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Novak Djokovic - Daniel Gimeno Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic626--
SpainD Gimeno263--

Live Comments

  1. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-6 6-3 - GAME, SET AND MATCH! Novak Djokovic wins through to the third round of the Madrid Masters with a hard-fought three-set victory over the doughty Daniel Gimeno-Traver! What a match, and Djokovic wins through. He will next face either Stanislas Wawrinka or Jurgen Melzer in the third round. Full drawsheet

  2. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-6 5-3 - The gutsy Gimeno-Traver holds serve to at least ensure that the world number one is required to serve out for victory. Can the Serb hold his composure and do so to end his resistance?

  3. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-6 5-2 - Djokovic moves to within a game of the third round now as he hammers a forehand down the line, and the Serb is thriving now as he keeps his opponent pegged firmly back behind the baseline.

  4. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-6 4-2 - BREAK! After a seemingly interminable game, Djokovic finally wears Gimeno-Traver down and breaks serve to seize the initiative in this final set! Can the Spaniard respond?

  5. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-6 3-2 - Djokovic keeps his cool after being taken to deuce on his serve, and he manages to come through unscathed to hold serve and lead 3-2 in this third and final set.

  6. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-6 2-2 - Gimeno-Traver is thriving now as he pounds two forehands down the line, and Djokovic is unable to keep the pressure on his opponent with some sloppy returns.

  7. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-6 2-1 - Djokovic slams a forehand down the line as he continues to pile the pressure on his opponent, and Gimeno-Traver is having to battle exceptionally hard.

  8. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-6 1-1 - Gimeno-Traver levels up at the start of the third set as he finds a powerful forehand winner to peg Djokovic back behind the baseline. The Serb continues to show his displeasure with the surface.

  9. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-6 1-0 - Djokovic holds serve with relative ease at the start of the final set, but he is clearly unhappy with the surface as he slips, going for a forehand. The top seed is not content with this blue clay!

  10. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-6 - SET! Gimeno-Traver closes out the second set with consummate ease, and the Spaniard powers a forehand down the line and ensures that Djokovic is not able to respond. This match is finely poised ahead of the final set now.

  11. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-5 - Djokovic holds serve to at least force his opponent to close out the second set, but Gimeno-Traver looks utterly composed and collected as he prepares to serve out for it to level up the match.

  12. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 1-5 - This is quite unbelievable from Gimeno-Traver as he again consolidates a break of serve and moves to within a game of the second set! Djokovic has no response, seemingly, and the Spaniard is thriving.

  13. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 1-4 - BREAK! Would you believe it?! Djokovic sees his serve broken again in this second set, and the Madrid crowd are really getting into this match now as their plucky underdog looks set to get back on terms!

  14. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 1-3 - Gimeno-Traver not only consolidates his break of serve, but he does so with real class and conviction. Djokovic is frustrated with himself as he fails to make an immediate response.

  15. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 1-2 - BREAK! What a bolt from the blue as Gimeno-Traver suddenly exploits a slack service game from Djokovic to break and stamp his authority on the second set! The Spaniard is rewarded for his tenacity, but can he consolidate now?

  16. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 1-1 - Gimeno-Traver holds to level at 1-1, and he is able to resist Djokovic's resistance courtesy of three big first serves. Djokovic continues to pressure his opponent and looks entirely untroubled.

  17. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 1-0 - Another flurry of powerful forehands ensures that Djokovic takes the opening game of the second set despite a stunning backhand return from Gimeno-Traver at 30-0.

  18. - - DJOKOVIC 6-2 - SET! Djokovic has to battle on from deuce once more as he is engaged in a string of thrilling rallies which really get the crowd into the match. Gimeno-Traver produces a brilliant forehand winner at deuce, but it's not enough as Djokovic breaks to take the set!

  19. - - DJOKOVIC 5-2 - Djokovic comfortably moves to within a game of the opening set as he powers a forehand down the line and plants a volley to wrong-foot his opponent. He's cruising now.

  20. - - DJOKOVIC 4-2 - Gimeno-Traver grabs a game back as he holds serve to 15, and the Spaniard shows good determination and resolve in holding under real pressure once more.

  21. - - DJOKOVIC 4-1 - Djokovic has no problems in consolidating his break of serve and establishing a three-game cushion in this opening set. The Serb is thriving now as he takes control.

  22. - - DJOKOVIC 3-1 - BREAK! The blue clay is now being swept thoroughly as the staff intervene, but it's a barrage of pressure from Djokovic that follows as Gimeno-Traver is forced under the cosh and is ruthlessly broken!

  23. - - DJOKOVIC 2-1 - Djokovic is tested as he is taken to deuce, and he has to dig deep and find two sparkling forehands to force mistakes from his opponent and hold serve. Can he now attack the Gimeno-Traver serve and force an early break?

  24. - - DJOKOVIC 1-1 - Gimeno-Traver plants a tame forehand into the net as Djokovic applies the pressure, but he responds with a fine forehand down the line. Djokovic takes the game to deuce, but he cannot break as Gimeno-Traver finds two big serves to close it out.

  25. - - DJOKOVIC 1-0 - It's incredibly comfortable for Djokovic as he moves to 40-0 with three big first serves, and Gimeno-Traver goes wide with a sloppy forehand as he commits an unforced error to lose the opening game.

  26. - - DJOKOVIC 0-0 - Djokovic will open up as he wins the toss and elects to dictate proceedings on serve.

  27. - - This pair have a 1-1 head-to-head record with Gimeno-Traver prevailing in Barcelona back in 2006, but with Djokovic winning their last encounter at the Australian Open in 2010.

  28. - - Djokovic received a bye through to the second round, while Gimeno-Traver beat fellow qualifier Victor Hanescu of Romania 7-6 4-6 6-3 in his opening match.

  29. - - World number one Novak Djokovic takes on Spanish qualifier Daniel Gimeno-Traver in the second round of the Madrid Masters.

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 78 kg

Daniel Gimeno

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 07/08/1985
Height 1.83 m
Weight 80 kg

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