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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainJ Ferrero76---
FranceG Monfils53---

Live Comments

  1. - - MONFILS 5-7 3-6 - MATCH! - The contest ends in fitting fashion, with a long and exhausting rally which sees Ferrero outlast Monfils to hold to 30 and clinch the straight sets win. Fantastic performance from the Spaniard after a tough start.

  2. - - MONFILS 5-7 3-5 - Monfils is able to keep control of the play in the eighth of the second set and holds to 15 himself, but Ferrero will now serve for the match.

  3. - - MONFILS 5-7 2-5 - Monfils continues to struggle and has very few answers to a strong service game from Ferrero, who holds to 15 and will now get as many as three cracks at a big straight-sets victory.

  4. - - MONFILS 5-7 2-4 - BREAK! - Ferrero with some resilient returns and good work making Monfils moving around on court to break the Frenchman to love, finishing the hatchet job in the sixth with a superb backhand just out of Monfils' reach.

  5. - - MONFILS 5-7 2-3 - Though another great rally ends with Ferrero hitting net to bring Monfils level from 30-0 down, the Spaniard re-takes control with a first serve point and a drop shot to hold again.

  6. - - MONFILS 5-7 2-2 - Great comeback from Monfils: staring a double break point in the face, he claims four points in succession to avoid a FIFTH break in the match so far. He's looking fatigued in the conditions out here, though, and pretty much relied on shot power to remain stationary and bounce back during that game.

  7. - - MONFILS 5-7 1-2 - A hold to love from Ferrero, capped by another sweet forehand which wrong-foots Monfils, is better from the Spaniard in service and completes a recovery from that dreadful set opener.

  8. - - MONFILS 5-7 1-1 - BREAK! This match is showing no signs of becoming any less open. Monfils fails to clear the net with a simple low forehand and Ferrero clinches his break point.

  9. - - MONFILS 5-7 1-0 - BREAK! - Monfils reacts well to dropping that opening set at the start of the second. The fire shown by Ferrero at the end of that first set is nowhere to be found as he stutters his way to being broke to 15.

  10. - - MONFILS 5-7 - SET! - The Spaniard does not let up his well-timed run to form, and after looking set to wobble from 30-0 ahead, a wicked cross-court forehand sets up a double set point - and Ferrero only needs one to take a surprise lead.

  11. - - MONFILS 5-6 - Ferrero's best game of the match so far. Some inch-perfect crafted forehands see the Spanish player hold to 30 and from 4-1 down, he is now at the very least heading for a tie-break for the first set if he is unable to complete a triple-break in the twelfth. And judging by how complacent Monfils has been in the last six games, don't count scenario out.

  12. - - MONFILS 5-5 - BREAK! - And that's exactly what the underdog does! Again Monfils is erratic on the forehand and again Ferrero makes him pay. The Frenchman smashed his way out of the first of a double break point, only to overhit in the next point to cap a long rally and level the set up.

  13. - - MONFILS 5-4 - Monfils' forehand return initially proved too much for Ferrero to handle, but the seed soon lost control and a series of unforced errors with too much power behind that forehand allow the Spaniard to hold. He needs a double-break game up next, however, as Monfils serves for the set.

  14. - - MONFILS 5-3 - The Frenchman is able to stop the rot by holding to 15, and now only needs one more to take the first set.

  15. - - MONFILS 4-3 - Ferrero holds to 30 and from the brink of a very one-sided opening set, we now have a match on our hands at least for now. The Spanish player has certainly been good value for a competitive finish to the set, holding his own in many exchanges but just letting himself down at the crucial moments up until recently.

  16. - - MONFILS 4-2 - BREAK! - Great reaction though from Ferrero, combined perhaps with a little complacency from Monfils whose serve lacks the zeal it had early on. He breaks to 30 himself, and gives himself a glimmer of hope.

  17. - - MONFILS 4-1 - BREAK! - Double break for Monfils and Ferrero is in trouble in this opening set. The Frenchman outlasts the Spaniard over a number of rallies to move into a very comfortable position.

  18. - - MONFILS 3-1 - Though Ferrero finds openings on the return, he is unable to stick at it and break straight back. Monfils extends his advantage in the opening set from deuce.

  19. - - MONFILS 2-1 - BREAK! - An overzealous forehand from Ferrero proves costly on more than one occasion as Monfils makes the first break of the contest from deuce in the third game.

  20. - - MONFILS 1-1 - Spotless from the Frenchman in his own first service game, capping a hold to love with four first serve points.

  21. - - MONFILS 0-1 - Ferrero begins his quest for a Rome upset in solid style as he holds to 15.

  22. - - And we are up and running!

  23. - - Monfils and Ferrero are now out on court, they should be underway very shortly.

Juan Carlos Ferrero

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 12/02/1980
Height 1.83 m
Weight 73 kg

GaŽl Monfils

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 01/09/1986
Height 1.93 m
Weight 80 kg

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