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CROM Cilic64---
ArgentinaD Nalbandian73A--

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  1. - - Nalbandian in his post-match interview: "I'm very sorry to do that, but I was very frustrated on court and sometimes it's tough to control that. I agree that I made a mistake, but sometimes everybody makes mistakes, and I didn't feel it had to end like that.” - He also went on to have something of a moan about the ATP. Pick your battles, David!

  2. - - This is truly bizarre - the announcer has asked the crowd to show their appreciation for runner-up Nalbandian before Cilic lifts the trophy.

  3. - - Just to confirm, Nalbandian kicked to little advertising board surrounding the line judge, not the main one around the court. It was a stupid thing to do. The line judge looks as though he is really hurt. Now, bizarrely, it seems we are going to have the trophy presentation in any case!

  4. - - A great deal of the crowd are very unhappy at the decision. Not sure if they saw the incident or not, but many are booing and jeering. They obviously haven't seen the replays!

  5. - - Oh dear... Nalbandian has been disqualified! The Argentinian veteran went to kick the advertising hoarding in frustration and somehow injured a line judge in the process! The umpire calls code violation and announces Cilic as the winner!

  6. - - NALBANDIAN 7-6(3) 3-4 - BREAK! Nalbandian throws his racquet to the ground in frustration as huis service game goes to pot and Cilic earns three break points. He hits a two-hander long on the first, but forces Nalbandian to block out of court ont he second for an instant reply!

  7. - - CILIC 7-6(3) 3-3 - BREAK! A sublime lob from Nalbandian has the beating of Cilic at full stretch! Shot of the match so far, and it puts him 0-30 up to boot. A long return gets Cilic on the board, but the Argentine then earns himself two break points. A lengthy rally ends with Cilic hitting the net for Nalbandian to break back! Great defence from Nalbandian there - he slipped over but got back to his feet to win that point!

  8. - - NALBANDIAN 7-6(3) 2-3 - A dominant serving display from Nalbandian includes his first ace of the match as he holds to 15.

  9. - - CILIC 7-6(3) 1-3 - Cilic slams an ace down the middle for 30-30. Some good old serve and volley and Nalbandian losing his footing combine to see the Croatian hold. Some rather ominous dark clouds are gathering in the sky in the distance. The wind is picking up a touch too.

  10. - - NALBANDIAN 7-6(3) 1-2 - Cilic is unable to threaten the Nalbandian serve anywhere like as much as he did when he broke just now. Nalbandian is 40-0 up when a point has to be replayed due to a second ball running on to court, but he wins that too to hold.

  11. - - CILIC 7-6(3) 0-2 - A deft drop shot from Nalbandian at the net helps Nalbandian up to 30-30, but he cannot repeat the feat of Cilic in the previous game by winning four straight points.

  12. - - NALBANDIAN 7-6(3) 0-1 - BREAK! Canny play from Cilic who wrong-foots Nalbandian in a baseline rally to level the first game of the second set at 30-30. The Argetnine themn overhits a running forehand to give Cilic a break point... A cracking two-handed retuirn drilled down the line sees him get the early break!

  13. - - TIE-BREAK 7-3 - SET! Nalbandian's solid serve doesn't make it back across the net, and after the change of ends the Argentine hooks a forehand out of bounds. It's 5-2 as Cilic serves again. he hits one great serve on the first pouint but on the second Nalbandian beats him with a two-hander! Another two-hander clips the net cord and that's the first set to Nalbandian!

  14. - - TIE-BREAK 4-1 - Cilic brings up his sixth ace of the match to get the breaker underway. His attempted lob floats wide before he returns into the net on Nalbandian's second service point. Cilic then double faults, and then htis the net to give Nalbandian the mini-break!

  15. - - NALBANDIAN 6-6 - A wild swipe of a return from Cilic brings up 40-0 for Nalbandian, who fires an unreturnable serve on his next point to hold the match's first game to love and usher in a tie-break.

  16. - - CILIC 5-6 - Cilic has got his serve going in full effect now. He drills a winner home for 40-15 but Nalbandian responds well with a smart winner of his own. It's not enough, however, as he returns into the net to see Cilic hold.

  17. - - NALBANDIAN 5-5 - Cilic draws Nalbandian to the net before hitting a forehand past him, but it's just wide. That puts Nalbandian up at 40-0, and Cilic returns long on the next point.

  18. - - CILIC 4-5 - Another Cilic service game opened with an ace, his fourth of the match so far. The Croatian goes 30-15 up with a wonderful running forehand that just catches the line as it beats Nalbandian. He then lashes a 99mph forehand winner past his opponent en route to holding. Nalbandian now serving to stay in the first set.

  19. - - NALBANDIAN 4-4 - Nalbandian serves with new balls. A tame two-hander after a tame second serve puts Cilic 15-30 up. Thwe Argentine levels up, but he continues to struggle serving in this wind. He overcomes the environmental issues and goes on to hold.

  20. - - CILIC 3-4 - Cilic opens this service game with an ace. After Nalbandian gets on the board, the Croatian runs away with the game and closes it with an ace too to lead for the first time int he match.

  21. - - NALBANDIAN 3-3 - BREAK! Cilic completely dumbfounds Nalbandian with a cracking cross-court backhand. At 30-30 the best rally of the match so far goes Cilic's way via a volley at the net for his first break point. Nalbandian tries a lob that drops just the wrong side of the baseline and we're all square again!

  22. - - CILIC 3-2 - Great defensive volley at the net to get Nalbandian off the mark in this game. Cilic hits a forehand behind his opponent, who then shanks his return out of play. Bizarrely, he challenges it, even though it was a good foot over the line! Two volleys at the net see Cilic hold.

  23. - - NALBANDIAN 3-1 - Nalbandian cruises to 40-0 but then tosses up a double fault. Seems the wind is affecting both players after all. Cilic sees his opponent struggling and attacks the net to volley home, before a loose shot from Nalbandian brings up deuce. There is a delay for a couple of minutes due to something in the crowd, but Nalbandian holds on the next point.

  24. - - CILIC 2-1 - A very poor service game from Cilic gives Nalbandian another two break points. The veteran hits the first into the net, and he can't keep his return in for the second. Cilic gets his act together and goes on to hold.

  25. - - NALBANDIAN 2-0 - A lovely drop shot from Nalbandian and a poor forehand puts the Argentine 30-0 up. Cilic claws a point back, but a two-hander into the net and a serve he can't return see his chance to break back go begging.

  26. - - CILIC 1-0 - BREAK! Cilic then hits the match's first ace as he fights back from 0-30 to level the game up. The Croat wrong-foots his opponent with a forehand before skewing a two-hander wide for deuce. Cilic hits the net and it's a break poiint for Nalbandian... saved with another ace! Another net shot earns Nalbandian a second chance to break, and this time he takes it with a rasping forehand from behind the baseline!

  27. - - Cilic won the toss and has elected to serve first...

  28. - - The two players come out on to court, and there are a few boos for Cilic! Obviously a hardcore Argentine contingent in the crowd.

  29. - - You can share your thoughts during the match with me via Twitter @tony_mabert. Get in touch!

  30. - - We expect the players out on court any time now to start their warm-up. Yesterday's play was affected by strong winds in west London. It's a mixture of cloud and sun again today, but the winds should not be anywhere near as strong.

  31. - - Cilic's 6-3 3-6 6-3 win over Sam Querrey yesterday was his first match of the tournament that went to three sets, having had his quarter-final against Yen-Hsun Lu abandoned and wins over Lukas Rosol and Matthew Ebden coming in straight sets. Semi-finals report

  32. - - Nalbandian beat Bulgaria's Grigor Dimitrov in Saturday's semi-final having come through against Xavier Malisse, Edouard Roger-Vasselin, Ruben Bemelmans and Vasek Pospisil in previous rounds.

  33. - - This is hardly the final anyone would have expected as Andy Murray, Andy Roddick, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Janko Tipsarevic were all ousted earlier in the week. Queen's drawsheet

  34. - - World number 25 Cilic, however, did make a final earlier this season, going down 7-6(8), 6-3 to Philipp Kohlschreiber in Munich.

  35. - - Nalbandian, currently ranked 39th in the world, is the only one of these two to ever reach a grasscourt final. He lost the 2002 Wimbledon final to Lleyton Hewitt. Neither player has won a tournament yet this year.

  36. - - These two men should provide a nice contrast in styles, with wily 30-year-old Nalbandian going up against big-serving 23-year-old Cilic for the sixth time. The Argentine veteran has won four of their previous meetings, although Cilic won the most recent encounter in a Davis Cup singles rubber earlier this season, a belting 5-7, 6-4, 4-6, 7-6(2), 6-3 win for the Croatian.

  37. - - We're due to get the players out on court at 2pm local time today.

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  40. - - Welcome to Eurosport's live coverage of the final at Queen's Club between Marin Cilic and David Nalbandian!

David Nalbandian

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 01/01/1982
Height 1.8 m
Weight 79 kg

Marin Cilic

Nationality CRO
Date of Birth 28/09/1988
Height 1.98 m
Weight 82 kg

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  1. Andy has a bad back and he gets "slaughtered"­ on here by his haters....................yet Nalbandian­ acts like an out and out THUG and some make excuses for­ him!! Double standards!!

    From Dee G, on Mon 18 Jun 0:03
  2. Silly mistake on Nalbandian's behalf, but it was a­ mistake. Then the most awkward trophy ceremony EVER!­ Why did they do that? They should have done what the­ BBC commentators were suggesting and just tell the­ crowd the rule that was broken, and say sorry and just­ leave it there. I don't think the players or the­ fans wanted to be there after the match had been called­ to an end. Oh well, I hope everyone can put it behind­ them and perform well at Wimbledon!

    From Stephen M, on Sun 17 Jun 19:51
  3. What a stupid thing to do by David. Cost him over­ $100,000 in prize money

    From Great Eddie, on Sun 17 Jun 17:34
  4. He is an experienced player acting like a football­ hooligan! He knows the rules!

    From Dee G, on Sun 17 Jun 16:55
  5. Disgraceful behaviour!!! A grown man having a temper­ tantrum.....glad he was disqualified!! Ruined the­ final for the fans and Cilic!!!

    From Dee G, on Sun 17 Jun 16:53
  6. he only said what many other players are too scared to­ say about the ATP ...... i thought fair play to him

    From John Brown, on Sun 17 Jun 16:35
  7. Bobby Dazzler I don't think the British have­ anything to proud of *Cough* "Slavery"

    From Jason, on Sun 17 Jun 16:33
  8. B do you reckon Nalbi will get stick for this at­ Wimbledon?...ATP will fine him for sure...

    From Jason, on Sun 17 Jun 16:29
  9. *won that* typo

    From Jason, on Sun 17 Jun 16:12
  10. What a shame, Nalbi would have one that....he's a­ legend and my favourite player never the less but why­ would you kick the barrier where the line judge is­ sitting behind it? idiotic.

    From Jason, on Sun 17 Jun 16:10
  11. Code violation, violent conduct, if he'd just­ broken a boarding dock points, but some one was injured­ ok a little cut to the leg, none the less, rules are­ rules and being disqualified is the correct decision.

    From David, on Sun 17 Jun 16:06
  12. @ Deb I agree with you on the statement that match­ should be carried on,though 2nd set should be awarded­ to Marin,and let the 3rd decide the winner.About­ Novak's situation at French open...He didn't­ hurt anyone did he?Ofc he should be fined for that­ tantrum aswell

    From Milan, on Sun 17 Jun 16:04
  13. Letter of the law states that it was unsportsman like­ conduct and he defaulted, hence the disqualification.­ As sad as it is you cannot change the rules just to­ appease the fans. This is slightly different to the­ Djokovic case as a line judge was involved, even though­ it was accidental he has still defaulted.

    From Andrew, on Sun 17 Jun 16:02
  14. I think the 2nd set should have been cancelled and let­ the match carry on to the end so it could finish with a­ proper winner. Nalbandian was wrong in what he did but­ thinking back to the French tournament when Djokovic­ smashed the Perrier bench with his racket, nothing was­ done then was it.

    From deb, on Sun 17 Jun 15:56
  15. disqualify him for a scratch ...... crazy

    From John Brown, on Sun 17 Jun 15:55
  16. Broken already Marin?

    From Ned, on Sun 17 Jun 14:26
  17. Marin will have a tough final against the ever-young­ David!

    From Ned, on Sun 17 Jun 14:23
  18. Nalby is going to win this in 3 sets.

    From EDDIE, on Sun 17 Jun 14:06
  19. Come on David!

    From Jun, on Sun 17 Jun 12:56
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