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Nicolas Mahut - Andy Roddick Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
FranceN Mahut6646-
United StatesA Roddick3362-

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Nicolas Mahut

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 21/01/1982
Height 1.9 m
Weight 80 kg

Andy Roddick

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 30/08/1982
Height 1.88 m
Weight 89 kg

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  1. Can somebody explain rationally to me how he managed to­ beat Federer last month?My only solution is that his­ serves are so fast that he occasionally distorts­ reality at his side,shifts time to his best 2004 when­ he was #1 and somehow finds skill to win.I think­ Einstein did not predict this in relativity theory. ­ No,but seriously im curious...Same unexplainable event­ in snooker Championships with Stephen Hendry-147 max­ break in first round,then devastation 2-13 in frames­ and retirement...Do they really find extraordinary game­ for only for one match?

    From CarbonBased, on Sun 27 May 22:08
  2. It was always going to be tough for Andy to come out­ and play a French player after so little practice on­ clay. Sadly he's a fading star now, I really­ can't see him scooping any more majors or even any­ regular tour trophies unless his form improves­ considerably. He's always been a great competitor­ over the years but perhaps now would be a good time to­ think about bowing out of the game. I expect he'll­ have a good US Open and wish him well.

    From HotRedClay, on Sun 27 May 21:53
  3. Just retire,really sad watching Roddick lose at a­ wimper

    From Jason, on Sun 27 May 17:47
  4. Over now.

    From Jason, on Sun 27 May 17:40
  5. i beat mahut to wins the firt ball served tell me if i­ win or not­ pleaseeeeeeeeeee?.????????????????????????????????:????­ ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????­ ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????­ ?????????????????????????????????????????????.????.??.?­ ?.??.???.??.????.????.?????.???????????.???????????????­ ?????????

    From FIC, on Sun 27 May 17:27
  6. Go Andy! McEnroe commentary NBC ... miss you, Vitas­ Gerulaitis wish yoi were reporting courtside! :)

    From Jimbolaya, on Sun 27 May 17:17
  7. Patel (comment 7): Almagro, Monaco and Seppi are great­ players, especially on clay but also on other surfaces!­ As for Roddick, I´d like to see him and Hewitt­ continue playing at least for a little bit longer, and­ don´t forget Rod beat Fed earlier this year! He­ shouldn´t lose to a player like Mahut but don´t forget­ it was him who gave Isner a whole lot of trouble just a­ couple of years ago on grass!

    From sarah37729, on Sun 27 May 17:17
  8. Roddick got the 3rd set 6-4

    From Jason, on Sun 27 May 17:14
  9. please who knows who win the first ball­ served??????????

    From FIC, on Sun 27 May 17:11
  10. Andy don't worry I saw u at Miami! U still have it­ and u will be a threat at the us open and wimbeldon!­ Good luck

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 27 May 17:09
  11. who win the 1 ball served

    From FIC, on Sun 27 May 17:07
  12. Patel during the 2000s Roddick would beat those players­ with comparitive even Monaco went 6-0­ against Roddick at Miami

    From Jason, on Sun 27 May 16:50
  13. Big Roddick fan here , its really unbearable to see my­ favorite player getting crushed by everyone nowadays ,­ i really hope he retires , its for the best the year­ he got married everything just started going downhill­ in his career ( kind of the same with Hewitt ) , the­ man deserved at least one more Grand Slam , Roger­ Federer let alone destroyed his career all the best­ A-Rod but please retire .

    From Nerazzuri, on Sun 27 May 16:49
  14. I just looked at the rankings and saw Almagro, Monaco,­ SEPPI etc above Roddick...its just­ depressing...Remember what he used to do to them in the­ Grass Courts of Wimbledon in his prime? Its just­ ........well I think I'll quit watching tennis or­ something, I cannot bear to see him destroyed like­ this...please retire Andy

    From Patel, on Sun 27 May 16:42
  15. Well , there is always Wimbledon.........

    From Patel, on Sun 27 May 16:39
  16. Ummm

    From RFederer-N-Pats*Fan*Grl, on Sun 27 May 16:38
  17. and he is not even 30 years old yet. amazing how­ celebrity wives can so distract you.

    From SANCHEZ, on Sun 27 May 16:34
  18. Shame to see Roddick like this....after 10 years in the­ top ten.

    From Jason, on Sun 27 May 16:31
  19. Andy PLEASE retire and stop embarassing yourself.

    From Pete, on Sun 27 May 15:45
  20. Go Andy! You can beat the man who gave Isner a­ difficult match, well, you know where!

    From sarah37729, on Sun 27 May 10:34
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