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Andy Murray - Tomáš Berdych Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Czech RepublicT Berdych666--
United KingdomA Murray723--

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  1. 12:50 - Right, Novak's on court soon and he'll be playing Robin Haase for the right to play Berdych in the semis. Come here to follow that match live.

  2. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 3-6 - MATCH! Murray's going for the lines, but only half heartedly and he's teetering on the brink at 15-30…a perfect volley into the corner from Berdych and it's a single match point…and what a way to finish it as he beats another winner up the line.

  3. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 3-5 - The ball stands up in the middle of the court and Berdych crashes it right onto the line. Murray gets his opponent moving on the next point and draws the error. An ace out wide and a ripped forehand up the line leaves him just a game short of the match.

  4. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 3-4 - An important hold, and an easy one at that as Murray does it to love. An unreturnable serve down the tee seals it.

  5. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 2-4 - More aggressive play from Berdych and he reels off the first couple of points with ease. A double fault from the Czech and Murray pumps his fist…Berdych now hits long and it's 30-30. Murray wastes his chance by putting a return wide. Murray furiously hits away the ball as yet another ball goes long.

  6. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 2-3 - Two more deuces follow. A complete miss hit from Berdych as he looks for the drive volley, and Murray once again digs in to hold.

  7. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 1-3 - Even a miss hit from Berdych drops into the corner. And yet again he gets lucky as he clips the top of the net and it creeps over! Murray replies by reeling off a couple of winners and it's 30-30…and it's Berdych's 15th break point as Murray once again nets…the Scot does have nerves of steel though as once again he waits for the Berdych error.

  8. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 1-3 - Murray just can't get into any sort of rhythm. Errors follow, and even when he does hit a decent return, Berdych simply whips it up the line into the corner. Daylight now for the Czech.

  9. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 1-2 - BREAK! That break of serve hasn't spurred Murray on though. He's 15-30 down after another complete miss hit. A tidy one-two off the serve brings it back to 30-30, but Berdych absolutely hammers the ball into the corner for a break point…Murray decides to take the high ball on first time without letting it bounce and hits wide. The racket gets a good beating for its troubles.

  10. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 1-1 - BREAK! A weak pass into the net from Murray, a slice into the net and Murray's head's gone down a bit at the moment. Berdych goes in for the kill, but his forehand slams into the net. All of a sudden Murray's first break point of the match following another poor Berdych error…and he only needs one chance as he waits out the error from the Czech.

  11. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 0-1 - BREAK! Murray does a swear, as he's done a few times this match as he concedes yet another break point. No mistake this time and these are ominous times for Murray.

  12. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 0-0 - Berdych goes for too much as he drives a backhand long. Both players are keeping an excellent length, but it's Murray who breaks first and Berdych slice volleys the winner. The Scot is playing just too conservatively now as Berdych once again is the first to go for a corner and his courage pays. Break point…excellent defence from Murray brings it to deuce.

  13. - - Murray 7-6 2-6 - SET! A simple game for Berdych as three first serves into the corners give him three set points…Murray saves one with a beautiful return up the line, but no mistake at the second attempt as he smashes a winner up the line.

  14. - - Murray 7-6 2-5 - BREAK! Once again the drop shot is short, but at least he does it when 30-0 up. Another dodgy bounce; the groundsman has surely gone into hiding, and Murray hits well long. A Murray forehand inches long and it's break point…the return is sent well long. Another chance though as he swats away a short slice…and that is the double break - Murray with another miss hit.

  15. - - Murray 7-6 2-4 - These drop shots are really starting to break down now with Berdych spotting them ever earlier. Right idea from Murray, but a terrible execution as his volley is shanked into the net. Berdych goes in behind the run of Murray and extends his lead in this second set.

  16. - - Murray 7-6 2-3 - Murray makes sure he stays in this set with a solid service game. Errors off Berdych's racket and a winner perfectly into the corner from the Scot gives him the game to 15.

  17. - - Murray 7-6 1-3 - Berdych slaps the return to the other side of the court for a winner. Murray hits the return long and this is all pretty easy at the moment as Murray hits another attempt high into the net.

  18. - - Murray 7-6 1-2 - BREAK! Murray almost clips the slice over the big Czech, but Berdych stretches and just about makes the smash up the line. Murray takes the pace of the second serve and Berdych punishes it. A ridiculously poor drop shot from Murray and it's put away with absolute ease. Two break points…once again Berdych can't take advantage. One more opportunity…and that is the first break of the match as Murray nets.

  19. - - Murray 7-6 1-1 - Murray punishes the short second serve. But a couple of awry shots, including yet anther drop shot puts Berdych up in the game. Another strange bounce, this time at the expense of Murray and the Czech takes the game.

  20. - - Murray 7-6 1-0 - Murray's continuously using the drop shot, mainly to good effect as once again Berdych hits it wide. A mammoth rally, but Murray is comfortable the entire time and Berdych nets. Murray takes the game to 30.

  21. - - Murray 7-6 (7-4) - A complete miss hit from Berdych as the ball takes a bizarre bounce off the clay. He frames the next point high into the air, and Murray slams it into the stands. Four set points…Berdych batters the crosscourt forehand to save one, Murray leaves a drop shot short on the second, but a heavy serve and Berdych fires long.

  22. - - Murray 6-6 (4-2) - Surprisingly it's Berdych's first ace as he thumps one down the middle. Murray gets his slice so low and Berdych can't get down low enough. Murray with the first mini break then…and he keeps that break at the turnaround.

  23. - - Murray 6-6 - It's tie break time as Murray once again clings on. He'll surely have the edge in this tie break now after all those chances went for Berdych.

  24. - - Murray 5-6 - Murray undoes his good work as he backhands long. Third set point…Berdych misses the backhand smash by a couple of feet! Tough shot, but that should have been the set. More brutal hitting from the Czech, finishing it off with a sliced volley and it's a fourth set point…good second serve into the body and it's saved. He repeats the serve into the body, but a forehand on the run into the net…back to deuce.

  25. - - Murray 5-6 - Another shank from Berdych as the ball barely gets off his racket. The drop shot is proving less effective now as Berdych whips one up the line for a winner. Danger here as Murray slices just long…another slice goes wide and it's two set points!...fantastic save of the first from Murray as he chases down the approach then whips the passing shot crosscourt. A huge kicker out wide brings it back to deuce.

  26. - - Murray 5-6 - Murray does well to get back the drive into the corner, but Berdych makes the smash on the stretch. Berdych gets his own back with a drop shot of his own at the net. A long return from Murray, and another clean as a whistle backhand from Berdych gives him the game to 15.

  27. - - Murray 5-5 - Murray reels off the first couple of points, but due to Berdych errors. Murray's spending nearly all his time about six feet behind the baseline, but it's not holding him back there as big serving gives him the game to love.

  28. - - Murray 4-5 - Berdych frames a slice and follows it with his second double fault of the day. Murray's still to force a single break point in this match and Berdych smashes his way into the lead once again.

  29. - - Murray 4-4 - …and Berdych once again dominating nets a simple forehand. A marathon rally and Berdych this time gets to the dropshot and Murray on the stretch hits long. Break point 3…return netted by the Czech. Well saved by Murray as he works his way out of trouble with solid serving.

  30. - - Murray 3-4 - After an exchange of slices, Berdych changes it up as he thwacks one up the line. Murray gets there, but he doesn't get to the next one. Another rip up the line for the Czech and it's 0-30…Berdych is in complete control of the rally, but he nets a simple forehand. Berdych on the run brilliantly loops the winner and it's the first break points of the match…once again the drop shot works to save one…

  31. - - Murray 3-4 - You can barely see the ball as Berdych hammers a crosscourt winner off a loose Murray forehand. An easy put away as Murray leaves the return short, and Murray is perhaps deceived as the ball clips the baseline, hitting the forehand into the net. Game Berdych.

  32. - - Murray 3-3 - Murray leans into the backhand and hits the winner up the line. Berdych absolutely batters a forehand (164kph), leaving Murray with no chance. Another absolutely perfect dropshot from Murray leaves his opponent stranded at the back of the court. Berdych repeats his winner, this time off the backhand side, but Murray once again with the drop shot winner and he levels the set.

  33. - - Murray 2-3 - Berdych drive volleys away Murray's loose shot with contempt. Murray can't make the return, and the next and that's a game to love for the Czech.

  34. - - Murray 2-2 - Murray with a delicious little drop shot on the half volley. He goes for another from the back of the court and this one is wide. Expect a lot of that tactic today from the Scot. It's his only blemish on this game though as an ace and a whipped pass takes it.

  35. - - Murray 1-2 - The Czech slams a forehand winner into the corner, but Murray's playing very positively as he steps into the returns and he has a sniff of a break at 15-30…brilliant play from both players as Berdych comes to the net and Murray chases everything down. It's Berdych that slices the winner though. More ridiculously hard hitting from the Czech and he retakes the lead.

  36. - - Murray 1-1 - More aggressive from Murray as he hits a winner into the corner. An ace is sandwiched by an error, but control the follow up passing shot and it's 30-30…excellent length from Murray keeps Berdych on the back foot and a solid serve out wide brings up the game.

  37. - - Murray 0-1 - Berdych slices the ball in, it's called out and the Czech gets the decision on Hawkeye. Murray nets a forehand, but follows it by coming to the net and forcing the error. Berdych with the one-two to either side off the serve and he has two game points…a vicious forehand up the line takes it.

  38. 09:45 - Thanks Alchemist. Indeed that would be a difficult, even admirable thing to achieve. Anyway, both players are going for their final sit down and play should commence in a couple of minutes...

  39. 09:40 - These two are very closely matched in their year to date stats. Unsurprisingly Berdych outperforms the Scot on serve; he has more aces, a higher percentage of service points won and less break points faced. Murray equally predictably has a better return game; more return points won, more break points converted and return games won.

  40. 09:35 - Murray perhaps surprisingly has a losing head to head record against Berdych. He's won two to his opponent's three. Their only meeting on clay was at Roland Garros and the Czech won in straight sets.

  41. 09:30 - Players should be out on court soon and play should commence at about 9.45. We've got Djokovic vs Robin Haase, Stanislas Wawrinka vs Rafael Nadal and Gilles Simon vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga all to follow.

  42. 09:25 - Hello and welcome to live game-by-game coverage of the Monte-Carlo Masters. We've got all four singles quarter finals coming up starting with Andy Murray vs Tomas Berdych.

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

Tomáš Berdych

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 17/09/1985
Height 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg

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