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Gilles Simon - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
FranceG Simon76---
FranceJ Tsonga54---

Live Comments

  1. - - Tsonga 5-7 4-6 - MATCH! Simon smashes into the open part of the court. That's 17 of the last 20 points now. Tsonga blasts the return of serve into the net, then follows it with a half volley that travels just wide. Three match points…a slice goes long and that's it! Simon finally beats his compatriot after four years of waiting.

  2. - - Tsonga 5-7 4-5. - BREAK! Tsonga's spraying errors around at will now. His footwork is poor and his latest footwork goes well wide. Simon is Nadal-esque as he just stays in the rally and forces the mistake. Tsonga hits an approach shot into the net and he's staring at two more break points…a poor backhand pass into the net and Simon just has to serve out for the match!

  3. - - Tsonga 5-7 4-4. - Simon's right back in this now as he draws level. Tsonga is the one who now looks lethargic as he struggles to get to a backhand up the line. A big serve into the body and Simon takes the game. That's three games in a row now for Gilles.

  4. - - Tsonga 5-7 4-3 - BREAK! Tsonga slips as Simon's effort luckily clips over the net. He follows it up by heating a weak effort wide. It's a very ragged effort from Tsonga in this game as he gifts the break back to Simon.

  5. - - Tsonga 5-7 4-2 - Simon looks to have recovered from his bout of lethargy as he rattles off a service game to love. He keeps himself in this set.

  6. - - Tsonga 5-7 4-1 - Tsonga's fourth double fault of the match is followed by a wild forehand that lands almost in the crowd. Another bread and butter forehand is well wide and it's three break back points…Simon error saves the first, Tsonga smash saves the second, and the third drifts away as Simon's pass is millimetres wide. Deuce and Simon misses a bit of a sitter and Tsonga edges closer to the set.

  7. - - Tsonga 5-7 3-1 - Simon hits a straightforward forehand wide, but Tsonga's letting his man off the hook there as he reels off a couple of errors to hand him the game.

  8. - - Tsonga 5-7 3-0 - Tsonga hits the forehand in behind the run of his fellow Frenchman. Tsonga holds to 30 after Simon pus up a brief fight. This set already looks over as the doctor again comes out.

  9. - - Tsonga 5-7 2-0 - BREAK! Simon pulls out of the volley as the ball is whipped past him at pace. Tsonga is now dominating as Simon struggles when having to go for real pace. Three break points…Simon hits a simple short ball wide and that's the break.

  10. - - Tsonga 5-7 1-0 - Simon doesn't look in a good way. There's no injury, but he's not happy with his energy levels. He will continue though. Hard to tell whether Simon's dipped here or Tsonga's just picked up his level. He takes game with ease as Simon hits long.

  11. - - Tsonga 5-7 - SET! The trainer and the doctor have both been on and have no idea what's wrong with him. He'll get play back under way though and is once again serving out for the set. It doesn't seem to be affecting him though as he races into a 40-0 lead. Three set points…and another inexplicable error hands the set to Simon.

  12. - - Tsonga 5-6 - BREAK! Neither player wants to win this set. Tsonga now goes 15-30 down, but brings it back level with a well executed smash. A Tsonga slice goes long and it's once again a break point…a brutal serve out wide leaves Simon with no chance. Another opportunity for Simon though and he gets it. He's called for the trainer though as he's feeling 'lethargic'.

  13. - - Tsonga 5-5 - BREAK! And is this Simon choking? He drops the first two points and it's second serve…again an error from Simon and it's three break points…absolutely terrible as he hits wildly out off his forehand side.

  14. - - Tsonga 4-5 - Tsonga will make Simon serve out for the set as he holds with ease. It was that terrible start from Jo-Wilfried that has brought it to this.

  15. - - Tsonga 3-5 - Well played from Simon as both players find the corners, but it's the underdog who gets the most angle on the ball. Tsonga tries to drop shot one of the quickest men in the business and sure enough Simon gets there. Two game points and Tsonga hits a straightforward forehand up the line.

  16. - - Tsonga 3-4 - Big hitting from Tsonga as he hits a winner out wide then draws the error from his compatriot. A big second serve into the body takes the game, but he is still behind by that single break.

  17. - - Tsonga 2-4 - Brilliant reactions from Simon as he gets his racket to a passing shot from close range. That's an important hold, and an easy one at that as he does so to love.

  18. - - Tsonga 2-3 - A little slip from Tsonga as he goes for the overhead, but he makes it nonetheless. His backhand drive up the line goes into the net. Simon very nearly makes a slap up the line from way outside the court, but it just falls wide. A cute drop shot from Tsonga. A big serve and he's right back in this match.

  19. - - Tsonga 1-3 - BREAK! Another wayward return from Tsonga, but he's getting more into the points now. A gigantic rally comes to an end when Tsonga nets, but he's got 30-30…Jo-Wilfried sends his man the wrong way and he has a break point…pure power forces Simon back behind the baseline and he is forced into the error.

  20. - - Tsonga 0-3 - BREAK! Simon punches a return up the line, leaving Tsonga rooted to the spot. A double fault from Tsonga in what has been a truly awful start to this match! He blasts one wide off his backhand wing and that's the double break for Simon.

  21. - - Tsonga 0-2 - Simon's got all the answers so far as he gets to the drop shot and replies with one of his own. Tsonga shanks one out, then Simon caresses one over the net for a winner. Tsonga's won only one of nine points so far.

  22. - - Tsonga 0-1 - BREAK! Tsonga misses by inches as he gets the umpire off his chair to inspect the line. Hawkeye confirms it was out though. Tsonga puts too much side on the drop shot and it spins out, and another error puts the seal on an awful start for the number four seed.

  23. 16:40 - These fellow countrymen have played each other surprisingly little. Five times they've met, Tsonga winning four of them. The last was a couple of years ago in Montpellier as it went the distance, won in three by the world number five.

  24. 16:35 - Hello and welcome to Eurosport UK's live game-by-game coverage of the last quarter final of the day between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Gilles Simon.

Gilles Simon

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 27/12/1984
Height 1.8 m
Weight 69 kg

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 17/04/1985
Height 1.88 m
Weight 91 kg

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