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Kaia Kanepi - Caroline Wozniacki Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
EstoniaK Kanepi666--
DENC Wozniacki173--

Live Comments

  1. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 7-6 3-6 - MATCH! Finally Kanepi wins. Kanepi is serving for the match for an incredible fifth time this match, having gone two breaks up in the second set and an additional break up at 5-5. She takes the first two points with a fine forehand and as Wozzer lofts one long. Wozniacki pulls one back though but she then goes long and it's two more match points Kanepi!! And finally she takes it as Wozniacki goes long! Relief more than joy, and she faces Julia Gorges or Arantxa Rus next. Women's draw.

  2. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 7-6 3-5 - Yes, this is a very long game. And a very long rally that draws up another match point for Kanepi as she controls the tempo of that point, moving to net and powering the smash away. 22 shots in that exchange. She can't take it though, a fine serve and she can only net shot three. Now advantage Wozniacki as Kanepi abuses the racquet. Wozzer holds as Kanepi nets a BH return.

  3. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 7-6 2-5 - Kanepi takes the first point against serve. Given her travails serving for the match maybe a break is her best chance? Could be you know, fine return once more. But then an unforced error to net and 15-30. And she sends an awkward lob long to make it 30-30. Then, after a superb return, she flops a backhand into the net. But deuce now with a fine drop that reels Wozzer in and sets up the lob. But she neds a BH again, poor - lucky for Kanepi, Wozzer then goes long. Deuce.

  4. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 7-6 2-5 - BREAK! From 30-30 Kanepi kicks in an ace. Match point, finally. Can she close it? Not for now, on deuce as Wozzer returns with interest. And then Kanepi flops one wide and it's break point! But she pulls it back to deuce with a fine crosscourt forehand off the line. But a double fault and it's advantage Wozniacki... We have a rally and Kanepi goes long! Deary me!

  5. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 7-6 1-5 - Seriously? Kanepi chokes again as she flaps, faults and nets her way 0-30 down as she serves for the match. But Wozzer puts a backhand winner wide. And after a rally Kanepi regains her composure to ping a cool pass wide of Wozzer. She should follow through now...

  6. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 7-6 1-5 - BREAK! Yes it's another break for Kanepi as Wozniacki looks spent. We've been here before though - can she serve out one of her two service games to win it?

  7. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 7-6 1-4 - After holding with comfort, Kanepi races 30-0 up against serve as Wozzer seems to flag. Fatigue setting in after a very long match.

  8. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 7-6 1-3 - BREAK! Kanepi shows great power to break Wozniacki, but I don't trust her after that second-set shambles. Prove it to me, Kaia, prove it.

  9. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 7-6 - Oh so NOW you decide to comfortably hold serve, Kaia. Where were you for the last half hour? Poor girl appeared to choke, but can she bounce back?

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  11. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 7-6(3) - Kanepi eats a couple of points back but she goes long unnecessarily at a rally and it's three set points Wozniacki!! TAKEN AS KANEPI GOES LONG WITH A BACKHAND! WHAT A COMEBACK!

  12. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 6-6 (5-1) - Wozniacki flies a mini-break up in this tiebreak, and she takes another with a booming forehand.

  13. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 6-6 - BREAK! For the third time Kanepi is serving for the match, but Wozniacki is suddenly one fire and Kanepi is again broken while on the brink of glory. Tie-break it is.

  14. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 5-6 - BREAK!! Wozniacki is hanging on to serve thanks a hefty test from the Estonian, who put one superb winner in the corner. Off deuce now and a superb drive from Kanepi is met by a desperate forehand that lands long! Break point at the death? Wozzer thinks she's hit a winner but Kanepi makes it and a rally ensues. Who will crack first? Wozniacki! She's gone long!

  15. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 5-5 - BREAK BACK X 2!! You are kidding me. Wozniacki has channeled her anger and has gone 30-0 up! And then she has three break points as Kanepi gets her angles wrong, and this is some comeback if she completes it! A set and two breaks down, Kanepi serving for the match twice and she nets weakly and crumbles! What a comeback by Wozzer!!

  16. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 4-5 - Wozniaki holds to love as her opponent can barely return but it's a second chance for Kanepi to serve for the match as she broke twice earlier. Surely not again?

  17. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 3-5 - BREAK!! Kanepi is serving for the match but Wozzer is giving as good as she's getting suddenly, clipping a lovely passed drive beyond the Estonian for 30-30. And now break point for the Dane but she telegraphs her return and is beaten easily by the drive. Now she goes long and it's match point... First serve is to net, second instigates a rallly but Kanepi nets! Back to deuce! And Wozzer fires in some tasty returns to break back! A lifeline!

  18. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 2-5 - Wozzer stops the rot by holding to love but it seems too little too late - Kanepi will serve for the match.

  19. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 1-4 - BREAK! Kanepi has broken Wozniacki again as the Dane looks to have given up on this tournament. She's still fuming after that line call. Now I'm not 100% sure but it did seem to be out, however you just have to get on with it and not let it derail you.

  20. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 1-2 - BREAK! Wozzer is having a 'mare. Poor Wozzer. She is convinced Kanepi's shot landed long, and points to an mark on the court where she feels it landed. But it didn't land there, it clipped the line says the umpire, and the umpire corrects her. But she's insistent. Deary me, poor Wozzer. Done by the lack of Hawkeye. Anyway, she's been broken in the second set and is in danger of imploding.

  21. - - WOZNIACKI 1-6 - SET! Kanepi holds with little fuss and it's the first set - all too easy as Wozniacki AGAIN threatens to come up short at a Slam.

  22. - - WOZNIACKI 1-5 - BREAK! Another break for Kanepi, whose style of holding the racquet quite high helps on clay, while Wozniacki's low swinging technique is not ideal. Anyway serving for the set now.

  23. - - WOZNIACKI 1-4 - Kanepi is still a break up against the world number eight but the games and points are taking an age with both girls playing somewhat conservatively and very deep. Kanepi is finding it easier though, plucking out some nice winners from high.

  24. - - WOZNIACKI 0-2 - BREAK! Two break points for Kanepi as Wozniacki really struggles to get her first serves in, although the Dane gets back to deuce by doing just that - serving well. Oh but she nets a winner under no pressure whatsoever and another break point! She claws that back but a baseline rally is won by the Estonian with a booming forehand out wide off the line. Off second serve Kanepi rules the rally and Wozniacki goes long! Early break!

  25. - - WOZNIACKI 0-0 This match is underway on Suzanne Lenglen with the lovely Caroline now world number eight after getting found out in the big matches, although her ninth seeding has been rendered irrelevant by the exit of Serena.

Kaia Kanepi

Nationality EST
Date of Birth 10/06/1985
Height 1.81 m
Weight 74 kg

Caroline Wozniacki

Nationality DEN
Date of Birth 11/07/1990
Height 1.77 m
Weight 63 kg

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