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Sam Querrey - Ivan Dodig Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Querrey736--
CROI Dodig563--

Live Comments

  1. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-6 6-3 - GAME, SET & MATCH - Former champion Querrey is safely through to the semi-finals, where he will face sixth seed Marin Cilic, as he serves out to 15 with an ace down the centre of the court

  2. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-6 5-3 - All credit to Dodig as he recovers to hold and force Querrey to serve out the match ...

  3. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-6 5-2 - Dodig is certainly entertaining as he looks like he's won a point with a vicious cross court forehand. Somehow Querrey returns it down the line, Dodig throwing himself across the baseline to return it off the backhand wing. Not only does that ball go in, Dodig also lands, rolls on his back and gets up in time to fling himself at another backhand. But this one is beyond him and Querrey holds. Dodig will have to serve to stay in it

  4. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-6 4-2 - BREAK - Dodig blinks! He manages to save a first break point with an ace but can do nothing about a second when Querrey pushes him deep behind the baseline and forces the error - a forehand into the net

  5. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-6 3-2 - Ace number seven from Querrey seals a much more solid service hold as he sneaks out in front once more. It's going to come down to whether either of these players gets nervous or tightens up

  6. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-6 2-2 - Another cruisey service hold for Dodig sees him put the disappointment of that previous game behind him and hold to level up once more

  7. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-6 2-1 - A fantastic dipping backhand passing shot from Dodig, that Querrey can do nothing with despite getting a racquet to the ball, earns the Croat a break point ... it goes begging though when Dodig puts a sliced backhand into the net and Querrey goes on to hold with a high forehand volley winner

  8. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-6 1-1 - A love game for Dodig levels things up pretty speedily once again

  9. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-6 1-0 - Querrey is serving first for a change and he races through a love hold to get his side of the scoreboard ticking over again, stopping the run of three games against him

  10. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-6 - SET - Querrey is furious with himself as he struggles to deal with the Dodig serve once again. It hands the Croat two set points ... but only one is needed as he batters down another ace (his ninth for the match so far) to level up the match at one set apiece

  11. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-5 - BREAK - Dodig's stunning sliced backhand down the line causes all kinds of trouble for Querrey and he goes on to break when the American fails to find the court with a forehand. Dodig will serve for the second set next ...

  12. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-4 - Thus far in this set Dodig is showing no signs up slipping up again, the Croat easing through another service hold without any hint of real danger from Querrey. An important service game coming up for the American after the change of ends

  13. - - QUERREY 7-5 3-3 - There is still only 53 minutes on the clock as Querrey posts another comfortable service hold to level up this second set. Things are progressing in much the same way as the first set, so will it be a breaker this time or will one break decide it again?

  14. - - QUERREY 7-5 2-3 - Dodig goes for a spot of serve and volley but the volley is not needing as he finds an ace and instead his foray into the net turns into a jog to the chair for the change of ends

  15. - - QUERREY 7-5 2-2 - It's pretty cold at Queen's now, especially as the wind continues to blow, and both these players are racing on with the match; Querrey again holding for the loss of just the one point to level up

  16. - - QUERREY 7-5 1-2 - Just the one slip up from Dodig on serve so far today, the double fault that conceded the break in that first set. He holds once again with easy and very quick service performance

  17. - - QUERREY 7-5 1-1 - Ace number two from Querrey brings up three game points and sure enough the American does hold to love after another unreturnable serve straight down the centre of the court

  18. - - QUERREY 7-5 0-1 - Dodig battles through a tough opening service hold in this second set, holding from deuce (although he didn't have to face a break point)

  19. - - QUERREY 7-5 - SET - Dodig squanders a break back point when he sends his forehand down the line just very marginally wide and Querrey goes on to earn himself a first set point with a very solid overhead winner. The one point is all that's needed for the American to seal the set as he dinks a neat backhand volley back across court and behind the recovering Dodig

  20. - - QUERREY 6-5 - BREAK - Oops, spoke too soon. Querrey riffles a backhand passing shot down the line on his way to setting up three break points. The first goes begging when he sends a cross court forehand well wide across court but Dodig slaps down a double fault on the second and the American will serve for the openign set after the change of ends

  21. - - QUERREY 5-5 - Not quite matching Dodig's love service hold but not far off for Querrey as he races through for the loss of just the one point to level up yet again. That tie-break is looking increasing likely!

  22. - - QUERREY 4-5 - A second love game from Dodig ends when Querrey pulls his cross court forehand return wide and the American will have to serve to stay in this opening set after the change of ends

  23. - - QUERREY 4-4 - Dodig easily gets up to a backhand drop shot from Querrey only to whip has forehand passing shot well wide of even the tramlines across court. That allows the American to hold to 15 once again. Eight games gone now in just 21 minutes. We are rattling through this match!

  24. - - QUERREY 3-4 - A stunning backhand passing shot riffled down the line from Dodig, who got down so low to the ball that he was almost kneeling on the grass, seals another comfortable service hold for the Croat. Anyone else thing this could well be going to a tie-break?!

  25. - - QUERREY 3-3 - Boom! A huge ace from Querrey sees him hold again as well. These two players are racing through this clash now, six games down in only 15 minutes

  26. - - QUERREY 2-3 - An ace, Dodig's second, followed by a sliding forehand volley winner that would be more expected on a clay court sets the Croat on his way to another comfortable service hold (this time to 15) as he maintains his service lead early on

  27. - - QUERREY 2-2 - Querrey holds to 30 for a second consecutive service game as Dodig sends a cross court forehand wide into the tramlines. Querrey was easily there as well so at no point was that going to be a winner

  28. - - QUERREY 1-2 - Another quick game goes the way of the Croat as he holds to love when Querrey's forehand is caught by the wind and sails long of the baseline

  29. - - QUERREY 1-1 - The American also holds without too much trouble as Dodig sends a forehand just long to help Querrey on his way from 30-30

  30. - - QUERREY 0-1 - Dodig, who lost to Querrey in four sets at Wimbledon in their only previous meeting, opens up with a solid hold to get the scoreboard ticking over

  31. - - The players are now out on court and are going through their warm-up as the sun starts to peak through the crowds once more. Fingers crossed we will get through this match with no further delays

  32. - - There's a slight delay in getting 2010 champion Sam Querrey and Ivan Dodig out on to court on account of how quickly that previous match finished. But they will be out shortly for the final match of the day on Centre

Sam Querrey

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 07/10/1987
Height 1.98 m
Weight 91 kg

Ivan Dodig

Nationality CRO
Date of Birth 02/01/1985
Height 1.83 m
Weight 83 kg

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