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Andy Murray - Tomáš Berdych Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray67---
Czech RepublicT Berdych35---

Live Comments

  1. - - MURRAY 6-3 7-5 BERDYCH: GAME SET AND MATCH! Murray has a fifth match point - and squanders it! And a sixth goes begging when Berdych wallops a sensational return! But at the seventh time of asking, Murray finally finishes it as Berdych hits a backhand long. Murray wins it, and a semi-final against Novak Djokovic is in the offing.

  2. - - MURRAY 6-3 6-5 BERDYCH: Murray crushes three big first serves to give himself three match points, but misses a big shot to win it. Another poor shot brings us to 40-30. He's not about to throw it away, is he? Well, Murray nets! Deuce! But Berdych overcooks a slice forehand and hits it long. Then Murray nets! With the game at a crucial point, Berdych takes exception to a line call and has a big rant at the umpire - his call for a review came too late and it's deuce!

  3. - - The orange ball at the top by the players' names indicates who is serving...

  4. - - MURRAY 6-3 6-5 BERDYCH: BREAK! Murray's knee genuinely seems to be giving him some grief, but Berdych could be doing more to make his opponent run. In fact, he hands Murray a break point at 30-40... but it's an aggressive point from Berdych who races to the net and slam-dunks a ferocious smash. However, Murray digs deep and coaxes another error from Berdych! Andy Murray will serve for the match!

  5. - - See what I mean?

  6. - - For those asking what the coloured balls mean - orange is a break of serve, green is a set. We've got a whole array of these things, and I'll confess they're not the clearest things in the world.

  7. - - MURRAY 6-3 5-5 BERDYCH: Great point as Berdych comes to the net and puts away a difficult volley - his life was made difficult by some brilliant baseline scurrying from Murray. Undeterred, the Briton hits a wide service winner, but undoes his good work an unforced error. However, a pair of Berdych mistakes hand Murray the game, and it's five games all. He's still limping between points, though.

  8. - - MURRAY 6-3 4-5 BERDYCH: Foot fault! At 30-30, Berdych is called for overstepping the line, and he promptly dumps his second serve into the net to give Murray a break point. But the Czech serves and volleys successfully to bring up deuce. At breal point, Murray sends a lob nanometres long but declines to challenge. On the next point there is a challenge from Berdych - a poor one as Hawkeye shows his serve was well long. No matter, as Berdych hits a second-serve winner and that's game.

  9. - - MURRAY 6-3 4-4 BERDYCH: Murray races into a 40-0 lead, double faults, but then completes the hold with his first drop shot of the match - and it's a beauty.

  10. - - MURRAY 6-3 3-4 BERDYCH: Murray is wincing and flexing like a man with an injury - he seems to be moving OK during points, though. That said, Berdych finally earns a hold of serve and is ahead for the first time in the match. Plenty for the Briton to ponder during the change of ends.

  11. - - MURRAY 6-3 3-3 BERDYCH: Another break! Berdych bangs a forehand volley winner at the net and takes a 15-30 lead on the Murray serve. This is a crazily open set, and a Murray error brings up 15-40! It's poor from the Scot, who loses his second successive service game with another poor error.

  12. - - MURRAY 6-3 3-2 BERDYCH: BREAK! Oh, but how about this - a nervy miss by Berdych brings Murray to 0-40, and the Czech then dumps a backhand into the net after a good return from the Scot. 0-40... Berdych cannot miss an easy putaway at the net on the next point, but he then hits a groundstroke run and Murray seizes the initiative back!

  13. - - MURRAY 6-3 2-2 BERDYCH: BREAK BACK! Berdych takes a quick 0-30 advantage, and this is his chance. But he slaps a forehand return wide, the Murray hits another service winner. But the Czech wrongfoots Murray with a clever backhand pass to bring up a break point. Great point by Murray in response, with some fierce groundstrokes, great movement and a perfect backhand volley. Superb. But Murray undoes his own good work, and a double fault gives Berdych the break back!

  14. - - MURRAY 6-3 2-1 BERDYCH: They're rattling through the games now. Berdych slams down a couple of aces, but now he really needs to dig in and make more of an impression on the Murray serve.

  15. - - MURRAY 6-3 2-0 BERDYCH: Murray consolidates with ease, holding to love. He looks well set for a straight sets victory.

  16. - - Apologies for the premature publishing of that last comment - writing it as the game went along and I got a bit trigger happy...

  17. - - MURRAY 6-3 1-0 BERDYCH: BREAK! Berdych drills a forehand to the deuce court, races to the net and puts away a superb forehand volley after Murrays whips the ball back. But he spurns a game point when he hits a volley into the top of the net - Murray pounces on the bouncing ball and bashes a winner. Then the Scot gains a crucial break with a backhand cross court winner. Berdych anticipates but can do nothing about it.

  18. - - MURRAY 6-3 BERDYCH: SET! Murray hesitates inexplicably as Berdych sends a routine winner past him for a winner. A strange4 moment, and now the Briton is in a 15-30 hole. But he gets back into the game with some stout defence, and takes the game to deuce when Berdych pings a pact forehand wide. He then wraps up the set with more solid, if unspectacular, baseline play.

  19. - - MURRAY 5-3 BERDYCH: Quick service game from Berdych, who is slamming the ball down with plenty of authority. Mind you, he is doing OK on his less venomous second serve. He has won seven of 11 points on both first and second serves.

  20. - - MURRAY 5-2 BERDYCH: Cracking double-handed backhand pass by Murray as he picks off the advancing Berdych. The Czech hits a routine shot out off the frame of his racket and Murray extends his lead.

  21. - - MURRAY 4-2 BERDYCH: Berdych has got into his stride, but his first serve percentage is still under 50%. Murray, on the other hand, is at 73%. A hold to 15.

  22. - - MURRAY 4-1 BERDYCH: Superb rally from Berdych, firing powerful, deep groundstrokes and putting away a difficult smash. 30-30. However, Murray clings on to take a 4-1 advantage in the opening set.

  23. - - MURRAY 3-1 BERDYCH: Dominant service game from Berdych, who is in the set at last. He races to 40-0, then tideies up after a slight hiccup. It's a scorching day in Dubai - 33C - but it's a dry heat, with humidity only 14%.

  24. - - MURRAY 3-0 BERDYCH: Much more aggressive from Berdych, who is now really putting some zip into his groundstrokes and coming forwards at every opportunity. He gets to 15-40 before Murray gets back into the game thanks to a good, wide serve then comes to deuce. A ding-dong battle ensues, but after the third deuce Murray finally holds on. Good save.

  25. - - MURRAY 2-0 BERDYCH: I see the comments board has served up its usual high quality of debate, thanks to some numbskull called Norman. Is there anyone who receives more unfair criticism than Murray? He is the greatest British tennis player in 75 years, and his only crime is being very slightly less good than three of the finest players ever to pick up a racket. Give the guy a break... Thoughts? Send me a tweet!

  26. - - MURRAY 2-0 BERDYCH: BREAK! Great start from Murray. Berdych finally wins his first point at 0-40, sending a drive volley across court. He follows it up with a service winner, but he then drives a backhand long as the Scot seizes the advantage.

  27. - - MURRAY 1-0 BERDYCH: Both men start slightly tenatively, but it's Murray who takes the opening game to love. He is employing plenty of slice early on, and gets prodigious turn to force one error from his opponent.

  28. - - OK, game on! Murray will serve first...

  29. - - In fact, Murray's only win against Berdych came in their first meeting back in 2005 in Basel.

  30. - - These players have faced off five times, and Berdych leads the head-to-head 4-1. Their last match came in Paris last November - Berdych won in three sets.

  31. - - The players are out in front of a fairly sparse crowd. Both men in red shirts.

  32. - - Murray has got to the last eight with victories over Michael Berrer of Germany in three sets, and Marco Chiudinelli in two. Berdych has dropped only seven games in total, crushing Benjamin Becker and Lukas Lacko. Dubai drawsheet

  33. - - Welcome to LIVE coverage of Andy Murray's quarter-final against Tomas Berdych in the Dubai Duty Free Championship.

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

Tomáš Berdych

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 17/09/1985
Height 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg

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