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Novak Djokovic - Roger Federer Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic676--
SwitzerlandR Federer453--

Live Comments

  1. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 7-5 6-3 - GAME, SET & MATCH - Djokovic paints the line with a flicked backhand passing shot across court and it brings up two match points for the world number one ... the first goes begging when he slaps into the net but Djokovic does wrap up the match on the second time of asking when Federer slaps a forehand into the net.

  2. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 7-5 5-3 - Despite being trumped by a lob in the opening point of the game, Federer holds with a lob winner of his own to force Djokovic to serve out the match. IS there some drama left in this match yet? Certainly the crowd are hoping so, getting firmly behind Federer now ...

  3. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 7-5 5-2 - Djokovic holds to consolidate the break and Federer will have to serve to stay in this match after the change of ends

  4. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 7-5 4-2 - BREAK - An ace followed by a double fault from Federer helps Djokovic on his way to two more break points. Federer saves the first with a body serve and forehand winner combo while the second goes begging when Nole slaps a forehand long. Another forehand long from Fed hands Nole a third chance and this time he does break when Fed hits into the net

  5. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 7-5 3-2 - Djokovic lofts a lob into the air in a practice-like manner for Federer, who has little trouble dispatching the smash, before slapping down a second double fault and letting Federer back into a game he lead 40-0. That's as far as Fed can get though as he dumps a forehand into the net and Djokovic sneaks ahead once again

  6. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 7-5 2-2 - Federer produces his best game in a long time, racing through a service hold to love to level up. Where was that kind of serving in the second set?

  7. - DJOKOVIC 6-4 7-5 2-1 - Another forehand gets sailing long of the baseline as Djokovic holds to 15 to sneak ahead once again. Whoever comes through this semi-final, and it's increasingly looking like Djokovic, will have to up their level of play considerably if they are to even come close to Rafa on Sunday

  8. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 7-5 1-1 - The swirling wind takes the ball away from Federer as Djokovic goes 0-30 up. Fed gets a point back when Djokovic hits into the net before making a wry smile. Fed gets things back on track however with a forehand winner and then goes on to hold to level up at 1-1

  9. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 7-5 1-0 - The odd atmosphere continues on Chatrier as Djokovic holds to 15 for the opening game of this third set. No-one quite seems to know what to make of such a error-riddled match from a subdued Federer, even the two players looks perplexed

  10. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 7-5 - SET - A backhand sent at least a metre and a half long of the baseline by Federer hands Djokovic two set points ... But he only needs one as Federer runs round the ball only to slap a regulation forehand long down the centre of the court. What a bizarrely chaotic set.

  11. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-5 - Having served for the set once, Federer will now have to serve to stay in this second set, as Djokovic finally gets things back on track with a service hold!

  12. - DJOKOVIC 6-4 5-5 - BREAK - Federer gets himself into trouble again with a couple of errors, a backhand into the net to hand Djokovic two more break back points. Fed saves the first with a series of off-forehands across court before finding the winner down the line but a forehand slapped well long on the second does gift Nole the break. And we're on serve once again

  13. - DJOKOVIC 6-4 4-5 - BREAK - That's better! Federer gets a ripple of applause from the crowd with a stunning backhand down the line to bring up two points to re-establish his break advantage once again. And then he gets the crowd up on their feet with another vicious backhand to break again. He will serve for this second set after the change of ends

  14. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 4-4 - BREAK - A bizarrely underwhelming game from Federer as he concedes his serve to little noise from the crowd with a forehand into the very bottom fo the net. We are back on serve in this second set and Djokovic has had to do almost nothin gto get himself back in it

  15. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 3-4 - Djokovic has a forehand over-ruled long (immediately accepted by the Serb) to hand Federer to more break points. He saves the first when Federer hits long and then also the second with a forehand drive volley winner across court. A backhand sliced long and a forehand slapped long hands Fed a third chance but he hits a backhand into the net and Nole goes on to hold when Fed his a forehand into the net

  16. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 2-4 - Federer gets himself out of a potential spot of bother at 30-30 with an ace out wide before going on to hold from deuce with a forehand winner.

  17. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 2-3 - Much better on serve again now from Djokovic as he holds to 15 by working his way inside the basline and drilling a forehand winner down the centre of the court. He's back in touch on the scoreboard and looking more energetic again now

  18. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 1-3 - BREAK - Djokovic gets one of the breaks back as Fed suffers a total blip in concentration and chucks away his serve to love. This match is so changeable

  19. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 0-3- BREAK - Djokovic is looking oddly flat in this second set as he hands Federer another break point. One that Fed takes full advantage of, pushing Nole around the baseline and forcing the error from the Serb - a forehand long. It is accompanied by a huge yell of "come on" from Fed. He's a double break up in this set now

  20. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 0-2 - Much better from Federer this time as he consolidates his break with a rapid hold to love, sealing the game with an ace down the centre of the court

  21. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 0-1 - BREAK - Djokovic continues to target the Fed forehand and with some success as errors number 17 and 18 from the third seed bring up points for a hold. A forehand of his own long squanders the first while the second goes begging on a backhand volley into the net. A drop shot from Fed & between-the-legs shot from Nole get the crowd on their feet and Fed sets up a break point when Nole hits into the net. And Fed does break with a smash winner

  22. - - DJOKOVIC 6-4 - SET - Fed drops the first point before striking back by peppering the baseline with a series of forehands, Djokovic eventually hitting long. A forehand long from Fed hands the advantage to Nole again though and another forehand error gifts Nole two set points ... He only needs the one as he yet again bosses the point from the baseline and Fed sends a forehand whistling long

  23. - - DJOKOVIC 5-4 - After that brief bit of excitment when both players dropped serve a couple of games ago, normality has been restored and another quick and easy service hold from Djokovic will leave Federer serving to stay in this opening set after the change of ends

  24. - - DJOKOVIC 4-4 - Fed's forehand started in such good fashion only to completely fall apart in the past couple of games as another error sees Nole level at 30-30. But a stunning ace followed by another heavy serve from Fed and he holds to keep things on track

  25. - - DJOKOVIC 4-3 - Much better again on serve from Djokovic as he holds very speedily indeed to love, Federer slapping a forehand into the net on the final point of the game.

  26. - - DJOKOVIC 3-3 - BREAK - Federer finds another ace down the centre of the court to level up at deuce after a poor start to the game but Djokovic peppers the baseline and eventually Fed hits a forehand down the line wide to hand Nole a break back point. A point Nole takes full advantage of when Fed hits an off-balance backhand into the net

  27. - - DJOKOVIC 2-3 - BREAK - Back-to-back ferocious off-forehands across court from Federer are rightly admired by the crowd - Djokovic does well to get to them both but cannot get the second back in play and it's two break points to Fed. Nole saves the first with a forehand but Fed finds another off-forehand cross court winner and the victor in this clash last year has first blood this year

  28. - - DJOKOVIC 2-2 - A second ace from Federer sees the world number three sneak out to a 40-15 lead, before Nole lands a cross court forehand right on the line for Federer to hit wide. But Fed gets things back on track and holds once again on the next point

  29. - - DJOKOVIC 2-1 - Djokovic looks firmly in control of another service hold before Federer applies a spec of pressure with a blistering forehand return of serve winner down the line. But the world number one quickly restores order and goes on to hold with a dipping forehand that Federer, up at the net, cannot return

  30. - - DJOKOVIC 1-1 -Federer is equally quick to get his service routine ticking over, holding to 15 with an unreturnable serve down the centre of the court sealing his first hold of the match

  31. - - DJOKOVIC 1-0 - Djokovic takes the first game of the match without any trouble at all, he is clearly keen to get on with this during what could be a slim window without rain

  32. - - The players are back out on court now and it will be Djokovic to get the clash underway by serving first ...

  33. - - The players are expected back on court in about 10 minutes time - 4pm ish UK time (5pm in Paris) as the rain has stopped at Roland Garros. And it is expected to remain dry for a full 45 minutes, hopefully enough to time to get at least the majority of the first set in

  34. - - Now they are putting the covers on the court, the rain is teeming down. It'll be a while before we see the start of this match.

  35. - - Now they are going back to the locker room. The ground-staff aren't coming back on to the court just yet which would suggest that it is not expected to be too long a delay. Here's hoping ...

  36. - - Just as Federer and Djokovic finish their warm-up and look to get going, a few rain spots start falling over Roland Garros. They are not going to start while its raining so both players are putting their jackets back on. No signs that they will have to leave the court yet but no play either

  37. - - It only finished a few minutes ago but if you can't remember, or just missed, what happened in the first of the semi-finals, have a look at our handy report. Nadal crushes Ferrer to reach final

  38. - - Don't forget you can follow Tramlines on Twitter for updates both from the match and anything else from around Roland Garros ...

  39. - - Eurosport analyst Jason Goodall believes Roger Federer's first serve will be key in this clash. To watch the video of that analysis, all you have to do is click here

  40. - - Federer has a 14-11 win-loss record against Djokovic but only a 3-2 win-loss record against the Serb on clay. Djokovic beat Federer in the semi-finals of the Rome Masters a few weeks ago but Federer beat Djokovic in the semi-finals of the French Open last year. That was Nole's first loss of the year remember.

  41. - - World number one Novak Djokovic takes on last year's beaten finalist Roger Federer for a place to take on six-times champion Rafael Nadal in Sunday's final at Roland Garros

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 78 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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