferocious rally of over 20 strokes. Terrific defence by Djokovic. Terrific attack by Djoker. He is a break to the good and is looking on course for the title here unless Nadal can turn the tide. Rather him than me.

  34. 2-1 - A quite delightful forehand from Djokovic ensures games remain on serve early in this third set. Difficult to escape the feeling that Nadal has been outplayed since the first set, but the Spaniard is nothing if not a fighter. Novak will still have to win this match, and he has yet to break Rafa in this third set. On we go with Nadal to serve trailing 2-1. "He (Nadal) is being bossed if not bullied yet," comments Eurosport commentator Simon Reed. That is about right.

  35. 1-1 - Nadal's service game is keeping him alive here. A pretty weak second serve from Nadal, but Djokovic knocks a forehand long to hand Nadal two points for 1-1. Djokovic then ups the pace with some crushing and well-placed forehands to close to 40-30 behind. A Djokovic return forces Nadal to rush in knocking a ball out of play, but the body serve backs up Djokovic to bring up game point. A crushing Djoker forehand hauls the score back to deuce, but Nadal does just enough to get out of it alive.

  36. 1-0 - Djokovic holds to love for the first time in this match. It may be early to make predictions, but Djokovic is looking in control of his own destiny. Moving well, and is hitting the ball with some confidence the longer this final drags on.

  37. 6-4 - SET TO DJOKOVIC! Djokovic seems to have Nadal's number in this match. A Djokovic return flies long to ease the strain on Nadal as the score hits 30-30. Another body serve does the trick for Nadal in moving 40-30 clear. Umpire overrules an out call, and calls it right despite Nadal's challenge. They replay the point, and Djokovic wins it with a big forehand. He brings up a fourth set point with a booming backhand winner. A double fault does the rest. After two hours and 27 minutes, it is 1-1.

  38. 5-4 - BREAK TO NADAL! An error by Djokovic gives Nadal a glimmer of hope as a forehand flies into the net. Djokovic plays a delicate winning volley at the net to bring up two more set points on his own serve. A Djokovic backhand from deep flies wide on the first one before the big forehand from Nadal saves the second set point. Djokovic then somehow keeps Nadal in the game as a passing shot is nudged back by Nadal for a winner. A double fault completes Djokovic's misery. Back on serve now. Wow!

  39. 5-3 - Djokovic suddenly exuding the air of a man who has beaten Nadal on their previous six occasions. Rafa comes up with a backhand slice that prompts Djoker to empty a backhand into the net. Nadal with a point to close to 5-3, but Djokovic forces the issue back to deuce by reading Nadal's serve. A big return from Djokovic hands the Serbian player set point, but Nadal gets Djoker on the stretch to save the first set point. Rafa eventually holds as Djoker thumps a forehand into the net. Over to Novak.

  40. 5-2 - Djoker runs to the net to play a little drop shot in wrapping up a comfortable hold to 15 for a 5-2 lead. Djoker creeping towards levelling up this match at 1-1 after two hours of play. Has been the better man in this second set. Nadal needs to serve to stay in the set. If this match goes to five sets, we could be going for five hours here. "Rafa needs to be much more aggressive," comments Eurosport analyst Mats Wilander.

  41. 4-2 - Djokovic continues to push Nadal back with the weight of his shots proving problematic. Nadal comes up with a running forehand passing shot that Djokovic can't get back over the net. Another Nadal ace helps him into a 40-15 lead before the Spaniard sees out the game. Big hold for Nadal, who has not yet given up hope in this second set.

  42. 4-1 - Djokovic just beginning to turn the screw in this second set as he wallops a forehand beyond Nadal on the forehand side to move 40-30 clear. Nadal has raised his levels, but Djokovic is warming to the occasion as another Nadal shot hits the tape, but fails to bounce over. Djokovic now two games away from the second set.

  43. 3-1 - BREAK TO DJOKOVIC! Ball hops off the surface from a Djokovic volley at the net. Suddenly Djoker has the break in this second set. Nothing Nadal could do to get that ball back. A couple of misplaced forehands hurt Nadal in that game. Djoker has the early advantage in this second set.

  44. 2-1 - Pressure on Djokovic's serve at 30-30, but he comes up with the goods as a serve and winning forehand carry him 40-30 ahead. Nadal fails to clear the net with a forehand from deep. Games on serve. Djokovic with a 2-1 lead.

  45. 1-1 - A swinging serve from Nadal carries the Spanish player back from 0-30 to 15-30, but another Nadal error hands Djokovic two break points. Nadal manages to save both aided by a crushing backhand that Djokovic can only knock into the net. An ace gives Nadal game point only for a backhand slice to fly long. Nadal's first serve is holding up well here with his second ace of the game enough to level at 1-1. Vital hold for Nadal.

  46. 1-0 - Has not been a vintage performance from either man. Djokovic looking a bit rusty, but that was better stuff from the world number one to hold serve in the opening game of the second set. Vital not to drop serve early in this second set. A couple of powerful groundstrokes sees Djokovic hold.

  47. 5-7 - Djokovic with four aces in that first set. Nadal with two. Djokovic with 19 errors compared to 17 by Nadal. Nadal winning 66% of points on his first serve compared to 57% by Djokovic. Nadal with 15 winners compared to 14 by Djokovic.

  48. 5-7 - SET TO NADAL! One hour and 20 minutes. A quite absorbing rally - possibly the best of the match - sees Nadal come to the net to convert a winning volley to bring up two set points. Djokovic saves the first with a backhand winner from Nadal's serve. Supreme length from Djokovic on the second set point sees Nadal stretch but whip a forehand long. Djokovic just wide seconds later with a forehand as Nadal brings up a third set point. Djokovic is long from the return, and Nadal leads this final.

  49. 5-6 - BREAK TO NADAL! Now going for 1 hour and 11 minutes, and this first set has yet to be settled. Nadal pumping his fists as a majestic forehand down the line races beyond Djokovic to hand Nadal a break point for a 6-5 lead. Djokovic looks a tad crestfallen as he knocks a backhand long seconds later. Nadal will serve for the first set. Can he move ahead in this match?

  50. 5-5 - A few seagulls arrive overhead after Nadal moves 15-0 clear. That quickly becomes 30-0 when Djoker knocks a return into the net. A big first serve carries the Spaniard 40-0 clear. Djokovic forces the mistake out of Nadal with some variation on the backhand side before Nadal makes his 15th unforced error as a ball misses the target from deep, but Nadal levels at 5-5 with a blistering forehand winner. All level now. Who is going to grab this first set? It is all up for grabs.

  51. 5-4 - A rally of 22 strokes ends with Nadal bundling a forehand into the net as the score reaches 30-30. Djokovic wallops a backhand winner across court to move 40-30 clear before Nadal knocks another ball long during another strength-sapping rally. Suddenly Djokovic has the first set within his grasp as he moves 5-4 clear. "Nadal nowhere near the man who faced Federer (in the semi-finals)," says Eurosport commentator Simon Reed, who calls it spot on. Nadal has work to do here as he serves.

  52. 4-4 - DJOKOVIC BREAKS BACK! Nadal certainly serving well in this match so far. Second serve isn't overly impressive at 30-30, but Djokovic knocks the return long. Nadal bundles a shot from deep into the net before another unforced error from Nadal gives Djokovic his latest break point. Nadal's forehand saves the day, but he continues to throw in mistakes. A serve out wide is knocked wide by Djokovic as the score returns to deuce, but the errors continue to hurt the Spaniard as Djoker breaks back.

  53. 3-4 - Going for just over 40 minutes, and we have played seven games. A much better service game from Djokovic to keep himself in touch in this opening set. Drops only one point there on serve. The unforced errors hurting Djokovic so far. He has made 13 compared to only six by Nadal.

  54. 2-4 - A couple of sluggish shots from Nadal hands Djokovic the chance to break back, but a timely wide serve followed by the magnificent forehand down the line is good enough to haul the game back to deuce. Djokovic throws in his 12th unforced error to hand Nadal game point, but the 'Djoker' rescues the situation with a nice forehand winner. A fine return from Djoker gives him the second chance to break back, but another loose forehand flies miles wide. Nadal's forehand then helps him to a 4-2 lead.

  55. 2-3 - BREAK TO NADAL! An ace from Djokovic carries him 40-30 clear, but Nadal keeps the pressure on to bring up the first break point with a backhand winner that races beyond his opponent after Djokovic fails to convert a volley at the net. Djokovic comes up with a well placed second serve to save the day before an ace hands him advantage, but he can't see the game out and is left slamming his racket off the deck seconds later after missing a backhand. Djokovic changes shirts. Nadal breaks.

  56. 2-2 - Nadal cracks a forehand winner beyond Djokovic from mid-court to level at 15-15. A quite magnificent overhead winner from Nadal is good enough to give him a 30-15 lead from a rally lasting 23 strokes. Nadal serving really well. He holds aided by another couple of well-placed serves. We remain on serve at 2-2.

  57. 2-1 - Nadal booms one winner beyond his opponent to move 30-0 clear. Chance for the Spaniard, but he is short with a return seconds later as Djokovic swipes home a forehand winner before following it up with an ace to level at 30-30. Djokovic then swats a forehand winner up the line to move 40-30 clear. Djokovic suddenly dictating the pace as another crisp forehand up the line is too hot for Nadal to handle. A fine hold from Djokovic. He leads by the odd game in three.

  58. 1-1 - A love service game from Nadal. Nadal needs to serve well in this final, and that is a perfect first service game. Threw in an ace to get the ball rolling in that game as Djokovic heads off to change his racket. Tension in Djokovic's racket, tension everywhere it seems..

  59. 1-0 - Already some blistering hitting in the Melbourne heat. The first two points are shared before Djokovic empties a big forehand into the net. Djokovic then wallops a forehand beyond the Spaniard to level matters at 30-30. Nadal knocks one long seconds later trying to run around the ball to get on his forehand side. A great kicker from Djokovic on second serve hands the Serbian a 1-0 lead. A good hold from the world number one.

  60. 0-0 - We are ready to go. Djokovic won the toss and has put himself into bat. He serves in the opening game of the match.

  61. 08.40 - Close on 40 degrees in Melbourne. "Has been like walking around in a sauna today," says the always eloquent Eurosport commentator and expert blogger Simon Reed. "Ths could be very gruelling." Thankfully, there is no rain and the roof on Rod Laver Arena is open wide. That may yet change. This is no indoor match. Can Nadal find the depth on his groundstrokes to trouble the Serbian world number one?

  62. 08.35 - Anyone fancy a punt this morning? Or this evening depending on where you are in the world...Djokovic is a 3/4 shot with Nadal the outsider at 11/8....

  63. 08.30 - Former Grand Slam winner and Eurosport pundit Mats Wilander is finding it tough to split this pair as they head into the arena. "I would say Nadal has a 51% chance of victory with Djokovic having a 49% chance," says Wilander.

  64. 08.25 - Will Nadal change tactics for this final? Check out Hawkeye to see tennis expert Jason Goodall examine how the Spaniard might try to pick off his opponent in this final. Hawkeye: Will Nadal switch style against Djokovic?

  65. 08.20 - This will be their 30 meeting in major tournaments. Nadal leads 16-13 in the head-to-heads, but Djokovic was 6-0 against Nadal in 2011. Djokovic starts this final as favourite.

  66. 08.15 - Good morning and welcome to LIVE coverage of Novak Djokovic against Rafael Nadal LIVE from Melbourne Park in the Australian Open final.

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 78 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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