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GERP Kohlschreiber66---
SpainR Nadal34---

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Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Philipp Kohlschreiber

Nationality GER
Date of Birth 16/10/1983
Height 1.82 m
Weight 70 kg

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  1. Is sam 2 people in one, have you seen what he writes­ about Rafa on his hero's page? Roger says he will­ play until 2016 give me a break he is only managing 3­ setters these days but then he has to have treatment on­ his back! My goodness 2016 is the man completely out of­ his head. Rafa go an take a rest and then wimbledon and­ you will take the gold I know it - so patriotic, go my­ good man and do us proud!!

    From WV, on Sat 16 Jun 6:43
  2. Just a bad day in the office. Vamos Rafa!

    From Enver, on Sat 16 Jun 1:42
  3. Nadal fans don't worry he lost a match where the­ tournament does not mean much anyway! Wimbeldon is in­ 10 days lets see what happens there! Please don't­ come up with the excuse that he lost wimbeldon cause he­ wanted to get ready for the gold!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 15 Jun 20:29
  4. @ Mica Mica, Nora, Barbara n co...hw r my fellow­ Rafaholics......I agree with u all that he needs rest.­ SAM has nothing else 2 o n dats y hes here with his­ rubbish...Now i just want ROGER FED 2 WIN.....All the­ haters nee to no that 1 second of hate will cause a­ lifetime of pain so enjoy the tennis.

    From Olayinka, on Fri 15 Jun 18:53
  5. It's all about cycles. The cheat has made sure he­ does not get caught. He needs to refuel for the­ Wimbledon. By the way, is there any Nadal supporter who­ can provide us with a logical explaination. Is that too­ much too ask?The man said it himself. "I hate the­ gym. I don’t spend much time in there and I never have­ done – I just don’t see why. I only ever run when­ there’s some point to it – say, if it’s in a game of­ tennis. I do a lot of aerobics in the pre-season­ period, but after that I keep fit by playing in­ tournaments." - Rafael Nadal - negating months of­ arguments from his supporters that his muscles were­ from hard work in the gym (don't worry, they found­ new reasons).Enlighten us, please.

    From Marlon, on Fri 15 Jun 17:40
  6. @Morty, he did not lose on purpose. If you knew­ anything about Rafa you would know he tries his best­ every time he steps onto a court. If you failed to­ notice he won the French open on Monday and he is­ mentally and physically exhausted. Not one of the guys­ playing at Halle or Queens got to the last day of the­ French. Rafa always fulfills his obligation to the­ organisers despite being spent.

    From , on Fri 15 Jun 17:00
  7. I'm sure the Rafa groupies will claim he lost on­ purpose and who cares. It's a shame he cheats the­ German fans out of being able to watch him if­ that's the case. Can't wait for him to leave so­ the real tennis fans can return.

    From , on Fri 15 Jun 16:53
  8. Mica let's hope he gives us more cause to celebrate­ !!! Vamoss Rafa!!

    From Barbara, on Fri 15 Jun 16:48
  9. @Barbara, Good afternoon my fellow­ "Rafatard". Good afternoon to Olayinka, Nora­ and Eddie too. I am jumping over the moon that Rafa had­ broken yet another record and I hope he will have a­ fruitful year like 2010.

    From , on Fri 15 Jun 16:41
  10. Hey Mica h r u my fellow rafatard? Still over the moon­ I guess lol!!

    From Barbara, on Fri 15 Jun 16:32
  11. I see Sam is showing her true colours again. @Nora,­ Olayinka and Barbara have got it spot on, this was a­ warm up to get his feet used to the grass. I hope Rafa­ goes home and gets a well deserved rest. I wish him the­ very best of luck for Wimbledon. Good luck to the­ mighty Federer, i hope he wins Halle.

    From , on Fri 15 Jun 16:27
  12. Rafa cannot afford to miss too many tournaments or­ he'll lose points and his ranking. I am sure he­ just wanted to make a token appearance in this­ tournament. Just wanted to get his feet wet on the­ grass surface. Vamos Rafa!

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 15 Jun 16:26
  13. Sam, Like you always say, these masters 500­ tournaments don't matter. People only remember the­ Majors. I am sure Rafa will do well at Wimbledon.­ Vamos Rafa!

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 15 Jun 16:23
  14. Bye bye Barbara! One last comment! U said its good for­ rafa cause now he can rest! U should join the circus­ cause if he didn't play at all then he would have­ more rest! Rafa or fed or Novak or any ATP player plays­ a tournament to win it! Not to lose so they can rest!­ Anyways bey bye Barbara!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 15 Jun 16:17
  15. Lol SAM I think you just refered to yourself. I am not­ here to argue with u as you have time and time again­ talked rubbish. We all know you hate Rafa so stop­ pretending to be mr. Nice guy. Since u know the cure to­ hatred why don't u try praying for yourself! This­ will be my last response to u!!

    From Barbara, on Fri 15 Jun 16:09
  16. @ Olayinka u are so right am glad he lost too he needs­ rest. Should be fresh for wimby!!

    From Barbara, on Fri 15 Jun 16:05
  17. Barbara I respect nadal! Although the fact remains and­ don't u ever forget that fed has 16 slams and he is­ not done yet! And rafa has 11 and he is not done­ either ! Ur debate with me was about the GOAT! And u­ do the math and u will get the answer! Anyways u r­ full of hatred so no use talking to u! Enjoy wimbeldon!­ And may god bless u and take away ur hate towards­ others!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 15 Jun 16:03
  18. Am a Rafa fan and I am quite happy the he lost. It was­ a blessing in disguise. He was playing both doubles and­ singles come on...u only just won the FO u need rest. @­ least bow he can practice @ his own accord whilst­ getting some rest at the same time. to all the haters­ SAM PRICK...its not even a major event so stop getting­ a baguette over chill out....

    From Olayinka, on Fri 15 Jun 16:01
  19. SAM lGood to know Rafa burst your bubble then as you­ 'guaranteed that much' that he will lose!!

    From Barbara, on Fri 15 Jun 15:57
  20. EDDIE;;;;; i saw rafa at the french and he truly is­ amazing...just a genius on no hard­ feelings...if he were to win halle or wimbeldon cause­ he would deserve good luck to all!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 15 Jun 15:46
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