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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal76---
N Djokovic53---

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  1. - - And here is Nadal with the trophy! PRESENTATION CEREMONY PHOTO

  2. - - @kumitaguchi: "loving the Rome Masters commentary, thanks". And I'm loving the chance of a self-congrulatory comment, love... thanks for joining me for this delayed final. MATCH REPORT

  3. - - DJOKOVIC 5-7 3-6 NADAL - GAME, SET AND MATCH - Nadal battles back to deuce but Djokovic finds a top serve to move to advantage up. However he sees a shot fly just out with Nadal defending desperately then drifts a backhand wide, again with Nadal way back... championship point. AND A DOUBLE FAULT GIFTS RAFAEL NADAL THE ROME MASTERS CROWN!

  4. - - The Djoker must hold is he is to prevent Nadal moving to 15-8 against reigning No.1s.

  5. - - DJOKOVIC 5-7 3-5 NADAL - Clever short winner from mid-court by Nole after Nadal was forced to scratch around in the dirt to get the initial ball back. But back comes Rafa - and he holds with an exquisite lob that Djokovic flings a racquet at and misses while backtracking to the baseline.

  6. - - DJOKOVIC 5-7 3-4 NADAL - More brilliance from Nadal at the net. After another Nole backhand draws him close, he looks down the line before flicking across court on to the sideline. It is, however, brief respite in a game dominated by Djokovic. So tense!

  7. - - DJOKOVIC 5-7 2-4 NADAL - Djokovic drops one short which Nadal rescues. The Serb lifts the ball over his opponent, who sends back a reverse smash... Nole digs it out but Nadal is in position to smash home for 30-15! Masterclass in turning defence into attack. Nole hits a sublime forehand winner but is unable to prevent the hold.

  8. - - There are still clouds in the sky, but they are largely white against the blue sky. Little chance of rain now. /// Souptik Pramanick (@Iceman230287): "Rafa is beginning to discover top form... Let's see what nole can do against a charged up Rafa on clay"

  9. - - DJOKOVIC 5-7 2-3 NADAL - The second set is littered with errors compared with the first as the duo battle fatigue. Djokovic drops a couple of points but nevertheless manages to hold; he has converted one break point among seven chances, compared with Nadal's 3/6. Who do you think has the greater mental strength of these two superstars? GET IN TOUCH ON TWITTER

  10. - - DJOKOVIC 5-7 1-3 NADAL - Time stops momentarily as the Djoker flicks a drop shot over the net and Rafa scampers... to no avail. That puts the Serb 30-15 up. At 30-30 Djokovic's footwork falters as he gets into position for a smash and - like in the first set - sends it straight into the ground. Nadal sends a forehand wide for deuce but has the hold as Djokovic continues to miss chances from the baseline. He almost seems to be trying too hard.

  11. - - DJOKOVIC 5-7 1-2 NADAL - Sensational flat forehand winner right on the sideline from Djokovic to move 30-15 up after initially going behind in this game. He is pegged back again but moves within a point of the game by getting over the ball to deliver another electric forehand. A double fault gives Nadal deuce but Djokovic arrests his slump by claiming the game from there.

  12. - - DJOKOVIC 5-7 0-2 NADAL - Nole throws it away! Nadal hits into the net repeatedly to give up three break points, but reels off of the saves with some top attacking tennis. He faces a fourth chance after another error, but finds that consistency of stroke again to take a relieved hold. Five games in a row for him.

  13. - - DJOKOVIC 5-7 0-1 NADAL - BREAK - What a start to the second set from Nadal! He completes the break with a blistering forehand winner as Djokovic continues his post-incorrect-line-call funk. He's not acting up, though, to be fair to him. /// Souptik Pramanick (@Iceman230287): "Could have decided the match if Djokovic had broken and gone on to win the first set"

  14. - - DJOKOVIC 5-7 NADAL - SET - Nadal sets up the mid-court winner with a passing shot which Djokovic has to stretch for - and Novak hits into the net to go 30-0 down. Rafa then pushes him deep to force an error before sealing the set on the second of three set points.

  15. - - Nadal to serve for the set. That racquet is really broken.

  16. - - The Djoker smashes his racquet against the net post! Warning given for racquet abuse... Overall this is their 14th meeting in a final (Djokovic leads 7-6 but Nadal is up 3-2 in clay finals). Nadal may have won in Monte Carlo - but he was on a seven-match losing streak against Nole prior to that.

  17. - - DJOKOVIC 5-6 NADAL - BREAK - Djokovic seems set for an efficient hold but the wheels come off as he is hauled back to deuce... and Nadal grabs the break with both players at the net! This is exhausting for them both - Rafa fighting back after looking on the wane.

  18. - - DJOKOVIC 5-5 NADAL - Relentless from Nadal to win a vital point to level at 15-15. Djokovic triumphs in another spectacular point - and then a brilliant rally ends when the line judge incorrectly calls a Djokovic stroke out! The umpire overrules and the point will be replayed - Nole is aghast! And Nadal goes on to hold and level. Very harsh on the Serb. PHOTOS FROM THE MATCH

  19. - - DJOKOVIC 5-4 NADAL - Djokovic dominates the short rallies to move within a break of the set. Nadal leads the overall head-to-head series, 17-14, including 10-2 on clay. This is their fourth meeting in Rome: Nadal won the first two in 2007 (QF) and 2009 (final) before Djokovic won in last year’s final. /// Souptik Pramanick (@Iceman230287): "Rafa is matching Djok shot for shot like the Australian Open.. The surface is different and so will be the result"

  20. - - DJOKOVIC 4-4 NADAL - Nadal is struggling now, missing one as he goes down the line on the first point. His first-serve percentage is down at 44 (against 69 for Djokovic). A winner return levels at 30-30 but Nadal goes ahead as he forces one last stroke from Djokovic, which he whips long. Nole takes it to deuce, but Nadal does enough to hold - a crucial game to his chances of winning the set.

  21. - - The sun is back out as the players take a moment between the change of ends.

  22. - - DJOKOVIC 4-3 NADAL - A straightforward hold to love for Djokovic to move ahead. /// HERE'S_JONNY (@JohnReading1): "Come on Novak, send him from side to side with those blistering cross court shots." Who is playing the better tennis? GET IN TOUCH ON TWITTER

  23. - - The Djoker is looking for his third Rome Masters title while Nadal has five to his name. Nadal is 34-4 lifetime in clay finals and Djokovic is one of two players (Federer being the other) to beat the Spaniard twice in a clay title match.

  24. - - DJOKOVIC 3-3 NADAL - BREAK BACK - Nadal put to the sword by some excellent returning from Djokovic on the first two points, with Rafa hitting wide to go 0-30 down. Nadal takes the next two points but then goes break point down... and a desperate-looking Nadal then hits a forehand into the net! /// Egbu Yugo (@yugo44): "c'mon @djokerNole,need Federer to remain no 2"

  25. - - DJOKOVIC 2-3 NADAL - BREAK - Incredible error from Djokovic at 0-15 down, smashing into the floor on his side of the net with Nadal out of commission. He has to fight to save break point but a long backhand puts him advantage down - and Nadal polishes off a Nole drop-shot to seal the break. /// arubin (@arub1n) "come on #rafa! get that no.2 spot back before roland garros."

  26. - - DJOKOVIC 2-2 NADAL - Incredible attacking play from Nadal to start the game, using every inch of the width on the right then the left with the winner. Djokovic cannot live with his service in this game, winning just one point. The Spaniard has a 35-2 record here and is 15-1 on clay this year... and unbeaten on red clay!

  27. - - DJOKOVIC 2-1 NADAL - The match is already tense as the players battle for supremacy in this set. Still on serve. Please don't rain.

  28. - - Francesco Totti, looking rough and ready, enjoying the tennis.

  29. - - DJOKOVIC 1-1 NADAL - Long from Nole as Nadal defends, putting the Spaniard 40-15 ahead. Djokovic finds a delectable winner only to mis-hit as his opponent draws level. /// HERE'S_JONNY (@JohnReading1) "Come on sexy Novak...WIN." Always a fan of camping it up on a Monday...

  30. - - Brilliant tennis in the first game from both players, with several long rallies. The clouds are looking more ominous now, a very dark grey...

  31. - - DJOKOVIC 1-0 NADAL - Shocking error from Djokovic to hit wide of the tramline as he goes 0-30 down. Djokovic fights back but Nadal takes two break points with a stunning flat winner to end a compelling rally... a lovely backhand saves the first and Nadal comes up short with a soft drop as the second is also saved! Nole's serve sees out the hold - he is a relieved man.

  32. - - Djokovic, who won the toss, to serve first.

  33. - - Djokovic has only lost one set in four matches this week, the first set of his win over No.14 seed Juan Monaco. Nadal has four straight-sets wins this week.

  34. - - Time called and we will start shortly.

  35. - - Nole beat Federer in the semis while Rafa overcame David Ferrer. ROME MASTERS DRAW

  36. - - This is the first back-to-back final with the same players in the tournament's history beginning in 1930.

  37. - - Their last meeting was in the Monte Carlo Masters final, with the Spaniard winning 6-3 6-1. /// Anthony Mclachlan (@kyba123): "Novak to win and by the way Murray will never win a slam as long as he lives." Bit harsh - he'd beat you...

  38. - - The players are on their way out. Despite the sun being out, my colleague in Italy Ilaria Bottura assures me that rain is again forecast, and clouds can be seen in the sky... fingers crossed.

  39. - - It is dry and we will have tennis! Hopefully those irate fans from yesterday will be a little calmer. PLASTIC BOTTLES RAIN DOWN ON COURT

  40. - - The women's title was decided yesterday, with Maria Sharapova saving match point to beat Li Na 4-6 6-4 7-6(5) after a two-hour rain break effectively turned the match into a tie-break shootout. SHARAPOVA RETAINS ROME TITLE AFTER DELAY

  41. - - Should Nadal avenge last year's final defeat to Djokovic, he will reclaim second spot in the rankings. Roger Federer took it from him last Monday after winning the Madrid Masters.

  42. - - My name is Jonathan and I will be your commentator for this clash between two of the heavyweights of the tennis world. Who do you expect to win today, Nole or Rafa? DROP ME A LINE ON TWITTER

  43. - - Welcome to coverage of the final, which is scheduled to start at 11am UK time.

  44. - - Thanks for staying vigilant here on the live text coverage and we hope to see you back when the Rome Masters final eventually is able to commence!

  45. - - Bad news: The final is OFF for today. Nadal and Djokovic will not come out for their final and the earliest word is that they will try again tomorrow from 11am GMT. Rain is forecast for both Monday and Tuesday, so time will tell if they are successful any time soon...

  46. - - The players will apparently have the final say after they come out closer to half seven and have a few hits. But then, can the two really come out in front of the remaining spectators and NOT perform?

  47. - - IF there is no further rain, Nadal and Djokovic will commence in half an hour - 19:30 GMT.

  48. - - The women resumed their final - Sharapova winning the tie-break - but with just the tie-break remaining that was an easier decision. Now, we hope to find out if they deem it fit for another two or three hours of play. Sharapova retains Rome title after delay

  49. - - Uncle Toni, Marian Vajda, Sergio Palmieri and ATP supervisor Thomas Karlberg are now on court to inspect the surface before we get a decision on if there will be a final between Nadal and Djokovic tonight.

  50. - - I have received word that Li and Sharapova are due back on court at 18:00 GMT -hopefully that means the men will not be too much longer than that. Only a tie-break to play in the WTA final before central court is taken up by Nole and Rafa.

  51. - - The covers are still on and the rain is still coming down in Rome, two hours after we were due to get underway.

  52. - - Here here! @JohnReading1: "RAIN RAIN GO AWAY, NOVAK AND RAFA NEED TO PLAY"

  53. - - For those joining us now, the Rome Masters final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal has been delayed for an hour and counting due to heavy downpour. We await further news on when they expect to be able to get started, but it's not looking good so far. The delay is 90 minutes and counting, and we're not sure when or if the action will begin today.

  54. - - Siroos @siroos90 had been keeping an eye on the women's final before the delay: "Li Na had a great comeback to the game after that horrible 2nd set. I hope she win this Otherwise, her husband will kill her ;-)"

  55. - - Martin Zannmatsch (@zannmar} is confident that the delay won't rattle Rafa: "VAMOS RAFA! His positive attitude and his willpower will show that his reign on clay isn't over yet ... If the weather allows it."

  56. - - Neil Roberts (@neeilroberts) had his opinion swayed by the semi-finals: "I'm a Nadal fan but I reckon Novak beating Federer yesterday has made me think he might get his calendar slam soon after all."

  57. - - Follow @liamhappe on Twitter and tweet in your comments to be published as we wait for the weather delay to end.

  58. - - Nayana Singh (@iamnayana) will be on Team Rafa if/when the rain subsides: "Nadal vs Djokovic! Vamos Rafa! Take revenge for last year!!!" while Ojo Olujide (@gydeojo) thinks the delay will benefit the defending champion: "The rain delay favored Djokovic last year, seems it would happen again this year, the rain makes the court a bit faster".

  59. - - The WTA final is also a casualty of the weather in Rome. Li Na and Maria Sharapova had made it all the way to a third set tie-break when the heavens opened! WTA final matchcast

  60. - - In response to requests on the state of play re: rain, I'm afraid it's still very much chucking it down. No start time in sight for now. Big shame as this is a highly-anticipated final and was shaping up to be another cracker between the two.

  61. - - More great responses from you very patient tennis fans: Bernardo Maltez (@_bernas): "I'm a big fan of Nole and don't think Monte Carlo history will be repeated today. Djoko is hungry and back to his near best." Mariana J (@Mar_J1821) "VAMOS RAFA!" - have your say @liamhappe

  62. - - For those joining us now, the Rome Masters final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal has been delayed for an hour and counting due to heavy downpour. We await further news on when they expect to be able to get started, but it's not looking good so far.

  63. - - @JohnReading1: "COME ON SEXY NOVAK" - I'm sure he's flattered...

  64. - - Siroos Madan (@siroos90) is on the Serb's side - when not taking exception to my choice of abbreviations...! "Nole is going to win this... moreover we are Nole's fan not djok's (joke)!!" follow @liamhappe and get involved - we could be heavily delayed by the downpour in Rome. Will we get a washout?

  65. - - Are there any Djok supporters out there? Follow me on Twitter @liamhappe and have your say!

  66. - - @NicolaiIversen is also rooting for the Spaniard: "rafa take it in 2 straght sets!! rafa showed in monte Carlo, that he still got hat it takes on clay. VAMOS RAFA!!"

  67. - - No sign of action still. Covers remain on and further delays expected...

  68. - - Max Haydn Trew (@skip_meister10) says: "VAMOS RAFA!!!! i think it'll go to three sets but the clay king will prevail!" - follow me @liamhappe and have your say! Looks like we'll need all the input possible from you guys while we remain delayed...

  69. - - HEAD TO HEAD: Record Djokovic 14-17 Nadal; Age Djokovic 24-25 Nadal; Turned pro Djokovic 2003-2001 Nadal; Career titles Djokovic 30-48 Nadal.

  70. - - While we still await the rain to subside and the two players to arrive on court, check out Djokovic and Nadal's respective routes to the final: Rome Masters drawsheet

  71. - - Hearing there will be a slight delay before the final gets started. More time for you to send me your predictions. Are you a Rafa or a Djok man? Follow @liamhappe and tweet your comments my way!

  72. - - And world number one Djokovic beat Roger Federer in straight sets 6-2 7-6 to set up another final with Nadal. Report

  73. - - Rafa booked his place in the Rome Masters final with a 7-6 6-0 win over fellow Spaniard David Ferrer. Report

  74. - - Remember, you can have your say during tonight's commentary. Follow me on Twitter - @liamhappe - then send over your thoughts on the game as it unfolds. We will be publishing your tweets here throughout the match!

  75. - - Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the Rome Masters final. It's deja vu all over again as Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal meet again. The current top seed won in straight sets a year ago. Will the 'clay king' exact his revenge? 2011 Rome Masters final: blow by blow

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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  1. Yahoo Euro Sport!!!!!Please update the ranking......too­ late!!!!

    From dede, on Tue 22 May 10:29
  2. Nadal will end the year as numero uno....I'm going­ to put five pounds bet on it!!!

    From Jason, on Mon 21 May 22:41
  3. Nadal showed tennis like he did at US Open final 2010­ vs Djokovic. This matched showed me that actually­ Nadal has a gap between him and Djokovic.

    From janice m, on Mon 21 May 22:19
  4. Rafeal Nadal can thank Novak Djokovic's for­ becoming even a better player than ever before! No one­ wins all matches. Whoever wins most will be best for­ the year! My bet is still on Novak Djokovic for this­ year! Novak is mentally & physically very strong!­ He will overcome any challenge, never mind Rafa, Roger,­ Andy or others!

    From If-You-Say-So, on Mon 21 May 21:43
  5. Rafa, We don't care what your ranking is. Try­ your best, play aggressively and the rest will­ follow...Keep it up champ!

    From Anindita, on Mon 21 May 21:36
  6. Will 2012 be a repeat of 2010 for Rafa?

    From EDDIE, on Mon 21 May 19:57
  7. Greatest Clay courter of all time? I think so.

    From Jason, on Mon 21 May 17:56
  8. Well done Rafa, great to see you back in top form!!!!!!

    From Dee G, on Mon 21 May 16:50
  9. Well in Rafa. Great result. A tough match with most of­ the individual games being touch and go. If Nadal can­ improve his first serve % he'll make life a lot­ easier for himself. Too many service games becoming a­ real battle. Needs a few cheaper almost routine service­ games .

    From Billy, on Mon 21 May 16:50
  10. vamos rafa congrats cant wait for Roland Garros yipeee

    From aishazim, on Mon 21 May 16:14
  11. Hail the King of clay, Rafa Nadal. He will put the­ record straight at the French open, surely, Borg's­ no at the french open may soon be surpassed.­ "Kabiyesi,oba n ki yin", Rafa rules!

    From Paddy Paddy, on Mon 21 May 16:09
  12. I cant see anyone challenging the top 2 in Roland­ Garros.

    From BT, on Mon 21 May 15:46
  13. holla nadal................................

    From Kizito, on Mon 21 May 15:40
  14. Nadal's victory in Monte Carlo would not have come­ at a right time. First, albeit, largely downgraded by­ Novak's grandad's demise, it gave him renewed­ belief, and confidence, that he could still beat Novak.­ Nadal's form going to the french open, portends­ ominous signs for the rest of the players. The 7th­ french open title may not be too far away for Rafa.­ Unlike 12 months ago when Novak was almost unplayable,­ the payback time continues. Let's roll on, Vamos­ Rafaaaaaaaaaaa.

    From Paddy Paddy, on Mon 21 May 15:37
  15. Nadalista the Iron Lady. Vamos Olayinka.

    From Firoz, on Mon 21 May 15:30
  16. As a Nadal fan it was painful to watch him lose 7 times­ in a row to Novak. Novak played outstanding last year­ but this year Nadal has a point to prove and like all­ great champions he has bounced back very well. the­ challenge now for Novak is to rise to the occasion and­ hold on to his number 1 spot like Nadal and Federrer­ have done all these years! VAMOS to the King!!!!

    From Barbara, on Mon 21 May 15:05
  17. @ Olayinka they will still have something to say­ lol..they just cant handle the fact that there is only­ one KING OF CLAY!!! Vamossss!! Another NADALISTA

    From Barbara, on Mon 21 May 14:58
  18. Can someone tell me why Rafa will be No. 2 after­ winning Rome. My math has him at 9,505 points post­ Rome, while Roger is at 9,700 and Djoko drops to­ 10,800. Before Rome, the rankings were Djoko­ (11,200--the 1,000 he won last year by winning the­ event dropped and were replaced by 600 this year for­ being the runner up), Roger (9,430-the 90 he won last­ year by losing in the round of 16 to Gasquet dropped­ and were replaced by the 360 he won this year by making­ the semis) and Rafa (9,105--the 600 he won last year by­ being the runner up dropped and were replaced by the­ 1,000 he won by winning this years title). So, if­ Roger has a new total of 9,700 and Rafa has a new total­ of 9,505, how would he reclaim the No. 2 spot?

    From , on Mon 21 May 14:51
  19. SAMantha where are you hiding? Bow to the King of Clay­ while he is still in Rome or proceed to Paris when the­ King of Clay will have his 7th record breaking Crown.

    From EDDIE, on Mon 21 May 14:28
  20. When Nadal beat Novak in Monte-Carlo, Novaks fans came­ out wth d excuse that its coz Novak lost his granddad n­ so he wasnt emotionally stable so Nadals win was a­ fluke. Well he has proven u wrong again n he did it in­ 2 sets. Whats the xcuse this time? There isn't any­ coz on CLAY the KING is RAFA n he is back to to reign.­ I do like both players but i am a NADALISTA. Long live­ the KING....Commiserations Novak..he still has his no1­ title...

    From Olayinka, on Mon 21 May 14:13
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