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Alexandr Dolgopolov - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
UkraineA Dolgopolov737--
FranceJ Tsonga566--

Live Comments

  1. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 6-7 (2-7) - What a shame for Tsonga. His back is clearly bothering him and he finds himself 5-1 down as the two swap sides, the French player only able to claim the third. He pulls back for 5-2 but limited mobility allows Dolgopolov to majestically volley himself onto four match points. He only needs one, and Dolgopolov has eliminated Tsonga in a thrilling third round match.

  2. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 6-6 - The number four seed answers the challenge well with a love-service and we are heading to the tie-break - but Tsonga appears to hurt his back as he comes in short to put the game-winning forehand beyond Dolgopolov.

  3. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 5-6 - Dolgopolov unleashes some of his finest service of the set, perhaps the match, for the third game-15 in succession. Tsonga has to hold again here to force the tie-break.

  4. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 5-5 - A mirrored game in the tenth as Tsonga also makes good on his second of three game points to hold his serve. We are heading to the wire here.

  5. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 4-5 - Though Tsonga uses a bit of fortune via the net to pull one of three game points back with a simple volley, Dolgopolov wraps up a game-15 on the next point and could now break for the match.

  6. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 4-4 - The recurring theme of two-point margins going to waste crops up again, as Tsonga stutters and double-faults his way back to 30-30, but it doesn't stop the French player from bouncing back for 40-30 before forcing Dolgopolov out for 4-4.

  7. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 3-4 - Power indeed appears to be back with the service, as Dolgopolov breezes his way to another love-service in under two minutes.

  8. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 3-3 - A scrappy and see-saw sixth game once again heads to deuce, before Tsonga aces on the third advantage point - his second - to finally claim the first service game in five. More importantly, he is back on level terms.

  9. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 2-3 - BREAK! - Dolgopolov takes the first pair of rallies before the net brings his run of consecutive points to a halt at six. He backhands beyond the line and succumbs to Tsonga's blistering forehand returns, but the Frenchman nets and we're at deuce for the first time in the set. An excellent gentle response at full stretch gives Tsonga the first advantage point, but it takes a touch of fortune on his third to finally snatch game five and make it four breaks running.

  10. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 1-3 - BREAK! - Powerful service from Tsonga sees him rack up two quick points before once again being pegged back to 30-30 by a net shot and a neat Dolgopolov response which just squeaks onto the right side of the line. A brilliant forehand puts the 16th seed in control, and a frustrated Tsonga drops another break point - the third in succession here.

  11. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 1-2 - BREAK! - Tsonga comes out on top of a tense rally before catching Dolgopolov out with a lobbed forehand, only to net and return out of bounds for 30-30. Tsonga soon moves back into the lead, however, and a net for Dolgopolov has him re-enacting the French player's racquet rage from the previous game. Tsonga responds with a break of his own.

  12. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 0-2 - BREAK! - Tsonga takes his first point of the set but drops the first two against service in the third in short order, hurling his racquet down onto the ground at 15-30. It becomes 40 as a full-stretch overhead salvage leaves the Frenchman open for a smash, and the Ukrainian goes on to extend his advantage, break-30.

  13. - - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 0-1 - Dolgopolov begins the third set with focus restored, easing to a love service game to get underway.

  14. - TSONGA 5-7 6-3 - SET! - Serving for the set, Tsonga races into a 40-0 lead and the first of his set points goes wasted as the Frenchman produces a wild swing at a bouncing ball. He converts the second when Dolgopolov fires a backhand wide. One set all.

  15. - TSONGA 5-7 5-3 - BREAK! -Dolgopolov has been very impressive since that difficult start to the first set and opens up a 30-0 lead with some nice shots. Tsonga pulls it back to 40-30 and then dispatches a volley at the body of his opponent to take it to deuce. Now Dolgopolov collapses with two poor points and Tsonga breaks!

  16. - TSONGA 5-7 4-3 -Dolgopolov finds the net when failing to return a huge forehand from Tsonga and the Frenchman then eases to 40-15. However, a stunning backhand that finds the corner of the court makes it deuce and Dolgopolov produces another brilliant backhand to earn a break point. However, Tsonga responds to hold.

  17. - TSONGA 5-7 3-3 -A nice two-handed backhand and volley combination puts Dolgopolov in front and he then sends Tsonga all round the court before smashing in a forehand to make it 40-0. He holds with another winner.

  18. - TSONGA 5-7 3-2 - Tsonga opens up a 30-0 lead but is pegged back when being outwitted by a lovely drop shot. A firm forehand from the service line puts him back in control and Dolgopolov sends a forehand wide as the Frenchman holds.

  19. - TSONGA 5-7 2-2- Wow. Tsonga with a beautiful backhand slice that forces his opponent to slash the ball into the net. Under pressure at 15-30, Dolgopolov produces an unforced error but he pulls it back to deuce and then holds when Tsonga allows a backhand to drift wide.

  20. - TSONGA 5-7 2-1 - Dolgopolov opens up a 0-30 lead on the Tsonga serve but the fourth seed then draws level with some typically powerful hitting. Dolgopolov is forced to stretch for a forehand and sends the ball out of play as Tsonga holds.

  21. - TSONGA 5-7 1-1 - Nice work from Dolgopolov as he draws Tsonga into the net and then passes him with a forehand. The Ukrainian then finishes him off all too comfortably.

  22. - TSONGA 5-7 1-0 - Tsonga shapes to dispatch a huge smash at the net but opts instead for a cushioned drop shot to bring up 40-0. Dolgopolov pulls two points back but Tsonga clings on to hold.

  23. - TSONGA 5-7 - SET! - Serving for the first set, Dolgopolov finds himself 0-30 down. He draws level with a gorgeous sliding backhand that clips the line and a thumping forehand brings up set point. A second serve draws Tsonga into an attempted passing shot but it flies wide. We have a shock on our hands.

  24. - TSONGA 5-6 - BREAK! Excellent work from the 16th seed as he carves out two break points, and he only needs the first when Tsonga finds the net! This match has turned around dramatically.

  25. - TSONGA 5-5 - A poor shot down the line allows Tsonga back in at 15-15 but the fourth seed then hits long to gift momentum back to his opponent. Dolgopolov makes it 5-5 with a fierce serve that Tsonga is unable to return.

  26. - TSONGA 5-4 - An emphatic response from the Frenchman as he pins Dolgopolov back and holds to put all the pressure on his opponent, who is now serving to stay in the set.

  27. - TSONGA 4-4 - A first ace of the match gives Dolgopolov a 40-15 lead and Tsonga then fails to prevent him from drawing level.

  28. - TSONGA 4-3 - BREAK! - In a spot of bother, Tsonga benefits from a wild mistimed shot from Dolgopolov that sends the ball high into the air for 30-30. Dolgopolov then carves out a break point and an excellent return allows him to convert. We are back with serve.

  29. - TSONGA 4-2 - The sweepers come on to clean up this blue clay surface and Dolgopolov is back into his stride quickly with a lovely backhand down the line for 30-0. The Ukrainian then forces Tsonga to hit long on his backhand to hold to love.

  30. - TSONGA 4-1 - Tsonga begins to get his forehand going and opens up a 0-30 lead with some big hitting. His opponent responds but Tsonga exploits some errors to earn his first break.

  31. - TSONGA 3-1 - BREAK! - Tsonga begins to get his forehand going and opens up a 0-30 lead with some big hitting. His opponent responds but Tsonga exploits some errors to earn his first break.

  32. - TSONGA 2-1 - Dolgopolov produces a fantastic return to level at 15-15 and then earns a first break point on the Tsonga serve. However, his return is long and Tsonga has a reprieve. The two exchange points before the Frenchman manages to hold.

  33. - TSONGA 1-1 - Tsonga gets a couple of sniffs on the Ukrainian's serve but Dolgopolov does enough to hold relatively comfortably. An even contest so far.

  34. - TSONGA 1-0 - An easy start for Tsonga as he holds to love when Dolgopolov sends a backhand wide.

  35. 12:10 - Dolgopolov and Tsonga also finalise their warm-up routine and loosen up with some final serves. We are just about ready to go. The umpires call "time".

Alexandr Dolgopolov

Nationality UKR
Date of Birth 07/11/1988
Height 1.83 m
Weight 87 kg

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 17/04/1985
Height 1.88 m
Weight 91 kg

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