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United StatesS Williams66---
BelarusV Azarenka13---

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Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.83 m
Weight 66 kg

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

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  1. She played well throughout.... the blue clay is­ obviously her favorite as no one else liked for sure.­ So at least a win is a win for this tournament but­ still no GS ;o)

    From John, on Mon 14 May 9:20

    From , on Sun 13 May 20:16
  3. @Athletic, post #96, Beauty is in the eye of the­ beholder, and with your comment you're as ugly as­ they come.

    From Great Eddie, on Sun 13 May 18:54
  4. Even from Victoria Cameroon we love Serena, she makes­ us proud. She remain an icon in the game of tennis!!

    From defang, on Sun 13 May 17:47
  5. This is a fantastic game from serena. The william's­ sisters never cease to amaze me, they play very little­ tennis round the year, yet they have manage to be on­ top of the women's game. It is ridiculous the sort­ of tennis serena plays. She is just unplaying when she­ is on. For those who keep saying that she is ugly; they­ should that it is a tennis match, not a beauty contest!

    From rakiya, on Sun 13 May 17:38
  6. when serena had the Age of Azarenka, she achieves­ better results then azarenka hass now! Serena is­ Simply the Best player in The world. Clay, Blue Clay,­ Hardcourts, GRass its Doesnt matterrr. Serena will­ winn Roland Garros,..!!!

    From Mootje M, on Sun 13 May 16:19
  7. Well done Serena you make Iam proud of you take care xx

    From Ruponiso, on Sun 13 May 15:45
  8. Serena is not one of the best. She's the BEST in­ the world.

    From Guy, on Sun 13 May 15:16
  9. i dnt believe in ranking ! serena proven the champion­ of WTA ! anyway 2 years from now, serena will resign,­ so others will be happy then ..LOL

    From Athletic, on Sun 13 May 15:00
  10. serena is ugly but she captures the attention of the­ audience, she is the real champion....azarenka is fast­ improving and she is still grade school pupil of serena­ !

    From Athletic, on Sun 13 May 14:58
  11. SERENA is not number one tennis in the world but as­ ONE OF THE BEST TENNIS PLAYER IN THE WORLD!

    From mon p, on Sun 13 May 14:46
  12. Have you noticed SaMANtha's absence? I think ­ SaMANtha is practicing how to curtsy to the Queen of­ France and later to the Wimby Queen.

    From EDDIE, on Sun 13 May 14:37
  13. LOL!! maradona thinks he is white !! Willi thinks he­ is white !! Felix thinks he is black but they all­ have one thing in common. they are all nonentities

    From Blow, on Sun 13 May 14:19
  14. Anyone seen sam parikh? Pse neighbours go check 2 make­ sure he is still alive. Vika said she was much younger­ when they played most of their matches that 2day would­ be different and she was right because she just­ received master class tennis lesson from the queen of­ tennis and this is by far the worst beating she has­ gotten in the hands of SW

    From ede o, on Sun 13 May 14:19
  15. Great Eddie, as I said it is in the bag. Can you put­ SAMantha in that bag so she will shut up? She is still­ sleeping or very quiet right now but get ready before­ she fires back. I am sure she will be back like a­ tornado. SaMANtha will come any time soon.

    From EDDIE, on Sun 13 May 14:18
  16. @Willy #70 , yes there are white race traitors all over­ the place, they are our enemies, fu*ck these bestards

    From Maradonna, on Sun 13 May 14:11
  17. Serena won on the green clay of charleston, then the­ Fed Cup red clay, and now the blue clay of madrid. ­ Looks like color doesn't matter to Serena.

    From Great Eddie, on Sun 13 May 14:08
  18. Wow , what a surprise ? Another plastic number one was­ demolished by an almost 31 yo part time player .­ Nothing beats power and experience !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sun 13 May 14:07
  19. Sorry, I thought this is Rome . Welcome to the Queen of­ France!

    From EDDIE, on Sun 13 May 14:06
  20. SAMantha is sleeping, Great Eddie don't disturb her­ as she is dreaming of what she will say later. .All her­ colleagues at Eurosport are also or pretending to be­ sleeping that's why there are no comments. Probably­ they will all wake up when Murray and Fed will start­ playing.

    From EDDIE, on Sun 13 May 14:04
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