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Svetlana Kuznetsova - Sara Errani Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
ItalyS Errani67---
Russian FederationS Kuznetsova05---

Live Comments

  1. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 5-7 – MATCH ERRANI! The Russian nets on the first rally in her service game. Unforced error. But she is on game point now, only to lose it with a weak low forehand to net! Errani two points from victory... A duel from deep follows and Kuznetsova nets! Match point Errani! TAKEN AS THE RUSSIAN SPINS IT WIDE! Errani is through! Next up is Kerber or Martic, which is about to finish... Women's draw

  2. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 5-6 – Errani holds with relative fluency and now the Russian has to serve to stay in the tournament.

  3. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 5-5 – BREAK! Errani then holds so Kuznetsova is serving for the first set. However, she makes a dog’s dinner of it and is broken back to 5-5!

  4. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 5-3 - A tougher job for Kuznetsova to hold after that break as she has to work hard at the net, earning game point with a fine clipped volley down the line and holding from that.

  5. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 4-3 - BREAK! Oh yes that is more like the Kuznetsova of old, powering in some vicious returns and howling her way to the lead in this second set.

  6. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 3-3 The Russian then holds but not without some drama as she roars to the heavens following a mis-hit, helped to the game by some Errani errors and some point-trading at deuce, winning it as she powers a smashed volley away. Kuznetsova has 13 unforced errors to Errani’s six so far, which explains why the first set went the way it did.

  7. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 2-3 - A terrible volley from the Russian with Errani prone lands about four yards wide. That would have brought it to 30-30. This game turns into a mini-epic as they battle off deuce for several minutes, Errani moving into game point with a lovely pass and taking it as the Russian fluffs a horrible forehand into the net. What a poor shot.

  8. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 2-2 - BREAK! It breathes! Some powerful returns move the Russian into three break points, and a lovely change of direction for a pass down the line catches the Italian out as she nets her backhand. The Russian follows with a powerful hold too, some cracking forehand drives as she finds her form again.

  9. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 0-2 - BREAK! A break point for Errani after some fine returns but a powerful serve sees it to deuce. but another break point as Errani returns with interest, and she takes it as Kuznetsova goes long from deep!

  10. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 0-1 - The Russian starts really well and has a break point but Errani shows great determination at the baseline to bring up deuce with a rush to net and soft half-volley. And she holds with consecutive strong drives beyond the Russian. That was a key game in this match, had Kuznetsova broken right at the start the set we could have seen a change in momentum.

  11. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-6 - SET! The Russian is serving to avoid a first-set bagel. She really needs to win this to make the Olympics too. But she falls 40-30 down and is broken by a clever change of direction from Errani at the baseline, the Russian floundering into the net! Another break and a bagel!

  12. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-5 - BREAK! A couple more break points for Errani who is all over Kuznetsova, she loses the first as Kuznetsova puts some power on the serve but there's another one as the Italian spins one right back at her. And she breaks with another spinning forehand that the Russian skews out! Another break! And a love hold as Kuznetsova fails to get any returns of note in play. She's being torn apart here.

  13. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-3 - BREAK! Break point for Errani as the Russian nets poorly with an aggressive approach shot following a sweeping rally... A fine crosscourt forehand brings it back to deuce, and another for advantage. Bit of an epic this one as they trade blows at deuce before Errani earns another break point as Kuznetsova hits long. Off second serve we have another rally which this time yields an Errani winner as she passes her opponent down the left. First blood to Errani, who then holds.

  14. - - Remember - you can watch all today's singles matches on British Eurosport and Eurosport 2 as there are only two show-courts in action for the fourth round; they are also available on Eurosport Player at £2.99/month, if you don't 'do' Sky and that. LIVE on Eurosport Player

  15. - - KUZNETSOVA 0-1 - This match has started too. The Russian has a 5-0 record over the Italian but times they have a' changed, and Errani is the higher seed (21 v 26). Errani holds to kick off.

Svetlana Kuznetsova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 27/06/1985
Height 1.74 m
Weight 73 kg

Sara Errani

Nationality ITA
Date of Birth 29/04/1987
Height 1.64 m
Weight 60 kg

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  1. Oh, thank you Sara !

    From Daniel, on Sun 3 Jun 18:12
  2. Shows how poor and rubbish Aga Radwanska was and­ is......

    From John, on Sun 3 Jun 14:37
  3. Well done to Sara!! It seems the Italians are getting­ better and better, with her and Andreas doing really­ well!

    From sarah37729, on Sun 3 Jun 13:49
  4. Kuzi as erratic as ever, and Errani simply consistently­ stronger. Congratulations on a very deserved victory.

    From Ingo, on Sun 3 Jun 13:01
  5. Svethog.

    From , on Sun 3 Jun 11:34
  6. nice to see svetlana coming back. win this set, and go­ on to win the decider set.

    From emerita, on Sun 3 Jun 11:28
  7. Yes sister Sara ! Gooood job...

    From Daniel, on Sun 3 Jun 11:04
  8. The draw is wide open, anyone can win but one thing is­ for sure..Maria Sharapova will be the champion.

    From Jake Espejo, on Sun 3 Jun 11:03
  9. what's happening? i left the live coverage to­ prepare dinner, and i come back to see 0-6 for errani.­ svetlana, what's happening to you? come on!

    From emerita, on Sun 3 Jun 10:50
  10. C'mon Svetlana! You used to be a force to be­ reckoned with, show that fighting spirit once again!

    From Andrew, on Sun 3 Jun 8:06
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