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Milos Raonic - Roger Federer Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer667--
CanadaM Raonic746--

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Milos Raonic

Nationality CAN
Date of Birth 27/12/1990
Height 1.96 m
Weight 98 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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  1. @sam 2016 - ha ha lol he will be almost 40 will need­ more 'treatment' for his back plus what other­ ailments old people get! No more slams for dear Roger I­ am afraid, off into the swiss sunset with the wife and­ the brats!maybe he will have a few more by then and how­ can he be so self centred to keep trailing his kids­ around the way he does! He is an arrogant self centred­ man, a poor loser as you will see at Wimbledon when he­ will not get to the quarters. 2016 lol ha ha made my­ day! I am telling you his 50% afrikaans in his dna­ always roars it's ugly head.

    From WV, on Sat 16 Jun 6:34
  2. If only the grass season was just as long as Clay (with­ 3 ATP 1000 + 2 ATP 500 tournaments) how many more­ titles would have Roger won & the H2H wouldn't­ be skewed like this (but again Nadal is smart, he would­ lose to someone else & don't show up for Finals­ to meet the King of tennis).... Court cannot be­ pacy, balls cannot skid, venue cannot be in an­ altitude, surface cannot be hard, clay cannot be blue,­ balls have to curve, conditions cannot be­ heavy.....Taxes cannot be more.... (how many conditons­ have to be satisfied for Nadal to win.......& he is­ extremely lucky that ATP has given him everything the­ last 8 years)

    From J, on Sat 16 Jun 4:00
  3. VW:::: u mentioned that fed retires! Well u can take­ that thought to the gutter! Cause fed just declared­ that he will be playing the olymics in 2016! The only­ other person who might retire before fed is u know who!­ Don't need to tell u! And there goes ur dream of­ nadal catching Feds records! Hahahaa fed will now win­ atleast 7 slams!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 16 Jun 0:22
  4. Where's Teodora?

    From EDDIE, on Fri 15 Jun 23:36
  5. Nothing wrong with playing with 2 hands. It's­ allowed by the rules. Next thing you'll want is to­ outlaw grunting.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 15 Jun 22:42
  6. Marious:: have patience buddy we celebrate after fed­ wins wimbeldon ur remember u won't find VW or great­ Eddie here! They will be handing over tissues to their­ hero!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 15 Jun 22:41
  7. nicholas...about 18 -10 h2h nadal because­ federer reached the finals on clay but nadal didn`t­ reached finals in slams or masters on hard when federer­ was in his 18 victories nadal has 14­ victories on clay...i repeat myself 14 victories on­ clay...nadal is the king of clay no discussion but the­ KING OF TENNIS is FEDERER ...HUGE TALENT and HUGE­ WORK...tell me who is who?

    From marius, on Fri 15 Jun 22:28
  8. VW ::: more bad news for you! Fed just announced he­ will play atleast till 2016 Olympics! There goes ur­ slam wish cause by then fed would have won 7 more­ slams! Don't think u can handle more bad news in­ one day! First ur hero loses today and then u find out­ fed is not going anywhere ! I am lovin it! Vamos­ federer!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 15 Jun 22:20
  9. Great Eddie;;; with all due respect VW is very­ offending so he only understands the language I used!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 15 Jun 22:16
  10. @sam I am afraid the prima donna will never win me­ over. Arrogant people I do not like, and bad losers­ eithers which Roger is both, no I will stick with­ gracious and humble guy from Spain, the wonderful way­ he has tamed your King, and showed us all what real­ talent is. No you keep your hero while mine breaks all­ his records.If he doesn't Novak will, he cannot­ cope with either! You have all had your day watching­ your man win all with no opposition!!

    From WV, on Fri 15 Jun 22:11
  11. Sam has reverted to his old self again. I knew he had­ not changed.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 15 Jun 21:16
  12. Sam, to your argument about Nadal not winning too­ many other Majors except the FO. Just a reminder that­ they all count the same. I could say the same about­ Roger only winning one French Open, only because Nadal­ was not 100 percent. How many Wimbledons has Roger won­ since Rafa learned how to play on grass? Yes, one­ wimbledon, and that was the year Rafa couldn't play­ because of bad knees. Clay is considered the most­ demanding surfaces that requires more physical ability­ and stamina. Nothing like the hard courts, where a­ great serve will win 90 percent of the points.­ That's not what great tennis is all about. The best­ matches ever played according to the "so called­ experts" were played on Grass and Clay. Look at­ both sides when comparing and not through "rose­ colored glasses". If you are discounting clay you­ might as well discount grass and only give Roger credit­ for 9 Majors won.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 15 Jun 21:15
  13. VW:::: fed will win u over with his victory at the­ slams! U my friend will now down to the real king and­ king of all courts mr roger federer!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 15 Jun 20:54
  14. I really wish Roger would retire with the dignity he­ deserves, instead of hanging around like some old woman­ hoping to win something worthwhile. He can only contest­ these 3 setters because that is all he is fit for as­ Novak proved to him in France. so call it a day old­ man, go to your home in Switzerland retire with that­ awful lady you married but enjoy the life you have­ worked so hard to get. Certainly you wouldn't be so­ mighty if there had been better opposition, but all is­ not gloomy as we have Rafa and Novak and the youngsters­ coming through. You seem to be taking an awful lot of­ time between tournaments these days for the­ 'treatment' you need so step down now and let­ the real players come through.

    From WV, on Fri 15 Jun 20:49
  15. Good to see only the one handed BH players have­ qualified for SF @ Halle.. It will be Fed vs Youzhny­ & Haas vs Kohlshreiber!!! Let all the 2 handers­ play in WTA !!

    From J, on Fri 15 Jun 20:31
  16. Apart from the French nadal has 2 wimbeldons 1 us open­ and one aus open! Not qualified to be the best ever! He­ will have to win atleast one of the other three slams­ aus wimbeldon or the usbopen atleast 5 times to compare­ him to the almighty federer! Case closed! Where was­ nadal when fed was winning slams in 2006 2007 2008 and­ 2009 he was there but could only win a few slams! Now­ we will see how many more slams rafa can win besides­ the French! And as he gets older he will have a tough­ time winning even the French! We will see!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 15 Jun 20:21
  17. Nadal so far was able to defend only FO.... Whereas­ Fed had successfully defended everything but FO­ multiple times.... To me whenever a player has won­ his first major, he has come off age & is primed. ­ Nadal has won against Roger in HC in 2005 when he was­ 19 the same year he had won his first major @ FO. Novak­ had primed in 2008 when he won his first GS @ AO.. So­ Roger had won 12 GS between 2005 & 2010.. I wish­ Roger was a slightly worse in clay, so that he­ wouldn't have met Nadal those 12 times.

    From J, on Fri 15 Jun 19:51
  18. Some of you havn't a clue-Federers' head is­ going (because of the knock on effect of so many years­ on the tour and knowing the importance of certain­ points-Novak does not have that to cope with yet and­ Nadal knows his own limitations) and without that he­ would have already won another Australian and a US­ Open-Novak took advantage twice. Federer is by far the­ better player than both Nadal and Novak (although not­ currently) as he has/had the genius, as well as fitness­ and power. Nadal and Novak do not have the genius bit!­ Nadal has beaten him many times at the french-on clay!­ and without those victories the Wimbledon defeat and­ one or two hard court defeats would not have­ happened-Nadal lives on the clay victories and they­ have been hard for Federer to deal with. All things­ being equal federer is better than nadal (no question)­ and novak would actually admit it! Nadal makes the best­ of his ability but is in a similar, but better, vain to­ Ferrer. I actually believe Navak is better (and a­ fairer) player than nadal-who always seems to get­ injured at the right time in a match-I wonder why!

    From ian, on Fri 15 Jun 19:34
  19. there is grass.nadal is nothing there.goodbye nadal­ until next clay season

    From asal loos, on Fri 15 Jun 19:23
  20. @Narmada - then we will talk certainly but Roger has­ had no opposition during his slams until Rafa came up­ on him taking his arrogance away, and now we have Novak­ to balance it out. it won't be a case of Rafa­ lasting it will depend on whether he will want to­ 'hang' around like Roger and try to win another­ slam which he won't.

    From WV, on Fri 15 Jun 19:09
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