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Tomáš Berdych - Grigor Dimitrov Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
BULG Dimitrov626--
Czech RepublicT Berdych364--

Live Comments

  1. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 4-6 - MATCH - Though Berdych is stubborn in return all the way up to deuce, Dimitrov seals his first ever top-ten victory from the first advantage point and the elation is absolutely seeping from the Bulgarian after that! A very hard-earned win in an absorbing contest to the very finish.

  2. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 4-5 - BREAK - And now Dimitrov can serve for his first ever win over Berdych after wrapping up the first break of the deciding set to 30 with what appears to be perfect, crucial timing

  3. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 4-4 - Absolute epic of an eighth game sees Berdych squander three separate break points before an out hands it to Dimitrov just when the Czech appeared to have his Bulgarian opponent on the ropes.

  4. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 4-3 - It is getting a little more competitive per game over at the Stadium, but still no sign of a break of serve. Berdych tightens up his play after a sluggish start to game seven and regains that interim lead.

  5. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 3-3 - Finally a sniff of a break - but just a sniff. Berdych fails to make good on a break point and Dimitrov takes the closest of the six games in the set so far from the first advantage point.

  6. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 3-2 - Make that five games as Berdych wraps up the fourth game-15 of the set in short order.

  7. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 2-2 - The trend continues. A game-15 for Dimitrov means after four in this deciding set, nobody has yet been able to return more than a single point per game.

  8. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 2-1 - For the third straight game in the final set, the man with serve takes little time to wrap things up - game-15 for Berdych.

  9. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 1-1 - Dimitrov one-ups that with a full-on love service. This is shaping up to be a cracking finale with both players eager to land the role of aggressor.

  10. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 1-0 - Keeping his momentum rolling into the third set, Berdych drops the first of three game points but nothing else in a comfortable service opener.

  11. - - BERDYCH 3-6 6-2 - SET - A break to love pretty much sums up the second set - Berdych has been much improved after not being at the top of his game in the opener, while Dimitrov has had little to offer after that impressive start.

  12. - - BERDYCH 3-6 5-2 - No such luck as Berdych absolutely hammers his way to taking the seventh game - he will get a chance to serve for 1-1 in sets if he doesn't secure the double break in this next game.

  13. - - BERDYCH 3-6 4-2 - The Bulgarian pulls another game back, but really needs to break Berdych's serve in the next.

  14. - - BERDYCH 3-6 4-1 - From deuce, the Czech regains that three-game margin and unless Dimitrov and break his serve soon, we're heading for a third set over at the Stadium.

  15. - - BERDYCH 3-6 3-1 - It takes an advantage point, but Dimitrov finally gets off the mark in this second set, holding his serve - just.

  16. - - BERDYCH 3-6 3-0 - Better from Dimitrov, taking the Czech to deuce, but the serve proves crucial and that's three now for Berdych.

  17. - - BERDYCH 3-6 2-0 - BREAK - It gets even better for the Czech - break-15 puts him two ahead and Dimitov may well have awoken the sleeping giant with that opening set victory.

  18. - - BERDYCH 3-6 1-0 - Very strong start from Berdych in a set he must win, capping a love-service opening game in the second with an ace.

  19. - - BERDYCH 3-6 - SET - Berdych rescues two set points but Dimitrov takes the first advantage from deuce with an ace to go one set ahead. Do we have an early upset on the cards? The Bulgarian certainly looks up to the task.

  20. - - BERDYCH 3-5 - BREAK - There's that first break and the top ten ranked Berdych offers his weakest showing so far, despite fighting back from conceding the first two points, and Dimitrov will now serve for the first set.

  21. - - BERDYCH 3-4 - Now that's what you call holding off a fight back! Berdych comes back to deuce from 40-0 down and even earns a pair of break advantage points, only for the Bulgarian to cling on and seal the third advantage point in total.

  22. - - BERDYCH 3-3 - Far too much on Berdych's serve for Dimitrov to handle here, as the number seven seed forces those errors left right and centre en route to a game-15.

  23. - - BERDYCH 2-3 - Dimitrov stutters a little in what could easily have been a formality, but he is able to hold off the brief Berdych fightback and avoid what would have been the first break of the match.

  24. - - BERDYCH 2-2 - The Czech dodges a break point and takes another tight game to keep us even stevens after four.

  25. - - BERDYCH 1-2 - Dimitrov overcomes a big scare after dropping three straight points at 30-0 to force deuce and eventually hold serve from his first advantage point.

  26. - - BERDYCH 1-1 - Dimitrov successfully uses a challenge at 30-40, which only delays the outcome by a point as Berdych holds his own serve in game two.

  27. - - BERDYCH 0-1 - Dimitrov serves first and serves extremely well. Love-service in pretty short order suggests the Czech may find it tough going forward looking for a break.

  28. - - Berdych and Dimitrov are courtside over at the Stadium and should be underway in the next few moments.

Tomáš Berdych

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 17/09/1985
Height 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg

Grigor Dimitrov

Nationality BUL
Date of Birth 16/05/1991
Height 1.88 m
Weight 77 kg

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