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Grigor Dimitrov - Kevin Anderson Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
BULG Dimitrov466--
RSAK Anderson643--

Live Comments

  1. - - Dimitrov is very emotional having won that match and bursts into tears after shaking Anderson's hand. He is the first man through to the semi-finals, which should (weather-permitting) take place tomorrow afternoon

  2. - - DIMITROV 4-6 6-4 6-3 - GAME, SET & MATCH - Match point Dimitrov as Anderson dumps a backhand into the net. Anderson saves it with a huge serve out wide but he sends a cross court backhand wide to hand Dimitrov a second chance. The Bulgarian gets a second serve to look at this time but can only return it into the net. But Dimitrov does win at the third attempt when Anderson hits into the net

  3. - - DIMITROV 4-6 6-4 5-3 - Anderson is left swiping his racquet at the ground in frustration after failing to take adavantage of a break back point, Dimitrov coming up with a big serve just when it mattered. And the Bulgarian goes on to hold with a cross court forehand winner that wrong-foots Anderson on the baseline. The South African will have to serve to stay in the match next

  4. - - DIMITROV 4-6 6-4 4-3 - Much better from Anderon once again now as he eases through a service hold to remain just the one break down. One break has been enough for each of the last two sets though

  5. - - DIMITROV 4-6 6-4 4-2 - Ace number seven from Dimitrov sees him hold to 15 and consolidate the break. Anderson running out of time now to get back into this match ...

  6. - - DIMITROV 4-6 6-4 3-2 - BREAK - A sensational return from Dimitrov, finding a dipping forehand right at the feet of Anderson from a solid serve into the corner from the South African. It brings up a break point for the Bulgarian, and he grabs it with both hands with a solid backhand that Anderson can only return into the net.

  7. - - DIMITROV 4-6 6-4 2-2 - "Anything you can do ..." Dimitrov also races through a love service hold, levelling up once again in the early stages of this final set

  8. - - DIMITROV 4-6 6-4 1-2 - Anderson holds to love as he serving returns to it's previous dominant best. Who wil blink first?

  9. - - DIMITROV 4-6 6-4 1-1 - Dimitrov races through another service hold and he is looking much more confident now that he has that second set under his belt. Anderson, on the other hand, is beginning to look a little nervy

  10. - - DIMITROV 4-6 6-4 0-1 - Dimitrov sends a forehand return well long of the baseline to help Anderson on his way to a hold to open this third set

  11. - - DIMITROV 4-6 6-4 - SET - Dimitrov serves out for the loss of just the one point, not being quick enough up to the net as he volleys into it from low down at his feet. But an unreturnable serve on his second set point levels the match for the Bulgarian and this set is going to a decider

  12. - - DIMITROV 4-6 5-4 - Ace number 12 sees Anderson hold without any trouble and make Dimitrov serve it out after the change of ends

  13. - - DIMITROV 4-6 5-3 - Anderson challenges a Dimitrov serve but the ball is shown to have caught the very outside of the line and the Bulgarian holds, forcing Anderson to serve to stay in this second set

  14. - - DIMITROV 4-6 4-3 - Much better serving again now from Anderson as he holds to 15 with an unreturnable serve to remain just the one break down

  15. - - DIMITROV 4-6 4-2 - A sensational sliced backhand winner from Dimitrov seals a comfortable hold to consolidate the break as Anderson continues to battle with the wind

  16. - - DIMITROV 4-6 3-2 - BREAK - Dimitrov does well at the baseline, slicing a backhand drop shot up the line, Anderson sending his return long to gift the Bulgarian a break point. But a huge first serve from Anderson, that Dimitrov can only return wide across court, saves it. The Bulgarian gets a second chance but fails to take advantage again before he finally breaks at the third chance when Anderson hits into the net

  17. - - DIMITROV 4-6 2-2 - A quick and easy service completion that the service hold from Dimitrov to level up in this second set

  18. - - DIMITROV 4-6 1-2 30-0 - Right, we are just about ready to get underway once again with Dimitrov serving at 30-0 up but trailing 1-2 in this second set

  19. - - The rain comes streaming down once again and Anderson is quick back to the chairs as the net is taken down. The players havent left the court yet though and it doesnt look as though the covers will be put on just yet

  20. - - DIMITROV 4-6 1-2 - Successive aces from Anderson, numbers eight and nine, see the South African hold from deuce after dumping a low volley into the bottom of the net to gift Dimitrov a chance

  21. - - DIMITROV 4-6 1-1 - Dimitrov races out to a 40-0 lead before a series of errors sees Anderson level at deuce. But the Bulgarian comes through it and holds to get his side of the scoreboard ticking over again.

  22. - - The players are back out on court and going through their warm-up so we should be underway again in a few minutes

  23. - - DIMITROV 4-6 0-1 - Anderson holds for the opening game of the second set as the rain begins to fall once more. It's not that heavy at this stage though and the players have been asked to stay. The groundsmen are checking the grass but there is no sign that they are rushing to put the covers on

  24. - - DIMITROV 4-6 - SET - Anderson takes his chance this time, sealing the first set at the first attempt. The South African is clearly not keen on hanging around and having this match suspended by the rain

  25. - - DIMITROV 4-5 - Another love service hold, sealed with a sixth ace, from Anderson leaves Dimitrov preparing to serve to stay in this opening set after the change of ends

  26. - DIMITROV 4-4 - Anderson belts a backhand long down the line to hand Dimitrov a game point from 30-30. And the Bulgarian is quick to level up once again iwth a forehand winner

  27. - - DIMITROV 3-4 - The dark clouds are beginning to gather now as Anderson pulls another hold out with ease. The South African finds his fourth ace of the match in the process

  28. - - DIMITROV 3-3 - The Bulgarian really is struggling on serve as he is once again pushed to deuce before just about managing to hold on with a forehand winner

  29. - - DIMITROV 2-3 - Anderson's serving is firing well in the early stages as he races through another hold, this time to love, finding his second ace in the process

  30. - - DIMITROV 2-2 - Dimitrov produces a bit of great serving as he finds two aces on his way to a battling service hold from deuce

  31. - - DIMITROV 1-2 - A stunning backhand passing shot winner down the line, created out of nothing, from Dimitrov to level up at 30-30 but Anderson deals with the pressure and goes on to hold when the Bulgarian sends a forehand long

  32. - - DIMITROV 1-1 - The young Bulgarian brings up a game point from 30-30 with his first ace of the afternoon before holding with a great body serve that Anderson can only return long and wide

  33. - - DIMITROV 0-1 - A quick and speedy game from Anderson to open his account without any drama ...

  34. - - Next up on Centre Court is former Junior Wimbledon champion Grigor Dimitrov, taking on South African ninth seed Kevin Anderson

Grigor Dimitrov

Nationality BUL
Date of Birth 16/05/1991
Height 1.88 m
Weight 77 kg

Kevin Anderson

Nationality RSA
Date of Birth 18/05/1986
Height 2.03 m
Weight 88 kg

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