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Tomáš Berdych - Fernando Verdasco Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Czech RepublicT Berdych66---
SpainF Verdasco12---

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  1. - - Thanks for joining me this afternoon! Be sure to check out the full report and stats on and follow me on Twitter for more sports news and musings - @liamhappe

  2. - - BERDYCH 6-1 6-2 - MATCH - It seemed as if being 5-2 down would spark the same level of revival from Verdasco as it had yesterday against Nadal, but after two excellent returns for 30-0, the wheels come off. A solid second serve is followed by a delicate drop shot to end a lengthy rally and leave the Spaniard hurling his racquet up into the air in frustration. Match point soon followed, and the Czech forced Fernando out to make good on it and book a semi-final against Del Potro.

  3. - - BERDYCH 6-1 5-2 - BREAK - That should be it. Though evenly matched going up to 30-30, from there it's all Berdych with a supreme first return before taking control of a rally with good variety on the forehand to outlast his Spanish foe and he will now serve for the match.

  4. - - BERDYCH 6-1 4-2 - Verdasco engages the Czech in the longest rally of the match thus far, but the opening to breach Berdych does not arrive and from there at 30-0, it's love service for the sixth seed.

  5. - - BERDYCH 6-1 3-2 - Verdasco provokes a great reaction from his local audience with some excellent play to hold again, but unless he can break serve for the first time in this quarter-final - and fast - he will be on his way out.

  6. - - BERDYCH 6-1 3-1 - Berdych's answer is to cut out the amount of rallies with his hometown opponent, and some superb second serves continue his hold of serve to 15.

  7. - - BERDYCH 6-1 2-1 - Fernando gets his first game of the second set with a more aggressive serve than in the set's opener and more persistence in the rallies, which leads to a pair of unforced Berdych errors en route to a hold-15.

  8. - - BERDYCH 6-1 2-0 - Once again Verdasco starts with a good return only to fade from there, as Berdych double-aces his way to another machine-like hold of serve.

  9. - - BERDYCH 6-1 1-0 - BREAK - Nightmare start to the second for Verdasco, after being sunk rather easily in the first. His serve is growing tamer by the game and Berdych is absolutely eating him up on the return. A backhand to net concludes the Spaniard's serve being broken to 15.

  10. - - BERDYCH 6-1 - SET - The Spaniard returns well for the first point but the domination continues from there. Berdych's serve is too hot for Verdasco and holds to 15 to put the sixth seed a set ahead in less than half an hour.

  11. - - BERDYCH 5-1 - BREAK - The Czech is forcing all sort of errors now, and Verdasco is unable to get the spin he's hoping for on his forehand under such pressure from the returns. Berdych breaks to 15 and will serve for the set.

  12. - - BERDYCH 4-1 - A Verdasco fightback in an effort to return fire with an immediate break of his own falls apart after pulling to 30-30. Berdych consolidates his serve and holds on for a three-game lead.

  13. - - BERDYCH 3-1 - BREAK - Fantastic returns from the Czech lead to a triple break point, where the net deflects Verdasco out to end a rally and break his serve to love.

  14. - - BERDYCH 2-1 - Though Verdasco dazzles again on the forehand return, the one point is engulfed by an otherwise powerful first serve from Berdych to hold to 15 once more.

  15. - - BERDYCH 1-1 - Verdasco also starts off assuredly in serve, also dropping a single point on his way to holding.

  16. - - BERDYCH 1-0 - Confident start from the Czech, as with the exception of a cracking return from Verdasco for 30-15 it's dominant service to begin the contest.

  17. - - Berdych has first serve and we are underway!

  18. - - Good afternoon and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Madrid Masters quarter-finals. Tomas Berdych takes on Fernando Verdasco in the second of our four last-eight encounters, with the winner taking on Juan Martin Del Potro in the semis. Del Potro advanced earlier today with a straight sets win over Alexandr Dolgopolov. Madrid Masters - Smooth Del Potro into semis

Tomáš Berdych

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 17/09/1985
Height 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg

Fernando Verdasco

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 15/11/1983
Height 1.88 m
Weight 88 kg

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  1. dont mention the blue clay shhhhhhhhhhh

    From ralph, on Fri 11 May 20:03
  2. verdasco poor performance today, nadal should win­ yesterday to beat berdyc..

    From eva o, on Fri 11 May 18:02
  3. Disappointing after what Verdasco did to Nadal!

    From Mark Bell, on Fri 11 May 17:01
  4. It seems the miserable innovation called blue clay­ will­ cost organizers elimination of all Spanish­ players from­ Madrid tournament, was it their aim? ­ ################# Are you saying that thier goal­ should be to hand the titles to the nationals of the­ host nation? Berdych too is playing on the blue­ clay,remember. Perhaps it favours more offensive­ players - players willing to hit winners - u know like­ fedex,Novak,Berdych - and not players just sitting­ back and wait for the opponent to make errors - you­ know like Nadal,Murray,etc.

    From Human Nature, on Fri 11 May 16:47
  5. a disappointing result. rafa would have beaten berdych.

    From Nora, on Fri 11 May 16:37
  6. verdasco, as well as feliciano lopez, only try when­ they play nadal, in my humble opinion, riddled with­ talent, but no spine, a pair of playboys good for­ nothing

    From Eduardo, on Fri 11 May 16:22
  7. For Verdasco to beat Nadal and then get blown away by­ Berdych is embarrassing. Not sure what happened. Must­ be the Blue Clay.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 11 May 16:05
  8. Well, Mica, he looked dangerous yesterday with all­ those, and he took off his shirt just like nadal used­ to do. but while nadal always remained by his bench and­ quickly got dressed, this guy ran about bare chested­ lol. he must have spent all the energy being excited­ thru the night he ran out of gas in this match. anyway­ he deserved to win. i'm sure all the spanish­ players dream to beat their no 1. it's how they­ mark their success. my comments got swallowed too­ yesterday.

    From Nora, on Fri 11 May 16:03
  9. Hopefully ferrer can do a better job, although he's­ playing the great fed-ex

    From , on Fri 11 May 16:00
  10. Verdasco a spoiler !

    From Firoz, on Fri 11 May 15:57
  11. The spanish armada will survive- with Ferrer,­ methinks...

    From , on Fri 11 May 15:56
  12. Just shows if you hit it straight and deep and true,­ you are likely to stun these cunning sliding spin­ merchants any day of the week. Also shows how bad Nadal­ must have been yday! Thanks for the blue clay!

    From joeblogs, on Fri 11 May 15:56
  13. It seems the miserable innovation called blue clay will­ cost organizers elimination of all Spanish players from­ Madrid tournament, was it their aim?

    From Mirjana, on Fri 11 May 15:51
  14. Come on verdasco, you can do better than this. NORA,­ dont you think verdasco still looks hot with unshaven­ beard and long hair? I was trying to post all­ yesterday but eurosport only wants to post comments­ from Rafa's haters.

    From , on Fri 11 May 15:35
  15. The thing about Vercasco is that he can go 3 sets.­ Berdych tires in my opinion. If it goes 3 sets I pick­ Verdasco to win.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 11 May 15:23
  16. After Verdasco's win over Rafa and he performs like­ this? Maybe he celebrated too much after yesterdays­ victory or it took too much out of him.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 11 May 15:22
  17. if nadal had won, he'd continue winning till at­ least the semi, but verdasco, it's unlikely.

    From Nora, on Fri 11 May 15:18
  18. two of the less likeable players on tour

    From webbski, on Fri 11 May 15:13
  19. verdasco, after dispatching nadal, you've got to­ win this! but it doesn't look like you the day­ before. at least not now.

    From Nora, on Fri 11 May 15:08
  20. Vamos Verdasco!

    From EDDIE, on Fri 11 May 14:03
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