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Nicolás Almagro - Rafael Nadal Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal766--
SpainN Almagro623--

Live Comments

  1. 3-6 - GAME, SET AND MATCH NADAL! A 50th win for Nadal on the French Open clay as he converts the first of two match points with an ace down the middle. Almagro pushed him hard, but still comes up short. Sounded easier than it was, but Nadal wins in three straight sets.

  2. 3-5 - BREAK NADAL! Not exactly a surprise as Nadal strikes what could be the killer blow in the match by breaking his opponent for only the second time in the match. Nadal will serve for the match and a place against Ferrer or Murray in the last four.

  3. 3-4 - Almagro and Nadal continue to trade service games. This second set may well be heading for a tie-break unless someone can break the old routine.

  4. 3-3 - Nadal presented with a break point by a frustrated Almagro, but the underdog keeps himself alive in the match by holding serve.

  5. 2-3 - Opportunity knocks for Almagro, but he can't convert one of the two break points on the Nadal serve. So near yet so far and the pressure is beginning to tell on the shoulders of Almagro, who is no nearer this break.

  6. 1-2 - The door opens slightly for Almagro at deuce, but Nadal slams it close with his usual relish. Nadal looking in an uncompromising mood as another chance to break evades Almagro.

  7. 1-1 - Almagro living on the edge here against Nadal, who is working the angles with his usual rythmn. Almagro survives deuce, but how much longer he can resist Nadal in this match is open to some debate.

  8. 0-1 - Almagro struggling to cope with Nadal in the rallies. A couple of unforced errors hands Nadal the initiative which he is not going to knock back any time soon. A few brollies starting to go up here and there. Nadal with a 1-0 lead in the third set.

  9. 2-6 - SET NADAL! Difficult to see Nadal losing from here. An air of inevitablity about this contest as the champion heads back to his chair leading two sets to love. Pressure mounting on the Almagro service game, and he somewhat predictably buckles.

  10. 2-5 - Nadal comes up with a couple of wonderful forehands to prevent Almagro from breaking for the first time in this match. Classic Nadal as he works the angles to survive the moment before closing the door moments later. Almagro will serve to stay alive in the second set.

  11. 2-4 - Almagro hanging in there despite having made 25 unforced errors to eight by Nadal. Long way back and a break is nowhere in sight.

  12. 1-4 - Nadal comes up with another imperious service game to move three games clear in cementing the break. Now two games short of a two-set lead.

  13. 1-3 - BREAK NADAL! Finally the break comes for the legend. Almagro faltering in the moment of truth and his staying power must be in question as Nadal is rewarded for pushing and probing and making his opponent play an extra shot in rallies. A 3-1 lead for Nadal with the break.

  14. 1-2 - Nadal continues along his merry way by winning the third game of the second set. Almagro is playing well here, but has yet to dent the Nadal defence. Difficult to see where he goes from here. Almagro no nearer the break point.

  15. 1-1 - Almagro forced to squeeze himself out of a tight spot in that second game. Forced to deuce, but the Spanish underdog comes up with the goods to level at 1-1. He is punching his fist in the air trying to get the crowd on his side.

  16. 0-1 - Back to Roland Garros's version of Groundhog Day as Nadal holds serve again at the outset of this second set. Outside of the tie-break, there remains only one break point for either man.

  17. 6-7 - Nadal collects the opening four points of the breaker to dampen Almagro's ambitions before going on to pocket the first set 7-4 on the breaker. A long way back for Almagro already in this match.

  18. 6-6 - BREAKER TIME! Nadal holds to love. Both men with three aces in the set, and Almagro managed to fend off the solitary break point of the set. All to play for then in the breaker. A tie break Almagro surely must win to remain competitive in this match.

  19. 6-5 - Dangerous times for Almagro on the main show court as he confronts a break point, but he shows the Chatrier court when he is made off by putting away a tricky overhead before seeing out the next two points for a 6-5 lead. At least he is certain of the tie-break here.

  20. 5-5 - Nadal with a couple of booming groundstrokes. Some big hitting at the right time to level at 5-5. We continue on serve with Nadal dropping only one point in that game.

  21. 5-4 - Difficult to imagine that Nadal has yet to break Almagro yet in this match, but that is the stage we have reached after nine games. Almagro playing well above himself to lead 5-4. What would he give for a break here.

  22. 4-4 - A fairly comfortable hold for Nadal in the end as he levels matters up at 4-4. Almagro giving the fans hopes here that this might not be a procession for Nadal.

  23. 4-3 - Almagro locked at 30-30 with Nadal, but he again responds well on serve with a couple of nicely worked points. No break points as yet. All very even.

  24. 3-3 - Almagro making sure Nadal isn't getting it all his own way here early on, but he has yet to bite into the Nadal serve. Vital one suspects that Almagro wins this first set for the good of his long-term health in this match. Nadal holds. We remain on serve at 3-3. No breaks as yet.

  25. 3-2 - Almagro in a spot of bother here as he is clawed back to deuce by Nadal, but the unfancied Almagro comes up with a couple fine serves to stave off the danger. Nadal not getting his own way early on. But it remains early on....

  26. 2-2 - Nadal quickly moves to 40-0 clear. Almagro holds up his fellow Spaniard with a couple of fine winning points before Nadal comes up with a forehand to get over the line. 2-2. We remain on serve.

  27. 2-1 - Nadal yet to get himself out of first gear here as he mishandles a coupe of Almagro approach shots in falling 2-1 behind. Nadal looking for a 50th win at Roland Garros today. His only loss came against Robin Soderling in 2009 in the fourth round.

  28. 1-1 - Slowish start by Nadal by his usual high standards, but he gets the job done to level at 1-1 aided by an ace down the middle. A daunting task facing Almagro today.

  29. 1-0 - Almagro comes up with a love game to win the opening game of the match. Not a bad way to start against a man you have yet to get the better of in your career. He leads 1-0.

  30. 0-0 - Almagro to serve in the opening set of this quarter-final match against Nadal.

Nicolás Almagro

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 21/08/1985
Height 1.83 m
Weight 84 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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