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Robert Lindstedt / Horia Tecau - Jonathan Marray / Frederik Nielsen Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Jonathan Marray / Frederik Nielsen46766
Robert Lindstedt / Horia Tecau64673

Live Comments

  1. - Marray the first British man to win the doubles since 1936. They win it as wildcards. That is astonishing. A great story for Marray.

  2. 6-3 - GAME, SET AND MATCH MARRAY AND NIELSEN! A superb piece of volleying at the net with the score at 30-30 as Tecau rifles a forehand into the net. The crowd going wild as Nielsen converts the winning volley at the net from Lindstedt's forehand. Brilliant stuff from Marray.

  3. 5-3 - M/N 5-3: A love service game from Tecau. Solid as a rock. Forces Marray to serve for the title. What a way this would be to do it for the Brit in front of a home crowd at Wimbledon.

  4. 5-2 - M/N 5-2: Everything smelling of roses here for this pair as they hold to love. Superb stuff from Nielsen with that hold. A reflex volley to finish it off to love. Crowd going wild. Tecau must hold otherwise we have a British (doubles) Wimbledon champion.

  5. 4-2 - A love game from Tecau to keep their opponents honest. Pressure back on Nielsen here, but he has new balls which should help the cause with his service.

  6. 4-1 - M/N 4-1: Marray comes up with an ace at 30-30 as he continues to bounce around. Nielsen then completes the hold when he blocks a return at the net. Ball comes off the top of the net, but trickles over on the right side. So close again. Two more games will do it.

  7. 3-1 - M/N 3-1: Lindstedt has certainly looked the better man on serve for the favourites. Steadies the ship as he holds to 15. Meanwhile, Neilsen feeling the pain again of a wrist injury.

  8. 3-0 - M/N 3-0 - Brilliant hold from Nielsen under extreme pressure. Fell 30-0 behind, but responded quite superbly with some stunning serves. Incredible. Four excellent serves from Nielsen. Three more games will do it for the wildcards.

  9. 2-0 - BREAK MARRAY/NIELSEN! A solitary break point becomes the break when Lindstedt lifts a volley miles out of court after Marray had blocked the Tecau serve. Would you believe it? A great break for the British-Danish pairing. First blood in this set.

  10. 1-0 - M-N 1-0: Great final serve from Marray to whip up an ace at the outset of this set. Vital hold after the disappointment of losing that previous set. What they woud give for a break now.

  11. 7-6 - SET LINDSTEDT/TECAU! Brilliant from the fifth seeds who win five straight points from 5-2 behind to force the break. Marray has serve with the mini-break leading 3-2. That becomes 4-2 when Nielsen converts the overhead at the net. Another booming Marray serve is too good and the wildcards lead 5-2. So close now. Marray just misses a backhand down the line. 5-3. A Tecau overhead brings the score to 5-4 before they break back twice to lead 6-5. A big Tecau serve seals the deal.

  12. 6-6 - A huge point at 30-30 as Marray takes aim. Swings the serve out wide as Lindstedt bundles the return into the net. Another service proves too powerful for Tecau and a tie-break will decide this fourth set. Can the British man become Wimbledon champion?

  13. 6-5 - L/T 6-5: Couple of pigeons spotted inside the roof at Wimbers. The hawk will need to be wheeled in to sort that out. Meanwhile, Tecau drops only one point on serve to carry his team ahead by the odd game in 11. Marray will serve to force the breaker.

  14. 5-5 - Cometh the hour and all that as Nielsen answers the call at 30-30. Wasn't the most convincing service game of all time with too many first serves going astray, but they are level at 5-5. Lindstedt got a good sight of the ball at 30-30, but walloped it long. On we go. Looks like the breaker.

  15. 5-4 - L/T 5-4: Marray and his man managed to get a couple of points on the board, but nothing to write home about as Lindstedt comes up with a couple of big hits on the serve to force Nielsen to serve to stay in the set.

  16. 4-4 - Neck and neck as Marray answers the call of the Centre Court crowd to level at 4-4 in the third set. This match on a knife edge. No break points as yet in this set.

  17. 4-3 - L/T 4-3: Another game slips by without a break rearing its head. Some fine serving again from the man in the baseball cap Tecau. The Centre Court crowd trying to rouse Marray for a break.

  18. 3-3 - Only one point dropped on serve by Nielsen. Real gladitorial stuff this from both teams. Some terrific serving. The lines seeing a fair few tennis balls. Six games gone of the third set, no breaks. Already has the smell of a breaker.

  19. 3-2 - Lindstedt throwing down the gauntlet as he meanders back to his seat for a break having come up with a love service game. No sign of a break yet in this set. Not a huge surprise. Openings at a premium on both sides of the net.

  20. 2-2 - 2-2 A blistering ace from Marray to finish off that game. Cue more fist-bumping, and the pressure swings back to the more experienced duo. The dynamics of Centre Court changes with the roof closed. This crowd loving every minute of the action.

  21. 2-1 - Not sure Nielsen's left wrist is holding up too well out there. Sparkling return from Marray in that game, but not good enough to force the break they crave. The British-Danish duo continue to play catch-up.

  22. 1-1 - Match has been going for just over two hours now and we are back on serve in this set. Solid stuff from Nielsen on serve. And Marray standing his ground well at the net to apply the pressure.

  23. 0-1 - Linstedt comes up with the goods in that first service game. Lights on centre court, and we are off and running with a 1-0 lead for the fifth seeds. Lindstedt a bit concerned with the surface, but no major worries in that hold.

  24. 0-0 - Lindstedt gets the fourth set off and running.

  25. - So the players back out under the roof. Marray and Nielsen chasing the set they need for victory. They lead 2-1. What a result this would be for the underdogs.

  26. - Will be right back with you when the players come back out. We are expecting them back out when the roof closes.

  27. - Play suspended for the rain. And off they go. Not the best news for Marray and Nielsen. The brollies all go up. Could be roof time soon.

  28. 7-6 - SET MARRAY AND NIELSEN! Marray and Nielsen win both points agaist the Tecau serve befoe winning both points on the Nielsen serve. Brilliant start to this tie-break, but Marray concedes a point for touching the net in converting the winner. Called that on himself there. A 4-2 lead seconds later becomes 4-3 when Tecau converts an overhead. Two booming serves by Marray bring up three set points. They get the job done on the third set point as Tecau hammers the ball long.

  29. 6-6 - Marray swipes a booming forehand across court that Lindstedt can't deal with for a 30-0 lead. Tecau converts a volley at the net to haul the fifth seeds back to 30-15 behind. Good return from Marray, but Tecau tucks away the winning volley to level at 30-30. Nielsen mishits a return out of court before Lindstedt forces the break with an ace. Tie-break time then.

  30. 6-5 - M/N - A second serve ace from Nielsen to see out the game. That's the way to do it. Really hotting up now and the British crowd trying to egg on Marray. A break here would seal the second set.

  31. 5-5 - This match is so even. Looks like it may need a tie-break to sort out the destination of the third set as the fifth seeds hold to level at 5-5.

  32. 5-4 - M/N 5-4 - A few relieved faces as Nielsen punches a volley into the corner of the net to hold. The underdogs forced to stave off a break point as Marray comes up with a beast of a first serve that has no return. Pressure back on the fifth seeds.

  33. 4-4 - And on we go with Lindstedt unearthing his own love service game to bring the fifth seeds level as we go deeper into the third set. Both teams well and truly up for the scrap out there.

  34. 4-3 - Nielsen chips in with a love service game just when he needed it. No problems with that wrist then. Or let us hope so. Not sure if there will be a roof closure here to deal this evening. No rain so far.

  35. 3-3 - No nearer a break here. The first two sets have been similar affairs, but the next break in this set is likely to be the key moment in the set. Lindstedt and Tecau are back level by holding.

  36. 3-2 - M/N 3-2 - Liverpudlian Marray is fighting the good fight out there. Big-serving from Marray is enough to carry his team 3-2 clear before Nielsen is in need of some treatment for a damaged wrist. Shouldn't be enough to put him off.

  37. 2-2 - 2-2 - Another asssured service game from Lindstedt, who appears to have recovered his cool from earlier on. No real sign of a break coming there.

  38. 2-1 - M/N 2-1 - The Brit and Dane don't look like they are overwhelmed and certainly aren't playing like they are overwhelmed. Another good hold by Nielsen in front of this three quarters full Centre Court crowd.

  39. 1-1 - No problems there for the Swedish/Romanian partnership as they haul themselves level at 1-1 with a much better service game. Nielsen forced to produce on his serve.

  40. 1-0 - M/N 1-0 - This is really not going according to plan for the favourites. Another fine volley by Marray during that game. Lindstedt starting to look a little bit hot under the collar as he misfires.

  41. 6-4 - M/N 6-4 - Brilliant stuff from Marray to get the ball back in play at advantage. Tecau bundles a volley into the net, and the underdogs have levelled up this match at 1-1 set all. Lindstedt missed a smash earlier in the game and dumps one in the net later on. The favourites can't bail themselves out of a tight space.

  42. 5-4 - M/N 5-4 - A Mexican wave does the rounds around Centre Court. All very animated, but a decent hold by Nielsen, who does not lose a point on his service game. The fifth seeds forced to serve to stay in the second set.

  43. 4-4 - Tecau holds to 15 in that game with Lindstedt again proving to be the leading man in tucking the ball away at the net. Good stuff.

  44. 4-3 - M/N 4-3 - Games just flying by. Doubles not really an arena for long, languid rallies. All about the volley, all about the serve. Marray does his bit there on serve.

  45. 3-3 - Lindstedt is proving to be the anchor man for the fifth seeds as he comes up with a love service game on serve to restore parity in this second set.

  46. 3-2 - M/N 3-2 - Dangerous times for the British man and his partner as they fall 30-40 behind, but Nielsen comes up with a drive volley and another ace to prevent the break.

  47. 2-2 - A lot of fist bumping going on out there. Tecau throws in a double fault to hand Marray and Nielsen a 30-15 lead, but Lindstedt and Tecau punch their way out of trouble at the net.

  48. 2-1 - M/N 2-1 - A love game from the underdogs. Superb serving really from British hopeful Marray. Easy to see why they accounted for the Bryan brothers in the previous round. Impressive stuff.

  49. 1-1 - 1-1 - Nielsen comes up with a lovely return of serve that Lindstedt can only knock into the net on the volley. Tecau tucks away a winning volley to prevent the break point before Lindstedt fires down a juicy first serve. Nielsen nudges the net with a forehand seconds later. We remain on serve at 1-1.

  50. 1-0 - M/N 1-0 - A few more bodies begin to shuffle back into the Centre Court to applaud Marray and Nielsen as they battle back from trailing 30-0 to hold serve in the opening game of the second set. Vital hold for the Brit and the Dane. Better serving by Nielsen.

  51. 4-6 - SET LINDSTEDT/TECAU! Another comfy game for the favourites. Superb stuff from Lindstedt in that first set to help finish matters off in his team's favour. Just one break doing the damage in the first set. Work to be done for Marray and Nielsen.

  52. 4-5 - L/T 5-4 - Marray and Nielsen set to climb into the top 40 after this tournament. On the way up the rankings, but would love to finish off this tournament in style. A solid service game by the Brit to keep their opponents honest. Tecau to serve for the first set.

  53. 3-5 - L/T 5-3 - A very solid service game by Lindstedt. Nice return by Marray to record one point, but it is not enough to deter the fifth seeds, who see out the game for a 5-3 lead.

  54. 3-4 - BREAK LINDSTEDT/TECAU! Nielsen gets into all sorts of bother on his serve as the fifth seeds begin to read his serve. Lindstedt drills a backhand winner down the line to break for the first time on the second break point.

  55. 3-3 - Nielsen seems to be a bit too far inside the baseline. Not making enough returns to justify his position on return. Games continue on serve at 3-3 in the first set.

  56. 3-2 - M/N 3-2 - A fourth tournament together for Marray and Nielsen, who has just held again without too much fuss. Great start for the underdogs. What a story this would be if they could go all the way here today.

  57. 2-2 - All level at 2-2. All four men have had a go at serve and all four come up with the goods. The Marray team do not seem overwhelmed by the occasion.

  58. 2-1 - M/N 2-1 - A comfortable enough hold for Marray in his first service game. Both teams feeling each other out at the moment. Centre Court not full which is a bit disappointing for this final.

  59. 1-1 - 1-1 - Fifth seeds Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau drop a couple of points on their own serve, but are not subjected to much pressure as they level up proceedings at 1-1 in the second game of the day.

  60. 0-1 - M/N 1-0 - Nielsen comes to the net to convert a winning smash before the British and Dane team complete the hold seconds later. Important to make a vibrant start to the contest which they have.

  61. 0-0' - Marray and Nielsen to serve in the opening game of the match.

  62. - - Jonathan Marray has set his sights on Wimbledon glory after becoming the first Briton to make the men's doubles final in 52 years. Marray, who is based in Sheffield, will take to Centre Court for the first time on Saturday with partner Freddie Nielsen. They face the fifth-seeded pair, Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau, after the women's singles final.

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