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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesV Williams647--
RomaniaS Halep166--

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Simona Halep

Nationality ROU
Date of Birth 27/09/1991
Height 1.68 m
Weight 60 kg

Venus Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 17/06/1980
Height 1.85 m
Weight 72 kg

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  1. the presence of the williams make tennis interesting,­ wish them well.

    From Roeta, on Sun 6 May 0:03
  2. " Sam Parikh - Venus WIlliams would leave the­ sport whenever she chooses to leave... It is not in­ your stead to dictate when she should leave the­ sport... In your opinion, Venus would lose both­ WImbledon and the French... Can you predict who is­ going to win? You keep on stressing the point that the­ ...," younger players'' will humiliate ...­ Are you ageist or something? Debbie P already put you­ in your place to deal with the fact stated above... ­ Appreciation to both Halep and WIlliams for the good­ showing...and congratulations to Williams for­ winning...

    From Dayo, on Sat 5 May 23:58
  3. I like the Simona Halep character so much. What a­ fighter. She made Venus work so hard today. There were­ 17 cm gap in height between them! Simona should feel­ good now about her future.

    From Zvi, on Sat 5 May 21:22
  4. Congrats Venus!!! A hard fought match

    From steve, on Sat 5 May 20:53
  5. 8-6 venus won. shame but simona should be very happy­ against a legend like venus.

    From Zvi, on Sat 5 May 20:52
  6. 6-6 in the tie break. what a game. eurosport where are­ you when we need you?........brave simona halep she is­ half the size of venus.

    From Zvi, on Sat 5 May 20:50
  7. 4-3 tie break, haide simona!! I didnt gave her and­ Sorana any chance today. amazing romanian girls!!

    From Zvi, on Sat 5 May 20:44
  8. Europsort missed two great games by the Romaian girls­ today. They should have started showing the games­ today, not on Monday.

    From Zvi, on Sat 5 May 20:32
  9. Romanian Tennis girls are crazzzy! last week Simona­ lost to a player 175 in the world and to 67 in the­ world in Barcelona and now she is gone beat Venus!­ Sorana beat Bartoli today after losing 6-0 6-0 to a­ qualifier in Stuttgart. Crazy! they fight like crazy­ every game. Its so exciting and inspiring.

    From Zvi, on Sat 5 May 20:30
  10. Serena and venus still the veterans on world of tennis

    From Veronica, on Sat 5 May 20:27
  11. Debbie, it's obvious:Simona is the winner!­ C'mon Simo!

    From dan, on Sat 5 May 19:45
  12. No, Venus is the one humiliating the younger players,­ along with sis Serena. The others should retire and­ call it quits. Venus and Serena are the best. Deal with­ it!

    From Debbie P, on Sat 5 May 19:01
  13. Venus u will lose the French and wimbeldon so why­ don't u leave the sport gracefully instead of being­ humiliated and embarrassed by the younger and­ hardworking players! They will force u to retire­ anyways so just leave while people still respect u!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 5 May 18:43
  14. r u going to get the game on eurosport ?

    From Ali, on Sat 5 May 10:38
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