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United StatesS Williams66---
KAZG Voskoboeva23---

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Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Galina Voskoboeva

Nationality KAZ
Date of Birth 18/12/1984
Height 1.83 m
Weight 67 kg

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  1. Take your meds Sam

    From Jun, on Wed 16 May 11:21
  2. bitter people will always be bitter all their life. it­ is scary for a person who is even wishing Serena to be­ buried alive. one day those bitterness of yours will­ haunt you and your life and who knows what God will­ give you to suffer. better be human and RESPECT what­ God has created because you were not also in this earth­ if not God. all tennis players has ups and downs, yet­ they still have to go play because that is the­ profession they want to live with. as for Serena, she­ does not have to prove herself to any of us. she does­ the good thing for herself, however she also­ reciprocate the good things that are said about her­ though she never ask for it. these players are very­ much blest. how they look or who they are, it is only­ God who can judge. do not cast a STONE to anyone if you­ know that you are also a BIG SINNER!!!

    From aries, on Wed 16 May 4:14
  3. Great Eddie! U need to learn to be fair! I said Serena­ will not win a slam ever period! If she wins I will­ never talk or post about Serena origin! Now that is­ more than fair! U need to guarantee that if serena will­ win a slam or not! Now that's a easy way out so­ let's do it! Remember I said if Serena wins a slam­ I will never post or talk about Serena again! I­ didn't promise about the ATP men's tennis!

    From Sam parikh, on Wed 16 May 0:53
  4. I too have not only picked Serena to win the French but­ I bet €200 on her last week before the odds heated up. ­ Hopefully she'll remain injury free and in the zone­ for the next few weeks!

    From cormac, on Wed 16 May 0:17
  5. Sam, I challenge you to pick one player in this­ tournament and the French and I will take Serena and­ let's see who's player advances the further.­ You man enough to take the challenge boy? I am­ waiting. Let me know who you like. If your man enough.­ If I don't hear from you I will understand.

    From Great Eddie, on Tue 15 May 23:14
  6. Sam will keep yapping even if Serena wins 20 majors.­ He'll probably say, she'll never win 30 majors­ or something idiotic like that. I have never seen such­ a moronic person as sam. He must not have all his­ mental capacity. maybe he was involved in some accident­ that affected his brain. Vamos Serena!!!!!!!!!! ­ PS: I bet Serena could kick Sam's arse.

    From Great Eddie, on Tue 15 May 23:11
  7. Keep yapping Sam cause you only have a few weeks left­ til Serena wins the French and then you can shut up for­ good. Last week the worlds top 2 combined (the­ banshees) didn't have enough games combined against­ Serena to beat her so I don't think she's much­ to worry about! Well done tonight Serena no aces but a­ strong ground stroke game.

    From cormac, on Tue 15 May 22:52
  8. Serena, i can see a vast improvement in your game. Your­ change of direction on balls played to your court and ­ a little deceptiveness , and it will take a miracle to­ defeat you. Go on serena win all for me.

    From thompson, on Tue 15 May 21:18
  9. Come on Sereena, just do your stuff, power power and­ more power. wear all the oponents out and you an dVenus­ to fights it out. lIKE THE OLD TIMES

    From Stefan, on Tue 15 May 19:01
  10. This is red clay Serena u will get burried at the­ French!

    From Sam parikh, on Tue 15 May 16:16
  11. Great Eddie! Wrong for the third time on two years ...­ But u sr a coward .. And no I didn't say if I was­ wrong I was not going to post And remember I am­ awesome predicting the slams! I guaranteed rafa would­ lose Madrid I was right again and wrong with Serena!­ Come the slams well different story! Serena will not­ win any slams I guaranteed that last year and I am­ still right! So I won't post about Serena of she­ wins! Yes I agree I won't post again and comment­ about Serena if she win a slam! But mr great liar­ Serena is not winning any slams!

    From Sam parikh, on Tue 15 May 16:14
  12. @Krzysztof, post #5, Dream on loser. you should­ retire from posting here. You never make any­ constructive comments. But I guess that is a reflection­ on your life in general.

    From Great Eddie, on Tue 15 May 15:08
  13. What happened SAMantha? You guaranteed last week in­ Madrid that Serena would get crushed by Azarenka? You­ had it backwards. I believe Serena crushed your girl. ­ You have predicted Serena will lose till next Madrid.­ How hard is that to predict? not very. Most top players­ lose more tournaments and they win. Even the great­ Federer has lost more that 50 percent of the­ tournaments he's entered. To say what you are­ saying about Serena is like me saying that Roger­ won't win the French against Rafael Nadal. Or that­ Roger won't win 3 of the next 4 Majors. We already­ know that. Why don't you try making a challenging­ prediction. Saying a players won't make the final­ is easy. Tell us who will, that is more difficult, but­ I guess you like the easy way out. Show us what a man­ or woman you really are. Make a prediction who will win­ and if they don't guarantee us you won't ever­ post here again. Oh, you said that last year and you­ are still posting here. You are truly a man/woman of­ your word. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Great Eddie, on Tue 15 May 15:07
  14. C'mon Galina! Finish that old fat cow! She should b­ on retired! ! Trashing out!

    From Krzysztof, on Tue 15 May 11:05
  15. Great job Serena now it's time to lose till next­ year madrid!

    From Sam parikh, on Mon 14 May 22:09
  16. go are end winning

    From Patsy, on Mon 14 May 20:44
  17. Well done serena carry on the good work it's all a­ warm up the olympics.

    From , on Mon 14 May 12:44
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