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David Ferrer - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainD Ferrer6666-
United KingdomA Murray4732-

Live Comments

  1. 6-2 - GAME, SET AND MATCH FERRER! Murray's serve again lets him down as Ferrer brings up two match points on the Murray serve. A big first serve saves the first one, but a backhand slips wide on the second point as Ferrer comes through in four sets. He will face fellow Spaniard David Ferrer in the last four. Ferrer a deserving winner.

  2. 5-2 - Murray can't convert a break point before launching a forehand wide. Sums up the way this match has worked out. A couple of well-placed forehands carry the scores back to deuce. Ferrer's forehand holds sway to bring up game point for a 5-2 lead. He nails the points he needs to survive two break points for a 5-2 lead. He needs one more game to reach his first French Open semi-final.

  3. 4-2 - Murray tries a hopelessly optimistic lob when leading 40-30. Key moment at deuce as Murray is left looking down the barrel. Murray somehow raises his spirits to hold serve. Back to 4-2 behind. Huge game now for Murray. They are all huge.

  4. 4-1 - Murray looks like he is finished in the match. This encounter beginning to take on the look of his loss to Tomas Berdych at this tournament a few years ago. The fight seems to have gone out of Murray. Can he conjure up something when he is swimming against the tide? Huge game now. Has to hold here.

  5. 3-1 - FERRER BREAKS! Murray with more than 50 unforced errors. Looks in all sorts of bother here as Ferrer moves 3-1 ahead with the break.

  6. 2-1 - Ferrer winning the key points at the key times. A lot of noise being made by both men, but Murray seems to be flagging as the match reaches its key time. Murray's coach Ivan Lendl would have found a way to get out of this situation back in his pomp.

  7. 1-1 - BREAK FERRER! Murray can't get a grip on his serving or his volleying at the net which has been poorish by his own standards. No sooner does he break than he is broken. Would have to make Ferrer a slight favourite at this stage even if Ferrer doesn't have an Isner-type serve.

  8. 0-1 - BREAK MURRAY! Don't write off Murray. This match could yet go the distance as Muzza comes up with a couple of big returns to move 1-0 ahead. The problem he has isn't breaking Ferrer. It is holding his own serve.

  9. 6-3 - SET FERRER! Murray unhappy and cutting a frustrated figure on serve as he falls 2-1 behind in sets. This is all looking a bit forlorn. Where there is life there is hope, but Murray is done for here unless he can patch up the second serve. Murray won only five points out of 20 on his second serve in that set.

  10. 5-3 - Ferrer leads 5-3. This is not looking good for Murray after some solid moments in this set. Murray injecting several errors into his game. Bad news for Murray, good news for Ferrer who looks as if he could outlast Murray by just getting balls back into play.

  11. 4-3 - BREAK TO FERRER! Moments of brilliance being dashed by slices of sloppy play. Murray falls 40-0 behind moments after he broke back to 3-3 behind. Disappointing stuff as he misses another volley at the net to hand Ferrer the initiative. A 4-3 lead for the little Spaniard.

  12. 3-3 - BREAK MURRAY! A break to love from Murray. His best game of the match so far. Ferrer left helpless with Murray crashing the ball at him like a fast bowler. Ferrer has no answer. This match back on serve. Murray gets hot to level.

  13. 3-2 - Ferrer comes up with a winning drop shot as Murray continues to drop in far too many second serves. Murray saves the day with a winning forehand across court to level at deuce. Murray shows some resolve to keep the break to just the one. A 3-2 lead for Ferrer with the break.

  14. 3-1 - Murray getting a bit upset with himself here as he falls 40-0 behind. Ferrer is not showing such emotion as he cements the break with some ease for a 3-1 advantage.

  15. 1-1 - Players back out on the court after the rain delay. A 15-0 lead for Ferrer. On we go. Ferrer wastes little time in levelling at 1-1 in this third set. All getting very interesting.

  16. 0-1 - Another rain delay then in Paris. Murray leads 1-0 in the third set. We will be right back as soon as the players are right back. Shouldn't be too long.

  17. 0-1 - Murray comes up with a comfortable hold before the rain begins to tumble down again. Not sure if the crowd are booing the rain or Murray. Murray might be public enemy number one in Paris, but he is certainly piecing it together now. Looking good here.

  18. 6-7 - SET MURRAY! Murray seizes the day early in the tie-break - a breaker he has to win - by snagging five of the first six points. He pushes a backhand wide as his aggressive approach finally lets him down. A stinging forehand carries Ferrer back to 5-3 behind, but Ferrer pushes a ball long seconds later to gift Murray three set points. Ferrer knocks a forehand wide after a longish rally. Two hours and 13 minutes. 1-1 in sets.

  19. 6-6 - A windy, wet evening in Paris. Not ideal for tennis, but Murray steels himself on serve to force the breaker. All or nothing one suspects for Murray on this breaker. Wouldn't like to find himself two sets adrift of Ferrer in this match.

  20. 6-5 - Rain starting to fall again as Ferrer puts another game away to lead 6-5. A highly impressive effort this from Ferrer. Easy to see why Murray has yet to overcome this little terrier on this track.

  21. 5-5 - Ferrer has such a positive attitude around the court. Murray having to work so hard for anything he gets out there. But at least he is not out of the set as he crashes a winner beyond Ferrer to level at 5-5.

  22. 5-4 - A couple of magical games from Ferrer. Murray can only pick up only one point on the Ferrer service game. A 5-4 lead now for the little Spaniard. Pressure really on Murray here.

  23. 4-4 - BREAK TO FERRER! Another fine response from Ferrer who continues to wallow in moments of stickiness as he roars right back to break Murray. A volley hits the net as Murray is broken to love. Serve not the key element in this match.

  24. 3-4 - BREAK TO MURRAY! A second break in this set falls in favour of Murray, who is applying the pressure at the key moment. This set suddenly well and truly alive for the Scotsman. Forcing Ferrer back with some clubbing shots. He leads 4-3 with the break.

  25. 3-3 - Murray forced to face another break point in the sixth game, but a booming first serve is beyond Ferrer before even sees it. Ferrer empties a forehand into the net before Murray sees out the game. He levels at 3-3.

  26. 3-2 - Ferrer with 16 winners to Murray's 24, but he looks the likelier figure having made only 14 unforced errors to his opponent's 24. Ferrer willing to go as long as it takes to win points.

  27. 2-2 - Murray coming up with some big hits, but Ferrer is like a wall on clay. The ball seems to be coming back at the Scotsman from all angles. Murray might have to try to KO Ferrer with a tennis ball if this continues much longer.

  28. 2-1 - A brilliant second serve from Ferrer carries him 40-30 clear after the rain break, but he misses a forehand from mid-court as the score reaches deuce. Murray fires a forehand long from deep before Ferrer staggers over the line for a 2-1 lead. Murray again left wondering what might have been.

  29. 1-1 - Going to wait a few minues here to wait for the rain to pass overheard. And then we shall continue.

  30. 1-1 - Murray presents Ferrer with two break points as a backhand finds the nets. Murray saves the first one, but fails to get a pass from Ferrer back over the net. The break is right back in Ferrer's to speak. Back on serve at 1-1.

  31. 0-1 - BREAK MURRAY! A flying start to the second start by Murray with a couple of well-placed groundstrokes backing Ferrer up. Ferrer picks up only a solitary point as Murray forces the issue at the right time for a 1-0 lead in the second set.

  32. 6-4 - SET FERRER! Murray has a point for 5-5, but is left facing a second set points seconds later after dumping a forehand into the net. He then slashes at the ball from the back of the court in failing with a forehand. 66 minutes of play, and Murray is being penalised for unforced errors.

  33. 5-4 - BREAK TO MURRAY! Games back on serve late in the first set. Murray demanding better of himself as Ferrer sees a forehand drop long out of the court. Just a couple of errors creeping into the Ferrer game at the wrong time.

  34. 5-3 - Murray fends off a break point that would have handed Ferrer the second set. Murray comes up with a brutal forehand to bring the score back to deuce before a couple of lusty forehands carry Murray over the line.

  35. 5-2 - If Murray is going to become the first British player to win a Clay Court tournament since Buster Mottram in 1976, he will have to find a way to break Ferrer. Murray with four break points, but they are all saved. Ferrer winning all the big points to lead 5-2.

  36. 4-2 - A bit better from Murray. A shortage of first serves cost him dear in his pervious service game, but he composes himself well to keep himself in the hunt in this first set. A big forehand and a big first serve the highlight of that game.

  37. 4-1 - Ferrer is utterly dominant on serve as he cements the break to lead 4-1. Murray seems to be more in this match than being 4-1 down yet that is the situation he finds himself in. Ferrer scampering so quickly around the court.

  38. 3-1 - BREAK FERRER! Murray manages to save the first break point, but Ferrer refuses to let go at deuce. He is hitting the ball with some real venom. Murray can't respond and is broken for the first time today. A 3-1 lead for Ferrer.

  39. 2-1 - A couple of break points for Murray, but he can't get the over the winning line as Ferrer survives despite seeing Murray blow a golden chance when the chance to convert a cross court winner presented itself. Ferrer will need to be scraped off this court today.

  40. 1-1 - A stunning rally to round off the second game of this set. Murray sees himself lobbed leading 40-30, but recovers superbly well to win the point in levelling the match at 1-1. A promising start by both men.

  41. 1-0 - An impressive start from both men, but Ferrer hold serve in the opening game. A couple of blistering forehands by Ferrer shows what Murray is up against this afternoon.

  42. 0-0 - Ferrer to serve in the opening game of the match. A few boos for Murray after he ousted home hope Richard Gasquet the other day.

  43. 0-0 - Murray and Ferrer out on court. We have that one coming up for you.

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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