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Richard Gasquet - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
FranceR Gasquet666--
United KingdomA Murray732--

Live Comments

  1. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 3-6 2-6 – At 30-15 Murray resorts to the drop shot once again, but Gasquet has long since found a way to combat that and coolly knocks a forehand past him. A great rally that takes both players all over the court ends in Gasquet smashing home for match point... Murray hits into the net and Gasquet has won! The Frenchman will face David Ferrer in the quarter-final after a well-deserved victory.

  2. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 3-6 2-5 – Murray looks visibly drained after that break of serve. At 40-15 he tries a casual lob over Gasquet at the net, but the Frenchman leaps with great agility to flick a backhand back past him and move to within a game of winning the match!

  3. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 3-6 2-4 – BREAK! Murray takes a risk coming to the net as Gasquet shapes up for a backhand, and the gamble doesn't pay off as he can only deflect it into the net. That helps Gasquet on his way to claiming two break points. Murray lets out his anger on a forehand down the line to save one, but he hits the net on the next point to give Gasquet a huge break!

  4. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 3-6 2-3 –Gasquet takes his service game by the scruff of the neck and lashes home a running forehand to hold serve.

  5. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 3-6 1-2 – Murray gets a break point when Gasquet hits an elementary two-hander wide, but a poor choice of shot at the net sees the chance lost. He cries out in anguish as he then hits the net under little pressure, but he forces Gasquet into an awkward stretch on the next point. A double-fault gives Murray a chance, but he's beaten by a cracking forehand. Another break point comes his way, but again he is unable to convert. Gasquet eventually holds what feels like a pivotal game.

  6. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 3-6 1-1 – A cry of "Come On!" from Murray as he has to battle his way through deuce, via a winner which just landed in the very corner of the court, before holding serve.

  7. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 3-6 0-1 – Some rather industrial language from Murray as he lets a 15-30 lead slip from his grasp with a poor shot. He pulls it back to deuce, but an ace slammed right down the middle and a serve to the corner that Murray can't return help Gasquet to hold.

  8. - - Plenty of water being sprayed over the clay to stop the dust swirling up with the wind. These conditions have been tough for the players all day.

  9. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 3-6 – SET! Gasquet earns two set points on Murray's serve. The first is put into the net as Gasquet can't handle a solid two-hander from Murray, but Murray himself finds the net on the second! We will now see these two go the distance for a fourth time in six meetings!

  10. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 3-5 – BREAK! Solid stuff from Murray, who wins the first two points on Gasquet's serve. The Frenchman responds with a great forehand winner, but then hits long to give his opponent two break points. Murray only needs one, firing a cross-court two-hander right into the corner!

  11. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 2-5 – Gasquet has understandably taken his foot off the gas after opening up that four-game gap, allowing Murray to hold with virtually no resistance.

  12. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 1-5 – Well, what a different proposition this second set has been! After looking like a ghost in the tie-break, Gasquet has stormed away with this set. Murray must win four straight games just to stay in it now.

  13. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 1-4 – BREAK! Gasquet is the one in the ascendant right now, and he breaks Murray for the second time in the second set to open up a three-game lead! Court staff are giving plenty of attention to the surface during the changeover, as the wind continues to blow dust around everywhere.

  14. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 1-3 –Murray digs out a scooped shot out wide but it's in vain as Gasquet volleys at the net en route to holding.

  15. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 1-2 - Murray gets on the board in this set at the third time of asking. both players seem to have eased off a little bit at the moment.

  16. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 0-2 - The French world number 22 consolidates his break by holding serve. He's won eight of the 10 points played so far in this set. Are we in for another epic between these two?

  17. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) 0-1 - BREAK! What a repsonse from Gasquet! The Frenchman comes racing out of the block in this second set and immediately breaks Murray to 15 with an array of dazzling winners!

  18. - - MURRAY 7-6(1) - SET! Murray wins his seventh point in a row to grab the mini-break, and then wins a very entertaining exchange of volleys at the net. The wnd is really swirling around the court as Gasquet hits out to go 5-1 down at the change of ends. His rotten tie-break continues and he loses 7-1!

  19. - - MURRAY 6-6 - At such a crucial stage in the match, Gasquet goes AWOL as Murray holds to love. The final point, in whichGasquet just hooked his return out of play, showed how he had just given up on that game. To the tie-break!

  20. - - MURRAY 5-6 - Murray hits back on Gasquet's serve, sending him the wrong way with a forehand winner that brings him up to deuce. Gasquet is sent scrambling around the court beofre a casual lob gives Murray a chance to break back, but Gasquet responds with a great serve that his opponent can't return. Two more great points from Gasquet are rounded off with an ace to see him one break away from taking the set.

  21. - - MURRAY 5-5 - BREAK! Outstanding tennis from Gasquet, who anticipates Murray's lob and responds with a great smash to go 0-30 up. Murray double-faults to give Gasquet three break points, but two huge serves help Murray cancel them all out. Gasquet earns another, and this time Murray hits the net!

  22. - - MURRAY 5-4 - Murray levels up at 15-15 via a helping hand from the net cord, for which he holds his hand up. At 30-30 a classy sliced drop shot at the net gives Murray a set point, which Gasquet saves with high quality at the net of his own. The Frenchman earns advantage and Murray shanks the next point into the crowd, meaning he must now serve out the set.

  23. - - MURRAY 5-3 - Murray reacts well to a clip off the net cord but it invites Gasquet to hammer home a forehand winner for 40-30. A double fault brings the Frenchman up to deuce. Murray lashes a winner right into the corner of the court, but Gasquet wins two points in a row to get his first break point of the match. Murray does likewise, and he eventually prevails.

  24. - - MURRAY 4-3 - BREAK! Gasquet can only flick a lob back into the net to give Murray two break points. The first is returned long and Gasquet cancels the other out with a backhand. That's seven break points that Murray has spurned already. Murray's third of this game is nullified by a lovely ace, the fourth is sliced into the net and the fifth is hit long. Murray whips a forehand down the line and finally he breaks in this set at the 11th time of asking!

  25. - - MURRAY 3-3 - Both players geting very annoyed as members of the crowd are being continually allowed to leave their seats even after the changeover has ended. Poor show from the stewards. Gasquet reads a Murray drop shot well and flicks a lethal backhand across court, but Murray reacts equally well to pass his opponent. He goes on to hold to 30.

  26. - - MURRAY 2-3 - A defensive drop shot from Gasquet swings out of court and Murray has two break points. Murray hits the net on the first and Gasquet smashes the second home for deuce. The Frenchman resists his opponent from there to hold.

  27. - - MURRAY 2-2 - Plenty of finesse from Murray as he sends Gasquet sprinting to the net to meet another drop shot. The Frenchman reaches it but is then send haring back to catch Murray's lob. The desperate return drops out of play. A Murray two-hander from the baseline goes long for 30-15, but the fourth seed goes on to hold.

  28. - - MURRAY 1-2 - A cheeky exchange of drop shots goes the way of Gasquet, who holds to love to keep this opening set on serve.

  29. - - MURRAY 1-1 - Some great rallying between these two in this match already. Gasquet sends Murray desperately backtracking and hitting the net for 30-30. Murray stays calm and twice sneds Gasquet the wrong way to hit winners that see him hold serve.

  30. - - MURRAY 0-1 - Gasquet will serve first. Murray takes the first two points with an imudent drop shot and a fine cross-court two-hander. The world number four controls the rally to drill another two-hander home, but then slices long on the next point. Gasquet smashes a volley home before a long rally ends with Muuray over-hitting a forehand for deuce. At the third time of asking, Gasquet goes on to hold.

  31. - - The two players are both out on court now. They should be finished with their warm-ups any time now.

  32. - - In the last round, Murray weathered a David Nalbandian comeback to win a compelling second-round contest 6-1 4-6 7-5, while Gasquet beat Paolo Lorenzi 6-1 7-6. Report: Murray edges three-set epic

  33. - - These two have a good history of cracking encounters. At the French Open in 2010 Murray took five sets to beat Gasquet, while in a classic at Wimbledon in 2008 the Scot came from two sets down to win in five.

  34. - - Murray has a 3-2 advantage over Gasquet in their overall head-to-head, including each of the last two.

  35. - - Coming up next on the Supertennis Arena clay is Richard Gasquet v Andy Murray. This is the sixth meeting between these two.

Richard Gasquet

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 18/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 75 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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