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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - Rafael Nadal Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal656--
FranceJ Tsonga274--

Live Comments

  1. - - What a match! Nadal goes through after a real battle. In the semis he'll meet Andy Murray. We'll be back with more action from Miami tomorrow, so be sure to join us again then! Miami Masters drawsheet

  2. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 4-6 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Tsonga's getting rattled with the umpire. Nadal doesn't let it bother him as he goes on to bring up match point... but he can't take it as he hits one long! The Frenchman hits a delightful winner but then sends one out - which pretty much sums up his night so far. He manages to bring up a break point but he breaks a string returning the serve! So unlucky! Tsonga goes on to save another match point but at the third time of asking this game, Nadal seals it!

  3. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 4-5 - BREAK! Wow! What a shot by Nadal! It's one of those trademark whipped forehands down the line that seems to bend more than a Beckham free-kick in the air to get around Tsonga's outstretched arm and racquet! The Spaniard continues the momentum created by that shot and when Tsonga double faults, he has a break point! Nadal controls the point from start to finish... Tsonga hits one long and Nadal will now serve for the match for a second time!

  4. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 4-4 - Nadal has no trouble in holding his serve this time, the Spaniard drawing level once again.

  5. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 4-3 - Tsonga wobbles at 30-30 to give Nadal an opportunity to break but two great Tsonga serves turn the tables and put the Frenchman in a position to serve out. He does so when Nadal can only return another big serve wide! This one's fascinatingly poised.

  6. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 3-3 - Tsonga forces a break point and he very nearly gets it! But his forehand hits the net and Nadal lives on - in some style. He digs out a huge backhand winner down the line to hold serve and draw level once again!

  7. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 3-2 - Tsonga delights the crowd with a running, jumping volley played down near his hip on his way to a held service game. Still on serve this set as the Frenchman noses ahead.

  8. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 2-2 - Rafa's got the trainer out at the changeover to give his left knee a rubdown. And it seems to work for him as he races into a 40-0 lead before sealing the game when Tsonga goes long. Much, much more encouraging from Nadal.

  9. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 2-1 - Tsonga continues his remarkable recovery in this match as he seals another service game to edge ahead once again.

  10. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 1-1 - Oh dear, Tsonga goes 0 from 4 with that drop shot of his, just as he was looking to push Rafa again at 30-30. Nadal doesn't need a second invitation and he claims the game when Tsonga hits one long on the next point.

  11. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 1-0 - After all that hard work at the back end of the second set, Tsonga's serve lets him down as Nadal brings up two break points. The Frenchman saves the first by wrongfooting his opponent with a volley down the line before an ace saves the second! That seems to invigorate him and he crushes a smash past Nadal before sealing the game with a forehand that forces Nadal too wide to get a return back over the net!

  12. - - TSONGA 2-6 7-5 - SET! Nadal benefits from a net cord to win the first point but Tsonga responds with a backhand crosscourt winner. The Frenchman's in the ascendency here but a shank holds him back; it's a brief set-back though as Nadal hits the net to hand set point to Tsonga! Nadal sends his first serve out and on his second effort, Tsonga hammers a forehand return back past him! He lets out a huge roar and raises his fist in celebration! We're going to a third set!

  13. - - TSONGA 2-6 6-5 - Tsonga goes for another audacious drop shot but again it fails. That's the third time he's attempted that shot tonight and the third time it hasn't worked. He recovers to win the next point at the net before going on to unleash a great forehand winner down the line to bring up game point! He serves and volleys to win the point and take the lead in the second set!

  14. - - TSONGA 2-6 5-5 - BREAK! Nadal fails to make a first serve in the opening four points and he's facing two break points... make that five points... and he hits one long on the second service point to gift Tsonga the break! This one's not over yet!

  15. - - TSONGA 2-6 4-5 - Tsonga double faults before the umpire asks the rather boisterous crowd to keep schtum during points and, more importantly, the server's toss. But the Frenchman still goes on to hold, though he'll now have to break to stay in the game.

  16. - - TSONGA 2-6 3-5 - Nadal hits tamely into the net at 30-all, and now it's Tsonga with a chance to break! But the word number two pulls a backhand right out of the top drawer to save it! At deuce, a screaming baby decides to interrupt proceedings before a net cord works out in Nadal's favour to bring up game point. Again the Spaniard's backhand finds its mark and he holds to move to within a game of the match!

  17. - - TSONGA 2-6 3-4 - Tsonga continues to hang tough as he seals a service game with the loss of just one point.

  18. - - TSONGA 2-6 2-4 - Tsonga gets a chance to break back as Nadal struggles to control the ball... but the Spaniard has no problems saving it, dropping a deft shot over the net that Tsonga can't get anywhere near. Tsonga soon brings up a second chance with a stunning backhand winner that lands on the line! But he can't follow that brilliance up and a mistimed drop shot lands in the net. Nadal goes on to hold and maintain his one-break lead in the second set.

  19. - - TSONGA 2-6 2-3 - BREAK! Oh dear, Tsonga makes a hash of another drop-shot and he's facing two break points all of a sudden. He saves the first but on the second a spinning 360-degree backhand - which would normally delight the crowd - goes out. Nadal breaks again and this one could be over pretty soon now!

  20. - - TSONGA 2-6 2-2 - A rather dejected 'allez' is the cry from Tsonga as he wastes a chance to bring up a break point. Nadal takes full advantage and goes on to hold on the next point. It's just not happening for Tsonga tonight and he'll have to put in a Herculean effort to take this one to three sets.

  21. - - TSONGA 2-6 2-1 - Tsonga follows Nadal's lead as he finally wins a service game comfortably. That's the exception, rather than the rule so far tonight.

  22. - - TSONGA 2-6 1-1 - In stark contrast to the previous game, this one is held with relative ease, Nadal racing through his service game to draw level.

  23. - - TSONGA 2-6 1-0 - The second set starts with a Mexican wave around the stands... but Tsonga lets the party mood pass over him as he drops his racquet to the floor following another poor volley at the net soon after. He drops to break point but manages to save it. Another one soon follows as Tsonga registers his 22nd unforced error of the night... again saved, this time on a successfully challenged call. And the Frenchman eventually gets over the line, but again it's far from convincing.

  24. - - TSONGA 2-6 - SET! Nadal fires a brilliant backhand winner down the line to kick things off this game. He soon follows that up with a equally impressive forehand winner and the set is all his when Tsonga fires one out. Impressive stuff from a sharp-looking Nadal! Not so much Tsonga...

  25. - - TSONGA 2-5 - Wow, Tsonga keeps alive his hopes with a rapid-fire service game, but he now has to break to stay in this set. No problems for the Frenchman there, but you get the feeling it's a bit late to save this set.

  26. - - TSONGA 1-5 - Tsonga drops to 0-30 but rallies back to level with a powerful backhand that Nadal can only return into the net. The Spaniard composes himself though and two points later he secures another game to move within one of the first set. Dirk Nowitzki, the Dallas Mavericks NBA player, is spotted in the crowd...

  27. - - TSONGA 1-4 - BREAK! Tsonga double-faults to hand Nadal a break point... and when the Spaniard advances to the net to meet his opponent face-to-face, there's only going to be one winner! He smashes the ball past Tsonga and claims a two-break lead!

  28. - - TSONGA 1-3 - At the changeover Rafa, who seemed to be unhappy with something in or on the sole of his shoe, adjusts some tape around his foot... he doesn't start well afterwards, double-faulting to drop to 0-30. A whipped forehand winner can't stop Tsonga bringing up two break points on the next point though. But the Frenchman wastes them both with misjudged shots and he never recovers, Nadal claiming the game after eight minutes in the end.

  29. - - TSONGA 1-2 - Oh, what a shot by Tsonga as he stoops to dig a Nadal return out from his feet and back over the net with the greatest of finesse! Nadal can't get there and hopefully that will spark Jo-Willy into life. No, it doesn't for the time being: he fires a tame backhand low into the net to gift Rafa another break point. Nadal wastes it with a long forehand and Tsonga goes on to get on the scoreboard. Not too convincing though...

  30. - - TSONGA 0-2 - Lovely play from Nadal at 30-15 up, the Spaniard moving Tsonga about the baseline expertly before moving to the net and finishing off the point with apparent ease. The Frenchman hits the next point out and Nadal consolidates that opening-game break.

  31. - - TSONGA 0-1 - BREAK! Tsonga gets his serve up and running to good effect early on, racing into a 40-0 lead before a regulation forehand into the net, a backhand hit terribly wide and one long at the baseline blemishes his copy book. The ferocity of Rafa's next shot leads Tsonga to hit out again and the Spaniard has a break point. Saved by an ace! But a poor drop shot later and Tsonga's facing another break point... this time Nadal claims it as Tsonga finds the net yet again! Great start for Rafa!

  32. - - TSONGA 0-0 - So, nearly 20 minutes after the scheduled start, here we go! Tsonga to serve first.

  33. - - Back to the tennis, and the umpire's just given the two-minute warning.

  34. - - Big Show's now something of a film star, having appeared as Captain Insano alongside Adam Sandler in The Waterboy, among other credits.

  35. - - American wrestler Big Show, billed as 'The World's Largest Athlete', is on hand to flip the coin tonight. He certainly is rather immense and he puts both Rafa and Tsonga into the shade somewhat as the coin spins into the night air. Rafa wins the toss and elects to receive first.

  36. - - Here come the players now! Crowd-pleaser Tsonga first, swiftly followed by Rafa, who emerges from the tunnel to a huge ovation from the Miami crowd.

  37. - - The women's match on Stadium court has only just finished - Victoria Azarenka's run has been ended by Marion Bartoli - so we're still waiting for the men's players to take to the court.

  38. - - The prize for tonight's winner is a meeting with Andy Murray in the semi-finals, after the Scot booked his place with a three-set victory over Janko Tipsarevic. Murray battles into Miami semi-finals

  39. - - Hello and welcome to our live coverage of tonight's big match at the Miami Masters: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga versus Rafael Nadal.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 17/04/1985
Height 1.88 m
Weight 91 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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